The (((Storm)))

We all know The weather in The United States has been a little weird to say the least… I've noticed along with this "Weather", especially before (((Natural Disasters))) this weird anomaly.. (PicRelated)
What's Up with these anomalies? The pic with the anomalies outlined in Red was taken today… The other was before the hurricanes in Tx, fla, and PR.

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Kampfy you've really let this board go to shit. It's time for you to resign. Whoever is operating this board has turned it into The_Donald

2-3 sentences in the OP, great shit eh? Time for a new home.

Fug left sage in lel

cold front

Can't have a nice HAARP discussion? Or would that be detrimental to the whole Trumps saving the country narrative?

What about the wifi looking anomaly that comes from Alaska? Why do these "waves" always come from Antarctica 🇦🇶 and Alaska. Every time?

Look into HAARP, OP.
Also there's something by Rothchilds Island in Antarctica that has been sending those strange waves out towards china too.

I've been aware of HAARP for a long time, I'm trying all I can do get these TANGIBLE issues back into the spotlight. Almost wish "Q" would cover things like this. KEK

fuck off kike

Of course not you know their bosses would fire them if they didnt try to shit up this thread.

Lot of strange 'phenomena' going on lately ey?

Its winter so of course its gonna get cold, but the way the cold is hitting.. The weather where I live has been fluctuating like fucking nuts, over the past 2-3 weeks its gone from being in the 30's to being in the 80's four or 5 times. Random meteor hitting the other day. Matter of fact, idk about you lads but ive seen more shooting stars since december than I've probably ever seen before.

And theres a lot of fucky shit (((they))) have been doing. Shit like the that wierd ass "missile launch" in finnland, and the all the "omg goyim look its aylmaos!" in California

Some really weird shit going on. I mean we are over due for an ice age and all but I have no idea what to make of the other shit and I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago.

this man has learned well

the colder they can manipulate the weather, the greater the differential will be when it snaps back to higher temperatures in the spring

in conjunction with the anomaly that causes greater earthquakes after periodic slowdowns of the earth's rotation, this will trigger a massive wave of earthquakes, possibly even the big one on the west coast

I'm not sure what Trump can directly do about the problem, but you can help by building these and putting them near every microwave tower in your town. Especially if there are nexrad towers.

This used to be a good board. There used to be quality content and discussion. Now we have news articles with youtube comments and endless schizoposting tolerated. Fuck OP and fuck you. gb2 leddit.

Now compare these images to the ones the year that Katrina happened and cross reference that with the haarp development projects of that time. You'll find the answer you're looking for.

Surely D.C. Should be affected amirite? Pic related. This is all part of spreading flu far and wide thru aerosol. Keep it nice and cold so the bacteria can thrive. Mmmmm Anew form of Eugenics. The current Military industrial complex, is using a lovely combo of "WEATHER" and "Flu" as a form of disaster capitalism,..

Ur telling me M8, in my (((LOVELY))) state, every river FROZE SOLID, then THAWED (just enough to Get those ice jams going) and now everyone who lives by a river has 7ft of water in their back yard… Kek disaster capitalism is great huh? Subzero temps at Xmas, 3DAYS of65 degree weather, ( that melted over a foot of snow) now (((they))) wanna clear icejams that already are ruining everyone's shit with DYNOMITE, which will cause way more flooding. Its no coincidence…

The earthquake Activity from September of 2017 to now has EXPONENTIALLY gotten worse.

Guys my cat started barking and when I asked what's wrong it said 'Skyking Skyking'. Is it happening?

Oh and By the way, this flu is targeting the age group of 65yr+ Nowonder DC just localized their spraying to the nigger neighborhoods…

Alpha, Zulu, Me, Ow

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There's always a flu epidemic in November though March every year.

^ CIA agent

So basically you came in here knowing you'd only accept one answer and still decided to make a shit OP asking the question anyway? Why not just make a good case for HAARP and weather modification with sources cited and make a decent OP so we can actually have a discussion? Or are we supposed to do that for you?

What /u/9abb3c said fellow Q researchers, /u/a7cea1 is totally a glow-in-the-dark CIA nigger clown kike. Someone should use all the dough provided in this sub-thread and bake a new bread based on it. #thestormiscoming #thestormishere #greatawakening

Yeah it's pretty bad here, we had record setting lows 2 days ago and we're going to be in the 70s this weekend, that's fucking bi-polar weather even for our area.
Also obligatory…

It's called winter you dumb nigger.


