A nation's
comes from its individuals'
that comes from their

This is why:

When the (((Great Depression))) happened in Germany, guess what the the Germans turned to, against all expectations?
not (((Communism))) against all the "predictions" of the (((Marxists)))).



To sum it up:

For the past 60 years, kikes have controlled finance and culture in the West to prevent this. Being kikes, they destroyed the economy a second time in 2007 and the internet started taking on a life of its own. Their golem will now DESTROY them, once and for all

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Do it, damn it. Have some fucking kids, and raise them right.

Another user's advanced continuity here
>>11162489Break it down more.>culture>comes from>character>comes from>tribe>comes from>heritage>comes from>geneticsYou can undermine the core dogma of modern sociology genes have no impact on behavior by examining the core differences between isolated men and women, or even hemophiliacs and normal people.You could do the same using cats and dogs, or even various species of the same Genus.Whether or not your audience will accept this verifiable logic is another matter altogether.



We need to restart the League of Girls and the National Socialist Women's League.

>The task of our Girls League is to raise our girls as torch bearers of the national-socialist world. We need girls who are at harmony between their bodies, souls, and spirits. And we need girls who, through healthy bodies and balanced minds, embody the beauty of divine creation. We want to raise girls who believe in Germany and our leader, and who will pass these beliefs on to their future children.[1]







Once a hoe always a hoe. She will cuck you unless you're her first / second guy.

she will never cuck me i am the cucker that's why they call me chad "fucks your girl" thundercock

Are you going to:
1) Control her
2) Inspire her
3) Stay with her
4) Breed her
5) Raise a family
every single day for the rest of the relationship?

Of course you'll never concede, but to anyone else lurking, if this guy is as great as he says he is, and he's rewarding skanks with his greatness, do you think that there'll be more skanks or less?

If you want to improve the quality of women you must reward the right behavior.

only #4 her boyfriend or husband can do the rest

the number of skanks will remain constant. take the jew influence out of the media and you'll have less skanks. in the meantime i am extincting their cuck genes from the gene pool in favor of nazi genes.


Protip: it's like bragging about your IQ. The more you brag, the less likely you are to actually deliver.

Also, cheaters and those who glorify adultery should be executed. You're not a man. You're a boy. Get some real worth instead of posturing like a fag.


What a lovely heaven for the dogs. They look so happy.


You should have worded that "even IF you can't shoot, so that I can teach you". Just a thought.

Found the Nigger. We don't need your kind. You will be exterminated with the rest of the traitor filth.


You can have good genes, but you need to allow them to express themselves!

Testosterone helps to develop traits like dominance, assertiveness, strength, high energy and risk taking. These are helpful traits to attract women and shape the world around you through various avenues like business or politics.

Increasing test:

Broscience that may or may not work:

This. I've experienced surging amounts of energy after abstaining from fapping for a couple of weeks.
If you're not a fedora tipping faggot you would come to understand that when you fap, you're pouring out your spiritual energy. Don't waste your vital life force for a brief moment of bliss.

What the fuck am I reading?

Sage for off-topic, not Holla Forums, uninteresting shit thread.

That's sad.

Remember to report and filter rach.

All jews will be killed in due time.

"Aryan" critical thinking skills, everyone.

That's what Hitler said over 80 fucking years ago.

And guess what? It's still not happening. The generation after the generation after his generation has already begun dying of old age, and still no muh ded j00z. The closest anyone's come to even trying was the Six Day War, and look at what happened there: Half the fucking planet gangs up on poor little Israel while the other half watches, and Israel fucking shreds all of them.

You stand no chance against us. Just stop trying. Although I must admit, it is fun seeing you struggle, knowing full well that you're destined to fail.

Thought Hitler never said that, at all. I know it gets you off thinking he did. You're a kike that praises death to everything after all.

What the fuck am I even reading.

I never claimed he wasn't anti-semetic (and to be fair anti-semetic means that you're simply not in favor of the ideas that the kikes have). You claim however that he said "All jews will be killed in due time" which is simply false. Your blood curse really shows when you're "arguing". As is it typical with a tainted race such as your own.

Fertile female here. Msg me at my temp email. We need to get moving. Baby fever!

jussayin, go get em white tiger

True, true. I will.

He is obviously using the word thot ironically. Like jesus stop being so nitpicky and PC.

Most leaders are psychopaths who sell out the populace while being ruthless and selfish. I focus on protecting my family and making my children happy and healthy.

If everyone was (((equal))) why does Jeff Bezos have $100 billion and a poorfag makes $25,000 a year. Leaders will, for the most part, be psychopaths, because that's what it takes to rise up the social ranks in natural law.

