Oscar Perez aka "Venezula Rambo" has died

Venezuela confirms death of right wing freedom fighter Oscar Perez aka "Venezula Rambo"


His last video he made during shootout with Venezuelan forces:

For a long time, Venezuelans called for the US, China, or any other to help them, and then comes Oscar bravely calling for all of Venezuelans to arms, but no one answered his call….Today, we mourn the loss of a brave man who stood up to communist dictatorship, and died because of it. May he be an inspiration to Venezuelans and others alike. His death will not be in vain.


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Really sad when you realize his death was totally in vain, when he started his fight against the regime he received little to no real help from the people, now that he is dead, all you see is Venezuelans posting angry/sad comments on social media from another country they ran away from but they keep going on with their lives as if nothing happened, Perez hoped that his act of defiance will inspire the people to rise up and fight, but the average Venezuelan is a coward who would rather suffer a long painful and humiliating death by starvation and sickness than risk his life fighting their oppressors. It's infuriating to see how they praise Perez while condemning the government on social media, and yet in the real world they keep being submissive little shits who let the government treat them like less than cattle.

It's becoming really hard for me to deny that Venezuelans deserve everything that's happening to them and everything that's coming. They are the Swedes of Latin America.

If you were wondering what our future looks like if the US problem isn't taken care of, this is it.


They will fight when the last father remembers his son, and trades his bread for bullets. But they will fight before the end. They were the first American colony to take their independence from Spain. The love of liberty is there, somewhere in the blood. That spirit was there when he died, but it did not die with him and his band of patriots, I should think.

He fought against an up hill battle, and he died believing and fighting for his country's future. The commie menace may have cut a flower, but the seeds have been planted.


Daily reminder that his biggest mistake was getting into a shootout with police rather than hijacking fuel trucks and sabotaging the refineries.



They strafed the shit out of that place scarface style.


Their refineries already caught on fire a few years ago, that's part of the reason they're doing so poorly. Instead of blaming incompetence they blamed the CIA.

God bless his soul. He died a martyr, as far as I'm concerned. Holla Forumsacks can only hope for a death half as good as this.

No death is in vain when you die for what you believe it, his death is inspiring. It is proof that you should expect failure if you are fighting for what you believe in and must welcome it so someone can take your place and succeed.

Hopfully 10 more Venezulan Rambos will stand up now.


How many jews were in Venezuela? I'm struggling to see why communist faggots took over the country and why nobody cares (remember the jew always silences the opposition to communism unless it serves their infinite war economy interests).

We all must still strive to rid the world of the communist menace as it is not a economic system it is a socio-political system to control ever aspect of peoples' lives by a super-elite power structure bent on the basis of psychological and physical extortion. Kill them all in cold blood, yet have Kim nuke CA.

South America is a unique situation. They do it to themselves because they're shitskin idiots that want gibs. The reason it even started there was Soviet pressure to turn America's Monroe protectorates into satellite states for them



he wasn't white i do not care.

It's hard to say, but as a spic myself, I can attest that they were simply dumb and freely accepted communism without knowing/caring about the dangers it held. Latinos are a very lazy people, so they would jump at the opportunity for some gibs. Not to mention the only reason Chavez got elected was because the mesticos and niggers outnumbered the white Spanish population. Basically this that happened with Cuba. Soviets wanted a satellite state, local niggers fell for the commie meme, the regime only gibs niggers just enough to keep their loyalty, everyone else is fucked.

Whether he was white or not doesn't matter. Communism is a threat to us all and should be encouraged to stand against it. Hitler would have cleanse all of Europe from commie filth had the war not began, and US were about to cleanse Vietnam from commies until (((hippies))) stopped it.


Pretty much, in fact all browns around here tend hard to the Left.

Some, much was done from the US by hedging and investing, but someone had vast interests on the fall of the shithole. And as I pointed out, browns ( here in Brazil we call them pardos, englobes all shades of brown ) tend heavy to the Left, and since all this quasi beaner countries are all failing and falling, this garbage is flooding the country.
And our government is so jew infested and bought, Congress passed a law stating any and all illegals are welcome and fit for any and all welfare and public healthcare. Brazil had bad racial relations, too much blacks with larga number of whites, now with immigrant flood, racial war is a reality.


