(((They))) are afraid

The makers of VRChat are going full Orwellian mode soon because of the huge number of people, mostly young GenZ's trolling and having fun with a "racist" meme.

>VRChat, which launched early last year, is one of many VR platforms that enables friends and strangers to meet up online and hang out. Unlike many other apps, though, VRChat has users creating their own 3D models to use as avatars and build new experiences via Unity. However, as the platform experienced “explosive growth” over the Christmas period, there’s been an increase in (((problematic))) behavior on the platform ranging from trolling to racism and sexism.

>"We’re aware there’s a percentage of users that choose to engage in disrespectful or harmful behavior,” the letter reads. “It is our top priority to address the quality of the VRChat experience, especially for new users, and our team will continue to work toward improving that. We have a trained and dedicated (((moderation team))) that monitors VRChat constantly."


The maker of the Uganda Knuckles model also regrets making it.


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If the majority of the players don't mind the meme, then what you are really getting is (((community leaders))) enforcing correct think. Yet if Gen-Z is getting their funs taken away, (((they))) are basically handing them right into our waiting hands.

Would have been nothing but another second life clone if it wasn't for the boost in awareness brought by these little red asses. The moment they curate the community is the moment it will die

This time heavy-handed censorship and punishment for wrong-think will totally work, guise. ~ The Jew since the beginning of time immediately after his only strategy has failed.

well there is the problem

Funny, the last we heard the creator actually ENDORSED IT, lying fucking kikes.

I don't get it. What's racist about it? Hell, what's Ugandan about it?

If they're banning Ugandan Knuckles, I guess it's a matter of time before they ban the Nazi My Little Ponies.

There's a openworld thing called Janusvr for anyone interested in VR.

I don't know why it would be offensive to Ugandans in the first place. They were the most tolerable blacks I've ever met when I was Iraq on guard duty. They would give squad leader, who outranked me, so much shit because he was an American black. You think it's a meme that they see American blacks as niggers until you talk to the real African.

Yes, remove the thing that made you popular and piss off everyone by pissing on their good time.

It's fun and fun is racist.

You'd think by now the kikes would learn you can't kill the meme, you only make it stronger.

Kek, this meme hasn't taken off until they started freaking out over it. Trying to shut it down will just make it grow exponentially.

It's basically a meme where a group of kids would put on an avatar of a small demented knuckles and go around with a hard afrikan accent going "do yu noe de way". I'd imagine it would be pretty fun with a friends to do.


That sounds about right.

You don't get to bring friends.

brudda, u don no de way

I play that game, and have for a few months now.

The Head Admin is called VRPill, hes a cuck extraordinaire.
He bans every player using a Trump Avatar. No Warnings issued.
Yet he allows communist symbolism and the like.

It honestly doesnt surprise me 1 bit that VRChat is going down the drain now, not just cause of the "racist" (oy vey) knuckles.
But also because in their typical lefty naivety they didnt put any encryption onto the game.
Everyone can steal everyones characters, steal their names and ban them even(until they restart their client that is).
Their announcements and twitter are also full of normie imgur memes.
Cringeworthy at best

So no one is making efforts to email the people in charge to fire his ass? That's fucked up that he bans people from one political side, yet lets a genocidal and harmful ideology go? It would definitely hurt the sales, and image. Unless the kiked owners don't care.

Probably just as bluepilled as him.
I remember one of the devs steam profiles mentioning sweden as location

If they want to kill their platform so badly let them.

The memes and fucking about for fun are the only reasons people are taking actual interest in their software and VR in general. Crackdowns like this early in establishing a market not only hurts them, but it also hinders commercial VR uptake in general. If (((they))) seriously expect any commercial uptake to take off on VR, they'll have to let it run free for at least a decade, then let it reach a saturation point and impose their (((solution))) when most of the consumer market is already committed to VR. However, for now this is a great opportunity for VR software developers who just don't give a fuck, to capitalize on a market that just wants freedom and self-moderation only, nothing else.

I am sorry, but how fucking new are you?

Gas the Kikes, hang the traitors, execute Communists of every form.

Old news
Although what had been suggested is to raid vrchat habbo style
Black Affro Knuckles in black suits.
chat's closed due to aids

Anyway, admins are cucks. Still, the community moderation news was posted before ugandan knuckles was a thing, which was about 2 weeks before christmas.

Good, let these asshurt commies drive everyone away from using their service and create demand for a better one.

This will literally turn it into second life. No life losers who finally get a sense of power for the first time in their lives will be reporting everyone and act like police even though all they can do is report. Everyone having fun will be banned. All that will remain is people using it for porn.

Associate the moderation team with a little Jew gremlin and you have yourself a generational defining meme against the kike.

fuckin JAMBO SIR

Ugandans are a paradox. The are genocidal savages.. but they are entirely pleasant to be around.

Do you pay for VRchat? Is there some way to rob them of shekels?

You dumb kike that's a swahili word.

No, it's free 2 play, you can make unlimited accounts and it doesn't even require VR.
So anyone can get into it… And optionally raid it with no consequences

I have no idea if im spelling it right, but thats how it is pronounced. And no, its Ugandan slang for 'everything but no'. Like oorah. Don't speak of things you have no knowledge of you fucking newfaggot.

Actually, I did a little more research, and it would appear we're both right.
JAMBO is one of the most common words you will hear being spoken by the Ugandan guards in Iraq ,This is the easiest Swahili greeting, and is often the first word learned by any one who comes to Iraq,be it American,the local nationals,the TCN's(third country nationals) and all the people living and working within the American installations in Iraq.
That said, watch who you call a newfag.

As far as I remember, nigerians too are decent.

Those nostrils are disturbing.

Bantus/Zulus are the shitty blacks
Every other race is verying levels of 'tolerable'

What are somalis?
What are those super skinny muslim nigger women?
What are the ones on the east coast and south africa?
Those are the shitty ones. In the US we don't get many crappy africans, yeah they're dumb as dirt but they're not as bad as urban coons.

I'm up for that. When do we do it? Has the afro knuckles avatar been made yet?


