How do we fix the Ukrainian demographic collapse?

How do we fix the Ukrainian demographic collapse?

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i don't know man, ukrainian women seem to have abandoned any sense of responsibility and whore themselves out more than anyone else in the world.
it's a travesty.

Nothing new.

Ukrainian here.
Ever since the beginning, other fuckhead countries have tried to destroy us, and now they have succeeded, Ukraine is dead. Now, the Ukrainian identity belongs to every mongol, turk, jew, etc. I even think some nationalists think that some of these mixed mongrels are Ukrainian. I don't even call myself Ukrainian anymore, I am Rurik-Slavic/a Slav of the Kyivan Rus.
There are many actual Slavs (i.e. Aryans) in Ukraine, and in my opinion, the only way to preserve ourselves is to either massacre every single non-White and mixed mogrl, or to create a new state in Western Ukraine for us actual Slavs, a new Kyivan Rus.
Of course, I blame the jews for this because they murdered millions of our best stock and have eroded our country for centuries, but I will not forget the role that many others in both Western and Eastern Europe have played in helping them destroy us.

This is a RIDF thread. The way it was orchestrated was pretty clear. First post present Ukraine as a problem second post attacks Ukraine third post says the solution is to accept all of Russia's territorial ambitions and to dissolve Ukraine into a smaller state. Are you still ass hurt about the Putin communism thread?

You can always take in refugees from the Middle East and Africa. :)

ukraine has the lowest gdp in europe

the next big war will happen in it;s territory

you can't fix it

Designated RIDF thread, but who gives a shit about money. Ukraine normalized national socialism and the only only strengthened the idea of a Ukrainian identity.


Part of the demographic decline is due to semitic sex trafficking of Ukrainian women. Tell me there's no "Ukrainian identity" when semites are singling out their women, somw by tricking them visit Israel where they disappear forever and others through various ways.


A healthy sense of nationalism. A leader that "isolates" it from the West, as it were. Keeping out of the EU. Instilling a sense of natalism, and keep the population religious. Soviet atheism fucked up Eastern Europe.

I don't know the situation in Ukraine, but for some raeson Slavic people are determined to autistically drink and smoke themselves to death. The population is large as it is now, however, and something like 1,000 to 2,000 babies are born in Ukraine every day. As long as Ukraine can keep non-whites and even non-Ukrainians out of its territory, it has a future to speak of. From what I hear, nationalism is very widely celebrated in Ukraine. Any Ukrainian want to comment on all of this? What about the ethnic Russians in the East?

Barely Russians. There's tons of Jews and Mongols in that region. It's no wonder that the separatist movement became popular there.

Stop being a melodramatic faggot. Things could be a lot worse and Ukraine has been a lot whiter and natsoc since all the non-whites left with the war.

Speaking from research and Ukrainian experience or out of your ass?

Those russians are a common occurrence in all of the countries they occupied after the war. In Ukraine's case they come as a direct result of the holodomor, they genocided the ethnic Ukrainians and colonized the land, so the only appropriate response is to either respond in kind or at the very least deport them en mass.

The real problem is a lack of national direction. They know the threat from the east, but ignore that it was the occupied governments of the west who fed us to the russians to begin with. Many of the lemming even believe they can follow the path of Poland and plunder the riches of the west, completely oblivious to the fact that even if that was an acceptance thing to do that ship has long since sailed. That said things are pretty promising in Lviv, and parties like Svoboda for all their faults do offer some real progress towards improving things in terms of identity and leadership. The biggest issue is getting them away from the EU, which in light of the mudflood is becoming easier than easier to do, there are some smaller parties without the same problem but they lack the kind of presence needed to really impact wider culture.

Unfortunate how in the interwar period your nationalists went full wewuz and would ally themselves with Bolsheviks over Poland because you wouldn't give Leopolis back.

Unlike you, I don't put anything in my ass so it's unlikely.

not an argument, shlomo

Why so offended? What's up with you stormshits and getting butthurt over questioning your credentials? Are you Ukrainian or are you just pulling that out of your ass? I know there's some Asian soldiers in the region from Russia, but other than that…

Not a country, borderlands.
Cry some more about consequences of allying with bolsheviks, though it was jews who ordered Holodomor so I doubt it'll accomplish anything.
The map is Ukrop TV program "charms of history" on the subject of WWII, can anyone find all the discrepancies?

Just gave back those villages and territories which belonged to Hungary once. After that you can nuke and jew yourself as much as you like.

Israel is still not a country. Stop projecting, Moshe.

nice non sequitur, especially since nobody mentioned Nation Occupying Palestine in a positive light anywhere.

It has already fixed itself.
Since the Orange Revolution and a context of constant civil strife that turned into a full fledged civil war, Ukraine has became so stronk it became an immigrant paradise, just like Sweden.

Or that no numbers coming out Ukraine can actually be trusted because they're cooking them and Russians are secretly hololdmoring them or something.

What's the narrative now? Mossad needs to get their shit together.

Government funded breeding program

No, they didn't. Cossacks, tatars, jews, and other mongrels still are here.
And the fucking polacks with their neverending anti-Ukraine (pro-jew) bullshit need to fuck off and die.

All those fucking shitheads are trying to destroy the Ukrainian people since centuries. But they always survived. They survived the Ottomans, and already shitposted in the 17th century. They survived Poles, Muscovy and Bolshevics. And they'll survive again.

Kyvian Rus will rise.
National Corps/A3OB is the way.


Friendly reminder to not trust ruskies.


An irrelevant question for now. It does not matter that we aren't having enough babies. The problem is mass immigration into all and only White countries. Ukrainians survived the Holodomor, but they can not survive being blended out of existence.
Focus on the immediate problem: Non-Europeans must be removed from Europe. Immigration must be halted, and the (((people))) behind it must be removed.

Give to Putin.


That's the official migration number effect on population.
If it's positive it means more people came to Ukraine (immigrants) than people that left (emigrants)… which is sheer insanity when you have literal millions of Ukrainians that have fled to Poland and Russia (let alone Germany, France, UK now that they can) in recent years.
Which mean that ukrstat (state statistic agency) is obviously lying unless they've hidden millions of niggers somewhere (which I wouldn't put past the Ukrainian good goy gov')…

And if they're lying on that number… what else are they lying about?

Kill the oligarchs and restructure the government.

I saw quite a few niggers there on my last visit. Europe is selling their country out from under them and they are too busy figuring out how to leave to care.

At least 30 years of traditionalism and isolation.


Fuck Europe. They don't even have personal firearms ownership. They deserve whatever state may possess them!

t. Brainlet

At the very least the "Russians in Ukraine" are there since the time Catharine the Great deported the Turk smell from Southern Ukraine .

Ukraine is a dead man walking. Russia will never allow it to rise, and the West is not interested. The only chance that Ukraine has for a semblance of normality and a decent existence if it gets split up between the Russian west and a Polish protectorate in the west, except those fascist morons in the western part keep barking at everyone and discourage any foreign help or interests.

Throughout the centuries, Ukrainians always remained half-civilized peasants that barely qualify as a nation, most of them being a Russian/Polish/Ruthenian mix. If they can't maintain their own nation or fight for it, they don't deserve it.

*Russian east