Uncle Adolf cared too much about the Volk, and in turn, died or escaped to Argentina. Fuck this (((equality))) bullshit. Nature doesn't give a fuck about you or your kid.

Blood and iron. Protect your family.

We live under natural law, not the Talmudic bullshit. Natural law above all else.

The basis of human society is ultimately the family, the Volk the collection of the families of the race. A good leader runs treats their nation as if it was a member of their family. But positions of leadership, like all positions of power, get corrupted over time; therefore the power must be devolved to the household. A family is a nation of its own, members of a shared heritage. A man as the head of a household must know how to do all the things that a great nation does: self-defense and the martial arts, how to earn money and generate wealth, how to maintain ties of respect inside and outside of the family structure, and how to transfer knowledge and power between generations. If a man cannot do these things, just as if a nation cannot, they are failures doomed for destruction.


If she cheats with you, she'll cheat ON you. Iron law.

Did you know Maddow is a tranny?

Technology has improved.



I like the way you say that, user. Family first – we can't depend on psychotic leaders that do not care about the family and Volk. Each family is its own nation, and degeneracy from the (((elites))) propagated in the (((media))) are intent on breaking the family, and therefore, the Volk.

Family, Volk and respect for natural law.

Threadly reminder to do these things if you're not already:

Holla Forums is full of untermensch and the net result - if you actually manage to reproduce, that is - will be weak kids prone to indocrination to make the left stronger.


No, you dumb nigger. It means to sort yourself out before breeding.

u gay

Average height is actually a good measure of genetic health, since if your ancestors were taller they were better warriors.

Map of civilized countries

Another map.

Map of niggerized countries

The church is the temple of 'equality' and weakness.

Most Christian women are brainwashed idiots, who love everyone even to the extent of hurting their own family. They will go and spend their time and money building huts for niggers when they could be using that time and money to build a family. They will excuse everything with some 'god works in mysterious ways' handwaving. They will literally hand victory to the enemy on a silver platter because they want to be charitable and fair all the time. There is basically no difference between the ideologies of Christians and Socialists. Christ is the god of losers who need to frame their current situation with the afterlife. Even though they're weak losers, they're going to be A-ok in heaven when they die so all is well, just accept that you're a piece of shit.

Christianity is literally a slave religion that appeals to the slave class of losers. Is it any wonder that it became the dominant religion towards the end of the Roman Empire, when the Empire was filled with literal slaves and unemployed losers on the grain dole? Just stop trying goy, don't focus on winning, just do the things we've described as 'good' and you'll soon be sitting with god in heaven.

That's not what you said, stupid kike. Think I can't scroll up and see your post? Your tricks don't work here.

Oy vey. Dont have children goyim

Yess, don't reproduce :^)

Pretty adorable moment tbh.

I love that jig user

This plan is very difficult when all the moist holes only care about TV, gossip, and nothing productive.

I've met some pretty scrumptious women doing rock-climbing user. Also, folk festivals, music festivals and the like. The ones you want to steer clear of are pretty self-evident in general, but there are some really good trad women in these communities.

Man ngl that's cute.
However, making white children is not everything. Not to discourage it, I highly recommend it, but we simply can't outfuck rabbits if you know what I mean.

We could if we weren't all caught up chasing the (((American Dream)))

Do "Climbing gyms" attract the same crowd? I seen one in the next town over and it sounds like a very fun way to get your fitizen on.

The left is having children too.

Yes, but expect plenty of normalfags and schoolkids there. But if it's a good quality gym (ie, has difficult routes) then you can expect some decent folk there – particularly if you're located well away from good outdoor climbing.

It's essential, and needs to be promoted. There's more to being a parent than simply having kids, but downplaying the importance of a generic increase in white children is pretty jewish. I'd rather have poorly parented white children than be outbreed by niggers, and other subhumans.

Oh no, a self hating half-caste

But most white kids know their father,

This is a fact. Behavior and personality are genetic? What is culture if not the net sum of behavior and personalities? Culture is genetic.


bump for the holyness of GOD

do good anons!