I really don't want to genocide anyone (except gypsies), I just want all the kikery and nigging to cease.
Can't deny genocide would get the job done on that front.

I think he is pondering the Malian and the Ghanaian. Two groups that actually had a civilization at one point. Even if they were based on gold and slaves, and did not last long at all.

Nothing is currently known, except the concept made over at >>>Holla Forums

Branch? MOS?

Just enlisted as a Corpsman.


The "do you know da wey" line itself comes from this film, which is basically an Ugandan micro-budget "action film" that became a meme. See 17:12

I don't really like the idea of hijacking gen Z's own habbo with old memes. I think it's fine the way it is.

VRChat clone: Holla Forums edition when?

You mean VRchan?

What the fuck is going on?
They are all niggers and their presence is the definition of intolerable.

If you lurk two years before posting, you will learn that kikery, like IQ levels, culture and niggardry, are actually genetic. Jews with no prior contact raised in completely different circumstances still gravitate toward usury, deceit, exploitation and generally contributing to the inverse of all that is good and right with the world.

Therein lies the JQ.

Wrong. West Africa niggers invaded and genocided the existing population of south africa before the whites came in and made civilization

< use centralized services
< expect it not to be censored

Is VRChat something you can pirate? I heard you don't really need the headset to use it. Maybe this could be the next Pool's Closed.

We can fight in this arena in the best way - by simply having (((inapropriate))) fun there.
Make people laugh, shitpost in VR.

Itensify the meme warfare!
Make fun of them online.

It's actually not racist. They're making fun of an accent, and certain cultural behaviours. That falls under xenophobia. If they were making light of black people's biological differences, then it would be racist.

It's free on Steam

What a shocker this could be used to redpill people and go full scorched earth.
For example Holla Forumsacks or /i/nsurengts or nigras of old make a BLM group in VRchat, actively report users, servers and other people for minor even 'likely' racist comments.
At end of the day normies and Gen Z start to protest and loathe niggers and SJW agenda.
Also this will force VRchat to do one of these
I don't know about you if people can't get what they want neither will niggers or trannies with degenerates that infest the server.

WAT!? Nigerians are arrogant niggers. They are the bantuniggers who went to Americas as slaves.

Can any of you kids explain what's the deal with Knucles?

As far as I know that's still ongoing.

don't ask me where i stole these from

a shitty meme that propagated rapidly via normalfag social media, originating from vrchat, where players using small, disfigured models of knuckles ran around mimicking Ugandans, asking for directions, harassing "females" and other nefarious activities.

This. If they shut down this meme and kill VRchat we win. Normalfags start loathing SJWs
If it's allowed to continue near constant nvasions are lulzy

why can't just one of these game companies

just one

say they believe in free speech and if they don't support it they might as well shut the whole game down

just one non-faggot non-jewed-out non-nuttless company

Just one, just go to the lodge or the synagogue or the FBI office and tell them to get fucked

Well isn't that an interesting bit of information. I hope no one abuses it in this very volatile and sensitive political situation.

Well, without killing kikes and niggers, as good as your intentions are that's not going to happen. It's in their programming to nig and kike. Making mother of all omelets here, and we need to break a lot of eggs.

it made no sense until pic related.

You know there's lots of lewd and semi-lewd anime girl avatars on VRchat. mostly dudes using them btw I don't know about you but I feel like, as a strong, empowered, femfluid, buildingkin that these avatars are reinforcing the stereotype of women as sexual objects as well as shaming those of us who don't have perfect feminine figures as is defined by the patriarchy. Shut it down!


Yeah, I'd be scared too if I was one of (((them))). This is some of the best most recent evidence I've seen of mixing in humour with controversial topics to create a potent icebreaker.

The most absurd is that white people having fun by behaving like tribal black people doesn't even sound remotely racist.

the fact that agencies consider this racist only show how demented they have gotten. Or rather, how much wanting an excuse to control others they want.

So, it Holla Forums going to do to this Habbo Hotel style? Knuckles with suits and afros?

I feel sorry for the children. They were simply having fun. (((They))) make fun racist now. This is going to make the poor children very mad.

Das right, shut down everything. The twats either enforce nothing or everything.

what is their business model? how do they make money? do they have micro-transactions to buy trendy stuff?
if the players/public don't have to pay anything, that means they are the product
what then is sold to who?

She's a pure nigger.

I was going to genuinely comment but I realize effort is wasted on you people. Download it, don't say anything, just observe. See for yourselves. Retards lol

It's the big thing that atracts people to VR Headset. I wouldn't be surprised if their business model consisted of getting royalties for each VR headset sold

i see you bruddas are finding da wae


I heard that the Ugandan guy from the original meme endorsed it, but heard nothing about the creator of the shitty knuckles 3D model.

Am I only one who would want entire VRChat moderated to death after seeing something like the autism in embed related?
VR meme needs to fucking die

Therein lies the edge of my axe, the tip of my sword.

This has not gotten any recognition? Shame.

And just how the fuck did they cross the ocean?
Using their kang skilz and levitated to the new world?

from west africa to south africa, there is no ocean to cross

Fuck me I am a moron I just woke up and read it as america

You sound like every other butthurt leftist faggot trendy normie.

See the cringeworthy guy at the end?
The 'I have white knights, silly boy'
People who take that SL clone as a SRS BZN deserve nothing less than death by leftist modfaggotry and treated with equal SRS BZN attitude with even bigger guns
These people are 'decent VRchat patrons' as they said it.
Not to mention shit you haven't seen in the video itself.

Do you have more info on this, user? What are the capabilities, how stable is it, can you make custom models?

That's the whole point. You can easily rig it in blender if need be.

TL;DR - It's a 3D browser.
Personally I doubt that avatar system is compatible with anonymous imageboards

I suspect that they are going out of their way to destroy these platforms now, and they want to blame it on (((racism).

the first clue was that the kike's had to have those messages in the movie theaters that you should turn off your phones. They made it sound like a bunch of inconsiderate office drones could not leave work at work. in reality, the movies are fucking boring, and the phones are more fun than the 20 dollar a ticket propaganda. Eventually people realized this, and the kikes are panicking and trying to get people back. Hence the shit comic book movies and the multicultural star wars.

