South Africa - Race War - Military Jammer Edition

Now evidence of South African Chimp Death Squads using military grade equipment. Now there are questions regarding the state sponsorship of heinous Farm raids.

Chimp outs have amped up. Between the H&M and #HoërskoolOvervaal. Out side #HoërskoolOvervaal Africans burn tires, in typical nigger fashion, and chant "white man must die" .

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We need a refugee program to get the Whites out of that shithole.

Remember siener van rensburg predicted pretty much everything right so far. Going to be a race war followed by a German revolution then the US and Germany will destroy Russia and England

siener van rensburg

He said that there would be a flood of black and brown-skinned people into Europe at that time. 
Happening now
 He foretold that one of the signs would be efforts to remove the Afrikaans language as a medium of instruction. 
Happening now
Nicolaas van Rensburg said that at the time of our troubles there would be much agitation from amongst “the Indians”. At another time he spoke of Indians causing a lot of trouble and of him staring down the barrel of a gun from India. 
Poo in loo's have been fucking over south Africa for ages
Russia will return to communism
Putin is mostly there already

EE here, those look more like baseball bats.

Idk why some farmer robbers would use a signal jammer when simply cutting the phone line would be quicker. Plus, you dont necessarilly need a gigantic set of antennas to block a signal. A simple FM transmitter on the wrong frequency band thats just blasting out the electromagnetic background radiation as its primary communication would probably enough. Those can fit in your pocket and work for about a mile. If you want further than that, just hook it up to a car battery and up the power.

Believe me, if a civil war broke out in SA, Id leave. I lament being born 20 years after the rhodesian bushwar.

Plus plus, if I was a farmer, I wouldnt call for help. Id have a rifle and have it be a passtime to take out sheboons.

Really? Baseball bats?

Atleast pick something more believable and say its a radio or some shit.

I dont know if its a jammer as OP states, but I can guarantee you those are not baseball bats

A radio from ww2?

Theyre bats or clubs most likely. Just look at the ends of the handles.

They could be bag pipes 😂

look up pictures of signal jammers from iraq and afghanistan. you need to block a lot more than just fm and you want it to cover a decent range.

umm why? being born in the bushwar and then you get murdered by baby-killing niggers. you're like 40 years too late to have made a difference not 20.

Different EE here, I don't think they're baseball bats because they are the wrong shape to be handles. I don't know what they are, but they look like they're attached to something in the backpack.

I stand corrected. This is almost the exact model.

fun fact those often cause alopecia on the back and side of your head if you use them enough

Its pretty apparent it is indeed a signal jammer, I'm just wondering why bother with it? Its not like a phonecall can save them.

My apologies. I forgot I was on an ant farm.

The primary use is over the UHF and SHF bands. So thats why theyre absurdly large.

This also does not block the VHF band, which means you could easily call for help on a radio. Interesting. Maybe the niggers didnt know that.

My best guess is that the leader (probably EFF) has a contact with a (((certain person)))
And asked for a signal jammer.

I can almost imagine the Jew going "well what frequency band do you want to block"
"I want to block FREQUENCIES white boy"

"Okay this is the best we have for sale"


Remember goys, don't organize militias and fighting groups to defend against these people. FBI might steal your underwear if you do! Just stay here and shitpost, its much safer.

detroit has several areas that the police response time is measured in hours instead of the usual minutes. imagine you are a white farmer still in SA and you have seen shit ever since your country was handed over to a bunch of marxists. all you white farmer neighbors have seen it as well, all the older white men have military experience and firearms, most of their kids have been brought up learning that they are besieged in their own country. one night you get a call from your neighbor saying a bunch of kaffir broke into the farm and are surrounding the house house starting fires and waving machetes. you call your other neighbors you grab your shotguns and rifle and drive over there. maybe it takes 30 minutes for everyone to get there, but your neighbor under attack is also armed and is able to keep the animals at bay so when you finally arrive they run off into the night. now imagine if instead of being under attack for an hour the animals cut the telephone lines and are blocking all signals so you cant call for help, now they have all night and day to get into your house, kill your wife, your children, and rape your goats. it would probably be days until someone drove by to check why they hadnt heard anything from you.


Not baseball bats.

He also said Germans would resurface with super advanced weapons. I would support Nazi UFO's coming from Antarctica.- as absurd as it sounds.

