Cape Town To Run Out Of Water In 90 Days

Cape Town could become first major city in world to run out of water after 90-day warning

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Demographics of Cape Town

42.4% "Coloured"
38.6% "Black African"
15.7% "White"
1.4% "Asian or Indian"
1.9% other

Metro population of 3.74 million.
As we all know how niggers behave it is my opinion that the majority of people will not scale back as much as ordered or at all. Let’s hope we see the water run out sooner.

Regensburg prophesied this

This is a good thing

this is what happens when you allow niggers to run shit

Damn pun intended. Would rather it be Los Angeles but this will do. why not both?

unfortunately other areas give la their water


Maybe they like to shower a lot.

And you don't dare drink the blood of your enemies in aidsville.


someone should tell the nogs you can drink salt water if you a 1 table spoon of bleach to every gallon


I believe most large cities, without a constant large supply of water, already do this. I may be wrong as I don’t live in a city, but I have heard that is how all the xenoestrogens and other hormones from birth control, and other medications get into two water.

What kind of shithole runs out of water?

I'm sure the niggers there wouldn't kill the remaining Whites to drink their blood.

A desert shithole with 80% niggers. I’ve been hearing LA has been having water issues for a few years also.

What do the niggers need all the water for?
They dont shower and survive on malt liquor.
Just designate some streets for shitting and turn off the main until it rains.

Do they just leave the taps on all day or something?

so are the "coloured" group the niggers of niggerland?

They're making meth.

or the pipes are leaking all over the city and workers don't want to go into the ghetto for understandable reasons

Do they wash cars every day or something?
Or I am vastly underestimating how much water a 20 minutes bath wastes?

This reminds me of the recent Fear the Walking Dead episode where they announce the water reservoirs are running dry and while the whites act accordingly, all the spics do as much as possible to drain the thing faster hording it.

This gun b gud.

Sounds like they're just intolerant shitlords to me. They need more diversity in their communities so they can learn to be more accepting :^)

Pools, watering lawns, fountains, expensive crops with horrid yields to maximize shekel withdrawal.

Tub or shower? Both are pretty wasteful if you aren't in and out or shutting the water off while you soap etc.
Vast underestimation but there is other waste as well.


Probably niggers from another part of Africa and Arabs

The "Coloured" refers to the mixed populations. Oftentimes the original Dutch settlers had temporary wives with the Xhosa, who were the nomadic natives of South Africa before the migrations of the Bantu peoples in the 18th century from the Rift Valley. Once the Dutch mens' real wives arrived, they would push the Xhosa and their halflings out of Capetown. That being said, these people would speak and write in Afrikaners nearly exclusively instead of English until the middle of the 20th century. The Coloured are disliked by all of the African tribes, but especially by the Zulu as they had more rights under Apartheid, and did not have to prove employment to live in cities and towns. The Coloured also vote Democratic Alliance, and so the ANC wants nothing to do with them. Finally, the major issue with the water levels is that even though Capetown owns the dams and the DA is the majority in Capetown and Western Cape, the national government is the one to maintain the water systems leading from the dam until city limits.

So once whitey leaves there will be a civil war/genocide between browns and blacks?

Or you could just kill off the 75+% nigger population around you and have all the fucking water you could ever need. What are you, some fucking bleeding heart liberal? Don't you know how conservation works?

I was answering a question, nigger.

Perhaps, but more than likely the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) would turn on the ANC and fuck up more South Africa to the point of Venezuela, where South Africa would need to import gold and diamonds because of no maintenance to the mines.

Like it's funny as hell because they had to know that they've been running low for several months. And only now are they threatening to ration water.



Holy fuck, I use 5 gallons a week.

DA did it.

The DA, or Democratic Alliance, is the party of muh vital minorities in South Africa - the minorities being white "people" (using the term loosely) and immigrants from China/India who hate Africans. Noted white supremacist Mohandas Gandhi, for example, made a big spectacle of his racism against Africans, even moving to South Africa to be racist against them to their oppressed faces.

