What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right


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kike free 1st post

Interesting that a Peace Corps person said such a thing. Volunteers are rigorously filtered for their left leaning ideology. It's like one of Hitlers yes men stating that maybe the Jews aren't so bad.

Wow, what a shithole. I really don'y want niggers to fecalize my environment.

republicucks piss me off (the republicans that support churchs that bring in hordes of niggers and spread muh nazis muh based israel muh holy bible)

Good article but cuckservative author. He blames it all on "cultural differences". If you think all differences are due to culture, you are 90% of the way to SJWistan. You won't be able to argue with them because you basically accept their core principles.

Because if it was just culture, fixing Africa is just a matter of Westernizing them. Immigration is fine as long they are assimilated into the culture. For liberals, that means forcing democracy and industrialization on them. For conservatives it means christian missions and teaching them 'bout god and their sinful ways.

But none of that is going to have any effect if it's genetics.

Check out the based author!!

A Jew

One of her articles, don't think for a second she doesn't want any of the third world, probably just parts of it that are "hard working" and not from as dangerous and violet a place as Senegal.

Link to article here: frontpagemag.com/fpm/65452/wikipedias-jewish-problem-karin-mcquillan

What the world hasn't realized yet:
If you put it in that simple of terms even a retard can understand it.

There's precedence for this, generally whenever the left actually visits a third world shithole to do community service or whatever the fuck they come back either full blown racist or doubting themselves.

Break it down more.

You can undermine the core dogma of modern sociology genes have no impact on behavior by examining the core differences between isolated men and women, or even hemophiliacs and normal people.
You could do the same using cats and dogs, or even various species of the same Genus.
Whether or not your audience will accept this verifiable logic is another matter altogether.

Her logic and position applies only to Senegal.

nice, that site is still creating great content, give them ad revenue no need for an archive link there

false, you always archive
because you may believe that they deserve ad revenue if they tell the truth
but the articles can still be deleted or altered if (((someone))) powerful enough doesn't like what they're saying and exert pressure on the site owners
and various anons from all over the place can look at an archive more easily than at a webpage that could be flagged for surveillance by authorities wishing to keep track of who is a bad goy looking at problematic truths

Could also throw family in that continuity. It's simple, clear, and true. Made a thread to support the logical conclusion: nationalist whites need to have more children

So basically you guys just want them to die? Great solution

After the jews, of course.

Reported for not even trying.

Why would I wanna bring third-world problems here? Enjoy your ban~

Seriously though from a moral perspective how do you justify this line of thinking?

Well … at least she wasn't raped.

Albert Schweitzer published his "African Notebook" in 1939.
It contained the following passage, excised from subsequent editions:

"I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but
I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who
would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you."

You cant save everyone, if we let them come here they will just keep doing what they do right now, except here
We should no destroy ourselves to try to save people who cant be saved unless they are living in their own countries but ruled over by Europeans like the old days


How fucking hard is that to understand? You have any idea how much good information we've lost because some fucking newfag posted it here and some shill managed to alert his boss before any other anons could archive it?

Retard, maybe. But even smart people will have a very difficult time understanding something when their livelihood depends on them not understanding it.

We already tried to save their lives. It was called colonialism. They didn't like it.

< if any would not work, neither should he eat.

2 Thessalonians 3:10

biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2 Thessalonians 3:10&version=KJV

Bleeding hearts like yourself are welcome to go live in Africa and try to teach niggers new tricks to imitate civilized races. We already tried sharing Western tech and government. It didn't work. Maybe the Chinks will have more success this time. I don't know or care.

Hello, rach. You are a literal pizzagate rapist.

But regarding your slander of Christ, be it known that the only ones to be fed are those who are brethren - Christians. "The least of these of the brethren" (called later in the same sentence "these" - the very same).
Those who do not care for the least of these of the brethren go to hell. Those who fail to do so, because they were too busy cucking, shall as well. It is written.

when have they ever used their plethora of african resources to improve western lives? Maybe they should stop being so self-centered learn what it means to be charitable.

obv this is a troll post but to anyone asking this the simple answer is "why should I care"

No matter how redpilled you think you may, African incompetence and stupidity will never fail to floor and dumbfound you.

t. traveled extensively in the gambia and senegal

You are of jokings right?