I find the likelihood of a feral chimp nigger using a jammer without some sort of guidance or training to be highly unlikely.

Surely there must be a way to use these signal jammers against them. A signal jammer is a very powerful piece of equipment that transmits extremely high frequencies, surely this can be exploited in some manner. Any ideas?

No he very clearly stated it would just be regular Germans not crazy stupid antartica third Reich scientists. The super weapons he talks about don't come from Germans but Americans they are used by Germans

I'm sure it's like a beacon.

I bet Trump sends the niggers the F-35.

That was one of my thoughts. I'm sure that these signal jammers are not of the subtle variety and would be pretty obvious to anyone listening on a receiver. That could be a simple way of recognising an attack and could give the farmer a small advantage.


Hmm… no.

Could play out something like that.
If the Germans were finally pushed too far, possibly fearing the same fate met by the Boer it could lead to a final attempt at freedom. ZOG would of course then march against them a third time, once again gathering the old alliance of tripart plus russia. This time though most of the occupied countries rise up against their governments either out of brotherly love or simple war exhaustion, bogging them down in civil war. Only hopelessly gone peoples such as the eternal anglo and the russians manage to retain control and march against the Germans. The other whites win their civil wars and march against ZOG abroad, devastating the worst offenders and glassing the middle east in it's entirety.

It's not an entirely unreasonable order of events.

nice consecutive digits, I literally laughed out loud at that "…FREQUENCIES white boy."

western politicians are jew puppets

russia is a different kind of jew puppet as well + they don't give two shits about non slavs

the only thing that gets you out of there is shekels

the leafcucks are making immigration fairly easy though recently

German here, Germany is finished imo

German men are extremely demotivated

surrounded by hardcore female supremacists (the last stage of feminism where women generally believe they're superior to men) and mudshits in combination with a lack of decent paying jobs for most guys, few guys are willing to fight for anything at this point anymore

You know, I've heard those words before.

Why do people always spell “poetry” wrong, as if they’re spelling “pottery” if you’re doing it out of ignorance, stop doing it! It makes us look stupid.

Is this an old meme I’m missing or is it just a misspelled word??

This isn't a thread for your conservatard LARP, shit-for-brains.
Sorry to hear, user.

we can all hope but I really don't see it anymore, those were different time…


It hasn't even begun you pussy

It's really rather frightening just how similar things seem to be. Reading his words, any given criticism he has about the way things were in Berlin may as well have come directly from the headlines of buzzfeed today in the form of praise. That even in the depths of that so many rose to fight it despite how deep and pervasive the lies of the kikes were I think is testament to the German will. The fight isn't over until they've cut down the last man willing to stand against them.

If nothing else, the fire rises in the east, and we haven't forgotten that you and you alone stood with us in those dark days.

I can't take obvious demotivational posts seriously especially when they're so blanketed and cookie-cutter and with earlobe spacing to top it off. You'll continue to insist nothing can be done and coincidentally spend more energy doing that than anything else. How boring.

hahaha no fucking way, this post has to be bait

how fucking new are you?

Oy, how many do you want? You can have each one cheap because I like you.

What about starting a war and then giving them a legitimate reason to become refugees.


Then do the right thing if you're so willing to lay down and die. Send all your women to America and let the white men here protect them. I'll be happy to help stock a genetic seed bank. At the very least let your last act be protecting your own from the hoard before you give the stinkbeards your boipussy.

You're a blind retard. Please refrain from spreading your bullshit and lurk.

Well when the government itself is ran by communist niggers are you really going to think they don't use the state?

Don't be a faggot. The new Reich will rise like the sun rises in the morning. See to it.

False. He never said anything regarding Germans from Germany itself, or Germans from elsewhere. He only stated that they would be Germans, AND that they'd come from the South as many numerous prophecies always state about the bringer of the Golden Age.

Another interesting thing is he also mentioned how 3 (I believe was the number) "submarines" would supply the Boer's with weapons that would allow them to win the war. There's a documentary from an actual television from the 90's or so that is on youtube somewhere if you can find it now that everyone is shitting up youtube with this prophecy given recent events.

At the very end nearly 30 years ago it states, "And how will we know this time is upon us?" and it was answered, "When the ice begins to melt." Which would be confusing as all hell to everyone possibly thinking sometime after a harsh winter, except I don't think it snows in South Africa and the place isn't very specific. UNTIL you start to read recent headlines that icebergs the size of Delaware are breaking off from Antarctica and its being confirmed the ice is melting on the Western portion.

