www JEW jihadwatch JEW org/2018/01/german-state-tv-series-features-woman-teaching-boy-how-to-pray-to-allah

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That's exactly what the jews are doing already.

What is this show called and are the writers kikes?


That is from 2006

Old thread:

Londonistan is not doing much better.


You're right, and I apologize. Several news aggregators featured the video today as if it were brand new, and I neglected to notice its age until after posting.

It's Lindenstraße episode 1084.

Give me some context OP, any kike agency can make propaganda but it means jack shit if people dislike it or don't watch it. Feel sorry for that poor girl though, doesn't look like she's enjoying herself

Does the jews realise that they are practically asking to be killed by the Muslims? Muslims hated the jews. I do not see how this will help the jews?!?!?! Where is their ability to think ahead?

1: Europe becomes Muslim, brown and will therefore degrade to shit. This is Option A

2: Kikes will be armed with state of the art weaponry and have good goyim to help them out if the Muslims get out of line

3: The kikes fuck over the Muslims in their homeland so can't get anything going, install puppet leaders so they never get out of line

4: The kikes are starting up controlled opposition and kosher nationalists that oppose Religion of Cuck™ and Muslims, the terror attacks have gotten many to hate Muslims. If it gets too bad, we will strike back and fight another war for Israel. This is Option B.

They are totalitarian racists. They think at least some kind of dirrty Semites will prevail. If not we (because they fucked up their genetics, are too educated to have children etc.) their brother in muds will conquer the world. Or so.

My take is that they save a capsule of whites-north-asian mix to run the shit show, some jews remain to own the world and the mudskins are there just in case you need a hand in a industrial mixer or children hands' work to make garments.

Way to ruin a good day OP. Fuck you. And fuck Jews too.

War is good for the muslims because they can have many children until everyone are muslims cause the birth is considered a good weapon by the Muslims. Jews will end up getting outnumbered by the Muslims. Jews cannot contol the Muslims because Muslims are unpredictable wild animals so what the eff are they thinking? Once the white people or other mixed white people become extinct then the whole world will stagnate. Jews can't into thinking or planning ahead.

It ain't easy fighting back when America is breathing down your neck.

I'm still not certain that the people/population would be against smashing Germany some more if it were to rise.
It has been getting a lot better, though.

The absolute state of occupied Germany.

Once the Jews get what they want, I fully expect some mass culling.

Yup…..I wonder if their brain is damaged or something


Not even the younglings will survive…


I almost wish this wasn't a clip from a soap opera from 2006, where the German convert was portrait as an evil madwoman, just to see how they would treat the topic now. There was the recent "documentary" about a sixteen year old girl and her sexual relationship to a mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckeran man, but she refused to give up on Christianity and convert to his creed despite her plans to marry him.

Jesus fuck OP, could you try fitting in any less? LURK MORE.


Are you retarded? Did you not notice the music at the end? That woman is depicted as a brainwashed lunatic.

Wew. You couldn't fail any harder at trying to win influence here. You might recruit the next Roof to come specifically to you, though.

With your choice of mascots, that would not work out very well for you. So maybe you should infest some other place. You idiots fail to understand the basic fact that we are separate from you and don't want foreigners and their bullshit, and you're not going to push pollution on the world forever.

If this is a clever psyop to convert lurkers to our cause, then well played. I don't think I would even be here if it weren't for people like you (or your fake and gay persona or whatever).

As for the OP, I have no words. I have been wanting to kill something all day.

Judaism is closer to Religion of Cuck™ than to christianity.

Fuck off back to Leddit.

This is satire, you fucking retards. Don't give this faggot any more fuel.

new headscarf
new burka
new clothes
that's where taxpayer money goes


I really have no doubt that the Jews are exacting revenge on the German people for WWII. Sick fucking bastards.

It's pointless, you're wasting your time. This is Ikampfy's box of morons and he plays them well.

thread already

I calms me that the Anglo shaboos goy are getting shafted even harder, for their work to make ZOG real.
Same with with based anti-fascist Slavs, embracing for decades the warm and tender hugs of pan-slavic socialism.

So nobody can say that bad deeds go unpunished.

Its going to be funny when the US get theirs too for all the zog shit its done and still doing.

It‘s already happening, since decades….
There was only a small window in time, after the war, maybe 10 years, were the ZOGbots got a share of the loot. In the 1970‘s it was all over.
Yeah it took some time to feel the sting, but most didn‘t realize what was happening, many are oblivious still today.
It’s funny in a creepy way to see the hatred of ZOGbots for people who did them no harm, disturbing. of Cuck™-108409

It's an old clip from a shitty series aimed at the boomer generation but it's true that the state TV broadcasting this is fully subverted, even more so now than back then.

If you don't pay the license fee that's even more expensive than Netflix and Amazon TV streaming then state will try to know your income and confisciate money.
Two people resisting this process have already gone to jail, one low income mother (who lost her job due to police showing up at her work) and some guy who then got illegally put in the same prison area with felons.


Why is Rach suddenly out of the woodworks?
What particular things aligned?

It‘s aimed at all Germans as an extension of reeducation. You didn‘t believe reeducation just happens in school?
It is really shitty propaganda directed at a lower intelligence, TV watching audience. A telenovela, like the Eastenders, were unwanted behavior is contrasted with approved, political correct behavior. Just “complex” enough that the role play don’t get boring. “Popular personal” might deviate, just to find the error of their way and recant or get punished, uncovered and described as anti-social.
They try to sell that as “critical commentary” on reality. As wholesome intelligent family entertainment. “Critical” in the marxist/trotzkist sense, like “critical theory” for sure. “Intelligent” only as far as stupid people like think of themselves as intelligent.

“Back then” it was founded and supervised by (((them))). Them, (((the New York school of cultural marxism))), growed their own breed of shabes goy, to permeate their rule and infiltrate Germany.
Today the state propaganda has become more bold, obnoxious and condescending, then back in the day’s of the cold war. Not more, but worse.

Read (((Theodore Kaufmann's))) 1941 book "Germany Must Perish".




+FUCKING GOD DAMN NO FUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The absolute state of Germanistan.

Sellner gives a good rundown on the current crop of brainwashing on their kids/teen channel. I didn't realize OP vid was from over ten years ago. Having gone on that long underscores Martin's point in vid related that the kids are being targeted and mindfucked to fuck muds.

It would be interesting if a German speaker could give us a history of the shows on that channel from 2006 on and what percentage are pimping shows.