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Why the fuck is literally no one talking about this? Even if it's fake the question stands as to why it spread so quickly and what it's distracting from/meant to do

first im hearing of it. fuck



But also

so the cia is going to go ahead with blueballs?

It happened on the 16th.

It spread so quickly because it's a fucking meteor strike.
How many of those videos have you seen?

I prefaced with even if it's fake in case shills flood the thread saying it's fake or a larp or irrelevant to politics.

You're missing my point.
It spread this quickly because is the second time that humans ever recorded a meteor falling in video.

Nothing is irrelevant to politics in the day and age of "we'll find a way to blame our opponents".

user predicted this fucking yesterday on cuck/pol/

Holy fuck guys I'm legitimately spooked, I live in Saginaw which isn't far from where this happened.

This is from Canton



8:08 AM is the exact time the Hawaii alert happened. 8:08PM this.. Thing.. Made its appearance.

the fuck? are even meteors jews now?

The theories about some sort of exotic laser starting those cali fires a few weeks ago comes to mind.

So is August 8 the next happening?

That's meant to mean it's fake.

What was that thread a couple of days ago about a blue meteor?

Can someone check out this strip of land in Michigan?

Fairhill Way, Howell, MI 48843

looks like there's already been a thread

What an odd commercial to come out 3 days ago

Forgot embed


Of course not you idiot lmfao.

But why was the spic warning to stay away from halfchan?

it looks like a dud missile
a meteor getting anywhere near land is gonna send a fucking huge shock wave like the one that blew by russia

Come the fuck on, you didn't even bother to change the YouTube links to Hooktube.

It was hours after the fact and NOBODY posted ANYTHING here. Cry me a river, maybe you should be more proactive to make an OP for the next happening.

This needed exposure. How about actually contributing to the fucking data gathering instead of being a whiny fucking kike. Waah, he didn't format or reword the concise, pre organized data. Fuck me, right?

Even a copy paste is more useful than whining.


I don't browse halfchan but I can sure as fuck tell he got from there because of the "[Open]"s beside the YouTube links.

You're a lazy fucking nigger who couldn't make his own OP, an hero.

How could you know that [Open] is from halfchan?

Bull fucking shit.
When meteors like that hit they cause huge damage.
Look at this
This entire thing has dud missile written all over it.

He could have used halfchan before coming here like 99% of the userbase.


How do you faggots even pretend to be this stupid? Everyone smells of newfags lately. Lurk for two years, this isn't your home. You were not meant to be here, or you would have been here already. A false exodus.

The landing pods from Oumuamua finally arrive.

Unless the Earth is the center of the universe, and is not a ball

Stop pretending to be retarded. You can be kicked off of Earth for being a space tourist too.

That's not what a reentering missile looks like. It's even got that green meteor glow that is so often reported with bolides.

>"And the meteorite boom caused 2.0 earthquake, according to the USGS."


You should link to videos of reentry. I'll fucking do it, since you're a lazy homo.



If a meteor made of or in high concentration of something that burns in oxygen or the stuff that fireworks are made of, then I'd assume it would do something like we see in the videos.
It's a way easier explanation. It was something very small made of something that burns easily and it just burn out after entering the atmosphere.

Sure, can be aliens, but even without knowing much about the subject, my explanation makes more sense than aliens, unless someone can explain me why it's impossible for me to be right

reentry is majestic. I got to see the UARS as it made reentry, and it's like a plane, but you can just feel how it's literally the Lord of the Heavens, not just wooshing through like a plane does.

And what about the prediction? Are you implying this user can control meteors?

Oh ye of little faith.

I'm usually not too keen to believe cuckchanners but this does seem rather exceptionally specific and timely.



What if a bigger one is incoming?

Everyone please be on the lookout for a 10-year old with a weird watch.

But then why did no one detect this meteorite? NASA says they couldn't detect the Russian meteorite a couple years ago because it "came out of the daytime sky".
You would think someone besides an autist on cuckchan, you know… Some scientist or organisation or something… Would have found it first? Or at all?

It hit near residential areas, I'm pretty sure some other big name in astronomy would have seen it

it certainly is, there is always a bigger one coming at us. if it will reach us in our lifetimes, it's a different story

Meteors often have electrical explosions that produce the light, and cause the fragmenting of the meteor.

It didn't, it burns up entirely above the clouds.

That's not confirmed.

Ok from what I could see in the first 2 vids it could very well be a meteor.
The third vid however is off.
If it was the same meteor as in the first 2 vids it shouldn't have landed but just burned up yet I see people around something on fire?

This is a fucking happening and deserves a bump.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Heavens.

I saw this last night…

These events are not fake, These events are not meant the public Eye, any and all peoples interested in your reality… You must pay attention to above so as understand where you are below.

Often these crashes are met with drones seeking out the site. During Obama's presidency one such crash happened in Western MI. There wasn't any news of it, and you won't have anything but my word, perhaps, a few others. But during the last year of King Nigger. The same thing occurred except there wasn't anyone to report on it. The police sent drones after it immediately as well and that's all I know.

I have seen much spook activity in my little neighborhood if anyone wants to hear about that

Guess lil' Kimmy finally pressed the big red button on his WMDs.

You're the only lazy nigger here you fat neckbeard. Ya come in and add nothing of substance; you just come in and bitch like you would at mom for her touching your greased up belongings.

plz sit down

Reporting from Redford. Confirming noise heard. Heard inside by two, myself included. Very loud bang with vibration through all business suites, walls, and windows. Thought to be yet another gas explosion, or sonic boom jet flyover possibly due to DTW airport. No other noises or events, otherwise clam and quiet night of normal tension in diversity wastes. No electric or gas interruptions nor fluctuations.

What is that suppose to give me a feeling of awe or something? Take your alphabet agency trash and show it to CNN. Maybe they will give a shit.

How do you wake up in the morning knowing you glow in the dark? Oh wait. ;^)

Nobody here is talking about aliens except you, but, I'll humor you. Any and every time something actually lands in Michigan here? You don't always hear about it like this. Usually it happens somewhere quieter, but, this one was big enuff to disturb everyone to start pulling out phones. Your avg person is too stupid to look up, so, that should tell you something.

The last few times I've seen this happen; I always see an immediate response in drones. Always.

Reported for semitic deity worship
Enjoy your ban cuck

Looks like some 6th gen warfare shit. Space warfare, orbital railguns.

looks like North Korea has nuked us

The (((crater))) graters

checked and keked
if only commiefornia took a direct hit

This is how you get Apollo riding his Chariot across the sky

WTF? I get that this was supposed to be comical, but it also implies a nuke attack rather than a meteor if you look at the contail.

those are the lights from ambulances/ fire engines. they don't have the blue emergency lights like police cars. couple that with the ambiance effect from particulate snow and you have your phenomenon that looks like a fire.


That faked heavy breathing overlay. I don't trust any government agency now, and that includes NASA.

Seen smaller versions of this multiple times.
Meteors. That colour is copper usually.
One time had a massive inland sand dune light up and the entire valley, looked up and there was some Riddick-like atmospheric trail in the sky from it exploding high up.

You shouldn't trust anything that likes to identify itself with 3-4(*) letter abbreviations, period. Any and all constituents of the alphabet agencies (this includes ones that seem 'harmless,' like NASA) must hang from their own intestines.

For we will not have enough length of rope in the coming days for the amount of necks that must break.

I, for one, would enjoy a good green-text. Impart your experience for our edification, user.

The sooner they kick off Project Bluebeam the sooner we can find the crashed shit and shoot down the fake ayys to reverse engineer the tech locked up in black projects and conquer the stars.

Okay give me a moment because I hate spooks, and every time I ever talked about this back then. I was harassed by men in blacked out everything.

It's also the area code for Hawaii.

The commercials which come around for brainwashy stuff are interesting. People here seem to chalk it up to (((their))) incompetence, but I think it speaks more to the internals of how their system of control works. (((They))) don't actually control that much, they just have money to try to control things with and in turn outsource a lot of the brainwashing stuff to lower level marketing firms. E.x.:

user said he was going to make it turn 90 degrees in the sky to prove that he could change reality - I don't think this counts because it would have to be directly overhead at the closest point of approach for this to be 90 degrees.

