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TL;DR I will be teaching my own class next year. What would Holla Forums recommend me covering? Two specific topics I want to cover is currency and the Roman Empire; however, a lot is tbd with school provided/required curriculum.

In a few months I will begin my teaching career (I'll be subbing until the end of the school year), and will have my own classroom next year. I will, most likely, be teaching English at the middle school level (ranging from grade 6 to 9). One thing I really would like to do is teach on the story of Nimrod and Tammuz and explain how that had shaped Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology. Pedagogically, I can sell it as Structuralism and as muh multiculturalism. I'm curious if any of you fellow autists have any resources on this topic or on the topic of currency. Attached is one of my resources on Nimrod, but more always help. Best wishes, Anons. I appreciate any and all help.

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Since it isn't posting the pdf here is the sauce:

The Story Behind Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz

The “Entire” Earth is lying in the power of ancient Babylon and the spell cast by Nimrod and his mother. The story begins right after the Biblical flood, with Noah’s son Ham, who had a son named Cush. Now Cush became notorious as a great leader that opposed God. He too had a son, by the name of Nimrod, that not only carried on his father’s work opposing God’s truth, but expanded it to such an alarming extent that those serving the true God rose up in indignation and put Nimrod to death. They then dissected his body and distributed the parts throughout the realm as a warning to all others who would so brazenly rebel against God.

All religion is a man made perversion of the worship of the true God.

As certain men, like Cush and Nimrod, began to exert themselves among the inhabitants east of the Mediterranean, which was the cradle of civilization after the flood, in direct opposition to the principles of God, they marveled the people with their deeds and conduct and their fame spread throughout the whole area. But the dramatic execution of the famed Nimrod, as the ringleader of the great apostasy from the true faith only served to fix forever in the minds of his followers who loved him and his accomplishments, to venerate his works and deify his name.

The seed of rebellion to supplant the sovereignty of God for their own, that Cush and Nimrod planted, was to grow and influence the stage was set. Instead of worshipping the true God, men of war became idolized heroes that were worshipped as Gods. What had happened in Babylon, became nourishment for the legends of Egypt.

In Egypt, the men that were their heroes and worshipped as Gods, were also the very same men that had been idolized in Babylon, with only their names changed. Understanding this, takes away the confusion of the mythical Gods, not only of Egypt, but most other cultures as well. But in Egypt, Nimrod became Osiris. Because Nimrod was both son and husband of his mother, he is represented as “the seed” and in his mother’s arms.

Both Nimrod and his father, Cush, carried the title “Bel,” as in re-bel, Bel-tane day, tower of Ba-bel, and most importantly, o-bel-isk. After Nimrod’s death, it was taught that he had gone to the Sun and was to return as the deified incarnated Sun-God’s son, named Tammuz.

In whatever culture, he became the “lamented one” where his worshippers diligently longed and wept for their messiah, looking toward the “east.” In Egypt, Tammuz became Horus, the “son” of the Sun. Semiramis became Isis. But it is from Horus that we get the words horoscope and horizon. It is Horus, as the son of the Sun, that his human incarnated representative carried the title “Pontifex Maximus” and the symbol of the “All Seeing Eye,” that also has the execrable distinction of being called by the true God of scripture, “the man of sin” and “the anti-Christ.”

When new knowledge lights up or illumines a student’s mind it is said they can now “see.” Therefore, a student is also referred to as a “pupil.” This pupil is quite significant in the Occult world.

The Sun, the great light of the world, also became representative of Horus, Osiris resurrected, the great God of the Egyptians. The Egyptians, when seeing the first rays of the Sun in the morning would say, Horus-is-risen. These words have come down to us today condensed in our one word, “hor-iz-on.”

Horus, like the Sun’s rays, that dispels darkness and is seen to penetrate into every crevice of the natural world, was represented into all things; dark secrets and knowledge that was unperceivable to the average person. As the Sun’s rays are universal, so the religion of Horus is also universal; ruled with its God-King, Pontifex Maximus head.

