A senior Polish Roman Catholic Church official has said that a meeting with a refugee is an opportunity for every...


They've decided to attack Poles where it hurts the most: the church.


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Based Poland

Cue, images of husars, polish flag waving and blond Russian gals in army drab Poles tend to be swarty

Roman Catholicism is anti white.

I always tried to figure out how Catholics skirted the whole "no graven images" and "no Gods before me" when they worship an old fuck in a hat and plaster their places of worship with images of God's manifestation on Earth (Christ)

This would follow Hungary opening its borders for displaced europeans by refugees, and it would be so fucking great the EU would throw an even bigger hissyfit.

Hello Chaim or his prot shaboos goy That is the reason why you are no Christian.

Catholics are anti-white. Nothing new. They have been for hundreds of years.

>(((Roman Catholic Church)))

user, we have our own form of nationalized Roman Catholicism. And no it isn't anti-white, catholicism itself isn't anti-white. But the vatican got taken over by some imposter who has lots of contacts with globalists and other kikes.
Anyway, Poland accepting any type of niggerfuggess is not gonna happen.

Also does he really mean "refugees" or actual ones from neighbouring countries?


Without christianity my country wouldn't exist. It is deeply rooted in it and my country helped and still helps to remove commies and kebab.
How is that not pro-white?

Amazing, not worshipping the same god as the Jews makes me a Jew.

You're one of those retards that screams disinfo in every thread, aren't you?

Yes it is.

He is no different from the last dozen popes, all of whom have been anti-white. Stop blaming the cuckoldry of the Catholic church solely on Francis. It is innate to the church itself.

It doesn't matter. The Catholic church considers economic migrants to be refugees as well. It is right in the catechism that wealthier (i.e. white) nations are obligated to bring in poor people from the third world who are looking for a "better life."

explain your reasoning. They worship God.

It was one of the institutions everyones greatest ally infiltrated sure, doesn't make the people anti white, at best/worst it makes them anti-nobody. You are are deliberately or absent mindedly doing their work for them the way you talk. Don't be a golem there's a good boy.

Probably because Jesus on the crucifix is an image of a man. He chose to be a man with all the weakness and temptation, that was his sacrifice. The belief is in the resurrection making him God again. You shouldn't really criticize it if you don't understand the basic theology. Anyway hope that helps you figure it out. Besides breaking a commandment is a sin, but sins may be repented and forgiven, and as matter of fact they ask for forgiveness in their main prayer. So that covers it if you want to argue semantics over what constitutes a graven image.

That is not the Catholic position. Catholic teaching is that Catholics worship the same god as Jews and Muslims. See the (dogmatic) document Lumen Gentium.

Of course the people aren't. That is because they ignore the teachings and directives of the church, which are explicitly and unquestionably anti-white and have been for centuries. For example, the church was opposed to Spanish blood purity laws and during the Spanish empire they promoted race mixing with the natives, which is why Central and south America are total shit. In North America we had anti-miscegenation laws and segregation, which is why we maintained our white population at 90% up until the 1960s.

By process of elimination due to their only being one God.

So it was already infiltrated.

Not surprised, a jew tool used to control control people being used to push the jew agenda.

Convenient how every christfaggot forgets the crusades killed more white "pagans" than mudslims or even more than the muslims killed europeans

It was also a heretical order that did it from a heretical pope.

Heretics killing heretics, sounds like a win/win to me go cry to Odin about it and see what that gets you faggot.

That's completely retarded.

t. anti-white spic

Oh I'm pro-white but anti-catholic/pagan.

In the end though idgaf what people believe on the internet I was just after a quick rustle in your jimmies, tell your mom I said hi.

Why if you believe in one God and also believe that God created everything. It must be the same God, no?

so how many kids do (((they))) have him raping on camera?

how can it be the same God if He has a Son according to Christians but not according to Jews and Muslims?

That's a good question. You could try asking the (((Catholic church))) why they made it dogma. They will give you a hand-waving rationalization that relies on perverting the definition of words and shifting semantics (because they are leftist scum).

No, it mustn't. That is bad logic. And even the Catholic church itself did not hold that position until the 1960s.

No sorry like the other user said, that's retarded. Christians worship the Christian God and Muslims worship the Muslim God (allah pbuh). Ecumenists say differently but they're possibly as retarded as you are.

Actually it isn't if you believe that all existence is in one plane or dimension and we are experiencing it the same. It is perfect logic which is why that position couldn't be resisted.

How you worship it, if you do and what you choose to call it is something else entirely.

Logically speaking.
1 creator or not. True false.

So you're a reddit fedora tipping athiest, a confused muslim, or a jew? Or do you do mental gymnastics to make protestant/eastern orthodox somehow not an abrahamic death cult?

How can you even be pro white and anti white-created values since thats what any pagan society is?
And before you pull out the technicality bullshit, pagan is being defined as european nature worship amd not the catch all church word for any belief system not invented by jews

Luther had the right idea. That's where the dead from the thirty years war are buried, Poland.

I grew up non-denominational

But lately I don't really fit inside that box anymore, I more align with 7th day adventists or the ephraim awakening.

I don't see Paganism as part of my identity, whatever you want to attribute to that which is positive I probably find elsewhere. I don't worship nature or find divinity in it. Paganism is more lost and little understood than Christianity imo. And I don't think it's a good litmus test to bring faith to the table of being pro-white. We're already in a dire situation and religious differences are part of the fuel on the fire.

Actually it is. The Christian Trinity is logically different from unitarian Jew and Muslim gods. And the gods themselves are qualitatively different. By your logic, I could say that I am a Satanist and that satan created the universe, and you and the Catholic church would say that we worhsip the same God. I could say that Zeus is the only good and created the universe, and you would say that we worship the same god. It is nonsensical semantic and logical perversion.

But thank you for admitting that this is what Catholics believe, so that others will know what scum you are.


That's why Catholics added that in the 1960s, because they were working with the UN to create a unified ecumenist religion for the new world order. That is why all popes since then have been pro-Religion of Cuck™ and pro-judaism.

I'm right there with you user. And I agree with that last part the most, any difference we try to pick at and criticize is just another type of fuel that's being thrown on an already massive fire.

sod off


He's part of the subverted christians allied with the jew and protestants.
A minority in poland but our current govt is empowering them and getting real close to israel.
We have jonny daniels running around here censoring poland, he already swayed TV trwam, a private catholic tv channel that was really politically incorrect.
The jew is very hard at work subverting poland but people are aware of it here and are fighting back.


Scum of the white race. It's Ok to tolerate them because they're white, but anyone that has a hard on for them is neo-con, civnat scum. Poles historically enemies to NatSoc.

When they get their head chopped off?

Well if the kikes want to open this can of worms, we can help them meet THEIR makers too.

REMINDER: Poland voted a Jewish banker to the position of PM.
"B-based Poland"posters can fuck off.

YHWH is not God. It’s a warrior demiurge more similar to Zeus.

The God of the New Testament, is not YHWH. James and John made a point of not deifying Christ. It was not until Saul (known commonly as Paul), the Pharisee, corrupted the teachings of Christ that the worship OF A MAN began.

Worship God. You will find him in silence.

Sorry for the shitty cap didn’t mean to post the second pic

You mean the ruling party gave prime minister position to him. The major social giveaway that gives them 50% support was just quantative easing done through people, not banks. He was pushed in by jewish president anyway.

Theyre all jews. All of politicians, media, business owners, everyone noticeable.


and like that you've lost me

Thanks for making me doubt you.


You look at the painting, I look at the painter. You can only see nature around you as the basis for worship I look and see that design implies a designer. It's not that nature isn't important it's that there's deeper intent than just the physical hardware we have.

If that is true then what is your explanation for when Yeshua said "If you've seen me you've seen the Father" or "Nobody comes to the father except through me". Both found in John. Paul wasn't heretical that's literally from a Jewish subversion movement in Christianity going on today, you lack perspective.