Seconding this. Green == Copper, missiles don't have enough Copper in them to glow green.

It totally depends on the size of the meteor shooting stars are meteors but are only the size of bb's not giant beach balls.

More likely a time traveler trolling people or someone who can see the future than a guy controlling meteors.

The "burn up in the atmosphere" meme is a myth. What actually destroys meteors is pneumatic force blowing it apart. After it has disintegrated then the smaller pieces are incinerated. Larger meteors can survive pneumatic disintegration.
The pressure differential between the ultra-high pressure air at the leading face of the meteor, and the vacuum at the rear causes gasses to penetrate the meteor substrate and push it apart.

The angle of attack seems quite unusual though, most meteors come in at a shallower angle.

If that happens again fuck with them. You should go bitch slap them or spray them with water. Start a fight. Mess up the blacked out everything. Turn the table as it were

It would make sense that a time troll would focus on astronomical events when making predictions, due to the newtonian nature of such large objects like planets and meteors, the outcome won't be changed due to butterfly effect when the traveller announces his prediction some days or weeks in advance.
Evens in the human sphere and things like weather, stock market, lottery are quickly affected and his prediction could fail as a result.
Your smallest movement for example, changes the outcome of tomorrow's lottery due to minute gravitational effects and ripple effect of your human interactions with others.
Some people don't get this so here's a quick example. You spend an extra 1 minute reading a post before driving to the store. Now you encounter totally different traffic, make different moves, cause other drivers to move differently and arrive at their destinations at slightly different times, this effect spreads like a ripple across the entire planet in a matter of days. The combined effect of this ripple means that the physical forces acting on the lottery balls due to gravity creates a different outcome.
This is called sensitivity to initial conditions.
The greatest misconception of the Butterfly Effect is that the butterfly's wing flap turns into a hurricane, it doesn't, it just contributes to the weather system in such a way that a hurricane forms weeks or months later which otherwise wouldn't have. But the butterfly didn't cause this by itself, the actions of everything on the planet contributed to the final conditions, and even everything in the universe (due to gravity.)

All of this takes place during KIng NIggers presidency

(avg game length at the time was 30-45m)
(i've had all kinds of crazy shit happen to me just to preface)

This thing had 3 large orbs on the bottom of it that I presume were for thrust/propulsion. (Three is a magical number in these trying times, eh?)
It was very loud but not in the, "Hey this should wake up everyone, right?" sense, but, in a way that you could only hear it by 'feeling' it.
The noises it made were all very very very low frequencies. Like you were hearing them in your head and outside of it at the same time and there wasn't just like 2-3 sub frequencies but a whole cacophony that should of surely woke the entire fucking place up. Pretty sure it uses a lot of Tesla's understanding of resonance and electromagnetism 'n the relation of 3s to frequencies.

This was the only time I seen it. All my other stories involving this craft are from a point of hearing it not seeing, and I will also now detail my experiences with spooks.

Hmm do you have a theory as to why drones would be used for something like this? Space rocks fall everywhere all the time and nobody cares. I'm sure the mineral content of such a stone is not worth the official response so there must be something else to it assuming your word is spoken honestly of course.

So I'm not going to greentext this one because it's more or less annoying to do as I leave out more details that way.

This next story stars Charlie and I once again, as, well as that faggot game.

So there I am on another midnight dreary… About a week later. I'm doing the same thing I was before. Minding my own damn business trying to play a shitty game. This fuckin dog goes off on his barking spree again. But keep in mind he's a quiet boy unless something IS happening. So he's a good boy. A very good boy.

So when I get up to see what he's on about this time? Imagine to my surprise that I see a big military drone hovering in my yard right above the trees. It was slowly rising towards the clouds but guess where this nigger went after spending 20m in my backyard probably looking at me? Went the same direction that UFO went when I saw it piss off toward the Northeast.

So I'm just giving this piece of shit the finger the whole time. Then I go to the other side of my room to give it some more and watch where it's going because it got out of my view from my back window.

THen I go back to my back window and I noticed something. Everything was in this pink haze until the drone had left. Then after that thought I was going to go back to my computer and talk about it. But oh no it wasn't over… My strange self being who I am. Said to stay the fuck there and watch this car speeding down the road. Watch it and watch it turn onto your street, user.

So I did that and what happened? Oh you bet my puckered asshole that this fucker turned on my road. I ran downstairs and was peaking out from the curtains, and who is parked out in front of my god damn mailbox?

A blacked out vehicle with no markings anywhere on it. The vehicle I do believe was those old police cruisers from the 90s. He literally sat there for 10ms and I was never armed at the time. So the only thing I thought to do was stay put and observe.

Eventually he leaves to go pretend to check out every other houses mail box. They were pretending to be the newspaper at first, and people even were telling me, "Oh that's just the newspaper, user…"

But I ain't no fuckin' nancy boy.

How do you mean? You know any modern nuclear icbm system is just going to drop warheads and nothing else, if it was a nuke there would be no contrail like that at all This is what any modern nuclear strike would look like.

did it get taken down Tesla ZPE Atlanta-style?

consistent with the anonmaly observed a few months back in Wisconsin or Idaho
saw bunch of masked planes heading there and then a mag 2 depth 0 earthquake happened in rural area
also in the same general line as the Denver lights and shit that happened in LA the "spaceX no it was USAF satellite launched at night"
pretty spooky

tbh I think that's a faulty interpretation itself. The butterfly flapping its wings not only didn't cause it, but nothing else did either.
All things which can happen do happen and the universe is static, with Rindler-like horizons propagating out from the site of every potential particle interaction.
There is no time and the big bang never stopped - it just became multidimensional.
What all this means is that the act of time travel will place a traveler on a different worldline from their original, but those worldlines don't exist "simultaneously" (for lack of a better word, even though time itself is meaningless in this context beyond interpreting the radius of the corresponding Rindler horizon) across the whole of the universe - they are inherently limited by their Rindler horizons, which are basically saying "the effect of a particle-particle interaction propagates out to the rest of the universe at the speed of light."
This in turn means that that meteor, which wasn't actually anywhere near Earth when in the prediction was made, is far less impacted by a time traveller. The butterfly effect is more of a thermodynamics perspective on this concept which would seem to suggest the meteor couldn't possibly be impacted by the time traveller prior to entering the atmosphere - but that isn't the case at all.
Thermodynamics is just a thing we ascribe as a form of cause and effect, but all possible effects happen and our perception is merely shifted along the the path of least resistance - this tends to mean sticking to a singular worldline. All of those possible worldlines exist no matter what you do and some version of you is on every one of them, but "time travel" is the act of shifting across worldlines. There is in reality no such thing as time, it's an illusion wrought by a changing static frame of reference experienced by an extraordinarily limited version of yourself. That whole "higher self" concept from the occult it basically "figuring out how to reconnect with your other selves and perceive that connection in a way which allows you to experience a wider range of realities." Doing so allows a person to see what happened in others and at that point predicting the future (e.g. meteors) is little more than seeing something happen repeatedly and going "it's likely to happen here too" while having a high probability of being right.

Feels good to hear someone else explain the ripple effect and how it works. I first realized it just by observing how people move in a room and working out how someone's absence or an additional person's presence could affect the events that take place in a subtle way. Even being an inactive participant trying to blend in is highly dangerous just by how being seen or how subtle vibrations of an unseen person can cause people with acute senses to want to investigate.

Yeah they know something you and I do not. While many are here focused on how they can manipulate reality via 'meme magic,' as they call it thru that one 'eye.'

They are forgetting their enemy has been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years. Whatever it is is that crashes down to Earth? I don't know.

But it represents more than just rare metals or Bluebeam shenanigans.

I don't have an answer for what they are doing with what enters this domain. But I can tell you that they do not control the Heavens above, but, they know very much how to utilize its energies.

I'd be more able to tell you why they massacred all those people in Las Vegas than what they are doing with whatever is crashing here consistently.

So back to the story… I would be seeing that vehicle every other day or sometimes a week or so would go by of not seeing him. The same routine every time except the first time is the only time he spent a good deal outside my house. Every other time he'd be there for less than 5m and he would go pretend to look at mailboxes of random houses.