I agree. Which is pretty much why the US is having a cultural Marxist problem. Reagon thought that latinos could be right, which they technically are, but when the opportunity comes to get free shit, they would not hesitate to turn hard left if needed. It is the reason why commiefornia turned from a battleground state to a solid blue in two decades. Sadly, from what I hear Texas is not far off.

opinion discarded

He thought he was in 1956 Budapest but all he got was 1968 Prague.

Also hard to be a mut when I'm not even American lel


here's the template i'm too lazy to make one for venezuela


I can not provide you or anyone with hard evidence, just decades of observation and anecdotal events. But for some reason beyond mundane science, the majority of mixed people and brown are unfit to live among decent people, whites and asians segregate willingly. Either cognitively or culturally you can observe this on their behavior, relationships, family hierarchy ( latino have a huge matriarchal thing ), the way their societies are built. I dare to say culture affects the genes after some period of time, maybe it rewires your brain, maybe it is mother nature doing some course correction on a massive scale. The point is, the majority of pardos are not fit to live among whites, I became borderline depressed when asking anons here places i could move on the US so I could live among decent people. Outside living innawoods, I am fucked.

Read Mein Kampf, faggot.

Your anecdotal evidence is good enough, cuz it's accurate. Culture definitely affects the genes to an extent, and I do believe that is part of the reason why those counties don't do well, matriarchy, is bound to fail, and with whites and Asians (good ones of course) do willing try to keep to themselves.
Just try a small town or something, if you're not trying to fuckin race mix or anything, as long as you're not fucked in the head, you'd be fine.




I kinda agree. I get what he was going for, kinda like a call to arms. But I think that backfired when no body came, I think Venezuelans really are either lazy cowards, or thought it was a government honey pot. I know I would have doubted.

He should have waited it out, gather more people in secret, and did something when they were ready, and waited for when the people started doing riots again. If he'd done this stunt a few years ago, than it might have played out better.

all spics are miscegenates, an abomination unto this earth.


A warrior's death. One that should inspire other Venezuelans to kill the leftists before they lose everything.

rip OP

I feel for him, but everyone involved in insurrection and revolution know what they're getting into. Why didn't the people actually rise up in Venezuela, I don't get it, they had a guy aerial bombing the supreme court and the entire country was in a state of emergency and nationwide riots/demonstrations. The perfect timing for such a thing, and they even had a "figure" to rally around at least as a sign to go out and fight if nothing else.

Other anons, have already said it, that Venezuelans deserve everything they get since they've been voting for this shit for decades and when it collapses they just whine for more handouts. If they don't actually do something, when their entire nation is on the verge of collapse, they deserve everything that happens.

Probably the same reasons the Russians didn't fight with everything they had against jewish Bolshevism: they were demoralized, fragmented, and intimidated. One man alone can only do so much. Venezuela's situation is not so far removed from our own, the difference is a matter of degree and not essence. We see the exact same apathy and pathological cowardice in the West. This is how leftists have been operating for centuries.

The biggest difference between the West and Venezuela I would say is that they were just about to the brink of nationwide insurrection. The West is still apathetic, and I hope to God we get to that point soon and we go over the brink to set things right.


Jesus no one was getting outta there alive. RIP in peace

..to a man who have it all to fight a battle alone.

Don't worry leftycuck, your 'people' are next :^).

Actual venezuelan here.
By killing, the goverment did more for his cause than he could have done himself, they proved him and his group were for real, wich is benefitial because he was NOT the leader of his group, neither were his 8 companions the whole group, he was just the face.
Not only did they confirm his cause for the venezuelan people and made him a hero, but they started the radicalization of any movement since they killed somebody that was trying to surrender for the sake of civilians holed up in the house with him.
I too thought he was a honeypot, for wich i am completely sorry and his death made me actually cry out of rage and regret.

The reason he didnt receive help from the common people was because everyone thought he was a goberment false flag, the moment he started getting attacking people from the area went to the place to plea for his life, they were dispersed by the national guard and paramlitary commies.