I'm just trying to show the people with active brains how rekt and filled with cianiggers and trump kikes this place is.

K u absolute Plebs. I'm going to post a video showing how the ANOMALIES FLASH QUICKLY (like bursts of microwaves) coming from a centralized location. K? Not my video idc, I've just seen too many of them before extreme weather starting after Katrina


I'm talking about the 2-3 day "Extreme Warmups" that cause BIG problems here in the northeast… it's not normal cuck

Don't care. You're a blithering idiot. Take it to /x/ and suck each other off over the "esoteric" "knowledge" you don't actually have.

So no, it's normal. You're just not old enough to remember it.

Spot on. Holla Forums is fully under Clown control

They are either complicit, witting or unwitting, their board VPS or their provider is used (mostly VPS providers provide image dumps to gov)

I found multiple malicious code in PDF's and links to external sites (memes) posted here in december. They are undetectable ( check) and wrecked my computer.

While you were mapping the Q map, others have been mapping you! People who came here are on The List now, those who came via Tor but click on an external link of them are also on The List. Targetted Individuals is real … it's a recruitment/killing scheme (There is no other option!). You people are at risk for your lives. Better go memewars anonymously on Twitter where realworld people see your shit.

Q in January got ALL CAPS. Different operator
He made several mistakes. (including DEFCON)
Multiple posts on 1 day
He's defending himself (Why ? No need if real)

More importantly. He scared us to be vigilant on his github parade because of a week full of false flag terrorist attacks. (Jan 14 post)

He still has 2 days but I tell you nothing will happen. This January Q guy must be tracked by FBI and locked for spreading publicly terror threats or having knowledge of…. Anybody reported him yet? To FBI or github staff? Their platform is being abused. I hope non-corrupt FBI investigate this.

If this isn't Clowns but foreign actor, than they (NSA and CIA) )really have something to push in MSM….. finally REAL proof of cyberoperations with impact on socialmedia / MSM. But let me tell you… they probably keep silent which could indicate their own involvement.

If I was a clown I would spin this totally in MSM in some way but I'm just a regular lurker who has been entertained for a couple of weeks by Q.

LdR still posting… Nobody is hiding.
Assange still in embassy

No relevations… If foreign actor, they have real data but aren't sharing it. So they are hostile to us too, together with Clowns. This is reality

We've been played and got hacked in the process.. This is what you do: Don't open their PDF files or click on any link to a site outside Holla Forums! Install your Windows and if you are savy get this program called Tails and only use that

Take your Q-LARP shit and get out.

So, for the niggers at "The Farm" that r in here now. What is proper material to post on Holla Forums? This used to be ok back in the day till the Q niggers came here… Anyways, should I just find some local news, add a theory to it and try to pass it off as real? Kinda seems like those threads r accepted more than things that are ACTUALLY happening… Faggots.

I'm telling you this guy "Q" makes public terror threats on and tells us we should all be cautious. ISN'T THAT A LEGAL OFFENCE?

How many fucking billions have your retarded kike bosses wasted spraying in areas where chemtrails won't stick anymore?

Thank god I use a phone and don't own a PC.. I can toss my phone as well as the profile Langley has on me right down the SHITTER. HAHAHAHA I'm someone to fear CIA niggers. I'm amassing a silent army of Huwhites. That r tired of ur shit..,, Be afraid Langley. We all know Trumps a KIKE puppet

I've been banned for asking why Q doesn't stop false flags if he knows about em.. that's illegal.

Those clearly electrically generated sinusoidal patterns? Man, those are just water vapor. Or a weather balloon. That's thousands of miles long and shaped like a consistent, machine-created waveform.

TAILS on a flashdrive

What the fuck do you think is going to happen? You think the ZOG is going to arrest one of their own paid shills? Holy christ, man.

just gas yourself

Fucking lol, that's great. CBTS (and whatever board they actually use now) was direct overflow from reddit, as shown by their willingness to ban people who exposed the holocaust.

"MUH Q IS SEKRET INTEL" TOP KEK. TRUMP SUPPORTERS are mostly EVANGELICUCKS. They want to be and HOPE TO BE raptured. I mean if u belieb in that, you'll believe anything… fuggg

Evangelicals, you say? Here's something to show the evangelicals. And the orgonite graphic again because idiots started discussing the Q roleplay that was totally not live action because the guy didn't dress up as an agent seconds after I posted it to try and flood me out. Kek.