Between September, all the way, to the winter months of next year. I would see him and various other blacked out vehicles except one.

Now my little dirt road is a dead end. It leads only to a giant field where state power lines run through. So imagine my surprise when the second vehicle I see (after a month of fag boy in his Crown Vic) is a blacked out bucket truck.

What are they doing down there I wonder? I don't know and I should've been running my ass down there to see, but, spooks scared me at the time. I already knew when I was younger that these fuckers put anyone in a black bag that causes actual noise in their agenda.

Then fast forward to November because all of Oct and Sep was just these clowns going all the way down there at midnight hrs for like 30ms at a time.

We get to September and I hear that strange cacophony of sound again. But this time I see nothing and only hear it. This time it's not just MY dog barking but every block within 5 miles. You could tell where this cunt fucker was moving around in the clouds, because, wherever it wasn't? Dogs were silent.

It was so strange you could literally tell where it was by the sounds of the dogs barking. One moment it's a mile down the road and then the next it's right in my neighborhood and then like in sync the dogs would stop and you'd hear em further away. But the weirdest and craziest part about hearing it again in November was because I heard something awful.

Every dog stopped except these tiny little dogs. A bunch of em. What followed their barks was a yelp like someone shut them up, and then what sounded like a literal cartoony ray gun (like some Marvin the Mad Martian shit) and a woman's blood curdling scream.

Then everything became dead silent and the craft started moving again. (Easiest way to describe the sound I Just realized is similar to transformer sounds but with no high frequencies at all.)

After that month; I saw 3 new additions to the spook brigade. December rolls around and there's a fancier car that comes by now. The crown vic is still doing it's thing and the electrical bucket truck was too. But then this sporty car w/ its back window all lit up in orange lights that were dots in a checker pattern. This fucker seemed like he was an uptight asshole, because, he only ever sped down my road going 60 mph. He never ever stayed longer than 10m and after he'd be gone. (Must of been the boss nigger making sure these clowns are working)

And the strangest vehicle of them all that I only caught a glimpse of and only ever saw once. This gigantic militarized box truck that also spent zero time there. IN and out. Like more punctual than the special ops teams or some shit.

It reminded me of a SWAT vehicle but far more deadly.

After I saw those 2 guys (didn't see boss nigger for very long)

The last vehicle introduced was another bucket truck but it was white and had police lights on it. This thing also towed some weird ass device on its back hitch.

So what were they doin'? Well around the time King Nigger gave the go-ahead to outfit every single police department in the country w/ spook technology. (Cellphone tower spoofers, lil relays to sap data w/ on power lines, some weird ass ceramic alloy coil shit, and a lot of crap I don't even wanna get into)

So what were they doing? Well they weren't doing shit til I started tweeting and goybooking it up. Once that happened they were playing parlor games.

Whenever I walked anywhere I'd be gang stalked, and as somebody who has experienced way wilder shit than spooks. I always found gangstalking to be of the disinfo variety; you know like Alex Jones is to Bill Cooper.

You know one is dead and the other is a faggot controlled op

Also they would send drones just because it's the fastest means to get to the site and observe what is going on in case it's in a location where boots on the ground cannot be there in ~15

Hey maybe we'll gain crazy super powers like those dumb kids from that dumb movie… Chronicle? Yeah it's called Chronicle.

Who knows. ;^)

You boys ever watched Akira?

Alright so I posted the three vids in Twitter and this was a reply

There was an user on here a few months to weeks back talking about being able to do just that.

Thanks for the stories user, mind telling where this took place? (Without doxing yourself of course)
The biggest turn on for me, was that black vehicle at the end, considering you flipped of the craft, and then that vehicle "happens" to show up? That's very eerie, sounds like a typical Gov stake-out.

Not a meteor an advanced weapon.

Oh shit this thread is already going to hell

I give these fuckers the finger every time they fly their little bitch drones by my place and if they parked outside my house again. I'd go out there and put the fear of their faggot desert god in them, because, I'm sick of playing coy with these fuckers. You can't scare a man who has seen the angel of death since birth, you know? Also I'm almost positive spooks tried kidnapping me at age 5.

But dox me? Ha I wouldn't mind at all. I welcome those fuckers to come back. Not a day passes me by where I don't dream of killing them. Since they were also coming into my house. We had a lot of break ins that my mother just kind of accepted and never cared for. The only valuables taken were their birth certificates, and some other documents.

Everything else though? Oh no. Nothing. I remember one night I came down to get cereal at 12. My sister asleep on the couch, and the light is on. I pour my cereal, go use the restroom, come out, and my front door is wide open. Now I know if it was was a robber they'd of taken that entire 8m to steal the valuable phone, ipad, DS, and other shit just laying out for easy grabs not even 10 feet from the doorway. So you have to imagine, user, what good is a robber who makes no money?

One time I found a footprint of blood in my house and nobody was there but myself. I mean that's just little stuff, because, there's way way way more that happened over those years. In any case

I live in Michigan, user. (I thought it might be obvious since earlier I posted about a previous time something similar like this happened. BUT last time they made NO media report on it. Keep that in mind. Why would they do it this time then? Oh because the stage is getting set.)

Seen many of these around?
It's probably what they kept bringing the bucket truck/going to the power lines.

Driving a car that needs to boot up before you can drive off vs. older cars with instant ignition at the speed of light.
I'm sure (((someone))) laughs every time such a turd-mobile drives off the showroom forecourt.

Relevant thread

I thought it was all shitposting, now im wondering if Holla Forums has fucking meteorwizards.

So if it was a meteor, how did someone manage to get a picture of it at point of impact? Why would they be looking for it? This smells like dancing israelis to me.

Checked (user who thanked you here) shit, I'm from Michigan too, that's fucking terrifying. I don't blame you for wanting to drop those motherfuckers. Especially since all they're taking if shit to identify you…something fucky is definitely happening to you. Be safe user, and remember, if they come for you, take some fuckers down with you (although, I'm sure you already planned on it haha) Good luck! Also, try to snag some pictures of them next time.

Checked and keked, it just shows tech is being downgraded (vehicle-wise) to make it easier for (((them))) to fuck with us.

Did you know your CPU has a CPU inside of it so it can boot up?

It's the second impact!

What the hell are you talking about? Some kind of scifi crap?

Good catch. Grabbed relevant screencaps before it gets slid off 24 and into the sweet abyss that is /archive/
Gonna put them together in a bit
around two weeks ago he mentions

did he mean into the ground?

A thread died for this. There wasn't even mass chaos and destruction on the roads from assholes looking up at the falling ROCK.

My money is on another failed nuke from North Korea israel

It caused a fucking earthquake, retard. It's more important than your precious e-celeb kike threads.


Not everyone is as autistic as you.

>Having an urge to (((check))) repeating numbers for no reason

pick one

It's from NGEvangelion, the first impact was 4 billion years ago and created life, the second almost killed humanity, the third unified humanity in one being.

pic related

Thanks! I can't stand that one. The music is shit.

I'm more autistic than him!

Hope this helps save some of the information in that thread.

Shill-kun is likely just pretending to be one of us and getting the meme wrong. This is proabably a meteor and the muh aliens dweebs are being used to distract. We’ve already been warned that the deep state and the left would try to use aliens as a distraction/artificial crisis event. We’ve seen Podesta and co shilling it. Enough.

It looks like a meteor to me…

Usually if the government says 1 thing I tend to assume its the opposite, but even a broken clock is right twice a day

Oh fuck me the ending got cut, here's it fixed.

It doesn't have to be man-made to be important.

If they get bigger in size, and more frequent, due to "space weather", it may become necessary to live in shelters, or at least to keep loved ones in there.

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thanks, this guy seriously knew what he was talking about. I hope he posts more in the future.

the silence is deafening. first, two 'false' missile threats on two continents in two days. now this

no one died in vegas you massive faggot

This is your brain on materialism.

/x/ pls go

Copper compounds, when burnt, create blue light.
Boron compounds, when burnt, create green light.

The universe is made if like materials and elements, you can literally communicate with an alien species by showing a primitive picture of an atom due to it's universal consistency. Nothing to worry about.