Poland is not against natsoc. Pilsudski's Poland was allied with Hitler.

keks @ that totally bogus painting. The menorah was taken by the Babylonians, and never was recovered.

What makes shitskins holy?

Tfw, Poles finally rejects the vatican, fully breaks the chains of cuckoldry and make the Turner Diaries happen for real.

In the case of the ones from Africa and the Middle-East: Call them scum, rape-fugees or refuse-ees or something when using english. Don´ use muslim, use moslem or pozlem. Also never call them people.

Since they follow a slave, serf morality, they will naturally embrace cultural-trotskism because it too is a serf morality and reject National-Socialism because it (should) have a master morality.

It is pretty clear anarchism or communism are only the choosen means instead of the only means available to the enemy.

As always, Christians put the well-being of their religion before the survival of the White Race. The Old Continent was fully christianized so the Church is looking for new adherents elsewhere. For mutts and mongrels Christianity is the only link connecting them to Europe.

Lumen gentium is not a dogmatic document! It was a Vatican II document written with the assistance of protestants and kikes to subvert Catholic dogma. What most Catholics don't know is that Vatican II did not define any dogma. It was a bullshit pastoral Council that defined nothing. If you want to know about Catholic dogma, read Denziger sources before making a fool of yourself.

The "vatican" was founded by jews as a globalist OP - the popes always believed something much different than what they preach to their flock of sheep, thus wearing "saturn hats" and decorating Rome with Obelysks much before "Vatican II" or some other boogeyman.

It always consented with, and even granted, jewish monopolies, invinted and maintained jewish communities inside Rome itself and prevented their expulsions elsewhere in Italy - they have banking practices related to the Rothschilds, to which monopoly they consented back in the 1700's. And the pedophilia was probably ALWAYS there, but they were extremely powerful and had a monopoly in information (clergy was responsible for writing) back then, so these didn't became known.

Stop being a "christian identity" shill and read about Kirchenkampf

Less than half of Europeans currently identify as christians, atheism and degeneracy is rampant, and the churches, after long being silent towards it, is now even consenting and promoting such - while trying to convert 60 IQ niggers in Africa and building singing churches there through their "missions", hand-in-hand with globalists, that actually directly import their christian "brothers" from Africa into Europe - and receive them joyously, with hallelujah singouts, gibs and what not - as Hitler strongly pointed in the 1920s.

Last time I went to church, I saw a race-mixing poster in the children's cathecism room - they had one old cathedral in here, but nobody was attending anyway so now they're using the building to HOST "refugees" and there are about 70 niggers living there currently

You praise the painter by respecting his creation, and observing and understanding the aspects of it - if you take such thing literally, then you're the one who understood little (think about learning man's place in the world and perfecting his existence, instead of kneeling to worship it's destruction).

Fuckoff Shlomo.

Thanks for clarifying your statements, believe it or not we're basically on the same wavelength. We were commanded to govern over nature with wisdom and care so don't think im so flippant about respecting it it's just not an object of worship.

What's the source on that user?

The Bible never supports race-mixing. Recall, Adam says of Eve, "Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh" - he does not say, "Bone of my bone, flesh of a different color".

Reminder the catholic churches leadership were recognized as an enemy by the Reich and the pope played a part in the bomb attempt on Hitlers life. Heydrichs assassins were also found hiding in a church.

Or rather, jesuits, political priesthood.

One day.

Just another organic d&c bait… don't reply to jews. I'm pointing the truth, you're trying to start conflict.

Political christianity, which forms the party of Angela Merkel today, was the main enemy of the NSDAP inside the Reich. The churches had a long emnity with them, clergy making several personal attacks against Third Reich officials, most notably the pope condemning it in his "Mit Brenender Sorge" thing.

So much was their emnity, that they had to make a deal with when the NSDAP got to power, because they were afraid of being completely wiped out. Still, not only did generals associated with political christianity took part in the plot to assassinate Hitler, they made several other acts of treason, like giving the radar codes or token resistance to the allies - and this was still much better than what happened in the Italian armies, which were inoperational for a reason.

The churches opposed eugenics because of "muh abortion" and actively propped up militant groups like "The White Rose", effectively siding with the Rothschilds and the Soviets over the European people… Jesuits on top, but all ranges of cucked priests were executed on Kirchenkampf, including protestant clergy.

Now I understand why Hitler caved in and cucked for Christianity. I think we can attribute most of the downfall of western civilization on that single one sect, Catholicism.

Aquinas is frankly the root of this problem.

Only Catholic-talmudic sophistry could claim that a document literally labelled "Dogmatic" in the title is not actually dogmatic.

So this is the power of Roman Catholic pilpul

"Pure coincidence, fellow Polack!"

Blaming things on one sect and not the jews behind them all is not a good idea and it plays right into the enemy's hands. Also, the "protect western civilization" thing is a meme to bring in outsiders. Assuming you're not a shill, it's time to notice that we want to protect and secure the existance of our people, our RACE. Western civilization isn't the same thing as European Culture - a lot of it's values were molded by (((them))) and are used to weaken us. Name one "western value" you want to preserve. Besides, what is the pointing of "preserving" things, if non-whites are the ones to use them?

Good point, tbh. It's still a good euphemism to use with normalfags, like "globalist", "lying press", or "neo-bolshevik".

I'd like to think there are western values I'd protect regardless of race, but truth be told, if I was the last white person in this world, I'd just spend my last days making a nuke near Jerusalem or something.



Protestants don't tend to employ the same level of sophistry and pilpul that Roman Catholics do. Cucked Protestants just selectively quote from the bible to support what they like and ignore anything that doesn't support it, but they don't usually go into this kind of deep sophistry and semantic manipulations.


It's not like the druids did us right, leaving us a book of teachings.

I greatly hope the Visegrad group can hold on, its leaders while pretty much saying all the right things are starting to lose support of the normie. Mind you there probably is enough radical supporters to keep it going but if the Catholic church keeps on admonishing those governments it won't be able to last forever.


Undeniable logic tbh.


If you were Catholic you'd realize it doesn't matter what that heretic paul VI promulgated because it contradicts Pope Pius V document Quo primum which binds all future popes from changing Catholic doctrine. Again, I would suggest that you go read a book, Nigger.

See, that's the problem. Why would you? What has the Catholic Church done for whites, ever? Even shit like the crusades was so fucking late, praising the Catholic Church for the crusades would be like praising the GOP for supporting Trump's election.

You obviously don't know about Poland.
Also unifying europe is plain stupid, no explanation needed on why.

Personally, I pray to Jesus that he razes the Vatican. To hell with them.

The crusades were hardly "pro-white" - if they had directed that effort into helping Spain more or attacking North Africa instead of walking 1000 miles to die of dysenteria and leaving nothing behind (like many nobles who wasted their fortunes and died childless) in some meaningless kike land because jewish scripture said so.

The crusaders ended up sacking Constantinople and destroying the Byzantine Empire. It was never intended to help Europe (only christians arabs lived there), and guess what - the turks which they SKIPPED formed the ottoman empire in the lands the crusaders weakened after hundreds of years of fighting. Not just that, but several of them were actually proto-masons, like the templars, who ended up getting killed by other christians. Not to mention the crusades against other christians, like wiping out the entire cathar sect and attacking Spain, before the Reconquista ended, because a king was "excommunicated"…

Holy shit, it's worse than I thougth. Thanks for the redpill.

You disgusting jew

Explain how the crusades were pro-white, and refute user's points, or go crawl back to the synagogue Catholic Church you came from.

I don't think many people realize Polish Catholics even hate the Pope with a passion

Oh vey, crusades
The jews and his arab cousin cries out in pain

You are not only
a disgusting but also a
stupid jew.

The Catalan Company or the Great Catalan Company was a company of mercenaries led by Roger de Flor in the early 14th century and hired by the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos to combat the increasing power of the Turks.

