Michael Edison Hayden

This journalist is harassing the family members of White patriots.

Contact his family: 516-883-3481
Visit his family (and possibly him): 36 POPLAR PL, PT WASHINGTON, NY 11050

Whois data from his website.

115 Oak Street, Top Floor

that's 115 Oak Street Top Floor, Weehawken NJ





combo breaker

ah, shlomo you avoided flood detected post discarded quite aptly there, it's as if the Red Sea was risen.

pic related

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u dun gufed OP

I remember when flood detection was more acute on Holla Forums than anywhere, although you may not.

Comrade Cantwell is WHITE and REDPILLED

get OUT

You have his address, now go to his house. Kneecap him, beat him with a bat, molitov the place, whatever. Your choice.

Is Michael Edison Hayden trying to falseflag himself in this thread, or what?

probably, but he will still have to explain to his mom why she has been receiving gay porn with his face in it

Translation: oy vey goyim! do not organize like us jews! remember goys! individual responsibility! rugged individualism is the (((American way)))!



Take this to
where it belongs.

So report the harassment to the cops.