Fox 2 did a really shit segment on it last night.
about 15 clips pointed at the ground lighting up, then only 1 decent clip of it actually in the sky.
Basically expecting people to be looking away by the time they got to the good clip.

Yes user I know, but it is not
It is so it can spawn (((controls)))

I'm at work, but could some user trace a path on Google Earth from upper regions of Norko to Michigan and see what lines up.

Trying to figure out the trajectory of the meteor, and I have a hunch.

Pic is the newer Russian MIRV system.

meteors confirmed for lies

>the earth is flat and hollow

hilarious thread full of shills, but with some good posters. the shills arguments get destroyed and they fail miserably so it's extra fun.

think about why the ocean looks blue when the sun shines through it. think about how the sky is also blue, and how very ancient antarctic ice is also a strange blue color. makes sense? and troll science bro's with big fancy pieces of paper from the establishment claim "its rayleigh scattering, and the sky isn't actually blue it just looks blue but it isn't because it's just reyliegh scattering just trust us"

every single image of earth from space release by nasa has always been a composite image. they will never release a true non-edited picture of earth from space.

if there are as many infinite stars and galaxies as they say there are, the entire sky wouldn't have any visible individual stars because in terms of pixels on a tv screen the stars in the sky would take up every pixel of space that there is in the sky. the entire sky would always glow white and there wouldn't be a place in the sky to look at that was empty. at any distance you would eventually run in to another star so no matter how far away from the perspective of earth there wouldn't be any black sky at night.

go back and watch any video of a rocket takeoff. why do ALL the rockets always go upwards for a moment and then start to veer off course and curve off the side? they can't keep going straight up because they will hit the water and if they go much deeper they will crash right into the firmament. they always curve to avoid it. ALWAYS. the rockets always land somewhere else out of sight or people are told it's just a retrieval of parts, but you know what the truth is.

they only thing that every country on earth ever agreed on and never broke their promise, as they all promised together, was to leave antarctica alone. the north pole is the center of the landmass and the south pole (antarctica) is actually a giant ring around the outer edges of the earth. it's illegal to fly there without permission (almost nobody ever gets that permission) and so it is conveniently incredibly difficult to prove or disprove this once and for all. what a coincidence.

anyone who has ever gone to a tall skyscraper that allows an all around window view with protective railing (so people dont just fall off) and looked 360 degrees all around the horizon will notice that it is always flat and never curved even at that hight, when it should be. almost all the weather balloons and homemade gopros they ever use that make it to the higher atmosphere use an added fisheye lense to add a fake curve to the horizion.

since you are very little, one of the first things you are expected to learn is that you live on the earth and the earth is a globe, and you are repeatedly shown this big spinning toy and you have a few childish thoughts like "how does everyone on the bottom not fall off?" and everyone tells you its because "gravity" holds everyone on the sphere, but remember centrifugal force is very powerful and can keep water in a bucket even though its spinning around a certain point, but it makes the bucket of water feel much more heavy, like it wants to fly off it's handle with tremendous force. now imagine that all the things on the surface of the earth including its gigantic oceans are all that "bucket of water". what do you think would or rather should have already happened to us all and our cats and dogs and houses and cars if the earth was really spinning around as fast as they want us to believe that it is?

the earth presumably being as massive as we think it is (even though it's flat) is so heavy and so big that spinning at that speed would tear it apart. forces created by the spin would be greater than the force of gravity, but that's another deeper rabbit hole.

going by the rules of globalist approved science, if you actually do the proper calculations you discover that the force of gravity is not enough to overcome the spinning force of the planet (the globe spinning on its own, not the "spin around the sun") and that we should have been catastrophically flung off of the earth in a cataclysm along with the earth spinning itself apart to pieces by now.

go back and watch any video of a rocket takeoff. why do ALL the rockets always go upwards for a moment and then start to veer off course and curve off the side? they can't keep going straight up because they will hit the water and if they go much deeper they will crash right into the sky water. they always curve to avoid it. ALWAYS. the rockets always land somewhere else out of sight or people are told it's just a retrieval of parts, but you know what the truth is.
it's literally something they made up and popularized in movies, books, video games, and t.v. to brainwash you and create cognitive dissonance should you ever hear anything but their kosher version of the truth.

all rockets do this. except for this one. you can even hear the splash.
youtube. com/watch?v=IAcp3BFBYw4


(((shills))) will attack this.

lol fag

fuck off (((cuck)))

nasa can't do shit

Why is the size of the US so different in each still?

That's not what the parentheses are supposed to mean

Yeah, that's a meteor

holy fuck. I saw this.


fuck off no one invited you retards here, and has nothing to do with OP

all based off of the assumption that it's actually a meteor or a missle for any reason. this is a poor damage control attempt. fuck off.

So there's no problem, then. Those ebil NASA NAZIS "can't do shit", so there's nothing to worry about, and no reason to keep posting your inane shit.

Maybe the photos were edited to make them look nicer?

who are you and what the fuck are you doing here? fuck off stranger who does not belong.

I'm the voice in your head and I'm here to ask you to stop shitting up threads with your nonsense.

>people unironically linking to their (((social media))) on an image board
What the fuck is happening to this place? You people seriously need to GTFO. What do you even want here? You already have r/donald, r/conspiracy and godlikeproductions.
Why come here and shit the whole place up with Q faggotry and other braindead nonsense. Jesus fucking christ … or at least retreat to the countless containment boards you idiots created, and STAY THERE

Lurk forever.

You just stated that you look at a CIRCLE "360 degrees all around the horizon". A CIRCLE IS CURVED YOU DUMB NIGGER!
From your eye to the sky/ground line from a tall building all around would form a cone. The higher you go the more narrower the cone becomes, and the more sky/space you see, until eventually the "360 degrees all around the horizon" CIRCLE can be seen in your field of view without turning around.

Get a massive 100ft ball. Stand on it and look down. You will see a flat circle all around you.
Go to top of tall skyscraper and look down. You will see a circle around you.
The only difference is, the smaller the ball the more likely you are able to detect the DEPTH curvature as it curves away from you in the distance. The DEPTH curvature is orthogonal to the horizontal plane. You can put a laser on your GoPro rocket and do the simple trigonometry measurements to calculate it and make yourself world famous by proving it flat instead of LARPing on a Mongolian basket weaving forum like a retarded glownigger psyop.

If the Earth was flat the sun can't set (BY GOING BELOW THE FUCKING HORIZON COMPLETELY) at the end of the day can it? I would be able to see China from NY.

He may be throwing bait, but I having this fuckers fishing rod for throwing it at me

>(((shills))) will attack this.
No science and intelligence not the nigger-glow-in-the-dark type either will.

Ilve heard a lot of flat earthers say the distance light can travel is not infinite and thats why the sun sets and you can't see china etc. Of course that's a provable hypothesis but they aren't interested in experiments to prove it.

There was a massive explosion in an ocean bay near here that registered a 2.5 on the Richter scale last fall, sevberal communities heard it. "No damage" and the local Coast Guard still officially doesn't know what caused it.

Flat earth religion - might be the most successful glownigger psyop to date. I surprised it catches so many Christians, but not all of them "try the spirits" as they were told to.

So we just let our discussion on a very peculiar trajectory, timing, color flash, impact and more on a meteor is being turned in to /x/teir bullshit about flat Earth?

How about using process of elimination to figure out if this was a dry run ICBM, government false flag, or just a fucking explosive space rock instead you niggerfaggots.

All those "dongs"


you want some spoopy commercials?

'you will really lose speech over this, and stop perceiving everything around you'

Fucking space likes dropping their garbage on our planet

*Fucking space kikes dropping their garbage on our planet

Why'd ya sage? This is interesting.

I've seen some but mainly up in places like Detroit or other spook infested territories like Dearborn, or Livonia.

What they were doing with the bucket trucks was on the state powerlines, user. The ones that go across the nation not the ones that sit on Mr. Rodgers quaint little quiet neighborhood.

They're all damned to die and I want to be cordially invited to each and every instance of moment of their pain and suffering. Death

sorry schlomo but you did in fact sacrifice hundreds of people to your screaming faggot bull/owl god

Now things like this? I live for.
Tell us more, user… See experiences are what anons crave. So give us more. Are you by anything in particular? For instance we in the mitten live next to Ohio. Home of the Aerospace and Aeronautics Engineering faggots.

