Murder of Oliver Ivanović's murder was done just so that Serbia would have a reason to declare a war and take Kosovo

Murder of Oliver Ivanović's murder was done just so that Serbia would have a reason to declare a war and take Kosovo.

They increased military budget by 25%, Russia sent 30 T-72 tanks, media is more and more nationalistic to prepare the terrain with people.

Serbia is doing exactly the same thing that got Austria to declare war to then in WW1:

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The Khazar needs more dead Goyim to feed their father Satan!
Satan lives from the energy of suffering dead people, that aren't his (The Jews).

If Serbia DOES declare war, it'll be Trump's last chance. If he orders a no fly and bombs the Serbs into the stone age again, there can be no doubt to anyone on Holla Forums that he is controlled-op.

Forgot to add, if he does the opposite, the anti-Trump shills and shitposters will also be thoroughly silenced for good, so that's a plus as well.

He'll support Serbia actually. He warned US citizens not to travel to Kosovo just three days before the murder happened because of potential muslim terrorist attacks.

If anything, Serbia can use this as a reason to declare a war. Like "war on terrorism" thing.

I REALLY hope he does. Regardless, this isn't Syria. He can't really bullshit about this one. The only choice he can make is to support the Serbs. It'd also stand as massive hypocrisy since he railed against the Clintons, and the bombing of Serbia was one of the biggest crimes slick Willy committed.

Yep, monarchies suck. Direct democracy is the only way to genuinely move forward.

Can someone far more informed and well read on this issue explain who Ivanovic was and why this is important. I have a basic understanding, but would appreciate an informed person laying this out would also make this thread useful.

The world will be watching. Their occupational government won't make things easy for them, but at least they're not entirely in the EU yet.

It might as well read "Archduke Ferdinand Assassinated!" again.
Here we go again.

Fuck off yid. Get someone at least partially fluent in English.

There are burgers that to Kosovo?

Pick one.

If they are suicidal.

Correct me if I‘m wrong, but my impression was that Serbia’s leadership policy was to suck the EU cock, not stirring shit in the Kosovo.

Serbia is proud about the assassination of the Austrian heir. They build monument for the killer and made public celebrations.
Yes the Austrians were right, no conspiracy from their side.

As if there is even a snowball in hell chance for an alternative outcome.

From what I gather is that he was a moderate Serb in Kosovo, and was killed there, by Albanians.

Kosovo broke away from Serbia and was recognized by the USA under Bush in 2008 as an independent nation, which is complete horseshit, but since we bombed the Serbs for genociding the Albanians (muslims) in the 90s who were basically terrorists and genociding Serbs.

This could possibly kick off another war in Balkans, though I don't know if it will come to that, but old hatreds die hard and the Balkans never really recovered from the massive wars/insurrection they saw in the 90s, which didn't even end until the late 90s, hardly 20 years ago, and shit is still recent due to Kosovo getting "Independence" almost exactly 10 years ago (next month)

I'm not an expert at all on the wars in the Balkans in the 90s, since there were so many groups killing each other and just general disarray everywhere, but I think I got something for you.

Any Balkans anons, please let us know the history and who the sides are and correct anything I messed up.

Kosovo is just a gigantic CIA base, they control the flow of weapons and drugs from there, and that's why we need to bring it back to serbia


Silencing shitposters? That seems to be self-contradictory.





It would be a real test, there would be enormous international pressure. Disgusting shitlibs on the left and right still praise the slaughter of Serbians as a "good war" fought by NATO. I have little confidence the administration would shy away from sanctions, no-fly zones and targeted military action against Serbia for attacking poor little oppressed mudshits.


God, if Macedonia is forced to harbor those fleeing Kosovar scum again you can bet your fucking ass its going to be Balkan Wars III. We've had more than enough of this shit.




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I would hope the Bulgarians sweep in and help purge Macedonia of Albos.

Mašina za mlevenje mesa, to je mnogo gadan izum.



Davay dasvydanya

To be honest we don't really NEED help but why not. I'm still mad NATO saved those cunts in 2001 during the siege of Aracinovo, had the albos encircled ready for purging, but NATO intervened, loaded them on buses and got them out "in fear of potential human rights violations" our troops might commit. Afterwards Albos resumed being Albos and ambushing troops and attacking civilians.

Here's a vid of Albos getting REKT, sorry for no webm, its poor quality, but it gets the job done.


Start with Brussels pls.

Everyone there will be murdered.
Fair warning. Evacuate while you can

What will most likely happen, if we judge by history, is that muzzies in Kosovo are gonna shill oppreshun by Serbs just as Bosnia did.
Some will flee into Macedonia or Albania as Bosnians fled to Bosnians fled to Croatia and Slovenia. This will incur those countries to join the war with hopes to regain lost land, which will lead to their allies joining as well.
In other words - Balkan War 3
All I can say is - Fuck Albanians, Fuck Kosovars, Fuck Bosnians and fuck Muzzies in general.

t. Bulgarian


More videos of Albos getting rekt.