So now we have a VR social media platform, that is not faceberg related. You better believe that the kikes hate it. Faceberg is so lame that the only growing demographic are kids forced on it, and old ladies. So they will go out of their way to destroy any competing platform. The ironic part, is that the jews who go on and on about how disruptive technology is, have forgotten that it is not 2002, it is 2018, and all the tools to make these platforms are cheap to get and easy to use if you have the know how.

When the kikes kill this platform, i look forward to the 10 more that will take it's place, because this was made in unity, so anyone with a unity license and some time can make this.

Everyone is a red user. Mandatory.

I doubt Jim is willing invest enough time and money to add forced_redanon in 8ch VR.

That's fucking hilarious, and this is coming from a gen-X'er.
Pay attention to how the player they're chasing tries to create an appropriate "social distance" each time they move close. Methinks the kikes intend VRchat as a kind of social simulator, where White girls who would normally avoid non-White males, have their resistance broken by "socially interacting" and "standing next" to them in-game.
The girl's attempt to maintain real world personal space shows that the platform is psychologically crossing over with reality.
It figures totally then, that any sort of "racism" would run counter to the objectives of the virtual space and be vigorously stamped out.

Do yu no de wey?

Might be selling data at most.
Because there is no business model. It simply exists and there is no paid things neither anything premium.
Pretty much as "free" as it gets.

Knuckles originates from the japanese game series Sonic the Hedgehog. It became a meme due to a stacking feature on an old console which gave you unlimited &Knuckles. Of course that is a complete different meme as is the infamous "Ohno" quote which is just A+ voice acting.
Ugandan Knuckles is a cancer… I had the "pleasure" to see it being created right in front of my eyes. It is based of a Gregzilla drawing of Knuckles and the Ugandan part is simply quotes from the ugandan movie "Who killed Captain Alex?". So it's just a normie meme, which somehow did trigger a bunch of lefties.

Any surprise that the left is synonymous with mental illness?

And by doing so has extended its lifespan for far longer than it would have been naturally. They never learn.

They did not remember the Tay.


There is yet hope for today's youth

That reminds me something, wasn't there some 8ch people that used it?

The best way to deal with (((them))) is to always set logic traps. Their lies get deeper and more complex and it just shows third parties their nature.

Just start calling it Stimpy.

If I had some VR equipment I could try whipping up a replacement in some open source engine and releasing the server software for anyone to run, but I don't have any shit to test this with and I'm sure a more experienced /agdg/ user could do better.

>let it run free for at least a decade, then let it reach a saturation point and impose their (((solution)))

Just like Youtube and Twitter.

Top Kek.

i like all dis

we hav shod dem de wey

At least you had the white integrity to admit you were mistaken, but goddamn.

We kno de wae to da shithole, we all bruddahs

>why are you using (((SJW approved))) avatars goy?


Being a memewright beyond both Holla Forums and Holla Forums, you are faggots that don't know how to apply yourself properly. All I have gathered is you asked for me again. When I promised my father I would take time off with Holla Forums, I'm sorry, though. What happens in the wild is me and mine, not you.

Who are you again? Name/egofag masquerading as a user?

Probably, because they are too strange for you. Once we get moving, a quiet cold wind comes. I don't think you should play with them. The ones that left their status behind. Took it off for many a reason. Get the fuck out of our way.


I'm not fooling. I see another one of you amateurs in my family, I'll rope you behind me. Forever. This ain't your club, this os ;ole a bole club. You ruin everything when you apply too obviously. This isn't for you, it's for the ones that cut the rope with all this here and there. I suggest you ride behind, in our jetstream. Otherwise, you get what is not your friend, because I am even deeper and the face of normalcy. You seem to think everything is yours. Well. You can have it now.

You get to swing with it now. Absolutely asked for it. Thank you for taking this off of I.

Why would it matter who I am?

Ayyy me too, I witnessed the explosion from 400-present. I've briefly talked to VRPill and he is definitely very awkward and overly PC, but loves Japan. Absolute freedom is what made this game grow but a typical SJeWry will stamp that out because it doesn't adhere to their politics.


That one anime guy with VR was saluting in the second video

I had a webm on my old HD that featured a VR 8ch. Was breddy dank. The beginning of it was a bunch of degenerate tech shit - fleshlights and shit like that - think it might have had a cut of Sam Hyde's Techno Toys, but it had a similar vibe.

It doesn't have to be VR at all. Heck, you could make a knockoff version where you map your arm movements to some other shit via bluetooth or just the keyboard/mouse combo.

No sleep before Total Victory

Heil Hitler

Checking the checks and the greatest of ideas for le ebin maymay for kiddos to molest the .

I like this age.

shiggy diggy, lads

What kind of stuff does Octopus Rift run?


Your war is one of arrogance. Come back in my area when you will not just slip, again.
At best. you are licking at it. This is not
Who put all these amateurs together, these pretenders. You. Watch out.
God just asked me where my mother goes. I am a delivery service.

things, you people, would not believe.
The sound and pitch of the damned. Nobody asked for your kind. Nobody is a son.

Remember. I
But, I will listen.

This is me on film. You all, pretend. Always guestions. I usually cannot answer. There is a presence now, I smell it. Being what one is. Who is attempting to be in charge. they don't know what they step their foot inside. A door, a welcome mat.

It's a normie meme more natural and better than anything you will ever create in you entire life.

If you think this is your domain, it's highly foolish. The love that comes through this body, is incorrect. Soon, the rest. Mine. Long tall, here first. The weapon that is on home plate, but. With a shotgun. There may be a home for you, but it certainlty is not here. You play with memetics beyond you.

I will not tell you a second time.

Yes and no, theyre banning via MAC adress I believe, not sure, but you cant just login with another account once youre banned.