Ya think the ZOG is gunna arrest anyone? Besides everyday people? No… All these "Muh Executive Order for the PEDOS" are for EVERYONE not just pedos.. the government is getting smaller (Optically) and we're granting it OVERREACHING authorities by allowing the Cuck In Chief and his kike pals to dupe all the evangelical retards into thinking there's pedos around every corner. Now issues like HAARP, Disaster Cap, FalseFlags , And the IMPORTANT SHIT, is going by the wayside…the culling has begun.. we're just waiting for it to fully commence… no one wants to try and organize against it? GRASSROoots?


I was hoping actors with real data would prepare some dumps…. especially about the new co-intelpro M.K. ultra shit and how we can protect ourselves from that…. before it's too late for [other powers in the great equilibrium of the world] because Mk Ultra is growing exponentially

The alternative media are already doing the Clowns work by promoting the ideas we are ruled by archons who put us in a soulrecycling matrix ….. low-level clowns hate them because low-level clowns actually think this is reality. A trick within a trick within a trick

You get called "FBI" if you try here, so there's nowhere left.

So do the one thing about HAARP that does god damn anything at all and build some orgonite. Jeez.

There is NOWHERE to organize online. It has to be offline, All AltLite is compromised. Yea they sound great, but r compromised, and the same with the retarded left. IM WILLING to take one for the team. I wanna see A full 1488/1776 SITUATION in my lifetime… Let's do it.. Follow me goys..

Mccain looks like that fuckin meme

Bought some with bearings instead of shavings. Seems to work just as well and they don't disintegrate the resin as quickly.

t. has several pyramids around the house

Bearings work excellently too. Notice the small health benefits from having them around?

That he does, user.

We have to do something goys. Before we all get "comped"

Mccain shows you can get very old with a chip in your head

Is this like promo to show obeying all orders and getting pleasure pulses is rewarding?

We should use (((Their))) tactics against them. Just a Nationwide group, No known Political ideology, No Affiliations with anyone, No one is a member or ISNT a member, we all just have the same "Understanding" So it's hard to pin down or demonize. Maybe a CIVILLIAN DEF FORCE.. of sorts.

So do the one thing about HAARP that does god damn anything at all and build some orgonite. Jeez.

HAARP is like those over the horizon radars
everything else is russian conspiracy trying to make Americans crazy (seems to work fine!)
Watch Dr. Strangelove (Kubrick movie) they went to war because of some US Army general believing in the fluoride-tapwater hoax. This cyberpropaganda is outright dangerous

And now this deadly flu.

How do you remove a Board Owner from their own board?

Hello CIA.

Thanks orgobro.

And now this deadly flu.

MKULTRA agents work long hours during natural disasters…. good events for getting rid of people making it look all natural

Definitely. Really apparent with the elderly.

TAILS fits on a 3" CD-ROM.

They experiment bio-warfare viruses in Africa.

I havent gotten the flu since I stopped getting flu shots For the fluanons, Check date of upload. Fuck me if I wasn't watching this at 5pm yesterday when my local Fox affiliate came on and said this flu is SPECIFICALLY targeting the elderly… 435 dead since dec. that's 435 less pensions and Medicaid… anyways, in my state "the constitution state" HA it's bad. It's VERY BAD Anons DANNEL MALLOY is VERY JEWISH AND BAD… and complicit

What do you think Holla Forums is? No members, no leaders, no centralization, no full agreement on political ideology, the only thing that can define us is the unabashed defense of the truth and nothing short of the truth.

I havent gotten the flu since I stopped getting flu shots

Time for your nanabot update. They will do it aerosol in summer… 26 May is when it starts. Enjoy the civil war if you're still in the States

I have gotten the flu once or twice before but almost every year my family somehow is always sick with the flu.

ChemTrails. This lady in video knows a lot. I've personally read all of the "Sustainable Development" plans and the white papers (((ALEXJONES))) claims to have read. They're huge publications.but I read them.. I'm guessing not many have or more would be as pissed as I am

Wait for the board to show up on /claims/, but that happened with Holla Forums a few months ago and Jim just took it down and reinstated the sockpuppet account he uses as a "board owner."

They all get shots. I never have had a vaccine except for the Autismo ones when I had no say… My new little Alpha Baby isn't getting them. Expect to see me on the news fighting my state and being demonized around May. Kek

ALEX JONES is Israeli chill
David Icke is Russian chill

Checking those dubs of truth.

