Trump to ban Haitian immigrants after alleged ‘shithole’ slur


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Rolling for everyone to go back to their shithole countries in 2018


Looks like we'll have to "encourage" them.


Check'd and Heil'd


The short article is worth a read. He's banning Haiti, Belize & Samoa from the list of H-2A and H-2B visa eligibility because of "high levels of fraud and abuse" among Haitians, human trafficking from Belize, and Samoa for "not taking back deported nationals". B T F O

Good, im tired of seeing these niggers in boston

President Trump didn’t need to announce the Fake News Awards ahead of time. He could have simply put together the list and tweeted it any time he wanted. But he knows anticipation controls attention, and it amps up the perceived importance of whatever follows. He primed us. His supporters were salivating for the “good stuff” to come, while his detractors in the anti-Trump press probably hoped they didn’t make the top ten. (Then they did.)

Hey if Haiti isn't a shithole they shouldn't have any problems staying there in their shithole.

So if not taking back deportees is a thing, can we get a blanket ban on Mexico now?


They own the blush.
WE own the TRUTH

wow what a totally unbiased lead from the reputable nypost

Reroll for shitskin genocide

sage for a useless and retarded ban, dubs confirm

Let the salt flow.



Haitan's can't afford the plane ticket. Those that can are vetted. They'll still be drowning by boat.


If this was a deliberately play on Trump's part, it was genius.

Some of them will go back. Once the fact that they are going back becomes realized the rest will answer the call of Soro's 18 billion dollar illegal arms deal. It takes a keen understand of the esoterics to see it but this left vs right struggle is inherently religious in nature. This is a holy war and it will be racial. Rahowa is coming. If you arent sharpening yourself mentally and physically you are failing your people.

Haiti is a great place to live, why would any of them want to go to a racist country ruled by a white supremacist?

Trump: Bombs third world country.
Liberals: Oh well.
Trump: Funds Religion of Cuck™ic terrorists.
Liberals: We don't want to be insensitive.
Trump: "shithole"

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They'll probably go to Canada instead LMAO

Really cunt? If you can't figure even that out you need the get the fuck OUT.

That picture is horrifying. You have to go back.

As were her mother and mother's mother.


The field is enabled. Anyone can type whatever they please. It's not a tripcode.


CIA AGENT (another one):

And another (picking fights, again, preexisting cleavages):

Trump to ban Haitian immigrants

Beddy Fucking Koshertastic Based!


Look, Trump might be kosher as fuck, but he is actually taking steps in the right direction. We all know he isn't fucking Hitler ffs.

It's a shame when the Tor posters are some of the few remaining here that openly out the jew

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Is that the nickname you jews give to people who dislike you jews?

Weird, I recall when Holla Forums used to be all about reducing kikes like you, now all it seems to do is promote every lying conservative kike and call them based /ourguys/

Global report.

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Hasbarafag, please, whenever I call you hasbarafag you reply with pretty much the exact same, word for word post. You'd maybe fool someone if you weren't so fucking autistic.

Why does Holla Forums seemed to be filled with odious kikes, shilling endlessly for jews?

OUT of America
back II the SHITHOLE

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Again,I need to ask.
Are you saying that only one user here has any problem with you jews posting endless spam in praise of the most embarrassing psyop and jewish hoax perpetuated on the American public since Mossad did 911, then sent Americans sons out to die for isreal on the back of that lie.

Thankfully, now jewish Trump is in office, there'll be plenty of false flags to send America to Hell during his term



Trump is jewish
Yet Holla Forums is openly in support of the most biggest jewish con-trick Trumpstein,since 911

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Seeing as Holla Forums is so evidently now under jewish occupation, can any helpful user please tell me where all the actual legit non-jewish anons fled to?

Gonna need facts to back that up, Moishe.

They went back to Reddit like you should

This is great news, but don't get carried away. This is the most important line from the article.
Now we need to throw more of them out.