100% honeypot, the opposition party is fake opposition and every single person venezuelans have trusted since 2002 have turned out to be fakes in the hand of the goverment that only get venezuelans killed or exiled.

They shot up the house with rockets from an RPG and a BTR-80.

People are now outraged like they have never been bofore, people were even crying in the streets.

In the case of venezuela, a long process of psy-ops, infiltration and subersion since the late 50s and also a huge chuck of the population being poor and ignorant.

The race card does not apply to venezuela, since both sides have all kinds of people in there.

Total demoralization, the goverment has infiltrated all aspects of society, the civilian, non political leaders were purged in 2017 and most are still missing (one of them was my friend, when we last saw him, he was being dragged by the national guard with a wound on his head), and an unarmed population.

It’s a Long Road

Venezuela is a western country, stop trying to erase our culture and identity because we are in the biggest clusterfuck of our history, its the exact same shit the goverment is doing while trying to erase our history and importing cubans and haitians to force a fake afrocentrism.

Good riddance to the shitskin, even communists are our allies if they're white.

But communists aren't people.

regardless of the CIAs involvement/non-involvement in burning all of their oil fields, i can assure you that the CIAs existence certainly has not helped anyone in venezuela.

spooks fuck everything up

Cant be any worse than cubans, nicaraguans, iranians and russians trying to take over our country.

I think people were just scared that it was some kind of honey pot. Also the timing wasn't that great. If he'd had shown up right at the peak of the Venezuelan riots, I'm sure it would have been different.

Go back.

the CIA is certainly more competent than whatever the fuck cuba or nicaragua could ever come up with, but i see your point

Cuba has been infiltrating my country since the 60s, hell, the current goverment (the PSUV) was the actual main offensive that went under EVERYONE'S noses because everyone thought the communists guerillas were the main enemy.
Just to put things into context, the old guerilla commies are actually against the PSUV since the early 2000s.

He seems to have grossly overestimated the worth of his sub-human race.

Inform yourself before jumping to uneducated conclussions.


There is literally nothing wrong with non whites as long as they stay in their countries .

fucking crazy. everytime i hear anything about venezuela (not very often here in the west) it always ends up somehow making whatever i thought of the current situation, seem tame by comparison.

do you still have family over there? if so, my heart goes out to you, and them, my friend. no man, woman, or child should ever have to live under the vicious taint that is communism. especially not in this day and age.

i know Holla Forums gives you guys flak and calls all you south americans subhuman spics etc… but the very few venezuelan expats ive met in my life were some of the better friends ive made, and i really truly fucking mean that. they were truly honorable, hardworking, intelligent young men. and seeing the full horror of communism with your own eyes (at least the ones ive met, and im assuming you too, as you are here) tends to make you guys pretty redpilled.

i hope that you can one day take back your country from this fucking red menace. its not looking too good right now, but stay strong and keep your head up. this is an absolutely insane timeline we have all fallen into. who knows? maybe someday soon you will be able to live freely in your own country when it is void of communist oppression. stranger things have definitely happened.


Here's to you, Oscar.

the problem with commies is that they look like people, talk like (pseudo-intellectual) people, and more or less blend into the human population.

but they are not people.
they are bugs.

as such, they THINK like bugs. yet they walk around with the exoskeleton of a human, and so everyone thinks that they are "just people". very often the kids who are just starting to get into it, are more or less naive to the genocidal reality of communism in action, and are simply seduced by its far-fetched promises of utopia. they are stupid and dangerous nonetheless, but i dont feel the same malice towards them as i do the real communists and marxists in activist groups, government positions and universities.

those fuckers MADE their choice. and their choice was to discard their humanity and start working to actively destroy the humanity of all others involved in their scheme. they become a hive and start working subversively to use the socio-political system (as this user so aptly put ) to gain control and power over the population. trying to drain every last vestige of freedom out of them.

it always starts out with silly dreams of global harmony, but then gradually erodes into the most monstrous of human behavior. this is because, after molting into bug people, they have shed their human skin. they have decided that they will actively go against human nature, and have dedicated their lives to forcing all others to be subjected to it as well. this transcendence into monstrosity obviously brings out the absolute WORST in a person. as such, the leaders of these communist movements tend to be the most sociopathic humankind has to offer. the cruelest of the cruel creatures that have ever walked this earth.