You dont, but you can create avatars that have the potential of crashing the worlds.
Also 0 encryption, you can cost them money by killing their community by how some people are doing it already with exploits n hacks

HTC recently gave them 5 million $
They cant sell Avatars as people will just rip them and put em up for free.
Theres also a chance of ppl trying to sell copyrighted avatars. So that goes out the window
The only thing possible I see is some sort of premium service.
Otherwise theyre probably selling data and getting $$$ from HTC/Facebook

Last thing Holla Forums needs is namefag/tripfag cancer spreading

AppleMilk1988 loves Japan too

That's right, I'm a pretender in human shape. I don't have a trumpet, just this. That speaks. It knows it is not mine, and should go elsewhere.

I talked with God once, and was reborn into
and have to observe and pretend not what to do, while his gang goes full mental. I cannot right now. Except, they know I'm lying, so, the power comes home. Whatever home means.

Weeb here, I'm glad these little red shits are killing this cancerden.
The tought of grown men basicly puttin on the guise of a 2D girl (with a uglyass model nonetheless) while roleplaying makes me want to vomit

This is real life. You stepped into what I do.

It's not racist. Everything is basically movie quotes from a Ugandan made movie called "Who killed Captain Alex Taylor"

200 USD film made by ugandans in Uganda is funnier than the shit hollywood churned out last year

>Yet if Gen-Z is getting their funs taken away, (((they))) are basically handing them right into our waiting hands.
FPBP. is on point too.
Gen Z is already right wing exactly because of shit like this. Nothing is less cool to a kid than what is preached in school and by gov't funded sources. By the same token, everything which is demonized by schools and corporate media becomes hip counterculture. Banning Ugandan Knuckles probably will happen, and that's a good thing. It will push an already alienated generation further towards the truth, while also purifying their ranks by drawing out the tag-along cucks and exposing them to be expelled from Gen Z social circles. 10 years from now we will have another generation of "we just wanted to play videogames," and this one will be "we just wanted to meme." Which is a much more basic and primal need.

So this is the new habbo raid?


What matters is our plan. Do you know de plan?

It's shitposting but in a virtual life. I can't wait for a VR hangout but for Holla Forums in mind, or at least some freedom. Just imagine the creation of cultures, and the inevitable clash between National socialist, retarded knuckles, and commies.

that voice was kikey as fuck

The guy they are quoting thinks it's funny and spreads it everywhere.

My sides.

Also this. venturebeat

Can't archive because of autism. This will kill the game, put it showed the power of organic memes… how to simplify the jew meme?

Dis is da wae

they are doing fine as memesters by themselves. and there is nothing unfunnier than rehashing old memes (even semi-legendary ones like the habbo raids). if Holla Forums is going to try and help them, i would suggest simply blending in. dont try to overwrite their meme with our old one. they did a good job with this meme, and we need to build cohesion between gen z and Holla Forums by memeing WITH them. not parallel to them, or against them.

when the vrchat mods start going full thought police on them, ruin their good time, and we are standing there beside them, then a strong memetic bond will form forever after between them and us.

When will someone make the "Happy Merchant" model?

apparently anyone who even makes a trump avatar gets permab& right on the spot. what do you wanna bet the same would happen in this case?

*tips Vive*

I want to get a hold of that 2nd Reich neko model or the Jin-Roh supersoldier with the MG42 an user was making and make a RWDS to purify degeneracy for fun on my free time now.

And this is a real shame. VR Chat has a remarkably decent, balanced, and fun community. Hanging out in The Great Pug and shooting the shit with a couple of strangers is a fun way to kill an hour.

It really is depressing to consider that we are living the golden age of this application now, and the creators themselves are going to aggressively make it worse.

They are all shitty, you stupid faggot.
t. user from a formerly white European country

That's the nature of a lot of full blooded negros. Generous, entirely pleasasnt, and ready to kill you at any moment.

Private groups/worlds should retain that freedom, but for the general population at large it will be more strict, which is a shame.


I think this meme describes Gen Z well, which is why it's so popular among them. They are warriors without a cause. They desperately are looking for the way and are memeing haphazardly until they find it. It's how we were in the early days of 4chan. Imageboards came out as the successor to IRC chats and the like and we made a culture all our own which has leaked into the world at large now. This is just the start of their journey. We found our way, now it's up to them to find theirs.

The next step is stomping flat the skulls of yids, I reckon.

palmer luckey's right wing vr chat with superior features when?

While I was playing the game yesterday and just chatting with some people in one of the major hangout rooms, the great pug, we had a random guy come in playing some nice disco music in a pink hitler avatar. Everyone was dancing until he dissappeared – I don't know if he got banned or just left. Afterward everyone was like "That was probably the most interesting/fun thing that's happened tonight."

This is the biggest sign i've personally seen as to how much the overton window has shifted since Holla Forums memed so hard in the election

Oh, my God.

What a stupid meme.

What a stupid may may.

I hate it.


has some decent 2011 memes

Seriously can you faggots shut the fuck up about spacing. Its one of the most retarded things to bitch about





Uganda is the only black country to ever produce anything of worth, that of which being meme movies.

Fuck off shill faggot.

Why do i think this image was made by the people who are raiding?
Really gets the noggin joggin

If necessary, Holla Forums could easily take over JanusVR due to the lack of players. From a superficial view, the devs could go either way on censorship since one of them is an Aussie. Will have to get more info about where they stand to be sure. VR equipment is not necessary, and the dev team could possibly be persuaded to make it open source so a someone from Holla Forums /agdg/ or Holla Forums could make it a viable competitor, especially if they make it playable on anything other than Windows.

I want to see hordes of Ugandan Knuckles clucking at the giant dragons with elaborate penises who infest Second Life. That's what I want to see, and if they are banned from this new meme VR platform my dream is one step closer to fruition.

New OC coming through

We will show u da wae

It's just a way of saying: Don't make my eyes bleed.


Underchecked dubs.
Underrated post.

Gen-Z here. So finally you fags are acknowledging that we're separate from millennials? About fucking time.

reported :^)

this girl is based tbh

There are adults that belong to Gen Zyklon, fag. The gassing is just getting started. :^)

Listen here my brudah's
We shall not freeze
Spit on da non-beliebahz
Only through Ebola chan shall they know da wey
Led da wey be known my brudahs
No inchz askz; no inchz gebin!