The Catalan Company, which has nothing to do with what I said, but it's funny that you bring them up because they, just like many reaping crusader nobles, carved a piece of land in christian Greece for themselves. Great saviors, your christian brothers are there to defend you! They raided christian greek towns and infuriated the greeks to the point they murdered all their leaders and hired fucking turks to hunt down their remains. Fucking based christians…

The Catalan Company or the Great Catalan Company was a company of mercenaries led by Roger de Flor in the early 14th century and hired by the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos to combat the increasing power of the Turks.

Hello Abdul, does your as still hurt after half a millennia?

You're just calling people names now. Why is Turkey a problem today? I guess Abdul is pretty happy about the (((Catholic Church))) being a trojan horse.

And their leaders were murdered by the byzantines after they carved a piece of christian as their own state and raided greek villages. The byzantines then hired turkish mercenaries to kill the remnants of their christian "brothers"… What are you even going about, retard?

Meanwhile Aragon was attacked by other christians in a crusade, when they were defending against muslims…


We have IDs, retarded spic fanatic. And why would "Abdul" be hurt when the crusades failed? You're the butthurt non-white here.

>After the murder of de Flor the local Byzantine population rose up against the Catalans in Constantinople and killed many of them, including at the main barracks. Prince Michael ensured that as many as possible were killed before news reached the main force in Gallipoli. Some however escaped and carried the news of the massacre to Gallipoli after which the Catalans went on a killing spree of their own, killing all the local Byzantines. The memory of this devastation would last in the memory of the towns of the area for centuries, just as the monks of Mount Athos would prohibit the entrance of Catalan citizens until the year 2000."

Fucking BASED christians massacring fellow christians on a country threatened by Turks and that was eventually engulfed and destroyed by them. Almost reminds me of a similar event… like the Fourth Crusade… The Greeks were so asshurt they banned Catalans (but not christian turks) lel…

Gotcha turk.

Soon afterwards Andronikos asked the Catalans to go to Anatolia to reinforce Philadelphia, a Byzantine city entirely surrounded by the Turks for some years. In less than 8 days, Roger de Flor and his army destroyed the Turkish site and left nobody alive older than 10 years old. In the next 3 years the Catalans cleaned Greece from Turkish presence and Andronic was celebrating he had recovered full power on his territory.

Roger was just too kind hearted, this couldn‘t end well.

But the new emperor did not like it, he was fearful and envious of the power of the Almogàvers. Due to the victories and successes along the years, the Greek population started to praise Roger de Flor, now duke of Byzantium. So the young emperor felt threaten by the Catalan general's popularity, as they were heroes who had freed them from the Turkish. So he planned to betray the Catalans.

Before leaving for a new campaign in the region of Anatolia, Roger de Flor and some of his best men were invited to the court for a farewell dinner. There they were brutally assassinated: the Emperor had contracted Albanese assassins to kill them.

Backstabbing treasonous Greeks, like today.

You fucking retard, I'm saying Turkey is a problem, and asking (((why))) do you think it still is a problem, after so many "crusades"? Shouldn't the Ottomans have been dealt with?

These Catalans killed thousands of greeks, people living in Bulgaria and even Western Europeans who had conquered the region also. What the fuck are you rambling on about, retard? How is this pro-white?

>"The Company decided to have a showdown with a tribal group known as the Magasetas… After several days they located them and counted 3,000 cavalry and 6,000 infantry plus the baggage train… of the 9,000 fighting men of the Magasetas only 300 survived. The women and children tried in vain to escape on tired horses."
>"By 1308 the resources of the Gallipoli peninsula were exhausted and the company headed west towards Greece, reestablishing themselves on the peninsula of Kassandra near present day Halkidiki. From there they attacked and pillaged the locality, including Mount Athos monastery."

Way to ethnically cleanse a place and pave the way for the Ottoman Empire. The greeks literally said these BASED christians were worse pillagers than turks that they preferred to be ruled by muslims and invited them to their armies than to suffer this. But the greeks are back-stabbers I guess… Reported for de-railing.

Such is the ire of the west.
Prepare for ashurt orientals!

It's a pity we can't have a reasonable discussion about religion because of the D&C shills which immediately swarm any thread involving it. It's a critically important topic, especially when the majority of right-leaning normalfags are some flavour of Christian.

Had this written up for an anti-Christian thread that was rightfully deleted before I could post it. But it works for this thread too.

The Reddit influx tossed so many fedora's onto the board who are eating the anti-Christian stuff up because it's exactly what they want to hear. If Christianity was a Jewish psyop on the White Race, why did they turn their (((Communist Utopias))) into Atheist states instead of Christian ones? If Christianity is so Jewish, then why do the Jews hate Jesus so much, the Prophet of Christianity and Father of Christians? If Christianity is just a Jewish trick, then why did the Jews create Hanukkah to bribe Jewish children with a whole week of presents as opposed to that filthy goy holiday only get one day of presents?

Jews hate Christianity because Christianity is a White religion. The only exception I will make to this is Catholicism because Catholicism is undoubtedly Jewish. That's why the (((Catholics))) fought so hard to keep the common White from reading the teachings of Jesus for themselves. So that they would not realize that the (((Catholic Church))) was not Christian at all. It was Jewry masquerading as Christianity so that they could siphon money from the goy, so that they could blackmail the goy, and so that they could have a fresh supply of goy children for their rituals and to slake their lust.

Christianity is a good White religion that reinforces the natural inclinations and nature of the White race. Catholicism is Jewish lies that preys upon the natural inclinations and nature of the White race for their own benefit. Know the difference, it could save your life and soul.

Out of 100 posts there was 1 d&c shill baiting and a retarded non-white de-railing. One thing that does disturb discussions are the fags who claim everything is "divisive"…

>it's a duality between (((christianity))) and (((communism))), goyim!

The jews do hate christianity, but only because they see it as a detestable misinterpretation of their traditions, in their eyes… In the end, they see it as "Judaism for the Goyim", and are glad at least their traditions are being followed. You can claim christianity is a good religion, but you can't honestly say it's white - the majority of christian worshippers are non-whites living in third world countries, it was created by jews and follows the jewish tradition (old testament and such), and holds that it's the only correct interpretation of the jewish traditions and that which the jews hold makes not the "true jews"…

The thing that destroys your claim that "christianity is a white religion" is, not just the quotes by it's leaders, but the fact that yids don't even bother meddling in churches in the third world countries and, in fact, often align with them as they are major proponents of socialism. They could care less if a nig opens a singing church in africa to go ooga booga hallelujah - what they want to destroy is the white RACE - beliefs are of secondary importance to them.

Also, here is how christianity reinforces natural white inclinations and toughts (pic related) - just take a look at their contaiment board, and that is the imageboard, I can't even imagine what sort of cucked talks they hold in the churches…

and don't try coming here to "preach" things, especially ones that contradict NS ideas and go against our race - it's one fast way to get yourself rightfully banned

It's a blatant attempt to make Holla Forums views unpalatable to the audience which would otherwise be most receptive to them. The vast majority of whites who aren't instantly put off by anti-Christian tipping are confirmed leftist cucks. It's no different to when shills shit on soldiers and (all) cops. Nothing more than a strategy to attach new taboos to redpills now that shrieking about ebil nahtzees doesn't put off normalfags anymore. But you already knew that.

Posting quotes from Church "leaders" and a handful of traitors is laughably pathetic. You might as well post Obama quotes and a discussion between some queers in San Francisco as evidence that the USA isn't a true white country.

At the end of the day, white unity is all that matters now. Anybody who betrays their people in the name of religion gets the rope. Anybody who won't stand with their kinsmen because of religious differences swings beside them.

And what sect of Christianity do the majority of those non-whites follow? And what sect of Christianity is calling for whites to unite with their 'brothers and sisters' and let them into their country? You keep on trying to conflate Catholicism with all of Christianity. Catholics are a cancer on the White Christian World. Those quotes from 'Christian leaders' are Catholics. I'm willing to bet that those 'Christians' push Globalism are Catholic, if they are not shills. Why is it whenever you find a cucked Christian, they follow Catholicism or think that (((the Pope))) is a swell guy and we should listen to what he says?