Niggers aren't human. You're telling me that I'm the same as some creature that came from the most mineral rich continent in the world that

1) could not develop written languages until white people colonized them
2) could not into agriculture (see Rhodesia)
3) Enslaved each other
4) Child soldiers
5) AIDS ground zero

They most certainly wuzn't kangz

post stories user. greentext us some of the more "memorable" encounters youve had with the third world

If that is what befalls themand it will It's not "our"whites job to play nanny to the rest of the world. If they can't survive and adapt on their own then yes they will die. There are no moral implications, it's just evolution being allowed to take it's intended course. Quit being so Anti-Science, it is the current year after all. ;-)

I work as an EMT. You know what the first, most important rule is? Keep yourself safe. Don't run into burning buildings, don't dive into water don't risk yourself at all to save the patient. There's a very simple reason for this. If you hurt yourself trying to save someone else, not only will the patient still require saving, but you will to. You compromise your ability to do further good and increase the work that needs to be done to fix the situation.

We are under no moral, ethical, fiscal or religious obligation to kill ourselves providing aid. And we are especially under no obligation to destroy the very infrastructure which makes that aid possible by importing the source of the problem.

I'd rather they be used as guinea pigs to genetically modify them into not nogs, it'll provide much more interesting experiments.

Sorry, what I meant to say was "genetically modify them to become the racial equivalent to Andrew Dobson", but I guess it didn't occur to me at that time.

One of the odd ironies of this behavior on the part of the African, heh no wait i guess all, niggers is that in various nations telcos tried to established land line communications to remote regions but it never worked: the niggers would literally cut down the wires to sell as copper.

So the African continent went for decades lagging behind the West in this area, not because companies didn't want to invest but because completely rampant theft prevented it. Now wireless is starting to make actual progress, though the cell towers require armed guards 24/7 to keep them working. I'm sure the niggers would steal the radio waves if they possibly could

Their species seems absolutely incapable of even a modest amount of self-beneficial forethought.

Nigeria has entire regions without electricity. Why? Because niggers are climbing the telephone poles, knocking down the power transformers, prying them open, and stealing the oil out of them. Toxic oil that gives you cancer. Why do they want the oil, you ask?

So they can use it to fry food. They're squatting in the dark and poisoning themselves instead of leaving the fucking electricity alone and frying food in actual fucking oil.

Red Cross finally gave up trying to convince niggers to quit shitting in their own drinking water. Instead, they taught them to boil the water for five minutes so it would be safe to drink. Just five minutes, darky, that's all the patience you need. They couldn't give clocks or kitchen timers to all the niggers, so they poked holes in water bottles that would drain the bottles in exactly five minutes; when the bottle is empty, you can stop boiling the water and drink it.

It worked for about a week, then all the niggers started getting sick again. Why? They didn't want to wait five minutes, so they made the holes bigger so the bottles would drain faster. They somehow believe the process of the bottle emptying itself was the reason the water was safe, not boiling it for a specific length of time. They couldn't grasp the concept of A FUCKING TIMER, nor could they understand that they had to boil the water for a specific length of time to not get sick because they wouldn't stop shitting in the water.

Niggers are a fucking millstone around the neck of humanity.

I am surprised she lived to tell her tale. She must be excellent at hiding her power level. Waifu material. Someone prepare the memes of this article for immediate dispatch. This is gold. The public red-pilling of a SJW female should not be wasted. Women follow other women like lemmings.

Dont forget
6) Fail the mirror test.
7) Never invented the wheel.

It is a good solution. Actually it would be fantastic if all niggers in Africa died off. At least the white man or asian man would do something with the continent. Africa has the arable land and the material resources to build several superpowers. Unfortunately it is currently claimed by sub-humans. Hopefully the chinks get tired of them and wipe them all out.