And as each that are initiated and illumined into the Brotherhood, they become a pupil or an “eye” for the Brotherhood. So this occultic “All Seeing Eye” of Horus became also the same symbol of Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati which now is displayed as Big Brother’s eye watching over us under the Novus Ordo Seclorum “New World Order system” on the back of every American one dollar bill.

What made the whole covert story of ancient Babylon so acceptable, is that in the Babylonian or Chaldee language, the names Ham and Her were synonymous with “the hot” or “the burnt one,” that readily identified Ham with the “Sun.” In other words, Ham and his descendants were black. Another point to clear up a confusion, is that the Egyptians were accustomed to place the suffix “mes” behind a name that meant “the son of.” For example, Ra-mes meant the son of Ra, or the Sun. Thoth-mes meant the son of Thoth. Her-mes, in like manner, meant the son of Her or Ham, who was Cush. Cush was renowned for and carried the title of “interpreter of the Gods.” Therefore, even today interpreting is known as Hermeneutics. Any encyclopedia will tell you that the Cushites were of the black race that had settled in Egypt and Ethiopia.

Osiris met with a violent death, and that violent death of Osiris was the central theme of the whole idolatry of Egypt. If Osiris was Nimrod, as we have seen, that violent death which the Egyptians so pathetically deplored in their annual festivals was just the death of Nimrod. The accounts in regard to the death of the God worshipped in the several mysteries of different countries are all to the same effect.

As the women of Egypt wept for Osiris, so the Phoenician and Assyrian women wept for Tammuz, so in Greece and Rome the women wept for Bacchus, whose name means, “the bewailed” or “Lamented one.” But if there was one who was more deeply concerned in the tragic death of Nimrod than another, it was his wife Semiramis, who form an original humble position, had been raised to share with him the throne of Babylon. What, in this emergency shall she do? Shall she quietly forego the pomp and pride to which she had been raised? No. On the contrary, her ambition took her a still higher flight.

In life her husband had been honored as a hero in death she will have him translated to heaven and worshipped as a God. Better still he will be proclaimed the woman’s promised “seed,” who was destined and foretold by the true God, that would crush the serpent’s head.

As Nimrod became Osiris in Egyptian religion, so Semiramis became Isis. In the myth of the Egyptian God Osiris, which derived out of the legends of Nimrod, Osiris was said to have been killed by a rival God, Set, (from where we get the word sun-set, as the sun is overpowered and killed by darkness) and cut into fourteen different pieces. After dismembering the body of Osiris, this rival God threw all the parts of Osiris along the Nile.

Isis, his wife, weeping and distraught, went looking for her dead husband’s parts and found all of them but one, his genital member. Isis put all of Osiris’ pieces together and revived him. Osiris the, became identified with the Pharaoh in death, at which time he became the king of the underworld and judge of the dead. But in his resurrected form he became Horus, that was identified with the living Pontifex Maximus Pharaoh, who was not only ruler over all Egypt, but whose domain included the whole world.

You must remember, that Osiris was worshipped as the Creator, the Impregnating Force of the Universe. However, to Isis’ great bewilderment and distress, she could not find Osiris’ most important and sacred body part—his penis. So the mother goddess, Isis, molded with her own hands an image of the dead God’s phallus, and set it up to be venerated as a monument to Osiris. And in the Temple services, a coffin with an image of Osiris’ phallus in it became part of the worship of the Sun God. That same phallic image became venerated as the shaft-of-bel, or the obelisk, and is represented all over the world today. Hence, the origin of Phallicism.

So now with the sacred genital member of Osiris restored by Isis, even as man fertilizes women, Osiris can now fertilize Isis; who was represented as “Mother Earth.” And in the Osirian cycle, the death and resurrection of Osiris, was played out in the annual flooding of the Nile that fertilized the soil of Egypt. When the river dried up in the summer, it meant that Osiris was dead, killed Set, the hot wind of the desert. But Isis, weeping a flood of tears, searches for the dead Osiris and finds him on the day of the Nile flood in the river’s holy waters. The water, the semen of Osiris, flows over the withered earth, Isis, and fertilizes it.