The DA has controlled Cape Town for eons, with both their longest-serving and current mayors being white supremacist scum. It's disturbing and disgusting to see how they - both womyn - have turned their backs on their former allies, destroying their infrastructure and depriving the populace of their right to clean drinking water, not to mention electricity, housing, etc.

Keep an eye on this lads, when the water goes. It's gonna be a happening.

Fill the tanks racewater now!

What the fuck am I reading? Go back innawoods, Jethro.

I heat up water on the stove, and wash with a rag, head to toe. Takes only a tea kettle worth of water, and gets you much cleaner than standing under a shower does, you resource wasting nigger.

Hi Kampfy. Enjoying your wordfilters today, cuck?

87 litres approx 22 Gal (US)
include drinking (its summer now) and washing. Not to mention that old poorly maintained pipe infrastructure will leak badly.

85% non white, and the water goes out. its gonna be a zombie riot.
Americans use about 90 gallons of water a day according to this link.

For reference, this water cap is about 23 gallons of water a day. You should *drink* about 2 gallons of water a day. Cooking very often consumes a good chunk of water, and bathing often takes more water than the cap. Moreover, flushing a toilet takes about 3 gallons of water.

If you do the bare minimum of drinking 2 gallons of water, shitting/flushing 3 times a day, and taking a 2 minute shower, you're already up to 21 gallons. This excludes doing things like brushing your teeth and washing things.

Looking at this, I myself consume an average of 65 or so gallons of water a day. Slamming this down to about 55 gallons a day is doable within reason, and a very conservative person might be able to get this down to 45 or so; I do not think I could lower this to 30, let alone the 23 that they are being capped to.

Rachposter, though a retard in general, is right; you cannot even live on 5 gallons a week, let alone shower at all or even flush the toilet more than once!

Ya, the coloureds are a racial mixture of Bantu (nigger) blacks, Koi-San indigenous peoples of the Cape and Whites and Malay/Dot-Asians.

I can only imagine what kind of sad cuck searches for and saves thousands of Maddow pictures to shitpost on a Mongolian throat-singing assembly.most likely the same humorless, kikey individual that does and numbers "smugs" in the same format, makes retarded wordfilters, samefags about how funny they are, and then screeches at and bans those who disagree. Also illiterate. ;-)

Don’t drink 2 gallons of water a day. You’ll probably die unless you are sweating loads and it is real hot.



I thought my $5 / day donation was supposed to keep poor African babies alive.

Now you tell me soon thirst will kill the babies?

Do I need to up my donation to $10 / day???

tbh i like smugs

Nothing wrong with smugs.just pointing out that both posters use the same file name format.


De Lille is fucking stupid and a an incompetent carte-blanch presenter wannabe, Zille sucks donkey dong and we all agree but you do realize the ANC has to pay/allocate funds for the DA for water projects and shit? Look at fokkendo-I mean Eskom - DA is a poes but still better than the ANC or EFF, Shlomo.

You don't hope for shit like that. They'll cut the water in the white areas first. Doubt they'll do it in the locations when they get it for free without added drought tax along with electricity and dstv. Or you'll have it the opposite, a bunch of badly disciplined aids infested soldiers at water points handing out water in a supposed organised queue. Mad max time is not just yet… don't hope for it to happen until you've lived it. You have to experience reality first before you make sweeping statements, or go live in a Detroit ghetto, Sweden or visit us before you talk like a Canadian or American.

Wat. Here in the states the EPA ruined both toilets and our shower heads, so showerheads are 2.5 GPM maximum. You have to actually cut apart the shower heads to go back to glorious deluge showers.

Also understand that we have something like 300 people moving here every hour, not to even consider the fucking breeders/foreigners and white joburgers coming down trying to make a better life - less money but more life ey? Look at the textile industry in atlantis and how (((nothing))) is being regulated. Look at the pollution in the Liesbeek, fucking worse than animals. I blame the DA to a degree but there's a lot of other factors involved… Including the (((developers))) pushing agenda x since pre 93. Ryan O' Connor said it before they pulled a quota-card and dropped him…

And I just realised you were being sarcastic. Jammer tjom, fucking long week.