There's an old story about how normal liberals would sometimes go to South Africa. And come back as hardened racists that supported apartheid. I've seen this told by liberals as a cautionary tale. Of how anyone can be corrupted by the evils of racism. They can't even consider the hypothesis that they are wrong. And that experience of the world would change their minds.

In the US, the areas with the most blacks have the highest rates of racism. Even though those areas tend to also be more liberal. White liberals will say they aren't racist. And then take 2 hour commutes to avoid the horrors of living near blacks. And keep their kids out of Africanized schools. Police in these liberal blacked cities show far higher rates of racism. Compared to cops from more conservative areas that never have to deal with them.

This paradox actually explains why American politics is the way it is. Northern cuckservatives and rich people didn't feel very passionate about racial issues. Because it didn't affect them.

This is what Holla Forums actually believes

Many of them also never invented any sort of trap or concealed hunting techniques. They just chase shit for hours until it either gets tired or attacks them in frustration.


There's nothing paradoxical about it.

Show me your political compass, nigger.

It is a great solution. Elegant in it's simplicity. How very astute of you to notice :^3


meant for don't know what happened there.

we must protec

Whaa whaa, why don't we just open our gates and let everyone eat the fruit of our ancestor's endless struggle? Why don't we just step aside and allow our selfs to be conquered?

daily reminder that Holla Forums made it cool in the normie sphere to hate antifa, antifa championed the fight against israel, now anti israel sentement is associated with antifa in the mind of the average american. Without you the new american right wing wouldnt exist. Against drugs, against immigration, pro israel, pro interventionism.


Time to update the old filters.

How are you any different from the people on the other side who do the same?

Refuting what? The nigger he responded to made no arguments.


Why should we help them?
What have they done for us?

They have resources. They just don't have them themselves. They're sitting on them. Africa is the largest untapped resource reserve on the planet. It's illegal for whites to take land in Africa, exterminate the natives, and use the resources.

Africa lacks (quality) human resources it has the most natural resources out of all continents except Eurasia as a whole.

Rational self-interest and preference is not psychopathic.

This is the problem. Logic, facts, scientific evidence, statistics. None of it matters if they are making their mind up based on ideology and emotion.

commenting on a bait post

It seems like "say some stupid, receive predictable response, conflate both sides as equally retarded" is the goto strategy here on out.

All the more reason we would want them to die off, so we can move in and take them.

It rhymed, ok.

In the article, when she says third world anything, I feel like it's an insult to other third-world countries that are not like that.

Am I black? No. I want my kind to prosper, not other kinds. It's that simple. Now kill yourself.

From a moral perspective: (A) it's not my problem and I am not obligated to help them; (B) my "help" would not be helpful, there is no way to help them; (C) it is immoral to help competitors of your own group.


It's called purity. It's something you wouldn't understand.

Yes. In fact we should help them.

I wouldn't be surprised if a small minority of kikes realise that white people are the only thing keeping them from being slaughtered by shitskins. So they end up wanting to destroy white civilisation without completely replacing the white population.

They deserve the oven just as much as any other kikes of course. I'm just saying that I can see why a kike would be opposed to a future with no white countries to leech from.

I'll take that as yet more evidence libshits are dumber than actual retarded persons.


oh wait thats a red muslim flag my bad


The regular spat of PCVs getting raped has to shock some.

It’s like every year , someone walks out of the Peace Corp after swallowing some red pills and spills the beans

2 quick questions, if you have a mind to humour me.

1. How often do you face potential assault? It staggers me to hear of ambulance officers getting attacked. Does this really happen nowadays? My booziest years, away from the comfort of home drinking, were the late 1980s, I don't think I ever saw or heard of an ambulance officer getting hurt.

2. I read an article (tv, podcast or tweet) a few years ago, the gist of which, many people working in your industry get an extra boost from needing to be needed, being the person on the spot for someone in dire need. I approve of this, if true. Is it, uh, true?

Do they pay your bonuses in glow sticks these days?