One must only wonder how the true God’s heart must surely break, as He looks down in amazement and sees how ridiculously foolish man’s worship becomes, once they turn their backs on His truth.

The question is, just what and how does all of this absurdity have to do with affecting us today? Everything! And in everyway. It matters not whether you or the majority of the world believes the teachings are preposterous or not. What really matters, is that leaders of the world are cramming these absurdities down our throats, even when they don’t believe them themselves, how can we avoid not going along. We can’t. And they certainly are not straight forward; but downright deceptive, as they lead us into believing a lie with a truth Man made religion “Babylon Mystery Religion” has served the ruthless leaders of the world quite well as their instrument to control and bilk the masses.

For millenniums they have perpetuated, molded, shaped, refined, smoothed and polished it to fit today’s global agenda. And it is Catholic in scope Roman Catholic. Think global now, as we reminisce how all this gibberish has unconsciously affected each one of us.

Remember: no matter how pious you celebrated Christmas and pretended it was Christ’s birthday; it wasn’t. You only honored the birthday of the Sun. Each time you celebrated Easter and a Sunrise service and thought it was Christian; it wasn’t. You honored the resurrection of Osiris, looking toward the east. When you celebrate World’s Day, its purpose is for awareness; so that you will honor, respect, and protect Mother Earth. When someone asks what is your sign and your horoscope, they give recognition to a false way to divine, honoring Horus. Each time you see the “All Seeing Eye” on the back of a one-dollar bill or a CBS television channel, etc. it is honoring the eye of Horus. And no matter how pious the pope of Rome pretends to be the representative of Christ, he knows from the depths of his heart that he is not; but the Pontifex Maximus, the official representative of Horus.

The World has been conditioned for many many centuries in preparation to get us in line for today’s global corral of religious nonsense. And it has all been pushed from the “Babylon Mystery Religion” headquarters, sitting at the Vatican in Rome. Most people are horrified with disbelief when they first learn what that strange structure and monument to the first president of the United States really represents. Its boldness and size shocks our modesty; and even more so as you connect the connotation of it standing erect before the Capital Dome; which is just a symbol for a woman’s abdomen and Mother Earth. It is this philosophy of pagan sexual promiscuousness, that is not only condoned but urged on by government leaders, that is stimulating and exciting the sexual imagination of the whole world. Hardly a movie can be viewed today with at least one sex scene in the nude being paraded before us. Anything goes; everyone is doing it; and it is made to appear that it is all okay. So give children condoms and teach them safe sex, is the mentality of educators today. But in addition to the Washington Monument, that conspicuous genital member of Bel, of having the distinct honor, like the Pentagon Building.

I know college taught you to huff farts but stop it.

Based OP

This is basically it in a nutshell, there have also been small perversions of the Bible trying to justify the Babylon'ing of the faith. I'd say the Seventh day adventists or the Orthodox (although they do not adhere to the fall feasts, do the whole egg/Easter crap) are closer to what Christianity was supposed to look like at the start. The Vatican is the new Rome and their bastardization of the faith is definitely the Babylon Mystery Religion or the seeds of it as it is currently pushing to merge the faiths. This is my one big issue with Trump, the symbolism he used, especially at the Vatican shows where his allegiance lies. They will take Jerusalem, that's what Kushner is busy working on, they will build the 3rd Temple and it will not be a good thing at all…

How does doing your own curriculum work? I thought you have to stick to a specific outline of topics.

Anyway, I'd recommend starting with teaching your countries history, positives and negatives. When I was in school, when it came to my country, all we learned about was how shit our living conditions were in the middle ages, how stupid we once were, how we conquered by the Romans, Normans, bombed by the Germans etc. Pure coincidence I'm sure. Teach them the good aspects of their history, because they never taught me that.