Prophecies almost never give you exacts, only a string of happenings that guide you were you're at in the timeline. How it plays out isn't really significant only the major turning events in the timeline are.

He didn't say any of that dumb bullshit. His prophecy regarding Germany was he saw a snake broken in half then being healed. Which came true with east and west Germany. He then said the Germans will have a revolution after ethnic tension spark up world wide starting in south Africa. After that Germany will send commandos to help the boers

Well first off lets get this straight, he never said any of the "dumb shit" in specifics only interpretations. Multiple translations that I've listened to said basically the same thing and nothing about German commandos only that German ships would supply them with arms to win the war. I'm not just talking about Simon Roche's version either but ones that were before that.

So by all means point me to your brilliant translations. Watch the video especially the end.

If only Trump wasn't a jew wannabe.

Why send women to a place that helped massively funded and supplyed the nigger hoards that destroyed South Africa & Rohdisa?


Anything to keep them out of your semite hands at this point bitch.

It is hopefully sterilizing them, or at the very least the guy wearing it will only be able to make female niglets.. But there are endless hordes of them so that doesn't matter much.

no they operate mobile phones for arranging drug deals, sex, and robberies. they can switch a jammer on and carry it. It requires no more training than that.

In a jew run world this is will only get worse.

Did anyone ever watch the ADV China videos where the South African guy talks about the government being terrorists and the comments is full of millenials saying Mandela is some Obama level angel descended from heaven?

South africa will probably end up like Haiti.

You shouldn't have given them the rights to vote, blame yourself.

SA and Rhodesia were squeezed completely dry by the ZOG, sanctions out the ass, nobody would even engage with them diplomatically. The only country that would, to my knowledge, was Portugal. Once Portugal also collapsed from commie military revolution, Rhodesia was boxed in, and once Rhodesia went, it was SA's turn.

Lurk instead of injecting your retarded opinion you sack of shit.

The Canadian government turned down a white family of 5 I believe it was, sent them back and told them it was white supremacist propaganda that they faced any danger or that farmers were being killed etc.

This is something I wonder about, not only then but in a modern context too. If any country manages to break the pozz ahead of everyone else they're going to be staring down both barrels of a near universal embargo.

But Rhodesia was an agricultural powerhouse. You're going to tell me they couldn't feed themselves? Where were the whites rioting in the streets over lack of walkmans? Why not just ride out the tough times and tighten the belt? I really need more about this I guess, but I can't understand why sanctions alone would cause them to slit their throats like that. Not to mention, if they held on for a few months the niggers in the rest of apefrica would have no choice to buy from them once they start starving over there, and it's not as though the Chinese give a damn about these things, it's not as though trade would have been impossible, it just would have meant cutting ties with the occupied west. The bushwar sealed the deal for the Rhodies, but nobody from outside their own border was pointing a gun at South Africa, the leaders themselves killed their people the killing blow came from inside.

If South Africa ever had those "race specific bio-weapons" that i've heard about a few times, It really would have been a better move to just release those.

I bet they'd lovingly accept a mudslime family of 19 with ties to isis tho. : ) To bad that meteor that hit today wasn't larger and aimed at that cuck of a prime minister they have.

Because being an agricultural powerhouse is pointless when you've no one to sell too or to sell you things you DON'T have in the immediate vicinity, no ports to trade with possible friendly nations in other continents, and when you've got a constant never ending wave of communist funded niggers pouring in from every side of your border.

It took nearly a decade to kill them. It took Portugal losing total control of Angola and Mozambique. And even THEN they didn't lose the war itself, they just could not keep going further.

What I'm saying is, even with the economy in flames, there is no shortage of food. I concede the government wasn't really as committed as say, Holla Forums hypothetically would be. But if you can keep the power mostly working, the water mostly clean, and the food stores mostly full, it would be possible to ride out the poverty, I mean hell look a the niggers they do it all the time with far less. And I do think trade would have been feasible, you'd just have to sell to chinks and poos, neither of which cared enough to join the sanctions, and both of which were too powerful to have sanctions put on them in retaliation for it. Rhodesia was fucked, no matter what they were willing to roll in with tanks and seal the deal, but specifically regarding the economy, was the situation really untenable?