They also have a fuckton of underground military bases for all kinds of blacksite bullshit.

sage for misquoting hitler

I'm in a low population area in the PNW on large ocean bay. I heard the boom but didn't realize it was anything in particular until the next day when it was in the local paper. They had another article a month or so later, essentially saying the Coast Guard base commander didn't know anything either.

Maybe a meteor hit the bay, who knows. But it is odd and interesting, I don't know anything more.

Think there might be a rail line under the pylons?

I checked it out. It's still there.

I used to think it was just me, and then I saw the Miss World 2017 is Indian with India tying with Venezuela in most world pageants won. India is only 1 country in the world pageant, with the black and white demographic having multiple countries to represent their features, yet India seems to dominate still. We all know those domestic pageants have a maximum cap and don't allow everyone to compete, so it can't be number. For a country that is malnourished on a grand skill, I find the features of the ladies there who are properly nourished very remarkable. I expect their aesthetics will have an upward trajectory as the poverty gets reduced. Pageants aside, when I stroll through the mall or look at the girls in my university, they're quite attractive - clear skin, shapely eyes, healthy hair, cute lips, etc. Their features are so nice that it looks white women are trying to copy it with makeup by: filling in their brows to make it look thick/shapely, using black (not blonde) eyeliner and mascara to make their eyes look bigger, bronzer to make their skin look clear/sunkissed, lipstick to make their lips look bigger than they actually are, and mascara to make their lashes look longer. I've noticed other women tend to use hair extensions as well, whereas Indian women have nearly always had their natural hair. Why do you guys think Indian women are underrated? I personally think it could be resentment - Indian women also technically have less hair, but it is more visible considering their hair is thick and dark.

Looks aside, unlike other demographics in America, Indian American women have a divorce rate of 1%, and have the highest income of any other demographic of women (even higher than white males). They are statistically far less likely to cheat, and more likely to respect you even after you get sick/lose a limb, whatever.

Do any of you feel the same? (expecting hairy, etc. comments considering where I'm posting it, but wondering what the chans think)

What's goin' on at that coordinates, user?

I should go back to investigate, because, it's been years.

Well then we can only wonder until another happens again. Cascadia is sometimes a strange place.

sam pls go

first two are deff meteors. Seen much like that my self. Once saw a big one break up and the pieces were still burning up as it crumbled to vapor. Was fucking awesome. But I've never seen one so big as to light up the sky as if it were day time, and on such a steep angle. Typically things coming head on are going so fast they end up not existing for more than a second or two when hitting the atmosphere. Unless they are big enough to break through before burning up. But that angle is RARE, you basically have to be trying to hit the planet to come head on and for that to naturally happen is RARE. So considering whats needed for a rock to survive a head on attack it needs to be big, and if it hit the 3rd video would be more like OMFG CITY BLOCK IS NOW A CRATER. I mean the tunguska air detonation flattened trees for MILES so imagine what an impact would do. Besides the 2nd video clearly shows it died before hitting.

Even if WW3 Nuclear Holocaust happens, this world is still a prank.

I used to think it was just me, and then I saw the Miss World 2017 is Indian with India tying with Venezuela in most world pageants won. India is only 1 country in the world pageant, with the black and white demographic having multiple countries to represent their features, yet India seems to dominate still. We all know those domestic pageants have a maximum cap and don't allow everyone to compete, so it can't be number. For a country that is malnourished on a grand skill, I find the features of the ladies there who are properly nourished very remarkable. I expect their aesthetics will have an upward trajectory as the poverty gets reduced. Pageants aside, when I stroll through the mall or look at the girls in my university, they're quite attractive - clear skin, shapely eyes, healthy hair, cute lips, etc. Their features are so nice that it looks white women are trying to copy it with makeup by: filling in their brows to make it look thick/shapely, using black (not blonde) eyeliner and mascara to make their eyes look bigger, bronzer to make their skin look clear/sunkissed, lipstick to make their lips look bigger than they actually are, and mascara to make their lashes look longer. I've noticed other women tend to use hair extensions as well, whereas Indian women have nearly always had their natural hair. Why do you you think Indian women are so underrated, while women from cultures like Russia who show off their bodies and wear pounds of makeup are overrated?

correction, the first one is fishy. If it was a meteor and it got that low and that big that first video would have been exploded.

Imkampfy? Nice racemixing D&C.

I'll check your trips, user.

I'd use that to fuck up your day but you already look like an insufferable faggot so I assume things are already pretty tough for you.

This is the most retarded flat earth argument of all. The fraction of surface area on a sphere that is visible to a single-lens observer is dependent on the distance between sphere and observer. If you're right next to a sphere, even with a 360 degree field of vision, most of the surface area will be eclipsed by the sphere itself. As you move away from the sphere you approach 50% visibility at the sacrifice of resolution. See art related.

Could be earthquake activity too, (((USGS))) has been censoring the earthquake feeds in your area. A couple of volcanoes spewed pumice all over area beaches too

That's a Star Fort. They seem ancient and spread through every Civ.
Take friends if you go explore, spooks have shown they're still not done killing.


It probably wasn't a quake, it showed up on the USGS site and everything as depth 0.

Maybe it was a Coast Guard training exercise and they don't want normies to know, that's my theory.

It's very literally designed to appeal to christians. Look at their shit memes about babel, the firmament and misquotes from genesis. Christians have always been the target group for that particular psyop.

Who all has lived in that region in the last 500 years?

seems like it might have been a weapon to destroy a DUMB. is there a crater?

Advanced terrestrial weapons

/x/ is just dude some abbreviation lmao sliding



Tell us more, I had a weird experience at around that age too. I always attributed it to a nightmare but sometimes I am not too sure.

Might be on to something, it fits the MO. copied from cuckchan:

Welding tungsten, blue light.


It explains the straight down trajectory, the exact light pattern, and why it registered a 2.0 on the Richter scale.


Canton Ohio, Michigan?

It would be interesting if Trump was taking out some underground CIA niggers, but I don't any maps showing dumbs in Michigan. I am an amateur astronomer and have seen meteors like this. Meteors that get this far tend to be metallic, meaning they can survive long enough to be seen near the ground and then blow up due to air pressure and speed. Some pieces may have still hit the ground, but until I see an impact crater I will have to assume it was a metallic meteorite made of tungsten and iron.


< all government facilities are on publicly available maps
< posts shitty freaky old image

What makes you think the government is the only force which has DUMBS?


< Simple, the lived without prejudice, user. That way, they could all get along.


Big bang is still a working theory, and probably isnt how everything was created. My personal theory is that after a long enough time all the matter in the universe will stop expanding and eventually their gravity will pull everything back in to a singularity starting the process over.
But i have proof to back that up, so maybe we are just on a spinning flat plate that somehow still has gravity pulling everything down except the giant ocean in the sky, but I doubt it.

It was a meteor you fucking children. I have personally experienced one that lit up light blue, except to an even more extreme extent that it was a blinding white light. My buddy in the back seat of the car couldnt even see the headrest in front of him it was so bright. I thought we were all going to die. My eyes were streaming after like I had just dodged death. This was in northern ontario about 7 years ago. Most amazing moment of my life. Thought it was a nuke attack or aliens myself. There was a green nebula looking after effect in the sky afterwards. Fuck I wish I could experience that again. The earthquake afterwards is weird though. There was no rumble when I experienced one of these.


It all depends on how close it gets to the ground before it detonates.
Could be AYYS


Go back to your containment board, flat-tard.

The gods have abandoned us for not being firm enough with neo-cohen zionist shills and relenting from the National Socialist message. The flood of human filth is the natural consequence of weakness. Umman Manda.

I have seen a meteor before and it looked exactly like this. There is nothing special about this. Welcome to the universe, enjoy your stay.




Checked, last good reply of the thread.

You're right. Check the coordinates if you like, they'll show the reason Nips are honorary Aryans.

I know fuck all about science and this just seemed like common sense fwiw

Of course.
I used to live in a double wide 'deluxe' trailer. The master bed room always come w/ a hot tub and all these nice luxuries. To make a story rather short? I was in my room at age 5 and I had finally accepted I need to sleep on my own, in my own bed, with my own stuff, etc.