Over half of them will at least be sexually harassed/assaulted, and I don't mean the made-up SJW kind of harassment. 3rd world men are pigs.

There was a story out about that in MSM that got memory holed

Are you fuggen retarded?
The author is Karin McQuillan, a woman.
< Non-Westerners do not magically become American by arriving on our shores with a visa.
If she believed it was all cultural differences she would advocate for special schools or training for senegal niggers but she doesn't. She clearly says she doesn't want these niggers in America. So what point were you trying to make using the author and her words, you illiterate faggot?

fuck off kike.

replace that with nightmare of over regulated bureaucracy and you have Europe in a nutshell and the reason why it's largely poor even though people share the same heritage with muricans

I think everyone has it wrong.

She was the level of jew that was fed the shit from the top, decided to enact more than most jews do on the teachings and found herself in hell. She looked around and couldnt find a single shred of truth that was told to her by the top jew. She peered through the looking glass and found a dimension full of barbed wire covered in shit and leeches. She was actually able to pull herself out and was forced to realize the truth that the people saying that the looking glass has a gift inside are insane and have zero idea on what they are talking about.

She got to find out that the other side has zero grass and only radiation. She got to leave and is able to warn others. Her being a jew does not factor in to this. What factors in is that a person who was raised in a group that is so far left they are blind on the right side went over and had her other eye forced to see everything , blinding the left one. She knows full well of what we already knew.

This is the shit we need to continue to do. FORCE PEOPLE TO SEE. FORCE THEM TO WATCH. If people say that muslims are great people, make them watch videos of gays being dropped off buildings. Tell him or her to sit down and witness a woman being pulled off the road and beaten on the side for showing skin. Make them read about the rules of a rapee needs at least 3 male witnesses in order to validate their claim. MAKE THEM LEARN. She unknowinly learned and now has the truth that the other part of the world needs to be fucking glassed and does not want that shit over here regardless of what her background is. This is a testament to all. It says "If you see it first hand, you will not want it ever".

How many of those nigger tribes could make fire?


Related thread archive, keep it around archive.is/YZdul

That just leads you to their tired conclusion of notallmuslims. No amount of evidence can convince delusional people that their fantasy is wrong.

They will not learn because they are programmed not to learn. They can only learn if they are submerged in the truth long enough to accept it as truth. The amount of time needed to accept truth varies from person to person and many of them would rather drown than accept the truth. That's fine. We can reprogram them after they break or else put them out of their misery.

Can confirm. Back in middle school, the principal's daughter did work with the UN or PeaceCorps or something and worked in Africa. She came to our class and talked to us about about it. I remember her saying they dug a well for an African village so people could get water and sustain their crops. The well was installed, and the company left. Weeks later she goes back to inspect and see the village's progress. What she found was their crops still in a state of withering and dying. When she asked why, the Africans didn't understand YOU COULD USE THE WELL WATER TO WATER THE PLANTS. They were still waiting for it to rain.

Showing the drones is not enough. They need to be placed in hell in order for them to understand it.

Good read. I love African stories like these.

What never fails to amaze me is the similarities between Africans and their negro cousins in America. If you cut through all of the western handholding (gibs) that prop these people up, you get left with a very similar beast. One that does not know how to delay gratification, is oversexualized, trumps tribalism over individuality and holds little to no virtues. Even though American blacks are heavily mixed with white genetics, the behaviors and culture are essentially the same once you peak through the curtain and really examine them.

I encourage everyone here to read this report of a Belgian couple who decided to do a road trip through the Congo It's an internet classic and safe to share with normalfags.

The entire report reads like a post-apocalytpic action movie script. A journey of a destroyed wasteland of black zombies and cannibals. We are talking about a nation of people who have had everything given to them by whites: roads, schools, industry, hospitals, etc. and they let it turn into dust. The horror of it all is entertaining as well as eye-opening.