Maybe Christianity is not white and it's a horrible Semitic religion that turns Whites into kike puppets. And maybe Christianity was only made to seem White because the White soul is strong enough to break through the kikery. But Whites who follow Religion of Cuck™ act like savages. Whites who convert to Judaism, while never fully accepted as one of the tribe, take on the traits of the Jews. A White Christian still acts like a White. Imagine that.

Yeah, putting identical quotes that the leaders of the churches, no the elected heads of the oldest christian institutiton, have been saying for centuries is just not a correct representation of christian beliefs… What is going on here is people trying to redpill.

The only people betraying their race are "christian identity" shills who put denomination above RACE and hold their pedophile-filled jewish cult to be above all criticism.

There are a lot of protestant churches on third world countries too. 1/3 of latin america follow some televangelist-tier protestant churches. South Korea is 90% christian, not catholic. African christians are 50/50. Protestantism is even more cucked than catholics, with woman bishops, fag marriage, cardbox churches, "missions" importing nigs - and it's utterly meaningless. You guys ressemble the faggot communists who say the Soviet Union wasn't real communism with that bullshit you're pulling. Muslim bosnians don't act like savages. A white christian, who takes on such commandments, does not act like an European, but as a cuck - that is the truth. Pic related.

Just see here:

All I ask is that when unified Christian/Pagan/nothing whites are about to hoist you up, you don't say you weren't warned about the consequences of putting your loyalty to the kike goal of dividing white people above your race. Assuming you're white, which is doubtful now that you're praising moslems for being so civilized.

How delusional can you be? You're playing into the kike agenda by every single step and say others are doing so?

Camp of the Saints.

Contradiction is inherent to the Roman Catholic church, which is one way you know it is a bullshit organization.

But this is not correct. Not that I would expect a Catholic to understand his own church (if they understood it they would not be Catholics). The unchangeability only applies to what is in that specific apostolic constitution, which is not the same topics as are covered in lumen gentium.

>The Reddit influx tossed so many fedora's onto the board who are eating the anti-Christian stuff up because it's exactly what they want to hear. If Christianity was a Jewish psyop on the White Race, why did they turn their (((Communist Utopias))) into Atheist states instead of Christian ones? If Christianity is so Jewish, then why do the Jews hate Jesus so much, the Prophet of Christianity and Father of Christians? If Christianity is just a Jewish trick, then why did the Jews create Hanukkah to bribe Jewish children with a whole week of presents as opposed to that filthy goy holiday only get one day of presents?

I would have agreed up to that point, but you continue with that drivel and I’m reminded that Protestantism is just a bunch of liars:

Somewhat, it was made nearly entirely by white Europeans, but it was not meant to be solely for white people.

Retarded nonsense by Prots who try to emulate jews, like Seven Day Adventists, Baptist and so on.

Even the Prots “show off anti-semite” Luther originally operated under the delusion the only reason jews would not convert to Christianity was because the Church had “misrepresent Christianity” and a little reform to make it more “original” and jewish would make them convert in masses.
Only relatively late did Luther discover what jews really believe, that made him pop some rivets.

> That's why the (((Catholics))) fought so hard to keep the common White from reading the teachings of Jesus for themselves.
Things that never happened.

Did I mention that Prots are pathetic liars?

To bad that the Catholic Church is the only source the Prots had and have for what is Christianity. If the Prots claims the Church is tainted, so is their record/transmission of Christianity. You can’t have it both ways. If the Catholic Church was always corrupt, so must be Christianity.

No, Christians are not jews, the overwhelming majority that is, that is a basic, fundamental of Christianity since the apostle Paul, a jew himself.
Attempts to make the jews the “big older brother” of Christians, a valid alternative to Christianity instead them being the descendants of Christ killer are a sure sign of subversion.
If he had said “Christians are the chosen people” he would have been able to back that up with tradition and theology, but Bergoglio‘s claim is pure heresy, against the word of the bible.

No, because they see it as presumption of their special relationship with God.

There is no judaism for goys, because judaism is special and only for jews, that is biological decendents of Abraham.

What jews preach for the goyim is not christianity but the Nohaide laws. Google that!

For jews a non-jews trying to follow jewish laws/mitzwas is heretic, a crime worthy of the death penalty.

It is white, because it was made by white people.
You may claim literacy and this very letters are not “white” because they were derived from the work of semites.

The majority of McDonald customers are non-whites living in third world countries, so McDonalds is not white and not American QED.

Hello Abdul!

Hi Abdul, again.
Hitler had Mongols fighting for him, so what? I guess that makes NS not-white and not-German in your opinion, which just an cheap attempt in sophisty.

No were in Lumen Gentium is writen that muslims pray to the same god as Christians.

BTW the Pope can not make statements of faith about the muslims religion.

Pic related.

What you're saying sums up to christians are the "true jews" because they, and not the jews, hold the true interpretation of the, jewish, traditions… They see it as "judaism for the goyim" because it's their traditions being upheld to those they deem unfit to be jews (non-satanic, non-ethnic hebrews). The christians use the old testament, their creation tradition is that of the jews in genesis, certainly not that of the europeans, the basis of their world view is jewish.

Doesn‘t prove me wrong, or do you want to suggest that Christianity was made and fix 30AD?


Christians don’t hold jewish traditions, because Christians are not jews.

What exactly did you not understand?

The ideas and set-up of the religion were carried out exclusively by jews. All the early christians were jews. The fact that some gentiles carried it and propagated it afterwards, as was the purpose of the jews behind it, doesn't make it a white religion.

If a nigger in Africa forms a National Socialist country based on the ideas of Hitler - does that make these ideas any less "german"?

So what is the old testament? What are the prophets? As I pointed out:

You're not jews because you claim you hold the correct interpretations of the jewish tradition - and the jews, since rejecting your doctrines, became "not true jews"…

Thus, it's not real judaism, but their traditions watered down for the goyim. How much lack of comprehension do you have?

Ever heard of the Church fathers?


If a negro reads Mein Kampf or is told about it by a German and then starts to form his own political movement and government, then that regime is certainly not German and most probably just NatSoc in name, a bad parody.
Even more so if this political movement continues so without further German impact, maybe 2000 years long.
Your claim becomes ridiculous if the nigger political movement declares the German people the enemy.

Not jewish traditions

No correct interpretations of the jewish tradition, no jewish tradition at all
Attempts in that direction are pure protestant heresy, there is a reason why early prots were called judaizers.


Repeating your baseless claims doesn’t make them true.

Every time.

Should have been "denomination above RACE", obviously. That's what I get for rewording a sentence.

Sucessors to jews. Many jews themselves, or arabs and copts - hordes of them swarming out of the desert to destroy every trace of European culture. Several of them plotted against the empire, like Ambrose of Milan - assassinated emperors, bribed soldiers not to fight battles and so on…

So if a nigger adopted christianity and promoted it, after 2000 years it wouldn't be christianity? Are the Ethiopian churches not Christian? They killed whole sects of their fellow christians to prevent slight alterations of this and of the jewish ideas - if they did leave that, they wouldn't be christians.

Yeah, they wuz "muh True Israelites" I guess…

Hell, even Saul of Tarsus, when, arguing that gentiles could be christians, stated "Jews first, then Christians", a pattern that goes along the whole bible. You may keep repeating your same arguments, but Christianity sprung out from the jews, like it or not. You may be uncomfortable with that, but don't deny reality.

It has many differences from Judaism, jews are focused on satanic materialism and laws, christians have a more transcendent nature, but it's undeniable they uphold several aspects of the semitic mentality and traditions of it's founders.

Just wait untill they start shit talking European history, pushing muh based pedophile priests, promoting false narratives and saying race-mixing is not wrong because the bible doesn't say so.

