Bitchute is censoring content secretly!!!

Bitchute is censoring content secretly!!!
I noticed that some channels and videos are being shadowbanned from bitchute search engine. They simply won't show up, doesn't matter if you type a fraction of the title or the entire of it, it simply won't show up on the search results.

I searched for the titled and used CTRL + F to look for the exact title. Always 3 entries appear, 2 of them are related to statistics, and the third leads to nothing.

You could say "oh, but it's just your channel that have been banned or something". Not so fast. Some of my videos that do not display "hate speech" or anything related to NSDAP can be found by using the search engine as I will demonstrate.

1. Do you want TOTAL WAR!?

2. Adolf Hitler - Never despair

3. Seven Nation Army can't stop Hitler

4. When the lion gets up

5. Irohazaka - Killing my love (drifting video)
Not censored.

6. The day the world lost

The reason for all of this.
Ok, now its time to speculate.
Why would they do this? Well, there are a couple of reasons.
When youtube started to censor videos, they just got massively reuploaded, so they started restricting it, by not showing them on the search results page and also not displaying view count in order to discourage and demoralize the public that supports NSDAP. So a big part of us and also some famous and key people also started using bitchute.
But could all of this be a tactic?
(((They))) knew that some of us would migrate to somewhere else, so the strategy is to also create and control the place where we would migrate in order to control us and the content that we produce, and also limit its potential to reach and change people.
So Bitchute could be just a bait that we bit. They start gently and silently limit and censor the most "extreme" content, so in the future they can also limit the rest of it, or even close the website and make us lose all that rare and concentrated content.

Well, I all know is that the videos that I upload are being selectively and maliciously hidden from the mass public.

Other urls found in this thread:

This is the video that hasn't been censored.

Censored video.

Another one that got censored.

And another one.

And so on…


not saying it's not happening, but it could also just be that Bitchute has a crappy search engine for its videos. Unless they are censoring sonic videos too… (See attached.)

forgot to add url for said vid:

wait, I just searched without the "(final)" and it came up.

I tried searching for fragments of the titles, but no luck.

< centralized (((services)))
< expecting anything less than censorship

Do you know any alternatives?

wait so is this just some stupid site with a shitty search function?

Not, its actually censoring videos.

Read this

yeah, hard to argue this is anything other than censorship then.
according to their community guidelines, you should be able to find out if and why it was censored:
There's nothing there about racism or muh hate speech.

no, I was wrong.

Doesnt need to be.
They could be simply lying about this and secretly censoring stuff.

should have included this. sorry for the double posting.

I believe alternatives will emerge this year.

pew tube

People need to stop being lazy faggots and using all these web 2.0+ bullshit sites just because they're oh so convenient (until they're not) and start going back to uncensorable p2p stuff.
Every noob can set up that good old stuff like emule - no server, no single point of (((failure))), distributed hash table and all stuff that actually just werks instead of technologies that are already memed to death like block chain.

an kad/ed2k link is easily shared via messenger or whatnot, and as soon as a handful of hosts have the content there's pretty much no way to take it down.

I'd agree that the best way forward is along these lines. But I never heard of the protocols you mentioned, and they seem like smalltime microshit stuff. Why not just stick with torrents and using magnet links for distribution?

Bittorrent is OK too, it actually has some advantages over Kademlia (kad)/ed2k (edonkey2000) like IPv6 support which will become more important in the foreseeable future, as well as a much bigger user base, but one feature that puts emule/amule above torrents is that you can set up a directory that you can share which other peers can easily browse and download/distribute files from.
But anything p2p/decentralized is better than what people prefer to use these days really.

All alternative media, especially those that require massive financing, will fail because of just that. The people they're going to be forced to appeal to are going to have demands that force them to do certain things to stay afloat. Even ((( has its issues and has taken totalitarian censorship practices barely making ends meet.

The best thing you can do at the time is to work within the system tirelessly and simultaneously do everything you can to bring them down. It's better to destroy Youtube if you can't compete with it and that goes with every other kiked out company. Scorched earth policy.

Hahahah how old are you? 9?

Strange and now KikeTube is de-monetizing every account below 1000 subs.

We are not a free people. We are not in a free nation. All the chips are CIA. Everything is trash. There is no freedom - they operate everywhere, and meddle in everything, and kill and rape and cannibalize where they please. That is the CIA, and the nature of the dark state.

Bitchute Co-Creator Ray Vahey…

Yeah idk this seems more and more like some sort of honeypot/divide and conquer bullshit the more I look at it, that plus ToR stomping down I think we're still searching for a solution with some backbone, shame the premise for the service and the infra was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.