sometimes they even start believing their own lies. hell, if they are high up enough in the government they might not even really notice the absolute decay in their country. and when their kids, who grew up the same way, take over all their old jobs. thats when it really starts kick in hard. the population is starved, beaten, killed, intellectually oppressed etc; as the leaders have absolutely no compassion for the peasants. and the peasant class is so watered down, stupefied, or just plain terrified to do anything about it anymore. so when one brave someone (such as this oscar perez) breaks the seal and finally speaks out/takes action, he is hammered down so quickly, that few take notice, and even fewer care.

i would take ten of these oscar perez guys over one white commie. the man died trying to protect his people and his country. he did it more or less, alone. his people were mostly ignorant, too starved to notice, and were so used to false flags that they assumed he was a controlled op. let that sink in for a second. the reality of venezuela is terrifying, but one thing is absolutely for sure. this man was an honorable man


Let's turn him into right wing che.


Retarded child with a mouth breathing IQ. It's called geo-politics kid.

It's what I got on short notice.


My surviving grandparents, uncles and most of my counsins.
You have to understand that we have lost all, we have lost our homeland, any glory or pride, they try to take away our identity (both inside and outside the country, every time a fucking leftist calls me a CIA shill it pains me deeply), so the common attitude between expats is that we have to try and prove to the world that we are competent and hard working people.
I stayed in my homeland until mid-2017, when the goverment tagged a bunch of people in my hometown as being part of different resistance movements and started massive arrests, my parents told me to cut the bullshit and stop trying to be a hero, since if anything happened to me noone would be able to help me (like it happened to a friend i mentioned early), so they pilled their savings and bought plane tickets for us 3 and we left to spain as we have our papers in order.
The hope of those like me that had to leave due to preassure of family and goverment, is that the country finally goes to an actual civil war and we can return to atleast avenge it.


This can be applied to all the spics friend our sublime defect the ones that time and time again will cost us our very way of life.

La Raza indeed.

Well, that point isn't related much to race. Most people are cowards. Chink, nigger, blanco…

Go back to Holla Forums nazbol scum.

The white race is the only race with brave people, Pablo. Other races just have stupid people who like violence. If his revolution was successful, he would have fucked things up just like the current shitskins in charge.

That terrorist piece of shit is dead for good. La lucha sigue, fascistas

His legacy lives on nigger, and you; ustedes ahora tienen nuevos enemigos.

There's a reason the jew wants less Assanges, Snowdens, Jobs, Trumps and more tacos.

You saw his death in person? Be honest, the only "evidence" for anything that happened is shit you've seen or read in the kike press.
It could just as easily have been a psyop to showcase how dangerous "right-wingers" are.

He worked on a single movie at the request of the director, he was a police officer and helicopter pilot.

Sell his T-shirts to faggots that shop at Hot Topic?

Anyone killing commies can't be all bad.
Whatever else he did during life, he died a hero.

The man died believing Trump would help him.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


A man all of us here could take a long hard look at, someone who died for his principles - whether effectual or not. This is a man we all need to take a good long hard look at - because if you see yourself in his eyes, then you know this struggle is truly global.

Rest in peace you freedom fighters - may you finally find your freedom in what comes next.

>>>Holla Forums is that way niggers

Got some Fashwave inspired pic. Making a pic with his dead body could also invoke a lot of emotion and anger for the Venezuelans.

Already happening.

keep dreaming, you keep losing, thanks to the violent coup you fascists tried just a few months ago, people know what kind of pieces of shit you are. Everyone celebrates the death of that terrorist, sorry dakimakura nazis, Venezulea is out of your reach.

What coup?
And fascist how if there has never been a fascist party in venezuela?
The closest was the new national ideal of Marcos Perez Jimenez and that was civic nationalism.
I dont even get why you fucks from Holla Forums come here.

that said, i love the irony of you using propaganda calling Maduro a fascist and Perez a libertarian, even you know no one wants you, so you have to (((lie and manipulate)))

Wait, do you actually bought that the violence during the 3 months before the constituyente process was casual violence? You got deceived by your own board

Youre so rt¡etardedyou cant even see poster IDs.
And let me remind you,not only is an unarmed population unable to orchestrate a coup, but chavez and the commies failed in their coup attempts, TWICE.