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some jew judge will overturn it anyway

Can someone please explain what has happened to this board, it used to be full of talented intelligent red-pilled anons.
Now it appears to be full of mentally retarded jIDF kikes praising ZOG and pretending voting for lying jews is a win for the goy

>>>Holla Forums

We're aware of the kikes Trumps involved with, but what specifically about this move is counter to our interests?

Whatever it is going on here, seems strange how aggressive yet clearly effeminate and faggy all the kikes who post here are.

Yet somehow, anons who post they don't like jews on Holla Forums are now persona non grata

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Kek. Okay user, now why don't you go make some tea and try to stop and think for once. Polite sage

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Can you answer ?

plan on making liberal use of the ID+ filter button today m8. don't give it (you)s, just report, filter, and contribute as normal

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Once you banned all the legit anons from here, this place turned into Breibart 2.0

CIA agent seeks an ally. Getting giggity now, ("oooh, have I exploited a fracture?")


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if you ever needed proof that the_zionald posters are alive and thriving on this board.


Is the tor poster just going to keep rambling about how the rest of us are kikes, instead of elaborating on why this is a bad move?

A mod really should change the title of this thread, as it is misleading. Only H2A visas are banned, not all Haitian immigration.

Seems that way. Quite the influx of namefags to be filtered lately in particular, on top of shills. Back to Haiti, I'm happy to see these exclusions. Hopefully Central America in general will follow. Though i'm not holding my breath. I wonder how many are left here currently. I seem to recall large amounts of the Haitians running across the border to Canada after ebil Trump's inauguration last year. To keep pushing this envelope, perhaps it would be beneficial to compile a list of shitskin countries sending "migrants" here that practice similar policies and have similar implications on the US to push for them to be added to the list as well.

India and China need to be added to that list, if that happens you're going to see some real crazy shit.


No only you kikes still shilling for Trumpstein the jewish fraud

This particular move is just another diversion, and all you kikes in this thread know it.
As an actual loose rogue user posted here

However the fact that Holla Forums now openly declares itself a Young [kosher] Conservatives Club, is beyond belief embarrassing for what once was the host board for the most creative and talented array of young jew-wise folk in the digital sphere.

Now all that remains are hundreds of gloating kikes rubbing anons faces in the fact they've hijacked Holla Forums and turned it into Breibart 2.0, only less edgy

China already knows it is in the pipes. They are ramping up their military and pushing for consolidation for a reason. The time of shafting the white man is over.


So how many shitholes are we still accepting niggers from?

Thank God for that, I remember in the 1980's William Peirce talking about the HQ…

Fucking diversionary talmudic kikes that ran Holla Forums into the shetl ghetto it is now

Literally every single one, only now, thanks to this meaningless bill some Haitians won't be allowed, not all of them will be turned away, but just the one is enough for all the kikes who run this board to pretend that Trump is actually doing something for America and not isreal,which is the only people he has been serving since getting elected

Fuck off Kushner

It's painfully obvious what you are doing. You are being an obnoxious D&C cunt so anons will filter your ID, and thus all torfags. Once accomplished, an user that uses tor to put out some juicy stuff will not be seen.

Because there are so many skilled Haitians taking advantage of the h1b right? Even the jews aren't that retarded.

Chug liquid ammonia.

It's painfully obvious to all but you fucking unconscionable kikes that I am openly opposed to you kikes here who have turned Holla Forums into a Conservative Club cheerleading squad.

It aint fucking rocket science

The article says that only 65 Haitians used the H2A visa to get into the US in 2016.

65 too many



Have fun continuing to turn this place into 8gag you cancershit faggot. Oh wait.


That is all that could apply and get approved. The visas isn't the problem. It's the 58k that were brought in without visas for (((humanitarian reasons))) and the numbers exploded. Those need to go back because they don't even hold visas.
If only 65 ditch diggers managed to crawl their way in, I'm sure quibbling over the type of visa banned is just kikery, which was the point originally being made. They sure as fuck aren't letting any science niggers in.