But that wasn't a good night for that I guess. I was in there for I don't even know how long just makin' a mess of my room w/ my toys. Then all of a sudden I sit down on my bed and arms are trying to grab me. I didn't really hear the glass break, right? But when I felt somethin' wrong I jumped up, ran to the other end of the room, and started screaming/crying. My mother ran into my room and grabbed me, while, my dad ran outside. My dog was outside at the time and wasn't barking. Which now thinking of why he wasn't; I presume they had been feeding him.

All I can really remember is a pair of blue eyes on white skin. They were decked out in all black. I didn't sleep by windows until I was 12 and live where I live now.

Everything is on frequencies, sir. When you die you will elevate or go back to the silence. ;^)

I bet you the future that time travel is more or less to do w/ frequency. ;^)


< it's a working theory
No it isn't. Nobody can put 10,000 lbs of steel into a thimble - and they claim a whole universe can be placed into a pin prick. Laughable.
< there couldn't be forces that hold up the sun and moon
… … like, why?

It cause a 2.0 earthquake. It was definitely unusual.


The complete archives of both threads are here. I was going to bring them back in a third try with a new thread, however after thinking it through I'd prefer to keep my bargain of living comfortably. I'm the user who has thought a long time about whether this stuff should be taught. This is the OP that never was…

With due consideration to the death of a Holla Forums thread, and after having bumped what's worthy on the last page, can we try to find purity of intent with what was leading toward a viable final solution? Mods - going to force a new /solution/ board, or just contain it to Holla Forums? This is not an audacious proposal, however it needs cooperation. The purpose is to permanently evict jews from our reality with ancient techniques. Since this doesn't involve killing or uncreating jews, it qualifies as a pure final solution.

Prerequisite threads:

While torah faggots are already accomplishing limited capability with this, we cannot wait to be left behind This thread is about offering Aryan guidance toward achieving sufficient confidence through experience, to help contribute to a group project with the stated goal of achieving such a pure final solution. We have enough of our race surviving vaccination and other genocidal attempts, to use our talents brought forward genetically if we have a common vision. This project will be formed to sustain a group Merkaba with the expressed purpose of shifting jews out of our reality permanently. That is the meaning of shoah applied with purity of intent.

shoulda Heil'd it

bump, what the fuck happening chaps?


It's secret news, basically. So a meteorite caused a 2.0 earthquake and the MSM ignored it, just like everything important.

Why is this important? Simple: there seems to be increased "space weather". if this continues, whole towns may get taken out by meteorites, Tunguska-style.

oh god please let us have a cleansing

Tactical strike with kinetic weapon on an ISIS outpost.



A very underrated meme.

Mid Mich checking in, and I saw the light out of the blinds drawn window, corner of my eye, thought it was lighting. Weird that I didn't hear anything though.

I saw one of these years back too. That one lit up green and demolished the power grid until the next day.

We get weird stuff here. You can be safe, stay away from the hood, and then the ayyyys will get ya. Will post any findings if any, news is reporting that people will be hunting for pieces. I hope people find stuff, I'd feel comfier.

Btw, yesterday we had some low flying fighter jets fly up from Indiana up to Macomb co, which is about where this would've hit. We don't get tons of low fighter jets. It was like they were checkin things out. We have Selfridge airbase, so for those jets to come up, was absolutely an odd happening.

Must mean oxidation of copper I guess we got a donation of boothite.


If that first craft you saw was able to observe the heat signatures of the people/animals, in the area in order to test whether it's stealth capabilities, then you were probably recorded as having seen the craft. That's the most likely reason for the drone showing up a week later. Chances are there's a military base to your Northeast, that's why both crafts exited in that direction. They were probably scoping you out to make sure you were not a threat. As to the other vehicles in your area. I guess they decided to install permanent surveillance in your neighborhood. As for the women, did you see or hear any emergency vehicles coming to pick her up?

Could be just Baader-Meinhof.

That was fucking great

Do you think they're new to any of these arguments? They have answers for everything. Why would you be surprised? They're the underdog.

Can confirm

Tldr spooks have shit weve known theyve had since the 40s. Also a fast plane being tested crashed and went boom

Coffee maker.

Kek I'm already seeing kikes trying to explain this away as a (((ball lightning)))

Their sole purpose is to derail and destroy discussions and has been for several years now.

You assume it's an exodus and not an invasion.

Loose change causes child abuse.

dat rolling shutter

Your debit card has Javascript in the chip. A scary part.

Space is naval under admiralty law. This is a RCN sovereignty buoy.


so in 1945 some nazis went to the oss and create cia
the other nazis went to the ussr

they joined again in germany during (((cold war)))
did the americans and russians (including putin) do great spy stuff in Berlin/ DDR ? or was it in (((reality))) the DDR allowing them in so they could infiltrate both america and russian intelligence services ?

Who is really running the show? Who created a country for themselves based on lies?

How does Russian propaganda work? 8ch is full of it.
Is SVR fighting CIA/NSA or………………………….
………………..are their whole organizations puppetsystems in a game of The Higher Joy?

Why are their mindcontrol implants and systems so simular? Including the overlapping brainwashing propaganda.

Only way out is for either of one to expose the methods of the other. East and West is conned.

someone please talk about mindcontrol
we need to know

someone please talk about mindcontrol
we need to know

▶Anonymous 01/18/18 (Thu) 16:39:54 2a47e5 No.11163221

Tillerson has now announced that their plan is basically exactly the same as they were doing when obongo was president. America is not leaving until Assad is overthrown and Iran removed from Syria.

▶Anonymous (You) 01/18/18 (Thu) 17:55:24 000000 No.11163434

so in 1945 some nazis went to the oss and create cia

the other nazis went to the ussr

they joined again in germany during (((cold war)))

did the americans and russians (including putin) do great spy stuff in Berlin/ DDR ? or was it in (((reality))) the DDR allowing them in so they could infiltrate both america and russian intelligence services ?

Who is really running the show? Who created a country for themselves based on lies?

How does Russian propaganda work? 8ch is full of it.

Is SVR fighting CIA/NSA or………………………….

………………..are their whole organizations puppetsystems in a game of The Higher Joy?

Why are their mindcontrol implants and systems so simular? Including the overlapping brainwashing propaganda.

Only way out is for either of one to expose the methods of the other. East and West is conned.

▶Anonymous (You) 01/18/18 (Thu) 18:02:15 000000 No.11163457

How to remove implants from Israel (Beer Shiva factory/datacenter) used for hypnosis. Left part of brain implants (speech center) registers silent voices carried over microwaves and modulated as ultrasound (why it's called Silent but some people may experience buzzing)

I want to hack my implant and be free

All ex-military have these. Americans have implants from the facility in Florida. They cost almost nothing to produce. 99% of chipped people have no recollection or memory of what happened.


You're right, user.
I just wasn't able to think correctly in that moment. For I was struck with awe.


There was only one craft througout the year this happened. The drone would technically be the only other craft. But yeah that's exactly my thoughts behind it- which is that there's most definitely bases around the area. They went through some great lengths though to try and 'spook' me.

There wasn't any emergency vehicles that night. Twas around 3 AM that it happened and I thought it peculiar that this happens while I'm listening to that craft flying around doing god knows what. The noise it made was so fucking loud it amazes me nobody else around here heard it.

Oh man you're funny.
You still believe in coincidences, don't you, user?

Those damn rookies.
When do we storm their bases and take the ol' foo fighter for a spin?
Show em how a real man flies a space cookie.

I wish we could talk about MKUltra on these boards. But it's always met w/ your avg faggots pointing you to /x/ or the overwhelming amount of shills just flooding with bullshit

Yup 100% a man made machine of some sort. "(((meteors)))" don't extinguish themselves before impact. I'm guessing either failed test aircraft, missle, or ground penetrator.