Pretty much, but there are opportunities throughout the year were you can diverge a little bit. Mainly comes when you choose a book for the class to read. At least, that was the case at the middle school I am student teaching at. Also, as long as your covering the topics (like grammar) I think I'll be able to teach some of my choices, but again this varies from district to district and school to school.



Sorry dude but mystery babylon is the anglo-kike-prottie empire (masonic religion). Rome hasn't been a player for 500 years and won't be running anything.

I can understand why you would think that but it's already signed over, The Vatican gibbed the kikes the shekels they wanted in the 90s all that's left for them is to act on it.

The Vatican doesn't even own its 6 block city but they rule Israel and the world. Yeah good detective work there m8.

Rome has wanted the Holy City back since they lost it last, they will have it again, scoff all you want but mark my words it will come to pass.

Rome has wanted the Holy City back since they lost it last, they will have it again, scoff all you want but mark my words it will come to pass.>>11159428

What symbolism might that be if i may ask, that discussion must have slipped by me when it was going on.

Teach them about documented false flag attacks like the Gulf of Tonkin, and nearly Operation Northwoods. Teach them about the history of the CIA and go over Operations like MK ULTRA and Mockingbird.

Enjoy being fired in your first year and never being allowed to teach again.

Reported for believing the Vatican controls everything. I bet you think Queen Elizabeth is in on it, too.

Watch Great Teacher Onizuka if you haven't already OP. It's one of my favorite anime series. Also check out Golden Boy too.

You fuckers know shit about Golden Boy. You have no idea how degenerate it gets if you sit down to read the manga.

I suggest introducing them to the Rothschilds and the scam known as international banking. Also do what mentioned.

SDA's are nothing more than a doomsday cult who's greatest virtue is regurgitating bible versus and selectively following old testament jewish laws.

My parents were in the church for a stint when I was a kid. I remember Adventists telling me dinosaurs were a grand hoax and they somehow convinced my parents to stop celebrating Christmas. As you can clearly tell, I'm still butthurt over it.

Is it true that teachers have to go through intense multi-culti marxist brainwashing before they even get into the classroom? How did you survive this?

Polite sage for off topic posting.

It is really bad. I was full on socialist SJW-ish Bernie Bro, but a couple of factors brought me back to reality: the school where I've done my student teaching at (urban, inner-city), being outsize of the brainwashing uni, Holla Forums, and my conservative family.

First three weeks Holocaust, next three weeks black history month, three weeks after that BIG TESTS, final grades.

A casting/statue of the Lotus is what he gave the Pope

Aww cute you looked me up. Well user let me give you some insight on all that, I said, iirc, that I align *more* with their beliefs that doesn't mean I unequivocally endorse whatever some pastor told you nor will I stoop to empathize with whatever nihilistic beliefs or axe you have to grind against Abrahamic faiths. Also while that is kinda sucky to not celebrate Yule err I mean Christmas they had like 8 more feasts in place of it and half of those in the fall that they should of done something with, but the assimilation of the Babylonian practices that it mimics isn't a great thing to long after. Also dinosaurs did in fact exist even in the Bible.

TL:DR Sorry not sorry, you're better off without a Nimrod Dong Tree in your house.

If you don't believe OP, then watch/listen to William Cooper's exhaustive Mystery Babylon series before you talk shit

This isn't a libertarian board.

I'm not arguing for lolbertarianism. I'm stating that all people should know history on money and how it has evolved from bartering to gold to fiat. Understanding currency and utility are two things all rational people ought to have through knowledge of.

Ive always wondered howmany teachers browsed here

Atlantis the antideluvian world and Ragnarok: the age of fire and gravel by Ignatius L. Donnelly

Basically he gives great arguments and scientific proof for the existence of Atlantis in the mid-atlantic, including Geologic

Basically ancient human history is far deeper and older than we know, we didn't come out of Africa, we came from Atlantis.
the swastika is the symbol of Atlantis, they represent four rivers that flow from a mountain in the middle of Atlantis… This is why the swastika symbol is so far spread, from the americas to asia, Atlantis was an 'Ocean Empire"

His book on Ragnarok simply compares the ancient creation legends and accounts of a comet / meteor impact on earth. This book is crucial and his interpretation of the Genesis Creation account is spot on.