Just like the Tor kikes

"No" (((They're))) Not… lol (((THEYRE))) actually doing a helluva job keeping this society looking like it still exists.

It has the energy and dynamics of early chan days or even the election season when things were working. To the extent that doing Holla Forums is seriousposting and arguing we're losing the thing that made it all work. Embrace chaotic childishness.

Can you change your MAC address on windows? For those of us using Mac/Linux, we can easily change a gaming VM's MAC.

Someone should find the Admin's MAC and get banned using it

You don't even need to control both arms. Just make your mouse control one of them, and you've then got enough for most people to play the game in a similar manner to what it's designed for.

I just downloaded the knuckles 3D model.

I think I might try some new knuckleses tomorrow.

Bane knuckles?
Space Marine knuckles?

Or may a model of that rat jew who's image keeps getting posted? How long do you think before ban if I make hat one?

Okay fam, just like they're not still kvetching over GG.


Make a Prussian knuckles

I got kicked for playing erika but the loli with a camel toe just sat in a corner surrounded by many people including 14 year olds using the knuckles avatar.

Nothing redpills faster than NoFunAllowed

well there is nigger rape nvm

I remember those days. We need to help them with their development, speed them along a little if we can.

The fires of war are coming, and we will need soldiers at our side when de wae if finally open to us. Until then, we watch, we assist, and we train. We know them, because we were once as they are now.

There are none. Those (((you))) see get the attention due to copyright games at the corporate level.

Report + filter anons.

It's free.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Daily reminder that babies born in 2000 are graduating high school this year. like me

Way to waste free pr, you uptight ninnies. This meme made VR chat look funny and interesting. Now I realize it’s yet another Orwellian Internet shithole whose owners are determined to drain the little joy there is from.

lLet that sink in lads.

I may know the person who originally created VRChat. I may have, at one point, worked on the beginnings of VRChat. It's run by typical liberal people.

Sliding again

you had one job

Bane knuckles, Affro knuckles and NOD knuckles, although you would have to make yourself a world if you want to share it with those too illiterate with vrchat importing models

Slap a suit on him and go full Patriotic Nigra tbh.

hahaha We need about 6 million more arrows on that picture, user.

That also has the added benefits of stiring curiosity of meme history in the brighter ones, recreating the path to 1488 through Holla Forums humor in microcosm.

How about a Rich Piana knuckles?
"Show me the whey"?

It should've been obvious to you the admin and their mod team are leftycucks as per OP, pretty sure one of them saw the disco dance and instaban him on the spot. No different from some retarded spoiled child (aka the bully) telling the teacher to punish the bad little goy for fighting back.

You’re stupid.


I see you're a man of culture as well.

If someone actually makes a nigra knuckles I will immediately abandon all of my previous skepticism and download VRchat.

How is ugandan knuckles any more racist than jamaican trolls? Related note, given how SJW Blizzard is, how do they justify the fact that half of their nonhuman "monster" races are just barely exaggerated versions of real life human races?

Already been done. Most of the knuckles designers are Swedish, most of them are racially aware.

Neat. So is there some forum where people are uploading models or do I get them in game or what? Modding games is one thing but I'm a fish out of water with this second life tier normalfaggotry.

You can get models in game from certain objects. For example when you go to the Uganda servers there are chests you click on to become a Knuckles. Otherwise you have a personal library of models that is filled with stock models but you can add to.

Is the chest full of red pills?

Dubs confirm

Hey lads some faggot is streaming bane related movies. Paul Blart is playing right now.

Hitler youth knuckle, while he's preaching about the jews and their lies.

Praize Da God-Kang!

My Ebola is my shield!

There desperately needs to be a VRChat without rules or regulations, or at least minor rules. It would literally be Holla Forums but in VR.

De god-kang provides


This ugandan knuckles meme is similar to Spurdo Spärde in that they both have a derpy appearances and a funny way of talking associated with them.
Maybe we could raid vrchat with spurdos but we should add something to it that most normies wouldn't consider racist but SJWs would.

Anybody able to pull this off? Create a 3D model of a yid and larp as the (((content police))) looking to kill ugandan knuckles?

Funny how that works. Matt Furrie is a cuck. Anons made his character a meme. Now this. Men who meme see the meme and free it.

It was just a random room, there was no "admins" present. That's why the question was left up in the air.

I too hope for this. I'm still having plenty of fun though. Right now it's just like real life – hide your power level around most people, let it out with people you trust. If you hang around some groups long enough you can hear some "niggers" and "faggots" thrown around. Also most people i've played with aren't dicks about personal mute/blocks unless you're genuinely annoying.

Oh this reminds me I saw gondola the other day. It was before I knew how to take screenshots, or i'd have one to show. Everyone loved the gondola, even if they didn't know what it was.

There's an interesting project in development similar to this called decentraland. It is a decentralized vr platform where cryptocurrency tokens give the owner rights to virtual land. The obvious benefit of this is there would be no way to ban you if you decided to be a bad goy. I could buy some land and 3d model a memorial to Hitler that says "the holocaust is a lie" in glowing neon lights if I wanted. Endless redpilling possibilities. Im not sure whether they have custom avatars or not and it would be a shame if they didn't because that was the most fun part of vrchat. If this project turns out to be shit, then there will be many more in the coming months and years.


lel, the film they're currently shooting is about ebola

I'm still working out the details but my gut tells me I'm going in the right direction with this.

Like it or not virtual anime headpats are the future of human interaction, politicians will soon conduct vital trade negotiations this way

Perhaps Hillary avatars are banned too though? They may just want to avoid all major US political figures, since they're liable to produce drama that makes their chat un-cozy.

Yes, germany was once a democracy before us…
And we've been plundered and squeezed dry

Remember kids. When a platform claims it is free, You are the product. Your information is more than likely being sold, your anime model preferences, what worlds you build, who you talk to, what you view half of the time, all that kind of stuff.

Yeah, there are no girls in the Internet, after all.

is this the next pepe?

It's possible.
I myself have long since given up on projecting where the memes go.
Autism seems to not like being "boxed".
Let the memes flow.


the left is going to lose just for being insufferable cunts who spoil all the fun.

i sense meme magic


I doubt it's the case given these people are no fun lefties

I love scan lines.