That's why our american friends gave them explosives, isn't it?
i guess using a military helicopter to throw bombs into a civilian building is considered being unarmed in 'murica, but it's not normal in the rest of the world.

What explosives?
Do you seriusly think molotov coctels and slings can defeat an army?
It was a police helicopter.
He threw sonic bombs, to this day the goverment has been completely unable to prove that actual granades were thrown, how can you be so braindead?

I'm sure you think Germany was a paradise before the Nazis took power too, huh? :^)

holy fuck you won't even use google to see that what you are saying is bullshit, proved by your own media.
This is the funniest response so far, they explosives you can find in every "pacific revels" march being used against the police and the civilians.
Don't question when you won't do the basic research just because it isn't convinient.

No one said that

Show me your proofs, becasue to this day the goverment, having alleged control of the country, has been unable to prove shit.
But i know that you cant, because there arent, because you suffer from a mental illness known as communism that can only be cured with a bullet to the head.

Are you just reading off script? Are you illiterate? What are you saying in: then?




Are you illiterate?

Oscar was a policeman of the venezuelan CICPC, the goverment itself admited it you mentally ill commie.
That is not a proof of anything other that you cant find actual proof.
The guy was a protester, his coctels blew up on top of him burning him alive, theres actual pictures on ground level of that happening, you propaganda drone.
You still havent showed me any proof of your coup nor of your explosives.

i showed you an intervew where a milician says he was trained to fight in streets, you retard don't understand spanish and only get manipulated sources that are convenient for you. Sorry retard, the confesion is there, you like it or not

you just described every woman ever

IN A NEWS AGENCY OF THE VENEZUELAN GOVERMENT, shwoing no proof whatsoever other that the guy speaking.
Im venezuelan, you disgusting piece of shit.
That is not how it works you imbecile.


wait, are you saying you are not diying out of starvation in a street, instead of that you have internet? oh

The people starving are the poorest venezuelans, the rest are just relegated to terrible living standards and working only to afford food and services.

A direct confesion, aha, of whom?
With what proof?
I can claim im a venezuelan, and i have things to back it up with, a random fuck in a goverment controlled news channel with no proof other than his word is no proof, you imbecile.
BTW, where is the proof of the bombs and the coup?
Im still waiting.

Is that your new go-to insult for CY+3?

You mean like the average capitalist country

You are waiting because you are an imbecile that automatically denies everything that is not convenient for your narrative. You'll keep waiting all your life, and losing elections.

Listen and believe is not proof, you mentally ill bastard, you need things to back it up with, wich you have provided none of.


Is that the best you can do?

The most he did was throwing non-lethal grenades above the ministry of justice.
He called for the manifestations to continue because they can crack the goverment.
Yes, specially because the goverment just raped the treaty of ginebra, since they killed a band of people that were trying to surrender in order to save the life of the civilians in the building.

Do you like the current status quo in Venezuela?
If yes then you ARE in fact illiterate, also vid related
Do you want change?
Are elections working for you?
What alternatives do you have?

Oh, and steal weapons, cant forget that.
In the venezuelan law, theres no death penalty unless a mlitary tribunal decides itt after a trial with the right of defence, Oscar received none of that.





It is never vain to fight for what you believe for, even if you don't get the help or recognitions from your peers, but this is still some fucking bullshit from the venezuelans, fuck them.
I don't know if it's human nature, or modern conditionning, but when for example you hear about the shooting in france, where people sat in their seat while waiting for the terrorists to walk by and shoot them, the average person seems to hope that waiting for the problem to pass while doing nothing is the better solution

Again, the reason why people didnt believe in him its because people though he was a false flag of the goverment, that after the entire country realized that the opposition is infact a goverment proxy.

You're living up to your uncreative reputation

Yeah, I just saw your post, now they really fucked up when killing him, too bad he had to die in the first place



Fuck off, redford

You aren't White either.
White is more than just the colour of your skin.
It's the Aryan spirit of transcendent virtue, the striving for the future of your people, down to the last breath.
Show some respect.

