Study: Number of Female Subhumans Grows in Texas Prison System

That must be what it is.

The amount of gibs fo dem programs for diversions to keep women out of prison is astronomical with little to no comparable programs for men. To go to prison as a women you basically have to be a piece of shit who shits on the judges desk. Of course they get harsher treatment, they've proven they are worse human beings than their male counterparts.

I wonder how many of those are handed out by female judges.

I like the prison system here. Non-whites generally get real violent disruptive, and are put in a place where they can't hurt anybody, and an added bonus is that generally this reduces the time they'll able to reproduce.


they probably have 50 iq spics working as clerks too

Provably false.

no, you don't understand
they are sentenced at much lower rates and lighter sentences than men
so the few that do real prison time are the worst subhuman pieces of shit, because the less trashy whores are released
consequence; those who are jailed commit rules violation at a higher rate than the average male prison population
because the average 70 IQ nigger in jail is actually better than the random jailed skank

Just curious: does low IQ qualify as a "mental health problem."

I hope you're not implying something FUCKING BASED.

Yes. To (((them))) it does.

No, but I think they lump drug addiction in with it. Meth is huge in Texas and the south, burg of hab is generally either a nigger or a junkie.

dude, srsly
srsly dude
an average 70 IQ nigger in jail cannot be based

How quickly these kikes change their tune is infuriating. Pics related. The amount of infractions once inside a prison has no bearing to the fact that the number of women being imprisoned is increasing.

But it's at the taxpayers dime. For niggers I can understand because there is no realistic legal way to kick them out. But this is hispanic shitskins we are talking about. Now we are talking about something that could have been prevented if we just secured our borders and kicked out the illegals as they are found.

What I'm saying is that this could have been prevented. I don't want them in prison, I want them kicked out of the country.

Protip: if you encounter any female cop or judge, ask them if they have a secret commission.

Didn't embed.

I mean, I agree. It's unfortunate. But if my taxes are going towards anything, I support prison. I don't think prisons should be as luxurious as they are. Prisoners, at least the repeat retards, should simply be thrown in their like garbage. Pay the guards good, and give em some water and soup.

They don't need TV's and all that.

I'm a dispatcher in a spicy state, spics are always changing their names or false ID'ing, women mostly the former, men the latter. Pretty much no warrant for a spic has fewer than 10 documented aliases attached. If they're caught red handed committing another breach of peace they'll eventually get ID'ed and the warrant confirmed on. If it's a traffic stop (and most traffic stops are city councils forcing beat cops out of the neighborhoods and onto the highway to collect revenue for them) they don't want to get bogged down and fall behind on their quotas that totally don't exist wink wink trying to ID the cunt so they let them go.
And it ain't just courts that give women a pass. Women with warrants know to travel with children. When they get detained it's always the same story, I don't have anybody to take care of them. CPS doesn't get involved for anything less than a B felony warrant with mandatory jail time. The bitches swear up and down they'll go and see the judge first thing Monday, cry, play the woman card, play the single mother card, and get uncuffed, leaving with a citation they'll never pay.
Also bear in mind that these spics have family all over and most non-felony warrants are in-state extradition only. Got a warrant in California? No problem, you've got no roots, move in with your cousins in Phoenix.

Forgot to mention it's massive pain in the ass just to check these people for warrants. Double/triple last names, transposed first, middle and last names, last name with a dash, space or all run together, and all that's on top of their lying. You end up spending 10 minutes checking 20 permutations before running out of options.

Good job nigger.

They have like 3-4 middle names and essentially the same four last names that repeat over and over among a million people, it's like mouhammed being the most common name in the world, only spic

Beaner is the new black.

Oh look, the monkey is upset someone had a similar idea. We don't hand out bananas for "unique" chimps.

Ya, but what are the chances that the cop computers actually have decent search algorithms?