Because That was 2006, 12 years ago, and Gen Z probably doesn't know about it.
We're getting old, m8


2007, actually.

He could make a good Khorne Berserker.

Very insightful.

why are they oppressing the patchooli

That was dumb as shit. Did people really think they are from ugnada?

Holla Forums is free

Unless you count the part where it costs you whatever may be left of your innocence.


Dont't let your memes be dreams, folks.

It's MAC address guy again.

No. Only your ISP can see your MAC. The devs could ask your ISP to block connections to their servers, but I doubt they'd do that. They can only ban you by your Steam account or your IP address, which are both easy to change. They could also save a file on your computer that could be checked for your identity, but that would be as easy as deleting.

That seems about right. Sad it still have to come to this. Maybe real NatSoc can recruit people via VRchat and slowly redpill and start a virtual revolution. That would be pure kek.


the next hitler wont be an art student that got rejected in final exams but a meme student that got his memes banned one too many times?

come on

Nah Gen Z's is 17 at the oldest
faggots between 18 and 21 don't really have a catagory

my nephew is 14 and the another one is 8 they know da wea.


Made a german map filled with nazi skin types, unfortunately the map is on invite only because the VRChat admin refused to make it public I wonder why. , they also screeched to remove the swastika, not sure if that happened yet, we'll see.

anyways, I can't organize this ITT, it needs to be direct messaging since I have to keep inviting people every milisecond.

Shitscord / e5E9CSB for details on the invite.

This is great.

Get ready redpills then

I can't not post it, I'm sorry

I have to finish texturing, then they porting it. Never rigged anything in my life.

IMAGINE A VRCHAT Nürnberg rally! Whole lotta redpills

since it has a mask/helmet, I doubt you'll need bones for the face, save some time and do it on mixamo, it takes 5 minutes or less, all you have to do is upload the model file, select some body parts and let it do it for you, once you're done you can test some of the mixamo animation to see if it doesn't look fucked up, anyways once thats all done find a T pose animation and download/export the model with the bones attached to it.

Completely agree

I know. I'm worried about the shoulderpads, but we'll see how it looks once I get there.

I'm thinking of making god-emperor knuckles (complete with fire sword, glowing halo - I think animated textures are supported, right?) and black, beautiful hair.

Oh, and a really simple one - a 40K ship. Optimize it a little to keep the poly count, scale it to OBSCENE proportions (blot out the sun!), place it high, animate bombardment cannons.
Then switch to that model once in an open area in VR chat (preferably the furry village) and play the "Exterminatus" audio clip.

yes, literally everything you export in unity to VRChat works visually.

if you want to get some autist to seizure, make a model and put a point light on top, set intensity to 100000 and range to 100000, also animate the light colors for a fast flashing RGBA, join a server and watch people vomit and puke all over the floor.

and why the fuck would any white girls play VR chat when they could just go outside?

My god, this really IS the Habbo hotel of gen z.

Put a hidden walking animation into it and it can be used to float, I beg of you

Nah, I don't.
But I will add a light and animate the itensity so that the bombardment cannons look really flashy

It's like you don't even stock market 101, what a shameful display.
Owners want profits + growth and nothing political.
Honestly speaking if a platform gets overriden by abnormal groups, that abnormal group will leave a mark or dent in the tagline in turn reducing yield.
They just want their stuff as marketable as possible.

If you guys want to persuade politically through some platform/outlet then go do some programming, host your stuff somewhere free speech is okay (Greenland or Krautland) then contain yourself in there.

Think of ponyfags shitting your board. You don't want that right? What about Holla Forums being known as the bastion of ponyshit? You don't want that.
Honestly, just make it. It only takes one dedication to build it. If you don't have that dedication then you deserve to suffer and shitted anywhere you guys go.

Look at pony fags. They even have their very own booru and booru of their own domain, several forums of their own and even hidden communities and meet ups.
You guys don't have any. Your community will become obselete. in another 4 years and all of you will be replaced by neophytes who will outnumber you.


>caring about (((profit)))
Fuck off VRchat mod team kike.

alright, but it really does make you think though, it boggles those noggles.

just think about it:

guy strapped on full tracker/VR basically moving his whole body ingame, has VR strapped tightly to his face, suddenly someone comes in and nukes the whole map with flickering colors fucking up his whole view, gets a seizure.

is there a fucking law for this?

I doubt they will unless they start spamming it like Knuckles.


This is the shit you involve yourself in if you want to willingly drop your IQ by the same amount being iodine deficient and afflicted by fluoride will.


They literally sentenced someone to 10 months in jail for saying that the refugees are raping the country and that someone has to put a stop to it.
At least try to look like you lurk here you dumb double nigger


you must be fun at parties

1 877 cars for yids…

Just close your eyes? How the fuck is internet bullying real?

I don't think you'd have much luck since the dev team is based in (((San Francisco)))

fun fact:
they never close their eyes.


you attempt to shun cancer yet you fail to see that you are the true cancer, a worthless faggot who hates the idea of people having fun, you are truly the worst type of cancer that can easily be compared to skepshit retards who believes in the horseshoe theory


irony, considering that you're Larping as sargon of akkad which is also pretty shit and suitable for a ban, but I would deem suicide to be a more suitable treatment for your type, faggot.

Are you asian? You lay insults like an asian person.

Far as I can tell the very few women on VRChat are the "Second Life" fat undesirable types who can't get any attention IRL. You can literally HEAR the ugly when they speak.
Not to mention that your entire hypothesis seems to hinge on the idea that these said women are using expensive VR rigs with powerful gaming PCs.

What insult? this is a chan my dude.

This ×6 gorillion
Nothing strengthens the power of a meme more than adversity. Old Holla Forums hotpockets' censoring was how baneposting got to be so popular.
But now that baneposting is generally accepted, it's lost its hilarity. We need opposing forces to spark the meme fires.


Moonman RWDS in VR when?

Oh (((you))).
All blacks are niggers.
Not all niggers are blacks.


Get a load of this tryhard faggot.