To me, he seems like a modern-day Yukio Mishima. Much respect.


Mexicans aren't white and never will be. Only the purest of Teutonic blood runs through my veins.


You know nothing, imbecile.

National Socialism meant rediscovering the creative values of their own race, rediscovering their culture. It was a search for excellence, a noble ideal. National Socialist racialism was not against the other races. It was for its own race, aimed at defending and improving its race in which that all other races did the same for themselves.

- General Leon Degrelle

Any more details on the other people killed? ZH article states the red scum also executed a pregnant woman among the people inside the house.

All due respect to muh ojitos lindos, but where's the video? Here we got the decisive shot made in the middle of the negotiation period

Also the whole siege was used as execution grounds it seems, a couple of "problematic" gang members the people's collective guardians were killed from behind, supposedly by Perez' group
A shitfest in terms of orders and rank hierarchy, as a couple of agencies got mix up in the ordeal




you speak of controlled ops?
well when you see perez with a freemason hat you should begin asking yourself some questions.

when the shit goes down in venzuela all the commie rats want to run away and hide in colombia when it goes full commie soon.

colombian here, inb4 called a mestizo turd. 100% white, spanish, colombian and american triple citizen



have you ever heard of european migration to other countries?

did you know that when white people have children with other white people in colombia they are still white?

anyways you sound like a shill trying to divert attention to the fact that


I'm not and i will even try to search for the pics, because IIRC there's a 2 or 3 pics of him in a lodge, plus the letter where the national freemasons expel him ala-Breivik
But even when i appreciate colombians, you are still nigger-tier in everything you do, even if genetically white

Take note of all of this user's. In the beginning, our movement will suffer the same fate as Oscar's. We will be labelled "controlled opposition" and feds by cowards who are too afraid to organize and act, and when we die only then will we get some ounce of recognition. In order to avoid this situation, you must first legitimize yourself to the people by eliminating mid level opposition members and their families/associates. People who are too valuable for the leftists to throw away but not completely inaccessible to the average man. Make it publicly know that your organization was responsible for the action, and build up a reputation.

Use terrorism against the opposition and ignore those who dogmatically call for peace, even when all peaceful options have been exhausted. The situation in Venezuela proves that the left will use criminals and police jointly to control the population. No mercy must be given, and the families of these groups are fair game. Hit and run attacks on government personnel and enforcers is the fastest way to gain legitimacy and move away from the honey-pot stigma. Supporters of the government should be periodically murdered at random to instill fear into collaborators. Use extortion and kidnapping and other crimes against supporters to raise resources and money for those who support you.

Use attacks on material and revenue-resources to weaken the government, don't make the mistake of trying to attack the government head on however. Destroy or hijack fuel trucks, smuggle in goods, eliminate important infrastructure, etc. Use the black and grey economy to your advantage. Begin establishing control of an area when you feel you can wage asymmetric warfare against the local authorities and start taxing inhabitants.

Oscar's major fault was that he depended on his people too much. We can not make the same mistake.

There we go, chimp


You're right. He's not dead.

But in all seriousness this user put it the best. And there are too many faggot commie shills in this thread to point out but they're not even trying at this point Hopefully, like a few anons suggested, the Venezuelan people (after confirming he wasn't a honeypot) will rally with the memory of this brave man as their inspiration, vengeance, and retribution. But not to dol out the black pills, I'm quite skeptical of that actually happening. But who knows, spics tendency for violence when filled with righteous indignation isn't exactly unheard of. Either way


We're talking about Venezuela user.

any man who led a rebellion against commies has my support. You kikes spreading disinfo and trying to shill against any kind of rebel trying to spark a fire in a commie country need to be gassed ASAP.

