Waco - The Movie

Are you ready for 2 hours of propaganda and lies, Holla Forums? It looks like Hollyjew finally decided that there's few enough witnesses left to dispute a Waco movie made by kikes.

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Waco and the mass media is Holla Forums related, kike.

i mean realistically the mere fact that some jews got together and wrote/filmed a movie about fucking waco should be more than enough to make people wary

Don't bother engaging with people about if a movie or a tv show is good or bad - just ridicule people for being such neutered, passive slugs they have the time or interest to watch the electric jew.

Oh, they think they can control the narrative. ahahahahaha look at them trying! How adorable.

why would I be? you still watch (((movies)))?

This is important. Others will watch it. This is a repetition. Of course the CIA burned those kids alive - they wanted to. Plus, they might talk.

They must be desperate to even try to spin this into a movie.

This. Flip the tables on them. They're retardedly giving us a chance to shove Waco down their throat again and redpill normalfags. Use it to your advantage. Make them try to bury their own propaganda piece.

Waco may have been a clusterfuck, but Ruby Ridge was the real crime.


Someone repost to /k/ I'm sure they'll be interested in blatant ATFniggertry

No. They are emboldened. They are fools.

Why is there a star of david ornament on top of the flag pole?

He considered himself David. LOL

It says it's a "6 part television event". I'm betting more than 2 hours.

zog lied, people died


One thing we all need to remember about the opposition is that they're in it for life.

I wondered what was going through the heads of the hundreds of ATF/FBI/National Guard/soldiers/policemen when the compound was being burned.


I know it's one of the subjects that upset you the most, but as someone who is not a burger, could you redpill me about Waco? Most pages paint it in a kosher way, and it's one of the incidents I'd like to understand the most.

Holla Forums- The feds wanted to make an example out of sovereign citizens instead of just arresting Koresh and shutting his cult/operation down without bloodshed.

/x/- The Brand Davidians were part of an underground railroad type of organization saving trafficked kids from the elites

Saw that trailer a while ago and it bugged the shit out of me… I can’t tell if it’s all cgi or not

The way things have gone I’d be shocked if both weren’t true

movies look shittier than ever

I would be interested in hearing the story as well.
Checked and underrated.

The absolute hatred for people who strive for independence and freedom among federal employees is absolutely truly astonishing.
There's nothing worse in their eyes than someone who wants to get out from under their thumb. Murderers, thieves, rapists, child-molesteres, drug-dealers, they're all first-class citizens compared to sovereign citizens.

This actually could be interesting


Thinking about posing.

those zogbots deserve to have those photos hung over their graves

Can already tell you the plot

The movie will be a #Notallmuslims propaganda piece like Far Cry 5. fandom.wikia.com/articles/far-cry-5-director-interview



there is already a movie/documentary called rules of engagement guaranteed to piss off any normal american at the govs actions

That's a mass grave you're talking about. No recognisable features left from the bonfire. None.

I'm not sure how to explain what's missing here, but anyone familiar with the holes might be better able to comment. The church had been overrun by migrant asians and nigs, who were themselves displaced from the migrant wave of asian spics from the south. The church's position of valid methods was thus made invalid by shifting the rug underneath it, and was about to explode into a post-Rhodesia nigger and asian breeding mecca. David himself, as well as his internal church institution, were on a relative down-stroke of might and production, and generally showing this geriatric-like trend as well – all in the face of said unmanageable subverted paradise. This whole large dynamic must be considered with all the rest of the minutiae and larger setting components. But while the larger setting is damning all on its own, fate was accelerated. We see that the Church, and subsequently the entire area, had lost all key support – and everyone could sense it. They -sensed- it, but like all boomers-who-are-lost, they did not -know- the math behind why, nor were able to even begin to attain correction. Indeed, they pressed harder into subversion, taking the banner of the invading commune as their own. When this happened, it is clear to me that all the unwritten, unspoken, stay-out-of-the-spectacle-light peripheral components (which had to have existed for the church to even get that far in the first place), backed off one way or another and –stepped out of the way–. This acceleration was thus agreement, that the arch communists were clear to do with the meek communists what they were supposed to do: tax and kike them. Of course, Bill and Hillary and Reno did go a bit further than that, which everyone could sense was going to happen, but no one of might agreed it was worth while enough to stop or hinder to the point of arresting the theatre.

Not trying to excuse the rope all Clintons are appropriated and allocated by any means. But in these hysteria echos, let us not forget that the church first had the meaning of Church vaguely, and when it followed it, it was protected and at least granted a continue of sorts. But time ticked, we don't let boys start families before they become men for Good reason, and soon the church lost what meanings of the Church they had. Worse, they soon after rallied to the antithesis of civilization itself, and ran smack into the other competing communists' organizations (welfare now for nigs, unregulated sharing of arms now for spics, childcare now for muslims, land management increasingly for jewish designs, and internal banking done to corruption).

When they started, the church and those around it had a vitality. They lost it first, they failed to have gratitude to faithful compensators when the church lost control of its own ship, and they committed forms of original sin. All this can be seen in preceding and succeeding member testament, record, account, as well as indirectly by the lack of what should be thereof.