Maldraw and possibly the containment board owners are Korean. A large number of their posters are Spics and other people of mixed race.

So no jews

If you think Christianity today or 500 or 1000 years ago is the same as in Paul‘s time you are probably a prot more likely a jew

It wouldn‘t take 20 years.

Very distinct to western Christianity and with a strong jewish vibe and assumed ancestry.

Great improvement…

If they changed the core ideas of Paul, it wouldn't be christianity anymore, but some other form of proto-judaism likely.

Yet the Ethiopian and other african churches are thousands of years old, and maintain the same core jewish ideas.

But I guess it's also not "True Christianity™" too…

They are very distinct to European Christianity, and a prove that in fact the Catholic Church is a creation of white Europeans. The Catholic Church don‘t consider them to be members.

Technical anybody with a proper baptism can be called Christian.

But what about the majority of Catholics who are from Third World countries? Are they not members? Did they stop following this "true white doctrine"? Are they more white than some European protestant? I mean you could say the protestants were a creation of europeans, as judaizing as they were and meaningless as they still are. You can't say the same of the Catholic church, who is the oldest church and closer to it's jewish roots in it's founding…

Jews are the chosen ones, yes.

Chosen to suffer.

A shitskin who's a Christian or follows any other white religion is still a shitskin. A White who follows a shitskin religion is mistaken at best and a traitor at worst.

>Some random bullshit about thinking paintings are the same things as pictures and random history only ((( (you) ))) are privy to.

Gunna need some supporting documentation here, Moishe.

Nigger like Kentucky Fried Chicken, that makes Colonel Sander a nigger?

Eating at McDonalds makes you white.

Rap music is wholesome and in no way detrimental, disregard that it is performed by niggers and created by kikes.

Mozart is older than rap music and therefore more kiked, there are even kikes playing this music!

You are a despicable jew who thinks we can be intimidated in doing the biding of the jews by calling us the equivalent of “acting white”.

fpbp, protestantism and orthodoxy are the true unkiked religion

yeah ok faggot, Poland is more Christian than the Vatican


Send pastor Hagee and Haggard my best wishes.


Protestantism at his finest!

Send pastor Hagee and Haggard my best wishes.


Protestantism at his finest!


Okay, Poles, remind this:

This Roman Catholic Church is led by the jews. It has been since V2. Better times are coming; just ignore these kikes.

Thus, you described christianity.

But you said Ethiopian Christians aren't members, which proves catholicism to be a white sect. But the majority of catholics are non-whites.

Your analogies are terrible.

So you just proved my point. If whites follow Christianity, does it make Paul of Tarsus white and not a jew?

It would be more like nigger liking to eat kosher or something, because again, Christianity is not white. And Mozart and older music is not more kiked because jews don't have an ancient influence on music production and so on.

I mean, we are not enemies, but stop these retarded claims and have some self-awareness.

Nobody here is working for the enemy for pointing how the church harms Europeans. You're a "christian identity" shill who is fanatically trying to defend the church out of asshurt, putting it above any criticism and falsely claim it's a BASED white religion.

If Christianity is not a white religion then what is? Should all whites convert to paganism or just become atheist like the kikes want?

Christianity is a jewish religion, it was meant to reform judaism. The only thing more jewish than abrahamic religions is atheism itself.

Catholics are no sect, they are mainstream, majority Christianity.

If the majority clients of Colonel Sanders are non-white, so what?

They are excellent, that is the reason you don’t touch them

We don’t have a Paul of Tarsus church, neither did he build the “franchise” nor the special “receipt”.
When most niggers learned about Jesus the church was already formed for more then a millennia by white men.
Today’s church is quite distinct to that of Paul, in customs and membership. That is not that the Church is not authentic, it just that Paul flip-flopped then between his Christian and his jewish identity. Many thing were not theological settled then. Christianity had development over several hundred years until things got sorted out somewhat, sorted out by gentiles.
But Paulus started the handover to the gentiles in the Church, moving the center of theology from Jerusalem to Greek Antioch.

I think Christianity has the theoretical potential to uplift the negro, if there is a recipient. I doubt that the majority of negros has the capability to understand or act accordingly. It is like preaching to the dogs or pigs, pearls before the swines, you get it or you don’t.
Thing is Christianity is in disadvantage to |slam, because Christianity needs introspection, understanding, self-awareness. I think the values of Christianity are very much inline with European values even before Christ. I would call Christian values universal, catholic, because any sufficient intelligent and moral person could agree with them even if they do not believe in the core assumptions of Christianity, Jesus, resurrection etc..

Religion of Cuck™ lives out of set of strict rules to reign in animalistic instinct. You could make a pig a muslim if it would be able to speak and had opposing thumbs. It is good for dumb people, they just need to tick some points on a list, not very spiritual either. Judaism is very similar to it, the list is just more complicated and twisted.

I think one problem with the idea of Christianisation of negros was and is that the people promoting it had not the illusion of equality of all people, but underestimated the European people. They thought that if even the most thickskulled, primitive people in Europe could become Christians, then negros could too and in dificult cases some pressure would help.
Europe then was a more rigid society and the quite arrogant classes could not imagine that Europeans would not devolve into primitive beasts without force from outside. The success of Christianity in Europe wasn’t so much because of outside pressure, but out of instinctual moral behavior. I believe moral behavior of a group is related to the group average/mean IQ.


Whoops. Meant to post this happy camper too.

Yet I called them, and you didn't call out mine.

Most European just became christians many years after christianity formed. The last pagan village in France, the main propagator of Christianity in Europe, was only converted in 1763. The first countries to convert to christianity were some Arab tribes, Armenia and Ethiopia. The majority of early christians were the lowest of roman society, prostitutes, slaves, from places like Egypt and North Africa.

Everything has such potential, considering they are niggers. However, what christianity did in Africa was set up missions that kept Africans artificially alive by feeding them - thus creating dependency and famine when the niggers couldn't feed themselves - they are responsible for the overpopulation of niggers - because they don't care about the quality of their followers, just want more of them, no matter what. No abortions, no control, eugenics is against it. They turned africans into materialistic animals who destroy the nature.

You are right in that regard (even Hitler and Goebbels said the same thing), but the underlying problem is not there. Let me point out something Heinrich Himmler said "Voice of our Ancestors":

A sect is by defintion a small spin off of a larger group. The largest group is and always was the Catholic Church.

That is counter factual. See the already mentioned Church fathers.

Things that never happened.

Total fantasy, except if you call Greeks “arab”.

That is a cute meme, but in fact Christianity spread among affluent, well educated people of the Roman empire. There is a reason why early Christianity was in Greek, because that was the lingua-franca of educated people in the Roman empire.
Prostitutes? Please rabbi, lay down your talmud.

That is fiction, such aid happened only after the (((second world war))) and had more to do with US attempt to secure Africa from the Soviets and former colonial powers France, Belgium, Briton.

Oh the old, so often recycled lefty MSM canard of the Pope’s responsibility for overpopulation.
The Church is against contraception, true, but also against sexual intercourse outside of mariage.

The nigger ignor both. Most children in Africa are born out of wedlock, because the niggers way of procreation is to impregnate the female nigger, dump her and the offspring and off to impregnate the next female. Has exactly nothing todo with the Church. The nigger in the mostly protestant, Planned Parenthood, USA have exactly the same procreation pattern than in Africa.

Before they were noble savages.
You sound like a SJW

If so, one wonders why did they voluntarily convert to (Arian) Christianity without force?
They converted later to Catholicism, to accommodate their Roman subjects. Strange if they had so much contempt for it.

Things that never happened.

Uncle Henry had quite some fix ideas, who proved to be mostly wrong, like that the Church killed “wise Germanic women with secret knowledge”, witch hunts. He had some scientist, historians collect all available source to witch hunts, processes in Europe. That inquiry proved him false. Not only were half the victims male, but the overwhelming majority of cases happened in places were the Church lost control due to the reformation.