wow theres many more pics

yeah it is niggery to not post them but im a torgroid atm (this is a masonic honeypot) and i cant post pics.
when i post about masonry i always us tor.
the site owner is a mason.
both of my grandfathers, and a great grand father were/was a mason in Colombia and Mallorca.
my dad was asked to be a mason and refused.
i was asked to be a mason and i also refused due to extremely obvious signs of degeneracy (top judeo luciferian masonic sodomite is ex police cheif of a certain lodge with lots of shekels and his son is a cocaine addicted degenerate who purchased said cocaine from a police officer and them proceeded to ask if i "have you ever had naked girl snort coke off of your hard dick?" and thats when i knew to gtfo)

the most disturbing part is that i refuse to believe it was pure cohencidence that both me and my father were asked to join.
HOW the fuck does that happen?
do these people have an extremely elaborate way of tracing masonic bloodlines?
this is the origin of my reluctance to post about masonry.

also another detail was that when grandfather died the lodge was going to give my grandfather a masonic funeral but my grandmother intervened and denied them the right. i believe she knew things about their practices.

and yes you are right he was expelled from the lodge



You seem upset
Are you going to say that Holla Forums is a white genes only board? you are not going to pull that one aren't you




The pregnant woman was the lover of one of the militants, she was indeed pregnant and fled with her men because wifes and family of the militants had been detained and tortured.
There were 3 civilians and 6 militants.

I dont see how thats a bad thing, most of the great character's of my country's history were masons, same with many great presidents and mlitarymen.

Noone, at any point has claimed that venezuela is white, homever, 1/3 of its population is, and the rest of the population is either mestizos (the majority) or mulattos.

It highly rises suspicion that it was staged, or at least lenient in its operations, as masons rarely operate against themselves without giving prior warning

Was, majority of the white population got away after the 2004 referendum, see Bolivarian diaspora, most had double nationality or means to do it and got away.
Majority of italians in occidental states got away, half of spaniards and most basque got away in the oriental states, along with the portuguese in the central parts. Remaining germans and the dutch ran away immediately after PDVSA had its striking members liquidated, as they were already leaving when Royal Dutch and Maraven had many of their fields bought or expropriated.
Along with the natives running to diverse oil-related parts, 5 to (muh) 6 million citizens got away, in a country of once 23 million, now 30. To avoid public pressure, Chiabe opened the doors infamously to cubans (1 million) and other undesirables, like africans and a couple of arabs, the latter to supply the palestinians, lebanese and libyans who ran away to Chile or their respective countries (yes, some of them ironically returned)

And UNESCO stats are bizarre, Cuba for example, a country made by expelled moors and jews all mixing with blacks, has a bigger white population than the U.S. (61%). Unless there was a massive russian operation to replace the mulatto population, i cannot see this being plausible.

Still is, atleast they are still a signinifcant part of the population and i can vouch on that as a venezuelan.
He was a police officer for years before rising up.
The venezuelan goverment are not masons, they are at most linked with afro-syncratic groups of cuba and the caribbean islands, besides, he was expulsed from the order after rising up, i guess because the masons dont want to be targeted by the goverment.

Fuck you larping piece of shit. You might be white but you're a nigger at heart. Even if they're not white they're our fellow human beings and in this cold desolate universe we are living together trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.

If they're against communism, against the kikes and aren't trying to subvert or destroy us then they're our allies. Hitler allied with Japan and Italy neither of them are white. There were Muslim Turk nogs and slant eye Japs fighting the bank's when you were just a glint in grandpapys eye. You're probably u like shill anyway.

If anything venezuela getting back on their feet would be benefitial, since venezuelan expats do want to go back to their country and make it great again, they are just completely unable to do so with such a corrupt and evil goverment.

we should take this as a lesson. i feel we'd take the same reaction if something was done within the united states.

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Whether you like it or not, we have to support our fellow anti-commie brothers from afar. Would you rather they give up, pack up and leave to the US-Europe? Because that will happen if they don't fight for their own land.


Unfortunately for everyone else, millions of venezuelans already left. Out dispora is estimated in 4 millions.

What I heard is that the venezuelan logia kicked him out when he rebelled against the government, logias from other countries wrote letters lamenting his dead, but nothing from here. It seems that at least elite masons from here are colluding with the government.

Fascist, nazi, etc are just buzzword. when the average person reads them they don't think about the actual meaning of the word, they just read it as "this is bad stuff"

Picture for the faggot talking about confessions here.

Second picture is the daughter of Padrino Lopez in spain, like a lot of the family from government members she is outside the country. I wonder why

Funny how his blood type changes.