If you think you can draw a 1 to 1 relationship between genetics and culture, then you're a dipshit who doesn't understand science. In the very least, you're a fuckwit who doesn't understand the infantile state of genetic science at the moment. You simply lack any credible evidence to make this assertion and you should kys

Well, it's not so much a lack of credible evidence. It's more the only possible explanation. Why does Japanese culture differ from Chinese? It has to be genetics as well as environment/available resources. What else could it be? God? Unicorns? And I would say intelligence is going to play a role in solutions to problems, especially when your environment has fewer resources. Solving problems like clothing to wear is the beginning of culture. Its a feed back loop where each will reinforce the other. In apefrica the easiest solution to a problem is to club it over the head and eat it. Thus no future planning. Great culture.

Whoops. Meant to reply to this guy.>>11173303


Mmm seems to be a pattern, I can't quite put my finger on it.

I read a similar thing about the Native Americans on the Columbia River. A Catholic Priest said they were all thieves and anything you left in your hut would get swiped while you were out.

"Culture" may as well be code for race. Inferior genetics beget inferior culture.

Empire of Dust, watch it.

Playing along here, your question assumes that all speaking, upright-walking, genus-homo individuals have the same moral weight. Your question assumes that all of the above individuals have an equal right to continue living because they have all started living. Your question assumes that all of the above individuals have the same objective moral imperative to extend their circle of moral concern to one another in an entirely indiscriminate manner. I reject all of these faulty assumptions because the evidence of biology, history, and culture overwhelmingly indicates that in the place of your assumptions, the following facts must inform questions of morality regarding immigration. Firstly and most self-evidently, no two individuals are identical in behavior and thus every individual has different moral weight - at the granularity of the individual, all other individuals and groups have the right to include or exclude a particular individual based upon that individual's behavior. Both biological evidence and recorded history show that all life is a struggle for continued existence and in a world of finite resources only a finite number of individuals can continue to exist. By extension, groups with relatively more resources are ceteris paribus in that position because their predecessors were successful at existing and providing an existence for their progeny. Game theory informs us that compulsory redistribution of those resources is dysgenic and harmful to the continued existence of the genus homo. Finally, the overwhelming trend of historical and currently extant cultures shows that the moral circle of concern typical to genus homo is self - > family - > tribe - > race/nation - > unintelligible animals. That is, the most important moral consideration is given to behaviors impacting those very close to the self. Game theoretically, this strategy is optimal in comparison to treating all individuals as if they are worth the same moral consideration.

Sure the world *could* be all sunshine and rainbows if *everyone* gave everyone else the same moral consideration. But one defector takes the entire cake and all the sunshine and rainbows disappear. Good luck with the coordination problem of convincing everyone at once to adopt a morality inconsistent with thousands of years of human culture.

On an individual level it's still optimal to treat everyone you meet as worth your moral consideration until they fuck you over, because if neither of you defects the benefits of cooperation outweigh the unrealized downside of potentially getting fucked over. The optimality of the tiered moral concern approach is realized among competing subgroups of genus homo. Races, tribes, and families must seek not just existence, but also relative advantage over competing groups at the same level of the hierarchy. Positional advantages for a group ensure the relatively greater chance of continued existence of that group. This fact cannot be wished away nor bred out of genus homo - differences between groups could be minimized with genetic programs that sought to minimize diversity, but relative advantages of subgroups with outwardly identifiable phenotypes will persist and be apparent to all of genus homo who pay attention, because of the drive to survive being inextricably linked to the drive to achieve positional advantage over others and thus the mechanism of noticing correlation between phenotypes and their relative status.

All this to say it is perfectly moral, from a long-term perspective of greatest benefit to genus homo, for any sub group to discriminate on the basis of individual behavior, biology/heritage, and culture in determining whether or not to include someone in their subgroup or not.



I knew all this intuitively, but I'd never have been able to express it so amazingly well…what sorts of reading/study informed you?


Good, now I don't have to be annoyed about how she's also most likely a coal burner.

got sauce on that bottle story? sounds funny as fuck

holy shite is this real?

