Why did Hitler Support Zionism, but was against Marxist Jews?

Why did Hitler Support Zionism, but was against Marxist Jews?

What did the Balfour Deceleration and The Transfer Agreement both have in common? They both supported the Zionist creation of Israel.

Hitler seemed to do so many things right, NATSOC, restoring his country, but why would he help Zionist Jews crate Israel under the Transfer Agreement? This, the mercy at Dunkirk and questionable military decisions (delaying operation Barbarossa) are what puzzles me about Hitler.

Anyone have any insight on this?

He wanted jews to fuck off out from Europe. He didn't want to kill them. If you look for a while you'll see the only jews at first that where chased after where the bankers and the ones killing Europe. Of course the kikes turned against Hitler when he pulled Germany away from the international banks and the gold standard.

I understand what your saying, this is where it gets confusing for me. In his speeches he talks about them being a dangerous international "clique", why would he risk, or even "help" them create Israel?

Hitler didn't create Israel. He simply wanted the jews who didn't want to assimilate gone, whether it be to Palestine or Madegascar.

As for why he supported Zionism, National Socialism is about preserving one's culture and the betterment of a ethno-nation. Zionism is basically that. Had the war began by (((them))), Hitler would have shipped them to Madegascar and closely observe them.

The Madegascar plans go into this.

For fuck’s sake.

But the Madagascar plan came in '45. The Transfer Agreement came over a decade before it. I just don't understand why Hitler knowing how dangerous Jews are, would give in to them and their Jewish ethnostate, it makes absolutely no sense to me.

Technically he did with the transfer agreement.

He never supported zionism. The people making this argument have either never read Mein Kampf or are jews subtly trying to foster an affinity with israel among NSDAP supporters.


Oh okay, I didn't read Mein kampf. Can you correct me in this?

So why did Hitler sign the Transfer agreement and ship Jews to the middle east which is what the Zionists in Britain wanted under the Balfour deceleration?

Also, Jews started the war against Germany with the treaty of versailles and the boycotts.

All these questions can be answered by reading Mein Kampf, which is the most basic of required literature.

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This is a poster here these days. This is the board.

To get kikes the fuck out of Germany and have them be subsumed under muslims. This is basic shit, kike.

That's not answering the question. Why did Hitler agree to the Transfer Agreement which was basically helping the Zionists in Britain with the Balfour Deceleration? Simple question really.

I understand why he wanted out of Germany dumb fuck, why didn't he send them to Madagascar first? Why the fuck did he help the Zionists in Britain under the Balfour Deceleration? Answer the fucking question.

He believed every race - even the Jews - had a right to exist in their homeland. Even so, he mostly just wanted them to fuck off out of Germany. Zionism is a convenient means to accomplish this.



Good fucking god. My question is, after hearing all of his speeches on how the international Jew is incredibly dangerous and evil, why the FUCK would he not just send them to Madagascar or anywhere else? Why would he help the Zionists under the Balfour deceleration by sending them to the middle east? Which is exactly what they wanted.

Because it gets them the fuck out of germany. He found a useful tool and used it. If you can't get that then kys

The Madagascar proposal didn't even come into existence until 1940, seven years after the Havaara Agreement was formalized. It was looked at more seriously because the Havaara agreement was largely a failure in getting kikes out of Germany.

Fucking Christ you're a moron. He literally could have sent the Jews anywhere, but he sent them to the EXACT place where the Zionists in Britain wanted. Why would he do that? Why not just send them to Madagascar where it would be the perfect containment zone for them?

You still didn't answer the question. Hitler could have sent the Jews anywhere. The Havaara agreement still sent over 60,000 jews and resources to the middle east, which is what the Zionists in Britain wanted.

It makes absolutely no sense why Hitler would ever even help Jews, knowing that they are one of the most dangerous parasites on the planet.

Hitler wanted Zionism the say way American whites wanted blacks to have Liberia. It doesn't matter where they go and what happens to them as long as they're gone. Nobody thought they could actually create a successful state. It was assumed that the locals would bully them out of existence. Indeed without all the free gibs from hall of cost guilt, they probably would have.

Because the French owned Madagascar and the French didn't want to ship Jews there. However Britain owned Palestine, and Britain was willing to let Jews settle there. German didn't own an significant overseas possessions since WWI.

No answer is ever going to be good enough for you. You're just going to keep going around in circles. The Germans didn't control Madagascar, France did.

No it isn't. Zionism is internationalism masquerading as nationalism.

My mistake, it still doesn't account for why Hitler would send jews to the exact place where they wanted.

First post to make sense. I've been reading a lot of leftist bullshit including a book called "conjuring Hitler" (The idea that Zionists in Britain created Hitler to go to war with Russia),

It's all so tiresome.

Only if you're pushing a ludicrous kike fairy tale that Hitler was an all-powerful demigod impaling kike babies on swords made of crystalized zyklon gas from the moment he stepped into office.

Dukirk is covered in Keitels memoirs and is blamed on the generals, not Hitler. In ww1 the plains flooded and they didnt want to advance their armor, which could be bogged down and made useless if the plains flooded again.
The plan was to send them to Madagascar until Britain use their navy to block the transfer.

It just seems like Hitler made so many fucking mistakes. The mercy at Dunkirk and delaying operation Barbarossa seems very questionable, even though the reasons look justified. Jews always play both sides.

Would you rather to go disney land or hell moshe? Which are you going to comply with more reedily?

I want the truth, that's all I care about.

Because it's much easier to move a population if they're cooperative.


You can only get it by your own investigation. You aren't allowed to investigate the holocaust bit though, ok, that's ant-semitic and may be against the law in your country. Mentioning that the Nazi's were zionists even though that's what the last two letters stand for is also anti-semitic.

There comes a point where discussion is needed at least for me, everything you read seems to be built on lies. How do you know what's true and what's not?


Can we get some fucking gas for this kike please. The only thing built on lies is your world view.

Hitler was far to kind of a soul, He was a hero, a truly wonderful man, but far to kind. I don't know about zionism, but he definitely didn't gas any jews. In retrospect, he should have killed all the jews, and we know now that killing all the jews is the only long term path forward.

read the Stalag Translation

I would assume the basic idea was that if they had a nation of their own then they would inevitably gather there.
Ending the diaspora and its cancerous behaviour without engaging in the messy affair of genocide.