8km west of new haven? Only important things I see is a small town, trailer park, and consumers energy co.

how about

your first problem is

>"(((meteors)))" don't extinguish themselves before impact.
prove it

That's the dumbest thing I've read all day, shareblue

What is the brass tax of what happened here?
We can see that something fell from the sky. Tons of (1)s here are saying the obvious:
There is an obvious media cover-up with this, multiple media sources claiming it was just a "garage fire" (dont need to tell you thats bullshit)
There are zero photos of the ground zero of this event.
And this event happened just days after 2 separate missile warning from systems that are not designed to give false positives gave "false positives" and alerted every single person in the state of Hawaii.
The times of all these events is fishy, but without further evidence or photos of the area where the purported "Meteor" landed, and without further videos and analysis of those videos to garner a trajectory of the object it will be hard to make any hard and conclusive deductions of what actually happened.

I didn't ask for this.

If it's so dumb why don't you show it?


I see that they think Brexit is going to actually happen, and that something else will happen, specifically, regarding the British Empire. Maybe they'll kill Elizabeth. Jong Un is on there, right next to a nuke. Ski poles? Are they admitting the grand solar minimum is beginning?

Thank god they switched their shilling from global warming to climate change at the last minute. Imagine a world without those idiots

It's probably billionaire bingo.
Or their coded freemasonic language.
I expect a death in the royals this year, probably two. Not Phil or Liz though.


So what the fuck do all those symbols mean? I see something representing Trump, Africa, Smartphone unlocking… should we try to make sense of all these so we know what the kikes are planning, or is this just another distraction?

What a horrible time to be a HAM

The real question is why is there two fat koreans on the cover


Which ones?

I see an obvious Kim at 2,2, Trump on the top row, Putin near the bottom middle, and some others, like the suits on the right, the dead clown in the bottom corner, and the Sikh(?) on the left


The first Kim you notice is on the right by the nuclear explosion in yellow. The second is in the same row but is white next to the WiFi symbol (or maybe it represents bluetooth because it's blue)

Unless it's s'pose to be a Chinese man?

In western Michigan.
He said, and I quote:
Eastern Michigan.

Notwithstanding the facts that a) he implies it's something he personally will be doing rather than a natural occurrence and b) that post was made in a clearly satirical thread where the OP advised users to "don't be near 4chan tomorrow at 8 am", it's still the wrong half of the state entirely. You had it narrowed down to a 50/50 chance but you couldn't even find a stupid (((HABBEDING))) in the correct half of the fucking state you so manufactured proof for your insane kinspeercy theories.

Fuck off and die. Reported for being a lying Germanic cunt.

All jews will be killed in due time.

Brass tacks, you illiterate cur.

That's what Hitler said over 80 fucking years ago.

And guess what? It's still not happening. The generation after the generation after his generation has already begun dying of old age, and still no muh ded j00z. The closest anyone's come to even trying was the Six Day War, and look at what happened there: Half the fucking planet gangs up on poor little Israel while the other half watches, and Israel fucking shreds all of them.

You stand no chance against us. Just stop trying. Although I must admit, it is fun seeing you struggle, knowing full well that you're destined to fail.

KYS Roachturd

All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.

That "first Kim" isn't Kimmy at all, it's another leader. My guess is Xi Jinping, President of China. Look at the hair.

We should start trying to decipher those because I'm not paying The Economist $13.95 to read their shitty capitalist propaganda, featuring guest writer John McCain.

user, this is one of the most beautiful posts I've ever read. About a decade ago I spent some time with a local business mentor while working for a company that had an office in a start-up or "incubator" building. We ended up hitting it off a bit, and he introduced me to Marko Rodin/Vortex Mathematics - and the patterns that are inherent to numbers within single digit summation. Just google marko rodin and the fingerprint of god if you're not familiar with these patters.

Anyway he also introduced me to some kaballah/akashic records type stuff (don't think he was a jew) that I never really followed up on….but the few interactions we had left a lasting impression on me because he also taught me about the merkaba. He told me to picture myself superimposed inside the two counter rotationg pyramids when I meditated….and that through this connection I would be able to tap into ancient knowledge…. I kind of thought it sounded like a lot of shit.

But the patterns from Marko Rodin's page, especially the doubling series (1,2,4,8,7,5,1 - 1,2,4,8,7,5,1, ad infinity) struck a chord within me and I realized that there are more to numbers than just our human machinations. They are more ancient and inherent to our reality/universe than we are. My point being that I would then use them to meditate, firstly picturing myself within the merkaba, and the overlaying rodin's doubling series/infinity circle and imagining a tracer drawing infinity as I would recite the numerical sequence in my head: 1,2,4,8,7,5,1, over and over. Super autismo I know.

But it seemed to work. It helps calm me down/has helped me through time times when my subconscious and ego are being nigger faggots. It may have gotten me laid one time when I mixed it with strong intention. And I've used it as a go-to meditation practice for years.

The 4-d technique is new to me and I'm very intrigued. I can't believe I've stumbled across you user. You're goddamn right I'll be a holy warrior in the fight against (((them))) my brother. I want to sperg so bad right now and share so many of my thoughts, but for the time being I will let you know that the idea of a group meditation that is never broken with the shared intent of ridding our reality from jews is the most beautiful idea I've seen on here. I'll need time to hone my skills and adapt to higher dimensional meditation, but I'm in. Let's do this.

This is no doubt why the Germanic runes also work–notice that in the Nine Twigs of Odin how they form 3D figures, such as the cube. And indeed, a Merkaba can be discerned as well. The runes were acquired by Odin and encapsulated the knowledge of the multiverse.

That is pretty much exactly what a meteor looks like. Jews did not launch the meteor. Sage and move the fuck on you imbeciles.

5G rollout

There's 63 symbols.
Left to right top to bottom
1 Climate/weather change/control
2 Pussy hats, bow tie may indicate the jewish women takeover of executive roles
3 And Hollywood
4 Birth control
5 Liberty/immigrants
6 DJ Talmud Porn
7 Happiness/wellbeing
8 EU collapses further
9 Aging population more pension theft
10 Unhappiness fear
11 Lies, damned lies, statistics
12 The wagon of the volk
13 Space/ missle
14 Pendulum swinging back to the left
15 Jew Chabad temple that links Trump and Putin
16 Zika Gates foundation
17 A tank
18 A crown (new king maybe)
19 Fooking flying space rocks
20 Wifi 5G rollout
21 Freemasonic actor pretending to run NK
22 Cassini handbag
23 Factory/pollution
24 Twin peaks
25 Camel middle East
26 War possibly nuke
27 XiChingSlope China
28 A sikh India
29 Big Ben London
30 Headset vloggers?
31 Scottish Thistle possibly connected to the royals
32 Tour de Drug Cheats
33 More war
34 Merkel giving her hand signal
35 Guitar music
36 Cup and saucer probably tea
37 Invasion by sea
38 Ballot box (locked)
39 Parthenon style column
40 Eiffel Tower Paris
41 Put it in
42 Golden gate bridge
43 Robots
44 Dead clown, death of comedy
45 Space the solar system or the universe
46 A place full of resources but hostile natives if only there were some solution, see 36.
47 Make America Communist Again
48 Problematic hate symbols
49 Bible and koran
50 DNA cloning gm etc
51 The world cup
52 rfid key card
53 Pike? Billy bass?
54 Looks like an old style mc or crooner like sinatra but no idea really.
55 An open umbrella
56 Oil pump - has it stopped?
57 Dunno is that something in the vatican maybe
58 Watch the skies there's beams and they're blue
59 Rising sun, Japan
60 Winter olympics
61 Drones
62 Electric vehicles
63 Brittannia

Quite a few events and places to watch out for their nonsense I'd say.

Rachposter has been deployed in order to derail, buckle up there might be something to this story.

i filter maddow posters on sight


Could be possibly related. Covered up as a meteor in order to prevent people from looking for spaceship parts.

Did everyone forget of that mid 60s satellite that has few steel rods on it to shoot in the earth?
Damn, wiped from collective conciousness of even Holla Forums

EUs track record is showing it's teue colors. If it were any good then I would say your assumptions hold water. Also, those Germans never went back. Their offspring just continued in their "native" countries. Now they are too old to do anything. Russia and US are living off past glories and old systems of influence sure, but through no fault of their own. There just were no mad scientists revealing themselves to public (mainly cuz social stigma) or a government program recruiting them in mass numbers… so no way of furthering progress on those programs.