Not the one you asked, but a fellow EMT.
Not common (in my largely white area), but it happens. Remember that Jar-Jar dindu got shot because he was accosting EMTs who were trying to help his girlfriend. One of my instructors told a story about a nigger attacking him in the ambulance – and then getting knocked the fuck out by a 12-lead defibrillator swung as hard as possible against his head.

Sort of. WhitePeople go out of their way to thank EMTs sometimes, and that's nice. Some EMTs are complete religious nutcases who think they're doing the Lord's Work. Others are adrenaline junkies. If you want an accurate picture of the job – no shit, watch the first half of Bringing Out the Dead. That movie comes unglued after the field save of the OD case in the nightclub, but up to that point it's exactly what the job is like.

Be ready to see 90-year-old shit-covered vaginas though. You'd be surprised how many there are of those on the job. Learn to drink.

you forgot

Ethiopians excluded, ofc.


Webm unrelated


You have the reading comprehension of an especially retarded nigger. Neck yourself.

You're an idiot. A group of humans with an average IQ that's literally retarded is not going to succeed anywhere. No matter the environment or culture you give them. Blacks fail everywhere they go. Whites do the opposite. Culture is irrelevant. You can't separate the two. Culture comes from genetics.

Are you retarded? Am I supposed to believe she's been completely redpilled even though she just says standard cuckservative things?

That's the problem! This is the logical conclusion of her beliefs. She just hasn't thought it through. Or understands it's wrong intuitively, but can't logically explain why. You can't really defend redpill beliefs within a bluepill framework. That's how we've ended up where we are.

All the comments like, "Wow, What an adventure!"… literally not one that says, "Are you fucking retarded? And bringing a woman with you? WTF man?"

All the faint glimmers of anything good he encounters are literally the degraded remnants of colonialism and western education.

Good read user, thanks.

Ethiopians aren't standard-issue niggers. They're mostly Amhara, a much older group that used to occupy almost all of northern and eastern Africa. They were cleansed by Bantu savages around the time Rome turned into an empire, and now all they have left is the Tigrayan highlands, where they buy and sell niggers as slaves.
In some ways, they're pretty based. Boys who show cowardice are punished by being stitched into an animal carcass, for instance, but they're still sub-85 and have a lot of nig-nog genes now. They did have the decency to liquidate their Jews, though, proving Tay's Law.

I'm glad you enjoyed my post.

A big chunk of my reading into ethics and philosophy was during a lolberg phase, mostly Ayn Rand but also the metaethics in the Sequences by (((Eliezer Yudkowsky))). Most of my evolutionary psychology was predigested by redpilled anons. Never took an ev psych class but the internet was leaps and bounds ahead of the classroom AFAIK from psych class. I grew up with BJU ancient history and read a lot of Ben Franklin and would especially recommend Frederic Bastiat's The Law. I can also recommend Greek philosophy via Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosophy, although unlike many anons I haven't read more than a taste of the great German philosophers, nor anything written by Hitler yet. I also recommend Christopher Hitchens, several titles: god is not great (rhetoric and logic), letters to a young contrarian (art of the troll), autobiography (self-indulgent writing style and good stories). No D&C intended, christcucks - I recognize the importance of a shared cultural, moral, and religious foundation in the cohesion of the ethnostate.

Every single nigger they met tried to take gibs from them. The only reason they are alive is they are all too poor to afford guns or vehicles to pursue them. Even the "nice" ones, I got the impression were bullshitting them with a sob story to try to get charity.

1. Coming in and fixing their problems for them does nothing to fix the REASON they have problems in the first place. It's treating the symptoms instead of the disease.

2. Bringing them here is directly detrimental to us. They bring their problems with.

3. You also have to keep in mind that no, we are not one race, the human race. There are inherent differences between us. One based nigger does not outweigh the plethora of others who are unintelligent, violent, lazy, etc. A dog born in a stable does not a horse make.

Seems pretty morally justifiable to me tbqh famalamadingdong

They’re not like us. They only grit their teeth and endure our presence so long as we’re handing out gibs.