Say for example a small white but poor country goes full 14/88 tomorrow. They've got nukes or superaids or something that keeps the kikes from just flat out invading, but they're totally cut off from dealing with the west at all. I think that country could muddle on, though it would mean some tough times ahead in doing so. So long as you've got enough food to prevent mass starvation, and enough to guns to prevent nation wide riots, why couldn't you hold your ground even if it meant doing things north korea style for a year or two?


How do you keep the water clean without treatment plants. Also all major rivers flow by enemy land and can be blocked.
How do you keep power without power plants, and no fuel for those plants.
How do you keep fighting without bullets and fuel for vehicles?

Is there any easy way to detect radio jamming equipment? If there is then such equipment could be used as an early warning system.

If your previously functional radio stopped working I suppose.


When your shit doesn't work?

Everyone has treatment plants, so it's a matter of keeping them running, which even backwards shitholes don't have a problem doing. I don't see this being the bottleneck, but if someone knows better feel free to tell us about it.

In the case of Rhodesia, they were coal self sufficient. A great deal of european countries are as well, they simply don't make use of those deposits either because of environmental treaties or cheaper alternatives. You might have to scale things back, but the lights would most likely stay on.

Bullets aren't a huge issue, in all likelyhood you wouldn't even use the ones you've got stockpiled up as fighting would be pretty sporadic and they're easy to trade for even if you're actually buying them from the norks, which is how they make a lot of their money incidentally. Fuel would be a huge linchpin though, I think that would acutally be what decides something like this. You'd either need a source, say columbia maybe, or you'd need to invent electric cars or bio diesel to get by, either one obviously being a huge matter of state. It really seems to come down to securing a fuel supply more than anything else.

You can listen for it, it has a pretty big large footprint in terms of the interference it kicks out.

Reminder this was in the 70s and Rhodesia is land locked and lost any access to ports when Portugal fell and SA withdrew out of fear what it'd do
Of course the ZOG came for SA after, so it was a mistake on their part.

Well, in the case for Rhodesia, they were fucked no matter what. ZOG had already decided it was willing to resort to outright war to finish them off, and would have escalated it as far as they needed to. As for SA I don't think it was a mistake, I think it was sabotage, the kikes got in and crashed things from the control room. Also, didn't SA actually invade the Rhodies near the end?

In talking about standing up to ZOG, I meant in a more modern context, and of course the means to prevent a conventional war that being nukes or whatever else. Without a deterrent, you really can't do anything so long as the rest of the west remains occupied.

Is it really that hard to shoot back? Just kill the niggers they're worth dirt.

Is it really that hard to shoot back? Just shoot the niggers down.


If your from a NATO country, the US and UK been by far the worst offenders.

White africans need to leave and live in Botswana illegal.

Very simple: oil. Rhodesia did not have its own oil fields and their only lifeline in this regard was Portugal, which provided sea access and an oil pipeline. After independence, Rhodies imported black market oil through that one port anyway (don't remember the name) and Portugal helped them a lot. But after Portuguese East Africa became Mozambique and was surrendered to feral apes, Rhodesia was fucked. No oil = no logistics = no warfare. They resurrected steam trains, for fuck's sake, and rationed fuel like no tomorrow. It's no small feat that they held out as long as they did with the tiny reserves they had. No economy could exist without oil in the 70's; few economies can even today. No amount of food, coal and bullets can fix a liquid fuel shortage.

We never should have left that war unfinished. It's a goddamn sting to me.

Brothers, this is what a CIA post looks like:

You are totally fucking onto something!!! The CIA doesn't want you to have jammer detectors. How lulzy these times are!

How much does a jammer cost?

Don't be a dumbass. kikes are operating niggers. Niggers are the thieves, kikes are the fences.

you have no idea where you are do you?
you think anyone here cares?
do you think this board is for widespread consumption?
you have to go back

Jews have been embedded in the South African troubles since they started, and the ANC is very tight with Israel despite being on the other side of Africa from them. The fact is that this is clearly professional grade equipment that private citizens are not allowed to own, nor are they allowed to even detect or counter it. South Africa is so corrupt that the farm murders are bad enough to not be investigated - now it is simply fact that they are funded and supported by some higher actors.

This is now explicitly a sanctioned genocide. Every South African association sympathetic to whites must be made aware!