I'm very aware as to what Holla Forums is.. I've been watching and waiting for a VERY long time. Almost since Holla Forumss inception. It's been great watching you all grow…

what happens in BOGOTA doesn't stay in BOGOTA

enjoy your shots

Are we ever gonna get a chance to reclaim the board for ourselves?

How about reclaiming the JEWsa for /ourselves/


Ever heard of starting small?

did the (((JEW))) invented the (((DEW))) ?

Direct Energy Weapon

you know the ((( SILENT HOLOCAUST ))))
this one isn't a holohoax

They are using it on me. I am very aware.
I offer them to come clean because I'm nice

Like Chris Cuckwell and CIA nigger Spencer? Lol we need a silent leader who can't be demonized. This is my calling anons, time is very limited…. I'm taking a YUGE BIGLY RISK here…

This is what has always bugged the shit out of me. The more red pilled I get. The more I find that I agree with the in theory but disagree with them on execution. We ABSOLUTELY need a cull. No question about it. Too many stupid and weak people have been allowed to breed and thrive for far too long. That natural order has been broken and needs to be repaired.

But they are going about it in an (((orderly))) fashion. Which not even counting the evil rituals and shit is inherently evil. But then again, from certain perspectives so too is desiring a 'day of the rope'.

I have been digging my ass off into random shit for a long time and have been finding that no matter how random any given topic seems it all seems to be entirely fucking relevant. And the focal point of my research has been drifting in a specific direction one that I've been trying to avoid going down because its fucking out there And one thing I have been finding is a lot of web 1.0 looking websites, the kind of stuff most people would see and then stop looking at, that are very cryptic. Not cryptic in the way that "oh this looks strange" but cryptic in the way that there is a definitive message written between the lines, in metaphor and in error i.e. find all the errors and they write a message And the message is "something is coming" and "only those wise enough to be informed will survive"

I need shekels man

shut the fuck up newfag

Your ear rings at certain times very unbearably loudly out of nowhere? Mine does everytime I start getting into heavy shit….

That's why there will only be an "UNDERSTANDING" between all of us.. No media contact, NOTHING. A DEAD SILENT rise. No speaking of "Muh Kikes" and culling. Nothing. Back to the "KEEPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT" days… Trust me… I know what I'm doing. I feel like /ppl/ is the only way I can do this. I'll let one of u anons vett me idc.. I'm genuine. Last of the savage mohicans..

Ah.. The great larp, eh? :^) That morse code stuff is very interesting. Been wanting to tell people but I get the feeling that I shouldn't.

I think it's the ibuprofen, they use it as soon they get mild aches or headaches.

How about not talking like a fucking faggot? You only got off easy because Kek liked that one response you made.


Always a LARP, everything's a LARP. Yup. Until yer uprooted by a (((NaturalFire))) or a (((NATURALdisaster))) always a LARP goy… everything is great here in the ol JEWsa… The she Agenda isn't continuing full force or anything. Nahhh

The kike cries jew as he strikes you in pain.

"MUH SPEAKING HABITS" LMAO we're beyond that nigger. We need nationwide action. FUCK YOUR GRAMMAR BULLSHIT YOU NIGGER FAGGOT

Op is delivering…. Will You. Or are you a weak pawn of The kike?

I know exactly what you are talking about. I know nothing. Sing your song or keep it to yourself

In one of these posts you know exactly what I am talking about and in the other it seems you do not. Nothing is a coincidence. Not as far as the common definition anyway. Everything is a co-incidence. The knowledge base of humanity has been so thoroughly defiled that the truth is paradox. When what we believe is possible is that exists then what is possible is impossible, but if you can divorce yourself from the entirety of the knowledge that has been educated into you and admit to yourself "I know nothing" you will find that with a wise eye for pattern recognition one can figure out the truth. The truth is aMAZEing and entirely paradoxical in nature. When your ear rings, what do you do? Say or think "god that is fucking annoying"? What is annoyance? Something trying to get your attention? If your right ear is ringing, have you ever thought, "hmm maybe theres something I should look at over there?" Well, why not?

I know numbers mean a lot to you kikes. Is this proof I'm the next coming of a great leader.

Stop biting your nails, fatty.

It's always the left. And I am indeed very autistic when it comes to pattern recognition.. that's why I'm here user. I just have really big balls. And I like to fight… do you?


go eat some rice cakes, fatass

indeed, and always has been since as far back as written history goes. Nothing new under the sun, same shit different day,

Dox Jim, hack the site, and either get it shut down by one of various governments or physically go to his house and kill him to take the servers. So no, it will never be reclaimed. And doesn't 2chan own both cuck and fullchan now? So you'd have to go to wherever 2chan has the servers.