You use WAAAAY more water than is necessary. That's fine, but don't be so deluded as to think your lifestyle is anything but luxurious. 5 gallons (10 if I decide I want to do laundry at home) is plenty for 1 person depending on the climate they're in (Alaska here). I'm not even rationing; if I was i'd use more like 2 gallons.

It's just a rubber stopper or something that limits the water flow. It's a real easy fix to those shitty shower heads.

Isn't that shit on the ocean? Can't they just desalinize that shit and drink it? WTF?

I drilled out mine partially so I get like 4 gpm.

But I'm mainly reeing that thanks to the EPA, we now have to buy pre-ban shower heads.

ymmv but i use about 300 gallons a day but that's because i take 2 hr long showers.

Btw, i'm talking about a per week basis for myself, not day.

They're rrrrrrrrraped!

Desalinization takes a metric fuckton of energy, which is part of the reason countries like Iran have such a hardon for nuclear power (the second reason being to holocaust the Jews). Shithole countries like South Africa don't have the power or capital to set up large scale desalination.


This user gets it. Get a house with a well and move to a wet state. Get fucked desert fags


This will be used as an excuse to import more shitskins to the U.S., just like with Haiti and Puerto Rico.

They do they just can't get to any of it because the country is lousy with niggers.

If you're going to spend 2 fucking hours wet, you should be swimming and getting in shape not sitting under a faucet wasting water like a nigger.

you must be a poorfag you have zero comprehension of the concept of comfy

Resources you cannot access are resources you do not have.


Shitposter is not 100%.
Many commie plans succeed.
In certain liberal cities that restrict water use during the summer, they also require sprinklers in the yard and will not yet approve compost or incinerating toilets.

A 15min shower can fill up a tub.
Bathe in it w/2+cups of seasalt.
Rinse in cold 'Iceman' water.

This user is full of shit or about to have a kidney replacement.
Drink half your weight in ounces
160lb = 80oz = 10cups
Unless you are measuring water loss somehow and have a greater accuracy.
Also, the more often you drink, the more thirsty you become, no matter the volume.

How about no, faggot.

Tippity top keks

This is a common myth. Direct recycling of wastewater is still rare, although likely to increase substantially. There's a sizeable plant in Orange County that's been in operation for about 10 years. Prior to that, the only notable one was a tiny project in Africa.

Indirect recycling via return to the environment has been happening for a long time. This is where a sewage treatment works discharges its effluent to a watercourse upstream of another intake. For example, one of London's major treatment works is supplied by the river Lee, which at times has 80% of its flow coming from an upstream sewage works.

This indirect recycling is the likely source of trace amounts of medical compounds in water supply, although a much bigger problem is agricultural compounds. Pesticides wash into rivers whenever they are used. A sudden rainstorm at the wrong time of year can cause a huge spike in levels.

Direct recycling does make a lot of sense in the modern era, because as sewage treatment processes have been improved to meet environmental protection standards, we've ended up with effluent discharges that are cleaner than the river water. Animals do shit and piss in rivers to their heart's content, after all.

However, there remains the risk that by creating a system that is partially a closed loop, any compounds that are unaffected by the treatment process will circulate and build up higher concentrations. Presumably they have extra treatment processes in Orange County to overcome this.

t. former water engineerfag

Thanks for correcting me, like I said I’m a farmfag and have a well so I don’t know about city water.

This is like North Korea blaming the weather on famine every year.

Reminder to filter by ID the moment someone Rach posts.

The blacks are going to massacre the remaining whites is what he's saying.

I always found the history of Africa to be so redpilling.

Anchorage user?

I hope you either are taking cold showers user if not I hope you enjoy low sperm count from hot water

Always filter and report res… er, I mean, rach

I drink an average of two gallons of water a day, the only down side is the 5 minute piss breaks I take every hour on the half hour.