All this persecution of whites across the planet seems co-ordinated. Are they trying to push whites out of their comfort zone? Are they trying to aggravate whites? Are they trying to give whites reasons to fight back? Are they gearing up whites and training them to hate all shit skins? Is this all preparation for white on shitskin genocide, worldwide? Is this how whites become the majority population on the planet?

a FDA visit and 80 years in jail

yeah but who has a ham radio and the mind to use it to call for help


It's all a plot by the hyperborean nazis.

1940's FTL

it is simple jewish instinct to try to genocide whites

I pray every night for the antarctic white supermen to return to our lands

Makes you think. Jews would easily fail for such a master plan

Or their plan is counting on that happening which would be more problematic to deal with.

▶Anonymous 01/18/18 (Thu) 16:39:54 2a47e5 No.11163221

Tillerson has now announced that their plan is basically exactly the same as they were doing when obongo was president. America is not leaving until Assad is overthrown and Iran removed from Syria.

▶Anonymous (You) 01/18/18 (Thu) 17:55:24 000000 No.11163434

so in 1945 some nazis went to the oss and create cia

the other nazis went to the ussr

they joined again in germany during (((cold war)))

did the americans and russians (including putin) do great spy stuff in Berlin/ DDR ? or was it in (((reality))) the DDR allowing them in so they could infiltrate both america and russian intelligence services ?

Who is really running the show? Who created a country for themselves based on lies?

How does Russian propaganda work? 8ch is full of it.

Is SVR fighting CIA/NSA or………………………….

………………..are their whole organizations puppetsystems in a game of The Higher Joy?

Why are their mindcontrol implants and systems so simular? Including the overlapping brainwashing propaganda.

Only way out is for either of one to expose the methods of the other. East and West is conned.

▶Anonymous (You) 01/18/18 (Thu) 18:02:15 000000 No.11163457

How to remove implants from Israel (Beer Shiva factory/datacenter) used for hypnosis. Left part of brain implants (speech center) registers silent voices carried over microwaves and modulated as ultrasound (why it's called Silent but some people may experience buzzing)

I want to hack my implant and be free

All ex-military have these. Americans have implants from the facility in Florida. They cost almost nothing to produce. 99% of chipped people have no recollection or memory of what happened.


Don't be a faggot. The new Reich will rise like the sun rises in the morning. See to it.


don't talk like that
you know the Reich is going to strike
like it was 9/11
they got a hit for berlin and amsterdam
their spook agencies are infiltated deeply
we know all their names
wait and see

Did the shilling bot break or something?

You make a charcoal filter.

We need an expeditionary force to bring the fauna to heel.

*FCC visit

It says "Theoretically mussten fast 300.000 kilometer per sekunde moglich sein"
Fast means almost in german, so "almost 300k kilometers/s"

Didn't South Africa revive the coal liquidification processes that Germany had during the sanctions period? I know that those complexes would have been too expensive, but that would have at least supplemented the black market fuel transports from Portugal.

Wood gas, coal gas/dust, biogas


And this is why I would have no qualms about doing the same to the chimps that live here when the time comes.

Trump and NATO will back the niggers. History will respect it self unless China and Russia step in to stop it. China knows how to put monkeys in their place

the flooding of western nations with poop colorereds is obviously to create war based on visible race distinctions. they were already in us for radicalization. needed to have more poop coloreds in europe before op could start in open earnest

Grandpa pls.

>A simple FM transmitter on the wrong frequency band thats just blasting out the electromagnetic background radiation as its primary communication would probably enough.
Do you thing niggers are smart enough to figure "frequency bands"? They need out of the box solution with big on/off button. Exactly what military stuff for grunts is.

No this is just natural order of things. Racism despite what "liberals" say exist and nations always persecuted each other. White race position weakens and more relativity stronger nations start to persecute them because they can. Weak should fear the strong. This is natural. Your aку trying to find ZOG in the fact that wolf eats sheep.


Jews weaken white nations from incide. But attacks are not directly jewish works. This consequence of weak white so other nations can pray on weak. Weak should fear the strong. White nations are weak. They should fear. This is absolutely natural process.

lol your tactics are shit

Are they zica virus victims?


