NYPD officers raid Newsweek headquarters

NYPD officers raid Newsweek headquarters


Fuck zogcops

Oy vey, whadda bout the freedom of the press, freedom of speech.

The chosen should never pay taxes, they're children of all nations. Rootless cosmopolitans are above paying anything back, remember the 11 trillions.


you've outed yourself, lefty jewbot

Been seeing a lot of this since it became apparent that kikes were gonna start getting arrested in large numbers.

No, you fucking shill, God Bless those Men in Blue.

Stop replying to 1/10 bait

I agree fellow White man. These tax laws are anti-semetic. In fact I just got flashbacks of my grandmother being surgically sliced open by Mengele himself to steal the gold coins she swallowed.

so what exactly does newsweek have that they aren't supposed to?


rolling for kurt's family tentacle hentai porn sessions to be a criminal act in the public eye

I didn't say police, I said zogcops.


Or the FBI knows that evidence has been destroyed or tampered with and their using the server's burnt in UUIDs as proof that the servers were involved with something. So it could be that a server in that office was involved with illegal activity over tor and the FBI or whatever alphabet used a exploit to read all UUID and checked with vendors to see who posses that particular piece of hardware.

Sounds like the FBI correlated some activity on a illegal service or website and is just gathering more evidence that's in plain view before going after whatever data inside the servers. They have to be on their A game since this is a news outlet that will get a hundred firms lining up to defend it for free.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but good luck NYPD!

Yes fellow white man, all my grandparents were killed by masturbation machines, such horror. As my rabbi priest said the other day, the chosen must be protected from violence like taxes. If such horrors can be inflicted on the chosen, then the 20 trillions would have died for nothing.

Jury is still out

Heh, probably scored MAC addresses and seeing if they match up.


Libertarianism is the ultimate form of falling for the kike dialectic

Are the BBC shills out in force because of this thread?

Who mentioned lelbertarians?


He was killed because a cunt called in that he had a fucking air rifle.

< treating a white man like a nigger is totally cool, man.
< The kikes are trying to trick you into treating the white man right.


How about you take this double-buttoned mouse and screenpic yourself?

I'd be willing, given you pay me the fair market rate of said screenpic. Preferably bitcoin.

Faceberg set the fair market price of pictures at "free".

Rack the slide, swing the sickle.

And then turn a profit for your data. True economic freedom.

We all live till we die.


so you enjoy the status quo?

Stop talking about whether or not cops are good. That's an obvious derailment to an interesting thread. Could this be related to the *real* fake news *awards*? i.e. lugenpresse going to jail?

How about this Kars 4 Kids vacation voucher (not valid in Oregon)?

I enjoy kike newspapers getting raided, yes.

you did

It sure does get exhausting seeing subhumans everywhere, those tattoos.

This is what happens when you put Boomers in charge of shit like this.


get off this site kike


Hey remember when white people looted and chimped out over this?
Me either.

Wow. You sure showed me. I'll be sure to vote Hillary next election. She'll have no problem dismantling those fucking pigs. It's better to be killed by lawless niggers instead. I can't check my privilege if another white kills me.

Fug one off.

Law enforcement isn't your friend, but anti-white journalists aren't. So I'll take the former over the latter.

Did they find Kurt's CP?

Blue is not white.

you really blew my mind with that one bro.. wow just wow

You don't have to be a lolberg or a commie to hate race traitors, it's pretty much the opposite actually.

Name one of those shitbags who said boo about that crine. There is none. Only one pulled the trigger, but every other one was complicit by their silent consent.