Janet Reno, Hillary, and the Jewish Fed, all still will burn, for their own failures. This is separate: they did not produce and deliver appropriate appropriation, they used it for generating false account, revenue, and works, all with invalid spectacle plays, all with hideous celebration and selective historical re-enactment propagation. The debts, from what these people have done, are separate, and are accruing.

Your neck belongs in a vice, Rafael. Get lost.

You can still have your narrative, and run around calling people kikes. I don't care about that.

tldr: The reasons why it accelerated the way it did are as valid today as they were then. They abandoned the Son, and they were proud of it. That our enemies were the ones that killed them may be enough to spin selective threads to further accrue Hillary's time coming due – but once this utility is done, let us not forget completion. The Davidians committed deep violations of nationhood, because they lost their way trying to recover nationhood, because they got overrun internally as the father was aging without a son (and was awarding all ashes to women, migrant children, and furthering misappropriation of the space reserved).

zat trips? lol




Get the fuck off what ain't your property, Ted.

At some point, I would prefer to at least momentarily stop forever strawmanning the Waco dead for yet another ad campaign. We are on property that is assigned the board of truth; We are not supposed to be consigned to black-and-white for/against political correct sides of spic narrators and their stupid movie ideas.

There is a side of good, and there is a side of evil, you fucking parasite. Go to hell.

So the ATF just raided them with no warning for pretty much no reason?


It generally is not a good plan to white wash those who repeat the confluence cuckoldry, thefts, and the self hybris pseudo-piety of social justice warriors. The Davidians progressed progressively to all three. The result was that those that were protecting them stepped aside so thoroughly that the arch kikes violently cannibalized them.

Yes, use the law to hold accountability and remembrance. Also, add a footnote somewhere to try to remember the whole sequence, or pay for its consequence yourself, just as David did.

Good luck.



you clearly don't belong here

isn't that the intent of the film? to show that whites clearly don't belong on this earth? that "you" don't belong "here," for a given implied anti-white "you?" and that muzzies and spics, with their spic narrator john leguizamo, do? should we just capitulate to the film, capitulate to the davidian-way, and go all in for civic nationalist – to do every right action despite the wrong context, to somehow turn my civilization into a baby making paradise for spics, muzzies, all manner of asians, and nigs? am i supposed to be for the hypocritical stance that id:ef619a implies (with his one sentance responses of shit filth)?

Fuck you all with your one sentence responses. Whatever belongs here, needs to fight better. Also, Waco-David still was a tool in life, as he still is just a tool in death, and a tool for migrants. Waco-David is used for antifa/profam + pro/anti-gun + always-pro-civnat +always pro-jew –shitholes–. An artificial dualism which so oddly always has a pro-cuck for whites and pro-jude bent, so as always stay in the frame of pro-jew and pro-white guilt, no matter how the minutiae are argued in internet flame wars. Fuck David, fuck his cult, they were slated for death by their own hands 10yrs before the FBI got that hellwhore paedo Reno in power, and death found them. Shocker.

/haveabumbwhatthefuckdoesitmatter / bots just bump the bottom of the cat to bury new content anyway lets do this btw come up with more than one sentence responses you lazy cia niggers.

you guys dont get it, niggers and spics the dumber races believe this shit. like that kikbook movie. they are the fucking masses

For those not aware, what happened was the CIA, wearing the colors of ATF, injected the building with what are called "burners". It caused a massive conflagration, just as with Dorner, as the CIA (there flagged under police), put it, "Burners deployed, and we have a fire".

user tell me. Why did they use TANKS and POISON GAS against women and children?
A: They didn't want anything to remain and gave an example to the rest.
In addition as a warning to the militia movement of the 90'. But that got coopted by Jonestein.


I don't mean to be spoonfed but I honestly don't feel like reading jewpedia. Can I get a layman's version of the events that went down? Don't know that much about the USA's characters during that timeframe. From the lurking i've done, was David Koresh simply a Chrisitan dude who wanted to live off the grid and the ATF etc, didn't want that or wanted the land and decided to burn them all alive? Or is it that he was supposedly some cult leader abusing kids that needed to be stopped? Kind of reminds me of the Bundy Ranch incident but i'm not form the US so no idea.

Sorry for asking, any answer or summary would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you have the time, and without de-railing, what was Roe v. Wade? Again, not the (((official))) story but what really happened? And if my hunches are correct, why did the US public/self professed patriots stand by idly and allow innocent people to be murdered by the government with so much media focussed on it. Conditioning?

There are few things in this world that make me as angry as Waco. And i'm not even Clapistani.

The "flamethrower tank" is disinfo. Linda Thompson, who made both "Big Lie" documentaries, was also responsible for the infamous fake FEMA camp video (embed), and some of the more questionable names that have been added to the Clinton Body Count list,

Shut up, faggot.

Pedos BTFO

They used a spook+tank combo to knock holes in select walls for airflow and throw flares and smoke
Might as well have been a flamethrower tank

For what it's worth, I found your posts educational and worthwhile, and the responses to them childish, useless, and ultimately becoming of cianiggers and shlomos.