The first chapter of Genesis is not a creation account, but a remembrance of the SURVIVAL of the comet/meteor strike. IFF a substantial meteor were to hit our planet, it's heat would dry up lakes and oceans, this evaporation would in turn darken the skies of the whole world and the silt blown up into the atmosphere. Would make the world; VOID.

Each day of creation is simply the clouds clearing, and the survivors coming out of the "earth"caves and "waters"

Have you read "The Horse, The Wheel, And Language"? You could structure ancient-world curriculum around it. Good excuse for prehistory units covering Asian, India, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Europe (but still discreetly slipping in the truth about ancient Aryan warriors).

Other than that try to include a lot of Greek, Roman and Medieval history, since that is heavily neglected these days and therefore less likely to be smothered with PC curriculum objectives.

Have them watch this, its a pretty good run down on how our current monetary system works with it connecting to almost every single war in the past 400 years.

Tell them to follow the (((money))). Draw flowcharts and explain feedback loops.


no such things exist, baller.
Genesis 1 is a literal account word for word of creation. The sun was created on the FOURTH day to move about the heavens above a firm unmoving earth domed by a firmament. 1:7 and 1:14 to be specific - just for starters. Plenty of other references in scripture.

i love that man

I'll make sure to order it. That sounds like a good idea (ancient-world curriculum). That something I want to develop by year 3. Plus, like you said… good vehicle, (((multiculturalism))), to reveal hidden truths.

That's part of my goal. I want to foster an appreciation for those topics, and hopefully spur students to research for themselves.

Cover the truth about Erdah (earth) and how much of the continent of Africa was once a white dominated land and the Middle East/Old Kingdom were Arab who lived in relative harmony for the most part outside of shifting land struggles.

Then after the impact over what is now Sonoma took place it flooded Atlaroa which displaced them all within the Atlantic and Mediterranean raiding Libya (it was white at this time), the Old Kingdom, Greece and many other places later to be known as the "Sea People". Finally… their southern invasion force came into contact with what is now Congo and tribes far behind the other civilizations and who were very much okay with keeping to themselves. At this point they subjugated these tribes of darkened skin and used them as a slave force to build the eventual marvels of Nerub which, inevitably, attacked Egypt and gained control over the river valley. From here they used their Nerubian slaves to expand west and east. This was until Babylon and Assyria, the lion and the manticore and of the same blood rose to halt them… which they did.

Thus the pillars of creation were formed. Babylon to the south and Assyria to the north protected by the gate blessed by the time streamer and presented to celebrate the gardens of creation which later would come to be known as the hanging gardens of Babylon.

Time passed, and from the land of storms, a mass across a narrow sea of perpetual lightning storms in those days… came to establish. One brother blessed with the gift of thought. The other with the gift of strength. United stronger, divided weaker. Eventually a bastard boy of an ancient one rose to command and through his barbarous cruelty an empire rode across the ancient world and seized the pillars and garden. With lightning in hand and death following always…

But I'm sure none of you care about such things. So… stick to the textbooks… afterall, what I just wrote can't be fact.

Bumping, as I'm a history education major

Respect. I thought about doing history, but the Uni classes at my school were absolute shit. Plus, I was always good in English classes. Best of luck and make sure to spend quality time everyday on your edTPA.

P.S. FUCK ((((Pearson))))

Any sauce on this?

Thank you for wanting to focus on Mesopotamian history. Our history is the most overlooked and it's retarded cos our influence on future empires and thus the world is heavy.

Of course there's no sauce cos it's fucking delusion

Hellenistic history seems to be ignored in general. Be sure to tell them about the real meaning of haunika

Nah, pass on that OP. GTO is a good recommendation, however.