That is fagquoting, not a thought bubble, newfag. You're doing it wrong.

You're siding with torfags and yet I'm somehow the problem for redtext. Fuck off, kike.

they would have to exist first

Here's how lemon city (little Haiti) looks like.


Let's face it, this was a token effort from a token president. drumpf is a boomer cuck who spends most of his day watching television, he's von Hindenburg at best but you can't get his schlong out of your mouth and sperg like a 12 year old girl every time somebody criticizes MUH DOG EMBEROR.

By the way, pinktext is a funny junk meme, anyone using it here should be executed. Disgusting.

Looks ok to me.


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that's a whole lot more than 0

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More immigrants from EVERYWHERE, goy!


lmao reuters talking about fucking acosta shouting questions at POTUS before being kicked to the curb as if it's newsworthy

damn wrong image entirely


Taking small steps is exactly how the kikes win, because they have a decades-long head start and they're taking big strides while you preach centrism and voting for republicucks.



Oy vey, don't use our tactics to your advantage goy. The only solution for you is to grabs your funs and start killing kikes and shitskins
get back with me when your arms tire from beating that strawman, Mordecai Shareblue.

Oy vey, no war, only peace and love. Wait until Trump installs a puppet in Iran for Israel and a zero-empathy Burrito Nigger takes office. Then the race war against ebil whites can begin.


No. Females have no place in politics, any other issues with her aside.

Every thread that has an iota of good news gets shilled with this retarded shit.
Ok, lead the way Dylan Rambostein. Show us how it's done. I'm sure there's a synagogue or shitskin gathering that could use your lead enrichment. I'll enjoy reading the headlines.

Whoa, disaster avoided. For three more years.

kek, this. the salt must flow.


Will do. When Trump declares war against [enemy of Israel], and deploys the best soldiers to the other side of the planet, we gather around Goldman Sachs and burn it down. Everybody who sits out the revolution dies after them.

Trump being the absolute Cheif genious of EVERYTHING gave us the ultimate response to shutdown whichever shill with whatever budget/agenda

I can't stop laughing since "shithole"


Hi pork poster! You want some pork? Are you Okay?

Remove Goat meat
Remove rhum
Remove the Haitian

I don't know if trump is actually jewish or just relentlessly philosemitic. Must be all the fox jews he watches.

How you kill a shill

KILL-A-SHILL 101 brought to you by Trump enterprises in partnership with KEK

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3. report to m0ds which then state ban reason as

probably not very much because triggerd mods ban you immediatly


It's amazing you retards get paid for this shit. On a positive note, the salt is flowing. There's at least 3 or 4 of you kikes kvetching on the thread.

My favorite part is how they complain about everyone calling them FBI because they always yell about how everyone on Holla Forums isn't out gassing the jews personally but if you ask them to do it first they shut up immediately.

Everytime there is a post about Trump it gets hit so hard with all of this shill shit. Its so fuckin predictable, like the whole reason for their existence is to turn the thread to shit.

…for immigrants from third world shitholes!


It's not delusional like your plan. Rolling things back 50 Haitians at a time is pretty much not doing anything at all. How many niggers, sandniggers, spicniggers do you think got squirted out today in the ghettos? A lot more than 50.

Why are they always so easy to spot? It is like they can't help but to not use the same mainstream lefty language everywhere. They are so desperate to make it a thing they can't maintain for 5 minutes. These people never really studied any texts on propaganda and persuasion not written by a Gen X'er with pink hair.

Rolling for RWDS in 2018.



What's the issue? There aren't any people from Africa who would make it through a merit based program anyways, so it's a self-correcting system.

If they're going rainbow hair, they are millennials. Fuck off with your D&C. X is the one generation that preferred to mind its own fucking business.