"Along with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind ." Doesn't get clearer than that.

And believing that Religion of Cuck™ and Christianity have the same god is even consistent with Aquinas, because of his adoption of Religion of Cuck™o-pagan concept of divine simplicity. Of course, Aquinas did not say this afaik, but that is just because Aquinas did not question the logical outcome of his assumptions (because he was a brainlet). In Christian tradition this was all settled very early, but the Roman Catholic church threw it out in favor of Religion of Cuck™ic and pagan theology.

All part of 4D chess to bring about the real Holocaust.
Like Kushner (^:

No they should remember what their fathers already knew.

Indeed, Catholicism is the oldest branch of christianity, but it is still a spin of the larger group of christians.

Really? Then what happened to the many Frankish "saints" of the 6th century, murdered by local "bandits". There's a reason the monasteries, where they hoarded the stolen goods from the populace, had to be fortified much before the Hugarian invasions, else those inside would suffer the same faith as these "saints"…

The goths, their elites, were nominally converted at the behest of the Arian Roman Emperor at that time. The Germanic tribes living in Germany, be then Swabians, Bavarians or Saxons, though…

Yes, that improves things a lot… Or they being male. But again, you're in denial. If I recall, the majority killed in the Spanish Inquisition were Basque Women (muslims or jews were expelled). The bishop of Salzburg killed 100 german children because they were "practicing witchcraft". 90% of these were under bogus claims anyway or due to local/personal rivalries, 5% of them were woman who kept their traditions, or cases like people who stayed in the forest for too long "communed with ancient spirits and what not" and 5% were actual jews/satanists. Indeed the majority of these killings were done in protestant countries, but again because they are judaizers and there were more sizable populations who maintained their tradition in these lands. These witch hunts, nonetheless, was pretty big in Catholic parts of Germany, Bohemia and Hungary…


And these were just the recorded ones in the Early Modern period, we can only imagine the much worse things that happened during the "Dark Ages" when the church held absolute power and had a monopoly on writing. The "conversion" of Europe was a very violent process that involved a great destruction of the European culture and the folk - to even find the remains of the ancient world, we have to go to ruined places like Pompei, that escaped the deliberate destruction inflicted by christians, and the "shadowy elites" behind them…


Out of context, you did cut out relevant sentences.

It start with a definition of who are the people of God, in the chapter “ON THE PEOPLE OF GOD“

Hint, that doesn‘t include Muslims or Jews:

If one doesn‘t believe in Christ, one doesn‘t belong to the people of God. Further:

It was for this purpose that God sent His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things,(118) that be might be teacher, king and priest of all, the head of the new and universal people of the sons of God. For this too God sent the Spirit of His Son as Lord and Life-giver. He it is who brings together the whole Church and each and every one of those who believe, and who is the well-spring of their unity in the teaching of the apostles and in fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in prayers.(119)

The Trinity, essential for any Christ. Jews and muslims don’t believe in the Trinity, so they are not believing in God – my interpretation.
After a lenghty description of the constitution of the people of God it continues with those not or not fully belonging:

15. The Church recognizes that in many ways she is linked with those who, being baptized, are honored with the name of Christian, though they do not profess the faith in its entirety or do not preserve unity of communion with the successor of Peter. (14*) For there are many who honor Sacred Scripture, taking it as a norm of belief and a pattern of life, and who show a sincere zeal. They lovingly believe in God the Father Almighty and in Christ, the Son of God and Saviour. (15*) They are consecrated by baptism, in which they are united with Christ.

That are those people who can be technically called Christians because they received baptism. Their salvation is in doubt and depends on the circumstances. Further with those who are definitively not the people of God:

16. Finally, those who have not yet received the Gospel are related in various ways to the people of God.(18*)
Oh oh, “related in various ways to the people of God”, so no people of God at all:

In the first place we must recall the people to whom the testament and the promises were given and from whom Christ was born according to the flesh.(125) On account of their fathers this people remains most dear to God, for God does not repent of the gifts He makes nor of the calls He issues.(126) But the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator. In the first place amongst these there are the Muslims, who, professing to hold the faith of Abraham, along with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind.

So the muslims are professing to believe in one God. I may profess to be the emperor of China, but that doesn’t make me one.

I agree it is hardly bearable cucking in front of the enemies of Christ, but it doesn’t say muslim and jews believe in our God, they claim it falsely in my opinion, supported, by theology, tradition, dogmatic of the Church

Only if taken out of context. Catholic dogmatic, and Jesus word, the Bible clearly say no salvation but through Christ. Lumen Gentium doesn’t contradict that.

But you are right Lumen Gentium is masterful twisting of Catholic dogmatic, Christian religion to propagandize a “one world religion” there is already a one world religion, the Catholic one, but to the exclusion of any other

Inb4 taking it out of context, cutting it to suit your agenda.

Pilpul. It clearly says that Roman Catholics and Muslims adore the same God. You fail to refute that and instead dance around the statement through diversion and red herrings.

No, it says they profess to follow Abraham. But it says they do adore the same god. The "profess" part is a separate clause that can be removed. Without, it reads:
Learn grammar.

Lumen Gentium is Catholic dogma, as I have already demonstrated in this topic.

There is no larger group, the Catholic Curch is bigger than any and all together.

Why did you shorten it so it became no longer understandable?


Wow three centuries later, some Christians existed in Arabia.

Greeks were among the first converts to Christianity, eventually even at Jesus lifetimes, depending how one interprets some stories in the bible, Mark 7.24 .

Jesus was pretty racist.


Val Camonica (also Valcamonica or Camonica Valley, local dialect: Al Camònega) is one of the largest valleys of the central Alps, in eastern Lombardy, Italy.

During the Middle Ages, numerous clashes between the Guelphs and Ghibellines took place in this region. The Guelphs supported the power of the Bishop of Brescia and the papacy, while the Ghibellines sided with the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1287 the Val Camonica rebelled against control by Brescia and sided with the Visconti, lords of Milan, who extended their control over the area during the 14th century. From 1427 to 1454 there were numerous battles between Milan and the Republic of Venice for the control of the valley. Ultimately the valley came under the control of Venice. During the following centuries, the civilian population grew and engaged in the iron trade.

More inventions.

You forgot the Jul tree was invented by the prots in 18th century

Now that's a meme. It's well known that the lowest elements of Rome converted. Jesus preached to fisherman and even prostitutes - he went after "sinners" too.
Yeah, but a prostitute could not be a Christian, simply by her profession. You should look up what the Apostles did write about fornication.

Like Omar Sharif (the actor playing a Russian), Greeks or Italians (Romans) not Kangz.

He wuz kangz – NOT!
His portrayal as negro is medieval fiction, similar to the three magi, which had no negro among them because they were from Persia. In medieval iconography the three magi represented the three known continents, Europe, Asia, Africa.

Yeah sure, it is world known that Christian armies can‘t fight.
Doesn‘t sound very pacifist, but still became a victim of “tolerant pagans”.

Latin was the language of the common people, that is the reason we have the Romance languages today. Educated people spoke in addition Greek.

Hello Mr. Forger:
>That is fiction, such aid happened only after the (((second world war))) and had more to do with US attempt to secure Africa from the Soviets and former colonial powers France, Belgium, Briton.

Hitler wrote nothing about Christian mission feeding nigger and creating overpopulation, Mr Lie.

I answered that bullshit in the last post.

As if abortion is a viable, realistic way to control population numbers - in Africa of all places.
By God, do you belive we are all stupid and don‘t know how the situation is there?

But still doesn't represent all of christianity.

Before most of Europe. You claim this is irrelevant, but then say christianity is an European religion because europeans converted first…

And again, this is just one example. Many in the balkans retain much older traditions, as was reported by several writers in the 19th century. In the Caucasus, some places never even nominally converted, and openly attain their original pagan beliefs to this day.