In case Holla Forums doesn't know, farmers in SA and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) operate on a radio network with each other to stay safe from farm attacks and receive assistance if possible. The reason they were given that jammer is to scramble their attempts to signal other farms while the niggers kill them. This is concrete evidence that those with the means to get mimitary-grade equipment are attempting to ethnically cleanse SA of its whites.

You don't even hear about this, do you? Pay close attention to this and then look at the mass media. Completely silent. This is how our genocide will go. They'll be raving about #metoo and James Franco but when it comes to a concerted ONGOING effort to wipe out whites, nothing. This is the most dangerous apsect of Jewish control of the mass media. Not only are people difficult to shake awake from its grip, they do not have the chance to make a choice regarding, or even know about, that which needs to be fought.

Get geared, read up, and pay attention to names, Holla Forums. This is a conflict that will not be won by the masses. Only highly motivated, informed, and competent groups of individuals have the chance to succeed. Be ready when the opportunities present themselves.

A type of dysentery combined with a man made drought could be a spell of fun.

China put the monkey in their place.
China did train and equip Mugabes and ANC men.

The Commieniggers are only a cover for Pajeet clans who want to take over everything they can get their poo-stained paws on.
Also, the ant people are also putting on moves.

Baseball bats?! Wie die poes speel base ball hier, sagte ball miskien maar fok tog ou.

Somebody who knows what the fuck is going on here, it's a military jammer.

An old radio, a soldering iron, and a bit of electronics knowledge would serve to make an alarm warning you of radio transmissions in the area. Tune it to a station that doesn't usually have broadcasts on it and wire it to trip a fet and sound an alarm if it receives a strong enough signal. This would only work if they're using a wide band jammer.

You could probably do something similar to warn you of cell transmissions in the nearby area on any of the common cell bands, though unless you lived way out in the sticks it'd light off every time your neighbors called someone.

Or if this user is right, you could do the same with a cheapo baofeng tuned to one of the UHF bands listed there. Looks to me like that particular one is designed to block cell frequencies and is just a simple overpower jammer. Passive detection wouldn't work against something more sophisticated designed to only transmit when it detects a signal in the frequency it's jamming.

Best would be to make something that monitors all of the local cell frequencies, then just turn off the relays for the ones your neighbors use, or have them set to only activate at night. Or only sounds the alarm if it gets a signal on more than one band at the same time. With sufficient autism this could be done with parts scrapped out of a spare cell phone and about a month's worth of reading radio and circuit theory.

Do anons know where and who makes this specific equipment pictured?
Any idea who likely supplyed them with this kit?

one of the very few worthwhile refugee notions i've heard of tbh.

I think it would be hard to track down a specific manufacturer (though autism has its ways.) However, similar things sell for about $10k direct from China. The photo is IR, so the colors on it don't show up well.

Closest I could find was pic related, which is a picture claimed to be from Libya. Source of the picture is here:

Bag doesn't match, but the bag is easy to swap. Only other place I could find that antenna arrangement - 1 long 3 short. It doesn't match the US equipment.

Antennas are probably removable and per-band.

The responded post is anti-white Propaganda which seeks delegitimize the whites rightful place in southern Africa. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!
random za pics

We need to spread word on this as much as we can.
SA's government clearly has stepped up it's tyrancy. It's now becoming reverse apartheid.

Time for whites there to either start fighting or perhaps retreat to a location to start fighting.

Fuck this. We need to stand and fight. Enough running.

Ahh, so the (((people that started the conflict there))) might be behind this in SA?

I can understand destroying Russia, but why England? Is it just England and not Ireland/Scotland/ect? I would imagine just destroying London, the City of London, and the royal family would do fine.

Mugabe Yes, ANC no. The USSR actually supported the ANC (and ZAPU/ZIPRA in Rhodesia), but China wanted minerals, so they supported South Africa. Strange, no?

To my knowledge, The signal jammers only affected cell phone radio waves, not the VHF ones, which is what ham radios operate on. By the way, the South African government banned the commando system that protected the farms by arguing that it was racist and unnecessary. Nevertheless, I personally know Boers and Afrikaners who do have their own stash. Side note: there was a police raid in Namibia on a farmhouse a few years back and they found stockpiles of ammo, arms (including .50 cals) and SWATF+Koevoet uniforms. They're ready, there just needs to be the right spark.


cuckfugees from Reddit such as yourself need to fuck off back to that shithole.