Watch this

I used to work in a customer service/tech support job. About a decade ago, I handled a call from the mother of the federal agent who was shot on the roof by the window.

She said family members were fed acres of lies by the FBI and the ATF about what happened. She had been told the people in there were holding hostages and that her son died saving lives and other such bullshit.

According to her, all the families are still pissed at the assholes running those agencies, and nobody who knows shit about what was going on believes a word of the story. One of the higher-ups on the scene even told this woman that by day two, nobody knew what the fuck was going on, but that these bizarre orders kept coming down from Washington.

Found him!

Get the gas

This will only backfire on them. All pol has to do is prepare waco truth pills, and when the normies inevitably talk about the movie they will get assblasted with them. Everyone knows movies are bullshit, so people are already open to the movie being wrong so they will look deeper especially if prodded about it.

I've tried to get /k/ on board but the threads just get insta prunned now.

And these guys were mass murdered by the side of evil. Really makes you think…


Caused the death of many white people for no reason. Had it succeeded it'd just miscegenate itself out of cohesion and thus be another non-white club.

Reported. Kill yourself.

Gee, I wonder who's behind the (((funding))) of this pile of shit? They are beginning to lose control of the manipulation of the masses. Easy to assume many are panicking.

I can already see it

I bet they'll make a movie about Dorner too, and say he burned his cabin down like the Davidians

For what its worth I would strangle both of you


It was quite simple. The substance they injected is highly flammable - and they knew this. The kerosene lamps inside ignited the substance, cause a massive horrendous conflagration.

Back then people thought gasoline could produce such a fire. It's the jet fuel melting steel beams of its time. Scientifically garbage, but people cannot stand this horror: Those that burn babies alive, with full intent, are they that rule the nations.

When I declare myself the son of God and begin selling weapons and drugs to fund my anti government religious sect. I think I will build my compound out of reinforced concrete with 6" blast proof glass. I will pour boiling tar on ZOG and laugh as their skin falls to the ground. I will mine the surrounding property and we will fire artillery from our bunker. We will drink Arabica dark roast while they are dismembered. When they shell us we will chill in our hot tubs to absorb to concussive force and to stay limber and relaxed. I will have sex with each of my ten wives once per day.

What else is new?

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms? Those are my three faviorite things!

they made two movies about the Boston Bombing, one with Takes-dick Wahlberg and the other with AIDS gylenhaal

waco lead to clinton assault weapons ban
guess who was pulling strings at that time

Reminder that South Park, Bill Hicks, and Trey Gowdy all spoke against Waco when it happened. "Aim for their heads, since they'll be wearing bullet proof vests."

Sorry, not Trey Gowdy. It was one of the Washington Plumbers. I can't recall which. Also, remember that the "Final Report", with intelegence gathered by Congress's special committee on the matter, it found that the ATF acted in an illegal manner, and the alligations leading to the raid were meritless. However, the report also states that the flash-gernades didn't contribute to the fire…


You also mean delta correct… they were there as well

This. It is time to bury this movie with negative reviews full of redpills. Not historically accurate, Hollywood trash, etc.

How stupid are they?

First episode's out.

They are trying to begin now preconditioning the sheeple that all whites are terrorists and pedos ahead of the 2020 POTUS election? I imagine we can expect an ever increasing number of 'exposes' casting all whites – not just conservatives – in a bad light over the next few years.

misdemeanor underrated
felony unchecked

they didnt even call for hermman goering in drag

This is what I come to Holla Forums for. Seize the moment. When kikewood wants to "open the discussion," dominate it. They will try and shut it down and try to move onto some other pathetic distraction once they see enough people aren't falling for jewish tricks.

(((They))) couldn't have chosen a better time to have this backfire on them. 90s adults kids don't know anything about Waco. They were maybe half a decade old at least and not old enough to understand. Kikes are giving us the best time to teach these kids what truly happened.

just watched the first episode
less pozzed then i thought, they implied the ATF were morons, but you can already see the setup the good goy at the fbi is going to make everything seem alright in the end

the one thing that made my jewdar ping was the explicite mention of koresh polygamy and forced celibacy and the other male members
this seems like a classic case of yid projecting, can any user comment on this was koresh a polygamist because at this point i would trust an user more than any official source

The jews lie, you lie, everything on the internet is a lie. Get over it. Truth does not exist. Whomever can convince the most people dictates the truth. Keep that in mind.

That's the micropenis stance. Every cop does it.

Fuck off jewtube

This really pisses me off. Waco was my first redpill, and the Jew has been trying to whitewash it ever since.
Hanging kikes is service to God.


Waco: An ADL Caused Holocaust?

Protect and serve right americans ?

The 8/tv/ thread on this sent a link on how the creators were hoping to not go by the official government story. Wish I saved it. Still take it with a grain of salt though

Interesting theory, any other clarification to add to it?

Play stupid games with the police, and you win stupid prizes. Plain, and simple.