That inconvenient truth doesn't make a great lefty talking point.



That would actually be pretty solid and self aware bantz.

Splendid trips. Not only does the blood of the Slav run through his veins, his waifu is Nazi Loli Jesus from Youjo Senki


You newfags are such insufferable faggots and you make the quality of the board bottom out to shithole levels because of your shit on dick faggotry.




Fuck off hebe.


The square root of the number of kikes like you we are going to gas

Delusional. There are tons of africans in Ivy League schools right now. And besides, Canada and Australia also operate on a "merit based system", how well are they doing?


It's an empty gesture, like putting a bandaid on a head wound.


That that sign is testament to the level of mental development of the average haiti nigger.
NO, U!

This should be a bannable offense.

Just ignore the faggot.


ok that's probably the first good thing he's done since first declaring the muslim ban
Almost a year ago

The issue you burgers tend to ignore is the fucking chinks who honestly are worse than Niggers

oy vey

You're obviously not from here
The designation of a person in the CIA is a CIANigger
but then that was obvious when you think the 2024 president will be a Kikess and not S

Retard logic. Why don't you post the merits of Canadian immigration so we can compare them to Trump's merited immigration?

Fucktards like you try to spew their shit.
Stop trying so hard.

Kek. Everytime i read a thread like this in pure bliss, some Soyshills come along and add the perfect amount of salt to it free of charge. It's probably the only thing i will miss once the day of the rope has come.

except the (white) brits and south africans who are escaping their multicultural shitholes.


Get thee behind me, Satan

For those that dont know, DR and Haiti share the same island. Half was given to blacks, half were given to dominicans, which were spaniard/hispanic mutts. the dominicans did fairly well for themselves, about on par with other hispanic countries. the haitians chopped down/burnt all their trees leading to deforestation and failed to figure out how to farm and take care of themselves. Haiti has become such a shithole, they are attempting to escape into DR, escalating in recent years.

So naturally the diverse side of DR sympathizes with their problems, right? keep in mind, they were both given half an island by whites. Well, the truth is, any haitians that actually make it over, get kidnapped, killed or they get kidnapped, tortured, and thrown back into haiti to spread rumors of fear.
so naturally liberals and jews want to flood the united states with voodoo worshiping haitians.

there is a video of a guy being tied up and beaten in some shithole, and it was actually a haitian in DR being beaten/tortured by a dominican group that caught him illegally entering. it gets posted pretty frequently but most dont know the context

Conceivably, Trump is microtargetting so there’s a lack of people to come forward (except the usual jews). This might make it more difficult to get a case moving in a particularly adversarial court. Then the administration has an uncontested decision dangling for some time.

Based zionist jews for the win!
/the thread


I am against all of you jews, this much is true

holy fuck how new are you?



Based isreali jews FTW!
/the thread

I love how triggered you get,
by such simple things


Based kosher conservative clowns

Shouldn't you be shilling the memo thread?

How many actual non-jew anons have fallen for this shit?

I only ask because no user worth his salt hasn't noticed that all Holla Forums does is shill for ZOG now

I feel embarrased for you

>YFW Trump didn't say the "shithole" line but Trump orchestrated the fake leak to read the pulse of America for the ends of ending (((Visas))) from Haiti

Nice Full House, in addition the Dominicans do not forget or forgive Haiti for invading them and occupying them for over twenty years from the 1801 to 1845. They also took territory that belonged to the DR in the northwest portion of the country. They really hate Haitians illegally harvesting and cutting down their trees for charcoal.


How long before the son of the President is shitposting here with us?

That is, if he isn't really a time traveler

Fuck off great deceiver >>>/reddit/


How long until he gets caught watching tentacle loli rape hentai.

Yeah, you should leave and never come back, just like those Haiti-niggers.

He's banning them TOPKEK
1. Salvador
Now Haiti.
Who is next?


Media confirmed it's no shithole so they should be fine there.