First video made me shit my pants, Albos getting sniped/targeted my light artillery.

Second video is of a captured UCK fighter. Quality is poor, but its good enough that you can see how swollen his face is after getting beat. Interviewer asks:

Albo replies:
Rest of the video is interviewer repeating:
And asking the Albo if he knew how many were killed, how many they were, he says his brother died and that's all he knows.

The sides are:
1) White people
2) Kebabs
The later needs to be removed.
t. gyro


Oh, one more thing to note.

The proposition to bomb Serbia back then was raised by 5 senators, 4 of which were jews.

You stupid fucks deserve everything coming.

You will wish you never were born.
The slaughter inflicted upon you will make the med rise by 1m


All this means is that firearms are going too spread like wildfire through the illicit markets again. I'd suggest Europoors start arming themselves with the new cheap surplus and supplies.



Slavic Alliance is forming.
Together with Trump
May.God have mercy.on your.souls

We won't

filtered and reported

He's just enthusiastic and probably young.
Let him shitpost to his heart's content.

You will get to know what tragedy is about.

You do not and I repeat this is your last warning:
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Best you can do is scramble and run.





What do you guys think of macedonia?
How does it fit into this picture?

I don't know much about Macedonia but what I do know is absolutely grand.
I know two people. Very good people.
Pozdrav, Slovenija

Actually, three.

Same guy different ID

I meant legitimate Holla Forumsacks could be assured they're shills/shitposters

It's a very nice province in Northern Greece.



You do know ajvar?
You trying to tell me you don't make your own ajvar?



I have another question:
Does each country in the Balkans has it's own language?Are they too different from eachother?
Is Serbo-croatian an actual lingua franca or a meme?

Serbo-Croatian is main language of Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks. Macedonians and Slovenes mostly know it and easily learn it. Montenegrin, Bosnian, Bosniak languages are just political constructs.

The Happening was a shit-tier movie, like Snowpiercer but with a substantially lower budget. The fact that the director was a white supremacist doesn't help either.

Typical rebuttal from somebody who "evolved" in an environment where a great savior is supposed to work 24/7 to take care of everything.

rap is niggadry of the highest order

Wow they really did bomb you into submission

I'm not a Serb
Your argumemt is invalid

I just had this.


Don't waste your time fighting each other Croats and Serbs, work together and finish off those filthy fucking Turkish henchmen and right the wrong of their settlement in the Peninsula these last 500 years.

Hopefully then Romania and Bulgaria then join the fight and kick out all the goddamn turks from the balkans. Don't know the geopolitics well enough but its disgusting that a single turk lives in southern europe after the occupation.

For all my Slavs and honorary Slavs!

I've been looking for my favorite bosnian war thread theme.

Help me find the band. The are like heavy ?christian rock. The lead singer and or band is named Tommy, I think he was a hero from the bosnian war.
Who knows which Im talking about?

Tomi Meglič Siddharta?

They are coming to their senses.
Love them both



Sve Slavenski povratak
Pan Slavic return


No, sorry, it wasnt Tommy, the band is called Thompson.

Also, they are Croatian Nationalists, rather than Serbian.

theres about as much chance of serbia getting their lands back as germany has of getting theirs

Less, much less

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I think you mean retake, you filthy mudslime.

(((Old tricks)))

Serbo-Croatian is actually just Serbian for the most part, it was brought to Croatia by the Serbs who settled the Military Frontier against the Ottoman Empire, and the surrounding Croatian populace adopted it or are themselves Serbs who were converted to Catholicism. Croatian consists of 3 dialects:

Majorty of Croats nowadays speaks Serbian, i.e. the language of the Serbian medieval state, and not the language of the Croatian medieval state.

Croatian Nationalists consider Muslim Bosniaks to be ethnic Croats and brothers in arms. They even built loads of mosques for them during WW2:

The only course of action with muslims/Croats is to kill them all.

Daily reminder that Serbia (and the greater Balkans) was the true Cradle of Civilization, the nursery of the White Man's inherent technological and intellectual supremacy.

The Vinča culture was the first in the world to develop writing, and developed sophisticated ceramic and metallurgical techniques thousands of years before the muds.

Serbia stronk.

Yeah direct Fuhrer elections

This was also during the time Bill had his nuts in a vice with the Lozinski scandal still fresh and new actual rape allegations coming to the surface. He stayed in office obviously.


Get the Anglos to flank from the West. Europe must die.

Netočno, mi smo već deveta civilizacija na planeti, zadnja je bila atlantida.