The examples are endless - including the worship of pagan Gods as "Saints" - or are you going to claim the "protestant boogeymen" is behind that too?

The Pope can only make statements about the Christian faith, within tradition, dogma and written records, no innovations.
He can‘t make any statements about other faiths, beside of his personal opinion. Muslims and jews for sure do not believe in Christ, him being God or the Trinity in its whole. Claiming them believing in the same God as Christians, needs some mental acrobatic.

Catholic dogmatism

Forgot the pics.

How many falsehoods are you going to speak to defend your ideology? Aren't christians supposed to be honest?

Latin was the language of the common people in the middle east where christianity arose? How many layers of bullshit are you on? The people spoke their tribal languages. Greek was "lengua franca" because of the conquests of Alexander in there, the elites spoke latin, because the founders of the empire were latin speakers.

Look at what I wrote again, especially the end of the Hitler quote in regards to these missions in Africa.

They had black mass in Paris too. Wow all of Christianity wasn‘t Christian at all they worshiped the devil!



Repeating myself there, stop ignoring parts of what I said like a dishonest kike. And this is just one example, I could point to similar locations all across Europe, as late as the 19th century.

Why would they paint these people as black them?

Goths and Vandals!
Only Goth and Vandals were mentioned who alleged laughed about Christianity, which doesn‘t square with their known behavior.

Changing the goal posts!

What crazy mad up shit do you present us here.

Yeah surprising, you better to fortify your dwelling in face of foreign invasion. In other news, water is wet.

It, Arianism, was major point of contention between them and the subjugated Roman Catholics.

To much nonsense to put that straight

Your source:
The witch-trials emerged in the 16th century out of the practices surrounding the persecution of heresy in the medieval period, although they reached their peak during the Wars of Religion and on the heels of the Protestant Reformation.

Because exotic.
Because medieval Germans had no idea about the character of kangz? had no idea about them 50 years ago

He was referring to Goths and Vandals as general representations of their germanic ancestors. I'm not "changing the goal post" because these "saints" were killed in Germany.

Are you going to deny the monasteries were full of riches (thus they were targeted by Vikings), and that the churches were well decorated while the populace starved?

As I said, they were fortified before these invasions and the building of castles for nobles, because the population would attack these places othewise.

The gothic elites were converted at the behest of the last Arian Roman emperor. Uniquely they retained a lot of it also due to specific influences from Arian priests in Anatolia.

Meaning you can't even put a counter-argument?


"The Basque witch trials of the 17th century represent the most ambitious attempt at rooting out witchcraft ever undertaken by the Spanish Inquisition." Although, yes, it's not correct to say these were the "majority killed during the Spanish Inquisition", still, the Basque provinces had as many tried and executed as the Andalucian ones, despite not having a significant muslim population.

As I pointed out in the source, these also happened in catholic areas - Spain (Basque Country), Italy (Alps), Catholic Germany (Salzburg), Bohemia, Hungary, Poland - all examples cited.

Didn't I just point out the struggles going on in a single valley, Val Camonica, up to the 16th century, with priests executing people for not being christians and "dancing on holidays". That is just ONE example, this happened all over europe. Stop being dishonest to push "christian identity".

It's still weird, though.

And dude, ultimately, we're not enemies here. We can keep arguing about history and pointing all the ugly things in history - but the kikes are out there. Stop wasting our time.

you know that protestantism works very differently from catholicism, right? protestants can say "no" to protestant priests

please see

Is there any thread these "christian identity" shills won't try to shit up? They are even worse than CivNat shills…

When did Roof get bail?

How so?

Wow, you neets sure know how to dance to the jew's wishes with your d&c bullshit. Promising thread ruined by the typical childless cucks repeating what some jew told them to say ad naseum.

That reminded me of Allied propaganda in World War II, I mean, why would jews promote christianity against "muh pagan natzees"… Really makes you think who wants you to avoid discussing the truth because everything is "divisive"


Orthodoxy isn't. why do you think I left Catholicism?

No true Scotsman …

Oh please, don’t try to white wash the fact that those are leaders of one of the most influential protestant movements in the USA. A movement of jewish spit licking, having major responsibility for the US being the handmaiden of the jews. It’s bad enough that Catholicism is now infected with the same heretical sickness.
It’s my opinion, observation, that Protestants are more obedient to their pastors than Catholics.

do you even know what that means?

care to explain this?



Really difficult question…
Hmm maybe because the jews are deceptive, notorious liars, changing their argumentation on the go?
On the other hand it is a known fact that jews fight Christianity on every occasion, like their war on Christmas. Happy seasons greeting.
To their deceptions belongs to appear on forums playing the “raving Nazi”, alienating anybody not already full NS, to become an ally to the common cause, as already happened here.

There is nothing to explain, dumbo.

Only when it serves to weaken white people, dipshit. When Christianity can very easily be used to justify the importation of mudpeople, the jews have no problem with it.


I like to point out, that in his 1982 article, Dr. Pierce offers his perspective on the religion that came to dominate our culture for more than ten centuries. He was a better man that any of us could ever aspire to be, and almost 40 years ago he opened our eyes on why Christianity is killing our race. More so, as he was raised in pretty strict Presbyterian family getting redpilled on Judeo-Christian was definitely not easy. Here are some important passages.

Imagine my shock!

Hits the nail on the head, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the reason some Holla Forumsacks still rabidly defend Christianity, I mean hell, it's the main reason I still admire parts the church today

Still buthurt after centuries

Hello Kikes

Prots worse Prots from kike-central


Blah blah blah, more intl shit.

The Cathars did absolutely nothing wrong.

I‘m not wasting my time to answer kikes.

For the benefit of other readers I‘m going to butcher Mr. Pierce “arguments”.

So did any other organization in ZOG occupied countries.
I suggest you return into the wildernes to live as an eremite, living on roots and berries. that would be very semitic

Total rubbish, maybe the most rabid “Prot” fringe groups, like Jones-Town did, do it, but then Jones was a communist larping as a Prot. Then, you can really protect yourself against ZOG bots larping, doing black-propaganda on you, neither can /pol.

There is nothing promoting race-mixing in Christianity and nothing preventing it with pagans.

I never claimed the opposite, it is fundamental in their heresy.

Bbbbut based anti-papist Anglo-Americans?

There are troubling issues of the non-European origin of the “semitic” letters Mr. Priece is using.

>great body of Christian ethical doctrines which are accepted by nearly all the churches but which conflict with White spirituality and the needs for White survival, such as the Sermon on the Mount;

OK were is the conflict?
Mr. Priece sounds like SJW, a kike or a mudslime here. “But, but you Christians are not supposed to do that!”

Christians had no problem with splitting mudslim invaders heads.


A Prots twisted understanding of Christianity – “we must kike and worship the kike”.

Blah, blah, strawamen, strawmen, no Christian peddles such nonsense.

Ahistoric, counterfactual nonsense. Europe of the last 2000 wasn’t that great despite being Christian, but because it was Christian.
The rise of Europe, its very foundation were made by the Church, and the Church were not some “Semites from the Sinai”. Anyone at least a little bit knowledgeable about European history knows that. You can’t have the greatness of Europe and split that from Christianity. Its “great art, the great music, and the great architecture” were motivated and fueled by Christianity. Those who claim otherwise are either ignorant or malevolent.
This “you have to dump Christianity” is pure kikery! The essence of centuries of jewish subversion.

Whiny kike




Hello there, my non-white friend. There are many ways that you can help fight the international jew, but pushing "christian identity" on a NatSoc imageboard out of butthurt isn't one of them.

You dumb spic

Just like the many christian "saints" and monks, some who even glued themselves to the ground.

Last time I went to church, I saw a race-mixing poster, on the children's cathecism room. There is already several examples pointed out in this thread >>11168332 , but you're deliberately ignoring them to push your fanatical agenda. It makes no sense to claim it's the same with "paganism", because these are not universalist religions - there are African gods, European gods and so on.