In case you don't know, Russia is still capable of being a tyranny not to mention that the USSR supplied the ANC's MK with arms and bombs to terrorize South Africa. Putin is a piece of shit who not only glorifies the USSR, but has ties to the commie shithole countries of Angola and Mozambique, both of whom were supplied by the USSR as well, and commemorates their "liberation". You're not a putinfag like that shithead Anglin, are you?

I literally said i can understand destroying Russia. I really don't care about slavs (except their guns) and was more concerned with the need to destroy "England"

oh by the way, England along with their labour party then the cuckservative tory government that were instrumental in destroying South Africa through it's incessant cucking. Moffie DeKlerk is proof of this garbage. [spoiler]if only we hadn't forced out Botha nor allowed Vorster to force Rhodesia to cuck itself to death,
White Africa could still be a thing. Take a good look at spencer and the other subversives who are trying to subvert your movement. Notice how they want you to compromise your beliefs. DON'T FUCKING DO IT. always remain true to what you believe and NEVER compromise unless you want your movement to die[/spoiler]

You see unlike them I don't disagree with a white apartheid.


And a program to fund the farmers in their resistance.
This shit is ridiculous.

I agree. I think they got it from a Jew. These attacks against white farmers aren't random nigger attacks. Jews are behind the scenes instructing and paying them.

Can any ZA anons explain how and when these farm attacks take place?

except that case where a mother with some children applied for refugee status from south africa and was denied because her claim was sourced with a "white nationalist hate organization"

That seems kind of hacky. Can't you use software defined radio or some professional product for this? Maybe it could even be used to locate the source of the signal.

There's a little white only ethonstate in South Africa already. The whites aren't moving there in droves though. They would have to give up their existing land and start a new life there. And without all the blacks for cheap labor, the cost of living is higher. They also exist by bribing and pleading with the black government to leave them alone. If they really came down on them, I don't know how effectively they could resist.

So a Boer from the "South" with German heritage will be the bringer of light? IF we go with a more realistic theory than Antarctica UFO nazi's?

i've got it! we need to tell them that condoms are a white devil plot to steal their penises because insert black supremacist bullshit here
add the old soviet "condoms have aids in them" lies and they'll all be infected in no time!

Isn't the Western cape region majorly white?

Maybe reference to the guptas?

That pack looks like a SANDF rucksack though. Wouldn't be surprised.

Because out here there are contact points, in more rural areas. Help may be hours away so everybody uses a radio to check in at times. You check in at various times, not going to give you the details but you get the idea.


Beginning to think Vorster's death was an (((inside))) job.

It's majority coloured, being a mix of Khoisan and Dutch people.

They don't even use condoms. Condoms are way more effective at reducing pregnancy than reducing HIV (a lot of HIV is due to rape).

>Beginning to think Vorster's death was an (((inside))) job.
Vorster cucked out long before his death. Kissinger and the bongs did a huge number on his ears and he decided that he could let Rhodesia fall and then negotiate with the terrorists. He sincerely thought that they would stop at Rhodesia. Had Vorster told everyone to go to hell (SA was an international pariah anyway) and brought the brunt of the South African war machine against Mugabe, Nkomo and their baboon hordes, the war would have been over in less than a year. Hell he could have Rhodies helping him in the Border War.
But no, Vorster decided that opinion of the (((international community))) that was spitting on South Africa for decades mattered more than the plight of fellow Whites across the border, so he withdrew the assistance to Rhodesia. Naturally, the international opinion of SA stayed the same, but now Rhodesia was gone and there was no one to support the Afrikaners. A grim reminder and wake-up call to Holla Forumsiticians concerned about optics and muh PR.

Those signal jammers give you cancer guaranteed. The only army dumb enough to use them in backpacks are the americans. Everyone else just drags them around in a tray.

That's not how dubs work.

The blacks stole the phone lines. Everyone has cellphones.

What this guy said, no one in SA owns a fucking baseball bat your post is beyond retarded.


Absolutely this, Vorster cucked out to the international opinion and didn't thought he could have a dialogue with the rest of black africa once he stabbed smithy in the back. You're also absolute right about the war being over in a year or two if Vorster didn't cuck himself to death.

book reccomendation: A Handful of Hard men; Hannes Wessels
it discusses the last part in a little detail in how the RLI, SAS and Selous Scouts could have demoralized their enemy to the point they could have won the war