YES DUMBASS, because we're so shitty that we never figured out anything here.

more tips:

switch to a natural fluoride free toothpaste from wholefoods or something because fluoride fucks with your thyroid and hormones and endocrine system and it could and probably does cause cancer in a lot of people as a result and they probably never realize why, but besides that the hormone fuckery is enough to make you get fat and stay fat for no good reason. stop using teflon, copper, and aluminum pans and other cookware and use only pyrex and stainless steel cookware. make sure your spoons/forks/knifes are stainless steel too.

stop using storebought deodorant full of aluminum and other shit and make your own.

stop using laundry detergent and fabric softener and buy that natural organic stuff in the giant green bottle.
stop using house/car freshners and plugins and fuhbreeze spray bullshit all over your fucking house. hang little cotton bags of lavender flowers and cloves/cinnamon sticks instead.
stop dying your hair with harsh chemicals
stop using makeup that is full of chemicals.
stop using shampoo and soap full of chemicals.
stop using lotion and moisturizer with chemicals.
there is better natural hair and skin care and makeup products out there.
bathe with castile soap/african black soap and baking soda (aluminum free) and white vinegar. moisturize your skin with coconut oil/un-refined shea butter. brush your hair with small amounts of coconut oil as conditioner and trim your ends often.

if you eat garbage food and have acne, stop eating that and switch to a plant based diet and drink alot of water and sleep with a clean towel over your pillow every night.
if you have a cell phone, put it on speaker and hold it away from your body when talking. don't use bluetooth or wireless headsets because it's the same thing as having it up in your face. don't sleep with your wifi router next to your bed, keep it in another room.
stop holding your fucking cellphone in between your boobs. fucking stop, it isn't cute.
stop carrying your cell phone near your crotch or in your back pocket. turn the phone off to the best of your ability and find a cheap cell signal blocking fabric velcro pocket case to keep it in and then turned off, put it in your pocket. I don't care if this reduces the entire country to a society of people who "beep" each other with instant text messages that check their phone every few minutes or once per hour, just fucking make the change.

stop using sunscreen full of cancer causing chemicals. get a very very big hat that casts your whole body in shade and eat alot of antioxidant rich foods every day so that you have internal sunblock (look this up)
buy non-gmo and local organic/non-gmo foods to avoid as much pesticide exposure as possible. don't buy from a local farm that can't prove it's organic or non-gmo or pesticide free, because they are probably full of shit or working for monsanto or conagra or dupont or syngenta etc. and possibly buying their things from them. find the cheapest things at wholefoods, and don't buy the scams. buying food online is also a good option.
when you drive your car or ride as a passenger suggest to leave the windows closed and use the air conditioner inside with "air circulate recycle" on inside so you breath interior air only so that you don't breath the exaust of the passing 400 different cars on the road/highway.
stay away from people who smoke.
don't stand near the microwave or induction cooktops, better yet don't even eat food or drink water that comes from them, ever. (induction cooktops are like cucked electric stoves with flat microwaves inside them, and where the fuck's the door?)
don't eat at any fucking restaurants ever because you have no damn idea the things they do to your food back there or the bullshit the corporations allow added to the food.

quote from an user in the thread:

>there are even some people that make their own home made hammock beds. they get the hammock rope type material and stretch it out in a giant flat bed shape on a wood frame. I have seen guides for this all over and it's better than a hammock because it lets you lie down more flat than a hammock. beware that these are all home made builds and nobody has any idea how severely dangerous they may be. also remember that anything that's a hammock or like a hammock or involving ropes is extremely dangerous for babies and small children and the elderly (and everyone else too)

quote from another user:
stop reusing plastic containers and bottles that aren't meant to be reused.
stop using plastic containers and bottles that you aren't sure what kind of plastic they are made of.
stop microwaving or heating any kinds of plastic, and also stop leaving plastic inside your car.
if there is any plastic in your life, make sure that it's BPA and BPS free, or at the very least make sure it IS made out of HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is among some of the less dangerous plastics if you use it properly and don't abuse it.
if you buy something and touch the receipt paper and then eat food your blood levels of bpa sky rocket so wash your hands before eating.
always read the ingredients on everything before you buy it, no excuses.

ALL these things add up. people wonder like fucking retards why they get all these problems but they can't even begin to realize all the horrible things they are getting cucked with as a result of evil people taking advantage of their ignorance.

I'm Not a doctor or a nutritionist. Ask your doctor and nutritionist before doing or stopping anything.

Wanna be the change you want to see in the world? Other than actually breeding children, start depicting families as happy rather than dysfunctional and degenerate piles of shit. That memetic strategy of drawing or photoshopping popular socjus characters into children-bearing housewives was pretty damn good.

Good posts; sound advice. I stopped using soap/shampoo/toothpaste years ago. I wash with a rag and boiled water, and apply coconut after I dry. For my teeth I brush with peroxide, and for a flavor I drink tea (mint if I want that clean feeling you get from toothpaste).


peroxide is really harsh

I got gums disease from a nasty bitch years ago. Peroxide keeps my gums from bleeding. I water it down, though, I'm not burning myself.

Do I need to write all this down?

If it would help.
it would

If you're on Holla Forums, and you're not here to shill or shitpost, chances are you would probably make a good parent.