I want to invest in birth control for the poor people so they don't create more burdens on society. The world population will surpass 10 billions by 2020.

They let things get this bad. But I doubt it will be a massacre. The whites are more prepared and armed.

Why? Rachposter is a mod of Holla Forums.

They start filling buckets and barrels in binge use.
Water will run out end of next month.

and keked.


Dumb enough to work.

this will be fun to keep an eye on
dead dindus = good dindus


for confirmation

Concern troll elsewhere kike.
T. white man living in a black shithole

Just like commiefornia running out of water. It's on the fucking ocean. Just build desalinization plants.

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spotted the environmentalist

you really only need to do that a couple times a month if that.

Depending on your size, two gallons per day is doable, especially if it is hot and/or you have a physically demanding job. A small man (or an average sized woman) probably doesn't need that much, but a large man probably would. There are large parts of the world that actually do get hot.

5 gallons is barely enough for water consumption where I'm at, user. American Southwest here. I honestly couldn't tell you how much water my washing machine uses per load, but we have approximately 6-10 loads of laundry per week, and I have to shower at least once per day. My wife and kid can get away with 3-4 per week, but I sweat too much for that. During the summer, I often take two per day. We also cook, so even if you multiply that 10 gallons by the 4 (including my unborn son) people in my house, I can't see it being possible.

I'm sure there is a nonprofit for that, and if there isn't, you could make your millions doing just what you said, providing birth control for the poor. Throw in a nice item/incentive for men who get a vasectomy done. Implants work well for women, so their husband doesn't complain about the strings from an iud or whatever.

So….. assuming that there is no significant rain there in the next 90 days and the government is too stupid to get anything done, what happens next? Will the niggers blames this on the Whites and coloureds?

OBVIOUSLY my 2 hour long showers are not cold. i prefer warm but not hot. actually i had my sperm count done about 6 months ago and the technician said i was in the 98th percentile and i have the most potent sperm he'd ever seen. i have larger than average testicles and a large ejaculate volume so that helps.

and btw for taking long showers i suggest installing a 2nd water heater or even go for a 3 heater setup if you can afford it. this way you will never be wanting for hot water. it helps if you can heat with solar or gas for efficiency.

Real SA nigger argument

All I can think of is pic related


and you moron believe that dysnomia won't keep shitting in your throat even if you self-spam yourself to death?

Whenever leaving their state-funded homes in Sweden, Somali invaders crank heating to the max, open all the windows and laugh at the tax money they are pissing away. I doubt that feral apes infesting South Africa are any different in this regard and that many of them have taps open all day long because fuk whitey wit dis watah an shieeet.
The world hasn't been so due for a cleansing since mudslime conquest of Spain. I only hope there's enough steam left in the White man to finish the job once and for all.

checked and kekked

Someone tell them they can turn vinegar into water by adding bleach.

nah la will be fine, rich narcos will merely create desalination plants to feed the mexicans and armenians oh and jews

Fake news.

The government is so inept that they literally run out of the most abundant elements on earth.

The free market will of course fix all the problems created by socialist central planning, but that won't stop the loony-tunes leftists who didn'T have the foresight to store water from complaining about "price gauging"

Color me suprised.

This is what happens when you hand over the richest country in Africa to niggers.

kek.. i wonder if the niggers can even afford the solution the freemarket provides
I pray every day for some manner of catalyst to cleansing. Of all the invasive species, humans top the list, and above that, blacks & streetshitters show a disregard for their habitats that I could confuse for contempt if I wasn't painfully aware of their lack of the needed faculties to exhibit such an abstract hatred.