The "queens" should be lured into stables and the knuckles should bring them shit from mcdonalds they the progressively grow bigger tits.


1. press ESC ingame
2. click "Worlds"
3. click on "Search…"
4. type "Hangar"
5. click "German Hangar" and go.



that's where you're wrong kiddo.

more redanons



is not an argument, you're a faggot and there is nothing else to it, you should just kill yourself for being unbearably cancerous.

Don't, it's a fraudulent service. Use an irc channel or other voice chats.

Did you make the models yourself?

Tox is also fine. Not sure about the fossil teamspeak though.


And apparently they like hip hop LMAO.


it's a temp channel for normalfags to use if a potential take down takes place, Holla Forums is smart enough not to use it but I left it there, I don't even use the client but I definitely have it on the browser and I know how much of a shite honey pot it is, use tox here and let the honey pot be used by the fag redditors joining the map for the first time.

Normalfags are incapable of making a meme as good as pepe. They are the most irresponsible memers, they make memes without meaning and they literally burn through dozens of shit memes in a month. It seems that nobody in the normiesphere is capable of making a meme that lasts nowadays. They're saying that knuckles is a dead meme even though its only been a month. On the other hand, chan memes like pepe, wojak and baneposting have persisted throughout the years. If you're looking for the next pepe, you won't find it there.

This is true. There really is a difference.

I know someone sent that one kike a flashing gif on twitter and he claimed he had a seizure. I'm pretty sure that guy got arrested.


Wasn't this stuff immediately banned?


sort of, people just reupload them.

come to the german hangar lad.

forgot pic

Can confirm, while still niggers, African niggers who come to America tend to hold no fealty towards their dindu cousins.

Reminds me of a story (((Saul Alinsky))) recounts in Rules for Radicals about a time when he earned the respect and trust of Canadian feather Indians by calling them out on their bullshit food and culture beliefs. Despite all of their external protests, inferior races always want to be put in their place.

"You don't even know the difference between leaded and diesel!"

I like the idea, but I think you're not approaching it right. Going into servers dressed like a Wehrmacht officer is just a recipe for a ban. You should make things that are funny to the receiving end as well as for the sender:

Never say never user.
Deciding that all is lost because of a few harsh words spewed forth by a few (((news article's))) is the sure fire path of demoralization.
Think outside the "box", and show your enemies you can be unpredictable.

they already approved the design/map

it had to go through a moderator in order for any of this to go public, by the way, i'm not sure if you noticed, but they only approved because the swastika is not present, the ban will only happen to anyone caught shitposting and doing things that triggers people, so I guess they will likely ban the individual rather than the source that is providing them the larp material.

So can you call people niggers in VC in this game and get away with it?

Ah, alright, gotcha.
Still, what're you using to edit the models?

Underrated use of Space Ghost, God bless you Sir.

3ds max

pretty much.


As other people and I have pointed out several times. If mods catch you, youre gone, theyre leftyshit cancer.
Their discord is full of cucks as well that feel their feelings hurt when someone says something mean and will tell on you if they can record it.(there needs to be a recording of 30secs leading up to the offense taking place)

Also do not forget that this is a social game, this game is full of furries, trannies and other degenerates. But in the current year that is fine.

Because they wink and nudge towards the camera every fucking nanosecond to remind you that it's totally in jest between bouts of gruff dialogue mumbling and overly serious "save the world" scenarios mixed with the Normandy beach scene from"Saving Private Rian" while basically being joined with Hollywood, and by extension the vast majority of viral advertising and social engineering experts, by the hip.

Ugandans did their best to stick it to the kikes just for shits and giggles. Of course they botched it on account of being niggers, but it's the thought that counts :^)

don't relax around them, however

Fuckin nice, now all we need is Ebola-chan to be the kween

I have a Vive. We should totally get in there!

Ebola is my super-power.

Stop using that stupid shit. It's a fucking waste of time.


Patriotic Rhodesian Blacks also are the niggers we deserve.

Doesn't show up

We should meme the Maytag man into a symbol of white superiority. He keeps your food fresh, washes your clothes and is just all around reliable.

Was the german hangar world removed? Because I can't find it. Or what is its exact name?

What the fuck this is the meme universe lads.

The only substantial thing that separates this game from Second Life is that the community (God bless) is decent enough to not take it seriously, and I don't suppose it gets much more serious than literal secret police. But if (((YouTube))) is anything to go by, that's the intended trajectory here.

(((They))) shut it down!

its not racist, i just hate the meme. (((annoying)))

me dancing with an ubersoldaten


did I like it?

Not a VR game (unless they eventually make it into one), but…

i'm 32 (Gen Y), too old for this and not interested in it, but seeing this remidns me of what gaming was like 15 years ago.

back then they would have said something like "we're sorry but it's up to the server operator how the game is run, go at you own risk"


So it is safe to assume that the Hangar has been removed?
Still can't find it anywhere

If it wasn't removed already, it's probably removed now.

creator of the hangar here, its back to "invite only"

in other words, they removed it from public.

this. You don't even need a VR head set to play it.

National Socialist virtual uprising when?

What? The WebM?

Are you in a hurry?

What's stopping you from modify an attometer of the map and reuploading it?

fucking pewdiepie, i'm pretty sure that he's why it got shut down

That's how you get a group of faggots assuming they run the place and usurping your influence.

Only if you yourself are a faggot and are too weak to keep order.

What's the song?

This is the closest he's gotten to Holla Forums that we know of.
Soon he'll sound the horn for the Gen Z uprising.

You would have thought they would have learned their lesson from the success of places like 4 and Holla Forums.

yeah, just recently figured that out.

Unrelated Pewdiepie visited the hangar earlier




What's the song in the mp4?



You first BILL.


They do no know de gay


I have no idea but she's calling the police as you can see on the video, some Holla Forums guy said mean things to her on vrchat.