You are well read but you are trying to debate with a fanatic. That is not possible because his mind is simply too small to understand that he has been cucked.
You still do a sterling service to the board by showing how narrow minded the christcuck (chuck?) is. If he was a moslem he would be an allahu akhbaring jihadi sawing off heads in Raqqa. If he was a jew he would be an ortodox rabbi calling for the enslavement of all that which is goy. The christcuck may look white on the outside but he is really one of them on the inside. He has fallen to darkness. He is our Dark Númenór. He is the mouth of Soros.

Not an argument.

An interesting thought jump you did there. How is atheism more jewish than judaism?

If that was exaggerated, it's perhaps not wrong. Many have said the jew is ultimately an atheist - he is materialistic, with his satanic laws, focused on the world he is seeking to destroy. One could argue atheism is the ultimate result of these abramahic faiths and their disconnect, not just in general, but especially with the european man. Protestant countries turn into degeneracy more than others, because, with their cardbox churches and their meaningless denominations, people feel "their" churches to be a joke - but then they throw all spirituality away and become "atheists", because they conflate the things they reject in these with all religion, instead of seeking their own. Or, in other words, these countries are more judaized.

I will say that the jews worship that void black cube they put in their heads, they ritually torture the animals they eat and focus on "equality", when all things in nature are created unequal and only darkness has such absolute equality. That is not seeking "something higher", that is seeking to go down, to turn into shit, into a desert… Ultimately, I don't see atheism as a "lack of belief", a belief in something so self-evident, it appears more like a degeneration. I don't know much of what I'm talking about, and frankly sound like some new age bullshit, but it's worth looking more into…


Their statues, copies of Greek originals, some literature, rest of the art difficult to say because much is lost but that recovered is at best “nice”, but not very special. Roman culture wasn’t too innovative.

Renaissance was make believe what some 15th century Italians believed Roman antique was like. Actually, Renaissance was better, more creative, inventive, more skillful and innovative then that what the Romans did in centuries.

Even medieval art (painting) and engineering was superior to that of the Romans.

Of course that is because people learn from their ancestors, in contrast to kikes like you.



They didn‘t but they should have. We wouldn’t have the problems we have with kike-central, the USA.

If his point is that innovation predated Christianity (i.e. Christianity wasn't the key to their advancements), then (even if it wasn't the Romans, but the Greeks) doesn't this prove it?

Fair warning, anyone insulting Odin (or for that matter Eris or any other god of rope) on dotr is going to find themselves efficiently killed and piled with the other corpses. Best get it out of your system now because there won't be patience for that kind of divide and conquer bullshit later.

At one point in time, everything was before Christ, usually shortened BC.

Kikes, like the one in this thread, rechristened BC to “before current epoch” KEK

It is not the Christians who don’t acknowledged other peoples achievements, invent “dark ages” decorate themselves with borrowed plumes.

What prove? That there were people before Christianity? That they had achievements?
Such rhetoric is purely semitic, jewish/Religion of Cuck™ic and of people/thoughts strongly influenced by them. Iconoclasts, Protestants, enlightenment (French revolution), atheists, neo-pagans (Varg) not really pagans but in fact repacked atheists, communists, the assembled kikery, the post war Damnatio Memoriae.

Guys, shut the fuck up.
Everyone, shut the fuck up.
Do you all realize this shit doesn't matter?

Discussing about this trivial shit is LITERALLY a jew trick.
Tell me, does it really matter WHO hates the jews or WHY they hate the jews?
All the problems in the world LITERALLY OF THEM would be gone like the wind if the jews didn't exist.
Kids wouldn't get brainwashed, religions wouldn't get cucked, niggers would have kept going through the survival of the fittest (instead of the niggest) and so on so forth.
Before we can settle down and separate the filth from our race/religions/whatever we need to get rid of the kike, otherwise all our efforts will be in vain and eventually the well will be poisoned.

Pic related. Roman painting vs. Medieval "painting". And this are just some random frescoes from a wall in Pompei (a place that escape the destruction inflicted by the shadowy elites behind the christians). Roman art is objectively superior, even if it predates medieval art by 1000 years. Even the themes of medieval art are ugly and reflect a kiked up mentality.

Then why did the christians deliberately destroy all Roman art they came upon? The empire was filled with Statues, public buildings, libraries - who were burned, desecrated, canibalized or just used to make lime by the christians up to the 19th century, as Goethe noted while travelling across the Italian countryside, that the peasants would just pick up old roman statues they found and use it as fertilizer…

Without jews, there wouldn't have been christianity.

Believe what you want, but if you do not recognize who Dr. Pierce was, you have no place to be on this board Lurk moar or go back where you came from.

Highly so

Only thing you are demonstrating is your ignorance.

What do you think?

3 out of the 4 works you posted were renaissance ones. And again, you can find some beauty, made by Europeans, even during the worse of the middle ages. But it doesn't mean that pre-renaissance art was more advanced than that of the classical world (guess what caused the decline), or that their "christian themes", as byzarre as they were, were the reason these rare works had some beauty. Hint - You honestly don't find any "beautiful cathedrals" that weren't built by Europeans. Race, not religion - what you're missing.

Also remember Christian art was more simple than Roman art because it focussed less on details and more on symbology. And having only literally one example for each is hardcore cherry picking

You can use the bible to justify nationalism, you can use the bible to justify globalism (see here: and anything the popes said ) you can even use it to justify satanism - and some of the heretics persecuted by the church during the middle ages were that. Point is, it's a lenghty book, that touches a broad number of subjects and written by jews.

Now, is it the best way to justify nationalism? If you hold your convictions based on it, the other party can present a different interpretation. You need something more broader and firm, a real justification for nationalism - not the gymnastics presented there, that was, frankly, pretty weak and unconvincing. It's just some guy making things up. I suppose anything helps uncuck the christians, but it's better to stay away from the bible altogether. Justify nationalism, not because of it, but in spite of.

Well, undeniably (just remember nakedness and naked human figures does not equal degeneracy), but in it focusing less on details (mostly because they weren't technically capable of doing them because they lost the knowledge - and they plenty of time in the monasteries) it proves to be objectivelly inferior than that of the Romans, who focused on them and had rich symbology. Of course you can do "cherry picking", but if you compare large numbers of them, you'll reach the same conclusions.

I will stand by the simplicity vs extravagant argument, which was a common theme amongst early and medieval Christian's. Keep it simple and modest. Some of the best works were done for Good which is why you see those dank cathedrals and murals.

Also we have to consider the logistics of proper art supplies after the collapse of Western Rome. Many luxuries came from the East such as paper. Which explains the loss of copies and the switch to things like vellum. The whole west was dependent on so much from the East culturally speaking. Which explains why the East maintained higher culture (with very beautiful Christian art) and the West culture focused more on not getting assraped constantly. We can go very much so into this from philosophical, theological, and even economical reasons for what seemed to be a subjective decline in quality. And let's be real, arguing that their is objective art is very hard to do.

The hedonism thing though goes beyond nudity. Depictions of drunken orgies and rapey shit is what I'm getting at. We all know romans had severe sexual degeneracy issues.

But, again, you can argue that the pre-christian art was even richer in symbology and meaning, but also more detailed and well painted, more beautiful.

While you're correct and the decline in the west was even steeper, the art declined also in the east, compared to former times, and you can't blame lack of supplies for the loss of techniques like sculpting and perspective.

One can't deny the hedonism in their art, but you can also point to a degenerate mentality in medieval art, influence by jewish concepts, with it's gruesome depictions of torture and concern about demons and hell. Ultimately, we're arguing about "art" and cultural devolution now, far away from the kikes, but not really…

are you seriously advocating for catholics exterminating white europeans on Holla Forums?

Eternal kvetching

i am NOT talking about jews. i did NOT say or imply that jews are white europeans.

to reiterate: are you seriously advocating for catholics exterminating white europeans on Holla Forums?