It's like no-one here remembers the Maidan. Create a hero, martyr him, then use him as a symbol to instigate regime change.

Commies suck but don't go meme'ing for the CIAniggers' bullshit.

I know where you are coming from, but there's nothing to indicate he is a cia nigger. The only reason he's being made into a martyr is because the governmen attacked his refuge withoverkill strength, even after they had surrendered, then following with not allowing the family of the murdered to sea their bodies and attempting to make them sign they did and give them permission to cremation.

Meanwhile the 5 time murderer, the collective leader heiker, who had a control of the clap bags that entered 23 de enero, scum of the earth (and likely murdered by the government as well) is being treated as a hero and a patriot.

When you have Rubio, the NYT, WaPo, BBC, et all crawling out of the woodwork to praise someone who threw grenades out of a helicopter at the same dictator they had been praising as a "model for how socialism can work" a year ago, I get suspicious.

Leaving aside "livestreaming his final moments."

He's supposedly married with 3 children. I don't have the time or the energy to hunt down the details, but I would bet you that they've been given asylum in the US by now, and quite likely will want for nothing. You offer a man freedom for his family, and the hope of becoming a martyr for his country, and he'll die for you.

Either way, I wish you luck in getting the damned commies off your back, just make sure they don't get replaced with a worse Jew.

non lethal grenades. Sonic bombs if I recall correctly, not only that, but at the illegal TSJ that has been enabling the government since its inception. I didn't know Rubio was a commie (though I don't follow american politics nor I give a fuck), the only one I recall praising venezuela (before it imploded) was bernie sanders, and I doubt he has said shit about oscar perez. Meanwhile the media is just oportunist.

Also, his direct family was in mexico, last I checked, at that point it really isn't worth it to die to "save" them. Also, something you might not know, one of oscar brothers (if I recall, younger than him) was murdered to steal his phone not so far away from his original helicopter hijack.

Also, so you just have a couple of facts.

Venezuela when chavez arrived:

You'd have to try real hard to find niggers worse than these ones. I mean, considering the resources venezuela had and how the shape of the infraestructure was in a good shape we decended so fast, in a way I think these niggers managed to outdo zimbabwe for god's sake.

Although sure, shit could always get worse, I've said it before, but there is no rock bottom for countries, shit can always get worse.

Modoro and Godgiven Hair are masons
I can also vouch as an ex-pat that almost no germanics and italians are left in occident, mainly because their jobs or enterprises got expropriated, mainly in the construction sector

5 at one point, you are forgetting Amazonas and Bolivar sekrit fields
Problem with VEN's niggers is that half of them are refugees or political assets like cubans, then you have the lowest of the low being military or small political brigades aka gang members
And to add injury, at least in my experience, i recall hearing from direct family that in some states the shape of some streets was so bad that you could see the original 1930's-era layers made of gravel

It will unless you can find thousands of fire arms and the newer generations magically grow a pair of balls, this year there will be adults who never knew something that wasn't gommunism, there's nothing to fight for in their minds other than running away like i did

At least it's not Syria yet.

My point is just to be wary. The whole thing exactly fits the narrative that has been used in past regime change operations. Actor, helicopter pilot, taking a stand for "freedom" and having beautiful pictures printed in the international press of him. It's almost so good you'd need a scriptwriter. No offense, but Venezuelans don't generally put out propaganda that high quality on their own accord.

Plenty of interests would love to have that oil you're sitting on, and to make sure it is priced in dollars. Especially with the Saudi powder keg ready to blow.



Hopefully he at least took some is with him.



I know just barely enough about this to have an opinion but here it is.

If he was a plant to discourage opposition, people should pretend he was real and be encouraged, but perhaps not take up his exact tactics with the helicopter and nade's 'n sheit.

If he was real forgive me for doubting, they made a martyr out of him. In which case they will likely try and discredit him.

It sounds like the biggest problem was that he didnt have enough of a support network to be ABLE to avoid a firefight with the government. If he had, they would have risen up when he initially called them to, instead of letting him get shot alone with a few other guys.

At this point Juche would have been a better idea lol


You can't into strategy can you?
Just join, and don't say anything while you plot ways to fuck with them.


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