Lol, no. Maybe if you're plowing fields during the summer, but on average people drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day tops. The rest of the water comes from food.
If I'm making pasta I'll use two liters max. I'm not an idiot who uses 5 liters only to cook 300 grams of pasta. A good part of the food I cook doesn't even requires water.
There's your problem, a 5 minute shower, leaving the tap on just to get wet and again to remove the soap, doesn't consumes more than 20 liters.
There are toilet valves which have two modes so you don't flush the entire cistern when you only need to clear some piss.
You can also put empty bottles in your toilets to reduce the wasted amount of water drastically, I have a couple of empty 1l beer bottles in mine, I've taken huge shits and I never had to flush twice. My toilet holds around 6 liters, which is more or less the standard around here.
Unless you're a retard who leaves the tap open during the whole process you'll hardly use more than half a liter.

I could monitor my water meter and show you how you're wrong, during a week I could easily do with 50l per day on average, since I only use my washing machine once per week.

yeah but you don't actually have to do that every day

That's called lukewarm.

Drink 2 gallons a day?
2 gallons/7.5 liters is enough daily drinking water for 1 week. And you will even have 0.5 liter over to spare.


It takes way more water than you think to just clean dishes, wash hands, so on. To test this out, plug up the drains with really good plugs. See how much you wind up with when showering. And when washing hands. You should measure the depth with a ruler, keep track. Then, later, you can find out how many gallons that is. I'm certain you have no idea.

I hope you're not drinking your dish water, user.

spotted the niggerist

sounds like flint


I flush maybe once a week at best. I like to let the shit pile up so I can savor the smell. Also, the dookie-pile starts to look really cool and I take pics and vids when I piss on it. When I finally flush, it almost always clogs at first, and I get a huge rush as I see the water go to the brim without (usually) going over. The water really allows all the fermented shit smell out, which is great, and then its fun to flush again a few times to watch the shit pile collapse and get sucked down

they believe that raping virgins cures HIV/AIDS, surely they'll believe either of those, especially if they're told that the info has been held secret by the white man for years

I really don't wash too much and probably have the tap on for t most 30 seconds a day, as well as probably 2 flushes

Afrikaners build stillsuits and become the Fremen

I would like to point out that Capetown is within pissing distance of TWO oceans, and for shits and giggles relatively close to planet Earth's ice cube maker, Antarctica.
Yes, everything you have to say about water treatment, but it can be done.

Just a thought.


I'm actually really excited to see them run out of water. I mean, just imagine what would happen, would it be a mass exodus from the city, would niggers learn to live off just the blood of their neighbors, or would the UN import enough water to keep niggers wet? This could be a massive red pill on nigger behavior, plus excellent chimp out footage. I also don't see how they could possibly blame Whites for this since I don't believe there would be many blacks running things due to the countries gradual decline meaning the governments probably staffed by useless browns.

That would imply South Africa could either afford water treatment, or even staff such a place with people competent enough to keep it running.

Yes, I am happy to live an ocean away from there. You raise some very good points, the future is promising to say the least.

Wait til it hits you kike-faggot. When your bank account is empty and they come for your wife and kids - fuckit, probably your folks and siblings since you're an edgy fuck and then you'll quickly change your tune. When you're stuck in a place and you've adapted to live in circumstances. The ovens are being heated up for comfy fucks like you who think that their countries will remain 1st world for another decade - joke's on you nigger. You'll have no idea what reality is until it hits you. Watch your words very carefully user, what goes around comes around. We haven't forgotten who did this to us. Here's your (((you))) kiddy man.

Selfde hier brah. Waar de fok val jy uit? Waar het ek gese hulle moet hulp kry? Let them get what's coming to them. You need to lurk a little more before making accusations.

t. your neighbor

You know they will. Liberals will blame it on climate change for the decrease in rainfall. And send them a bunch of foreign aid. Nothing will be learned from this by anyone.

Warlords across the city now control the last remaining resources in the entire city, with high speed car battles raging across highways. As the few remaining White men fight to stay alive and retain their sanity in this sea of niggers, they must struggle to secure a future for their people and a future for white children.


This should be encouraged.

Checked, so, it's just a documentary..?

The fuck is this gay shit

i bet thats what they would do
WATER SHORTAGE runs water day and night filling every container they can steal 90 days if they can conserve. i give it a week ''''