155 kilograms, maybe. Not pounds.

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I'll dox myself… I could careless, I'll let u guess why… Mr Langley

It's time for you to leave now.

Why Holla Forums why…..?

I do the bullying here. cuck

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I'm married to a white woman and we have 3 white children. You're a whiny asshole who thinks posting your fat fingers on Holla Forums somehow helps the white race.


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I am Holla Forums in Human Form… Follow me to the promised land bretheren. For whitey… I'm trying to save this country…


It's a NewPort. You meant "Niggarette"

For a moment the second image looked like the merchant rubbing his hands, guess too much Holla Forums for me

The only thing you are currently doing is depleting the national supply of '.'.

REEE I'm trying to start a IRL movement I have 2 huwhite kids and white wife u nigger.

Jesus, the shilling in this thread. Thanks CIANiggers, you've convinced me yet again to believe in one of your "conspiracy theories". I hope you realize, no matter how much you shill here, anons know better than to rely only on Holla Forums and check their info in a 100 other ways. What you are doing is not denying conversation, you're sparking curiosity.

So, this is a "angry gay camwhore" thread now?

K Holla Forums I tried my best… when the "Killing bolt strikes but doesn't kill" and we all get SHOAd, remember this Thread. You will be lampposted aswell… your complicit in being kikes… I'm done here… fuck it.. bye faggots.


and off he goes to talk to the other voices in his head jesus christ why is it that some schizos can hold it together while others turn into fucking moondoggie

I Kekd out loud. I'm literally proving infrint of your faces that NOONE is willing to do anything grassroots… that's all…

i thought you were gone already, can't even be true to your own words huh

Keep letting guys like Spencer, Taylor and all them paint a target on ur back while u shitpost your way to being banned from society.. or Shoad all together. I showed yah all my credentials, you know we're under daily attack. Yet you just try to pick apart a guy willing to scrafice himself for a just cause… I'm done. Fuck all you faggots. Except the guy with the orgonite recipe. He's cool

why would you double respond jesus this fucking schizo take your goddamned meds or just eat that bullet and enter the next plane you utter faggot.

Schizo must be an autoresponse. You guys use it an awful lot. Almost every credible thread

What do you mean, the screenshot of you your grindr profile?



no i'm literally popping in this thread to point out that you, the faggot with 47 posts itt, respond as if you are conversing in a stream of consciousness with disconnected thought patters akin to the posting styles of a rambling schizoaffective/phrenic . these threads always attract your type, presumably because you people think anyone else can understand the lunacy of your misfiring neurons and their nigh intangible logical threads linking to the initial discussion topic. next you're gonna start talking about how tinnitus is free wave DE weaponry or how the earth is a mandala or some other ridiculous shit.

Direct energy weapons are real… I don't know what (((They))) do with them, but they exist… It's ok man, it was just a joke anyways… relax… no need to be so defensive. Didn't know Holla Forums was this hostile…

Now that you know you can fuck off back to GLP

Holla Forums: A place to reee and cry about everything wrong with your country, get your daily dose of "Gov Is Great Propaganda" and leave… Nice… thought you were better than that…

jesus you faggot why don't you leave already like you said you would, keep your psychotic ramblings to a low nothing we try to use epistemological insight and logical analysis here.

Don't you mean Tavistocklike Productions? With their founder, Jason Lucas of the Tavistock Institute? Tavistock. Jason Lucas.

Pop quiz dumb fuck shills: what did manmade structures did Harvey's path directly follow?

He doesn't seem smart enough to find the voice in his head.

take your kike grass roots and go smoke them you fat fuck. We are building trees not gay ass horse food.

The more I look into tavistock the more I start thinking they are deep, really fucking deep, cover /ourguys/. Them being behind shit like g.a.t.e. and gaylarpproductions.. Neither is anything that directly helps us but I can definitely see there being something there.

We've been hearing that since 2011… NSA spy computers… data farms… collecting all your badgoy posts… gonna come and v& you… and yet.. I haven't been v&. Have any of you anons been v&? Hmm.. Funny, that?!

muh bad followed a crosslink here didnt realize stale bread

their memoryholing strategies have improved quite a bit, wouldn't you say?

(((Pure coincidence.)))

Great video. Is that fucker still alive? I'd like to shake his hand.