TDS Remarks Regarding Holla Forums

In B4 You're Shilling for TRS
I'm not shilling anything.
I'm just sharing some commentary relevant to this board

As a transgenered hispanic somalian, I find the commentary on TDS really speaks to me. But that's just me. I'm not shilling that show here. I'm not telling anyone to listen to that show. In fact, I'm making this thread for the very purpose of freeing you from needing to listen to that show by reposting this relevant content here for you. Enjoy!

Source: TDS #244 around 38 minutes in

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Yeah , no. You really should kill yourself faggot. Hang yourself with some baling twine

The file won't play, but if it's the same clip as in QTDDTOT, then there's one major kernel of truth mixed in with all the outright lies: we really do hate kikes, and that's the difference between us and them.

they say Holla Forums isn't white.

is there really no way to just post an audio file?

Fuck that was autistic.

What else is new?

OP can't inb4 cunt. It means your argument is shit right out the gate. Kill yourself.

Okay, I laughed when he did the voice.

Does that make me a TRSodomite?

holy fuck, I'm so glad someone else said it. that whole (((deal))) was an obvious setup from the beginning. anons here were shouting warnings not to go.

TRS has already found this thread

All the HWNDU shitskins are from cuckchan, where, by Eunuch's own admission, TRS is more tolerated than here. Really makes you think.

The file doesn't work

Absolute Autism.

Whole episode here

Oy Vey guys they sure BTFO of us!


You had one fucking job.

Yeah I noticed, sorry. Works on my desktop, not on my phone. If someone can tell me a good way to post an audio file I'll try again.

Brought to you by the actual kike who said "Its Okay To Be White" was "anodyne". Hey kike, the ADL says 1 in 3 people dont believe the holohoax and the only way to change a lemmings direction is to convince him all the other lemmings are changing their direction too. Welcome to propaganda, you fucking kike anti-white deradicalization shill.

Thats real rich there Enoch. Only niggers and mexicans complain about based niggers and "fellow white people" Jews. This is complete garbage, this is what white genocide promotion looks like. Reminder its traitors before enemies and this guy is turning pro-whites into anti-white Jew promoters.

but the whole point was its harmless nature caused the controversy solely through liberal/jewish paranoia

Oh and just btw, he pretty much said you cant take him down, you cant make him get off the internet etc. He thinks he can promote white genocide and attack the far right for opposing jews niggers and faggotry - and that you cant stop him. Hes taunting you.

Really makes you think





100% white, fuck you Enoch and TRS.

Dox thread

Talk shit, get hit.

You will NEVER be as White as the Peinovich family, goy.