Found it:
Erich-Weinert-Ensemble - Unsere Panzerdivision

Or does it.
You have to consider control freaks that want nothing less than an entirely chained down internet want to do these things already. Following up a whine or other public spectacle of "mean" things happening is the perfect opportunity. It goes hand in hand with performing control measures in the real world. No one wants more police spending, we all know if how budget spending works to continue getting the same budget next year they will buy up things they don't need in the final quarter. But when a few convenient riots happen, its a (((coincidence))) when police suddenly become militarized, and no one cares to stop them.

Oh it'll happen sooner or later. Probably started by one of these GenZ kids who have just become utterly pissed at the state of games.

It'll happen because of the increasing ease of access to game engines and the streamlining of work-flows to create content. Not to mention template projects.


Eventually Steam will just get pissed, they've already cause backlash with previous bans and now you have things like GOG, etc. (people will just keep making alternatives). If it comes down to it, you can always just torrent out a project if it's getting completely (((shut down))).

I know this because I am a game developer. I'm a "millennial" though technically, I'm just as fed up about it though. I'm wanting to get enough money first so I can basically sit back and engage in full-on Lulz mode without concern for repercussions. Like that Notch guy. He can sit back and tweet out "it's ok to be white" and not have to worry about random kikeniggers invading his home, he's probably got some good security at his site if he has 2 billion.

Because if you're annoying enough, eventually people will cave in just to shut you up.

Also, they will know da way of exterminatus

Reincarnated NatSocs, they instinctively know what's true and real.


I just had fort longcat flashback
Lindens outright deleted the thing TWICE and permabanned everyone on that sim

jesus christ, that faggot at the end… why do some people take such stupid shit seriously? Fucking internet tough guy talking about doing something meaningful with your life when he's playing as a cartoon girl in some pointless game. Does this faggot think VRChat should be dead serious like some board meeting?

Top Kek did he actually visit it? Post link pls.

Meme to the extreme, Holla Forums,

Where all these cucks came from!?

Chad Knuckles.
From the Chad meme.
Is there a Chad model yet?

Keked good.

Niggers in nigger countries = cool
Niggers in non nigger countries = rope

Let's be perfectly honest with eachother here. The world would be better off if there were only whites here.


Chris Tanto Paronto (Benghazi) mentions the "hang loose" gesture as pretty universal peace sign equivalent (also taken from blacks)

Their gregariousness shows the strength and clarity of their in-/out group distinctions. The hair trigger dominance hierarchy cues within it have to be regulated by ritual. Fucking spear chuckers, man

*tongue clicks intensify*



Gondolas kno de wae, dey show u


(Bugmen and SJWs worship Slaanesh.)

Holy fug

Low key make a Reichstag hall interior, or a work camp :o


The KEK statue


I have the Moonman models if anyone literate in 3D modeling and VRChat want to give it a shot.

This is almost as bad as banning anime… for THEM. It would likely kill their game.

sho dem all de wae

Quit being a newfaggot. We've had threads boasting about GenZ's redpilled nature for two years now.

its only getting stronger

There's a Nigerian guy at work who talks exactly like Ugandan Knuckles.


Do you ask him he if he knows de way?

She's calling the police because of an incident that happened on VRChat, tax payer's money well spent.

of course he know de wae bruda

Oh fuck off. They're great servants - you just have to treat them like dogs. A firm hand and understanding their pack mentality will mean you can focus on better things in life than scrubbing your toilets.

Honestly getting angry about instinctive animal behavior is pathetic. I know you burgers have issues since you let them run wild in packs, but seriously - get your shit together. The reason you get angry is you still think they're people. Drop it - save the anger for kikes and race traitors.

No. White's shouldn't do shitty jobs. That's what Blacks are for. Just manage them properly (like any other animal) and it's fine.

Fuck I miss apartheid.

this actually strikes me as a sam hyde fan masquerading

Are the models in PMX or FBX? I've gotten pretty good at converting MMDs from blender into Unity. Drop the models here and i'll convert and zip them up for a Unity project.

Oh c'mon, what are we then? Fucking voidmen?

People are starting to get behind the idea of Ebola-chan being the queen. Now, we just need a model of her in the game.



I want Ugandan knuckles close the pool due to aids.

Why the earlobe spacing?

C'mon man.


One question to that

A permanent ban is something you want to avoid in a MMORPG or some other grind based game like Path of Exile/Diablo/World of Tanks/League of Legends/Warthunder because losing your account that you spend a lot of time and money on feels is bad. Because VRChat is not a grind game or a game that costs money to buy i dont think people will care if they get permabanned because they can just make a new account. So in the end i believe they spend time for nothing as it takes no time to make a new steam account. Some can even make a game where they upload their best bans and trolling on the internet because of this.

Since someone revived this thread. Just gonna put some observations out:

This meme, it had potential, sadly it is actually dead. Or at least it didn't follow the success of pepe. This means, that this meme was just too fast. The article proclaiming it as racist and whatever came out too fast. Thus the lifespan, even though it has been massively increased by the article, was still very short.
So, for future memetics, keep this in mind. Only with time memes can turn legends.
What does this mean? Simple: It should actually be possible to turn any meme into a legend, since only memes which already served their time some time after being popular can become slowly more popular again. Look at it as an explosion. Sudden burst of popularity… and then silence. Now, everyone will try to stomp the remaining fires out… But if one flame of it survives it will slowly grow until it can't be stomped out.
Do with this observation what you please, after all it might also just be a psyop by yours truly.

de wae is not ded mon

wtf is even the meme? using a horribly shit avatar?

Das it mane


Thanks for sharing, I had a good kek.
Hehe, had to cut that out, didn't you?
I think, rather than trying to change the Knuckles, we should just go with the flow, and have a little bit of fun, perhaps one knowledgeable user can dress up a Knuckles Model in the different Hugo Boss uniforms?
I think I'll download it (it's free!) and play it (you don't even need VR devices), just for shits and giggles. I'll be using my throwaway and maybe just get myself banned, perhaps.

I think that this could be something akin to HWNDU, uniting us as shitposters and intorducing a little distractive fun next to the existential crisis decent civilization is facing.
Also, do any of you know of alternative platforms, we can't let this shit turn into Jewtube 2.9, where the netowrk just gets kiked after becoming popular, it has to be in the hands of the right people, or it has to be decentralized.