Just a bit to add
US deep state might have a contingency plan with its genetics and could have started a selecrive breeding program in background to make

Partly it is our own fault

Have them watch this, its a pretty good run down on how our current monetary system works with it connecting to almost every single war in the past 400 years.

Fuck wrong thread.

Still no fucken idea what happened.. Bump for closure

You have good understanding for one of the fundamental concepts if you can visualize superimposed rotating polyhedrons in opposite directions. Just not pyramids or cubes, as such low order geometry is presently co-opted in our locale. It's not too much of an extra effort to do this with the high order icosahedrons instead. I'm not going to give a road map as this avoids fatalities, so the bread crumbs will have to suffice. Doubters can be convinced if they are persistent enough to have a personal experience. That much guidance can possibly be conveyed. It's one thing to sustain a group Merkaba, it's altogether a different issue for deployment. Much better to have warriors first able to manipulate feedback. This part is more easily obtained due to the perversion of technology by the advertising conglomerate. What my generation learned from being present (for example) at a Jimi Hendrix concert, and more refined with Jerry Garcia (personally), was how it works.

Checked for the hard eight. Odin did not have the handicap of this knowledge being perverted presently to a significant extent by exterior influence. This is why caution is recommended if you are experimenting with the simpler polyhedrons. There is no substitute for experience, it's just a matter of making an honest effort in this direction. There are allies who have a similar persuasion who are beyond giving a fuck about death. Wanting Sergeants and Corporals in battle, one needs to get up to speed with what is expected of an officer.

Do not trust the path of motion of the objects you see on the sky.
It could be falling while going forwards relative to you, but because of the distance and the size of the phenomenon you don't notice the meteor going away from you.

Where did a nigger steal a horse?

it was just cosmic user shitposting:
OP got challenged to make another blue comet by a 'magician' and threw several in his direction.

user made it do 90 within minutes.
These blue meteors were a response to the uppity left hand path user.

What are you doing, you turbonigger?

< attacking "pol"
nigger, fuck yourself

Anons, this is Rachposter. Rachposter is literally a rapist, pizzagate style. Proof: a previous image used a proprietary technique of pizzagate, per a several years back news item.

Seig Heil.
Thank you, user.

Thank you too, user.
I knew i'd reached the right place when i first found Holla Forums

I can guide deployment. Fucking great to have more energy to play with.

sperging, sorry

Really gets the almond milks flowing..

Don't know what to believe here.
Was there a mass shooting in Eastern Michigan?

I am only disappointed it wasn't a Tunguska event or larger. Regardless of my preparedness for such an event I am tired of this jew controlled world. The hand of God needs to stir the pot a bit.

What I find even more intriguing is the 1988 Economist cover, especially with cryptocurrencies gaining a foothold in society and the facade of our current financial crisis

By the way, if anyone actually read the original source of the Project Bluebeam idea, it starts with a financial crisis


Oh man.. not all that shocked really they're going to starve out those that don't accept the new system. And Crypto is even easier to manipulate so while everyone is rejoicing on their quick returns all I see is grooming for something worse.

If, as it appears, user from the other threads really just manifested a blue meteor made it take a 90° turn for the fun of it, then (((the people that glow in the dark))) likely have no idea where it came from, how, or why, so their best move is to do a quick, mostly local story and then hope everyone forgets while they try to make sense of it.

Pic tangentially related. It's from a "random" inspirational quote generator where more often than not the quotes generated will have an intentionally animus tone.

except it doesn't.

I wonder how long it will take the GID to realise that user can generate celestial events? A rain of blue meteors and a dancing comet, for goodness sake. user might be getting a visit.

If comet user is reading this thread, pop one on top of this user…

Where is the missing link?
Did user just find a blue meteor out there a week or so ago that he knew was going to turn 90 degrees so he veiled his story in esoteric magickal principles and rituals to just larp that it was him what done it?

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

What used to be there was important enough for the last three former presidents to visit the 543rd most populous city in the country.
Brilliant way to intimidate, removing tav is to c k assets.

Visits are old school, everything is done remotely. Cosmic user is working with focused feedback energy. A measure of success here, is how personally relevant predilections are to the event. Another way to express this, is how narrow becomes the gap between cause and effect.

Seig Heil.

No the comet wasn't blue, didn't turn 90 degrees and didn't land where he said it would.

That's not Kim Jong-Un next to the nuke. It's Xi Jinping.
Kim is actually in the same row, 2 away from the meteor.

Notice how Big Ben's hands are placed so the face becomes a symbol of the Muslim star and crescent, and the top of the tower is an antenna beaming something out.
Also how China's leader is topped by a crown, next to a nuke, and sat before him is a cup of tea.

Can't slide the memo moshe.

failed to see what's going on. although it could be suspected that a metoer shower was expected so the cuckchan author made a random 1 off guess. they do this ARG shit all the time. when it doesn't work you never hear about it; but, if it's just 20% true you dumb fucks spam it everywhere like it's the second coming of christ.

But it wasn't. Nice phrasing though, it outs you as a Jew for sure.

the comet (panstarrs) was blue and turned through 90 degrees, He never said where it would land, but was challenged to make more by crowley user, so delivered meteors to texas and michigan, the latter of which was bright blue.

Sounds like the spooks might have hooked up a sound system to broadcast old ayylmao movie sounds to make it even more unbelievable to anyone listening/watching. You want to stop anyone from talking about your secret activity? Make it ten times more ridiculous so that anyone that see's it is shunned and ridiculed. Would tie in with the gang-stalking.

I don't understand any of what you're saying. I'm tempted to try and look at random 4D shapes because something in me now wants to, but you're all sounding like esotericfags. I really like the aesthetic of runes and polyhedrons, and Merkaba sounds like a nice thing.

For the sake of the human race, could you guys be more clear? I want to metaphisically gas the kikes but this esoteric faggotry doesn't help.

Heck, how/why should I even believe you're not on some acid trip?

comet user did the proof. Just do what he said, i guess. Or would you like more proof it works?

Absolutely. He needs to make one hit Jerusalem. WTF would he piss about with Texas and Michigan, they are big targets anyway. And he needs to make it one that's big enough to land and do plenty of damage. Pfff Texas.

Maybe he needs our help moar midichlorians anons


ayy lmao

A public statement of intent is simply a way of accelerating an idea or thought into acceptance. It has to begin somewhere. That's not any different from meme magic, which also requires a group effort. Here though, different talents are needed. No one individually has every capability, and I don't know what anyone can offer without advertising first. My posts across the related threads here are about maintaining focus. I also dug the rabbit hole and left breadcrumbs. If this seems like cryptic esoteric faggotry, the reason is to keep the wrong niggers out.

There is no tutorial, because they don't work for everyone. If you can already maintain a visualization, fine. If not, then don't begin with Merkaba. user it's about gaining personal experience, so start with something more trivial instead. Maybe try to work a Sigil first. Doubt is inertia that can be overcome. I don't know any other way past wanting to believe, other than having success.

I know this thread is pretty quiet now, but it seemed the most appropriate to drop this in. Please read this to help understand what I'm referencing.
Heh will be making his presence know in February. Beginning with the Super Blue Blood moon on January 31. According to the wiki article "Ḥeḥu and Ḥeḥut have no readily identifiable determiners; according to a suggestion due to Brugsch (1885), the name is associated with a term for an undefined or unlimited number, ḥeḥ, suggesting a concept similar to Greek aion. But from the context of a number of passages in which Ḥeḥu is mentioned, Brugsch also suggested that he may be a personification of the atmosphere between heaven and earth (c.f. Shu)."
Watch for him on the chans. Welcome him when he appears. And rejoice as he joins with kek to bring about true happenings.

This is memetic warfare stage 2. I like to call it "operation skyfall". but i'm romantic like that.
blue, turquoise, then pink.
I'm not sure we need to keep spergin the background mechanisms anymore, that there are now more than a few of us who have appeared. Let's practice, consolidate and deploy.

Jerusalem, ultimately, is due for a nuke. It is written: "and the abomination that causes desolation will stand on the walls of Jerusalem".

That sounds more like international jewry than a nuke.

Is there a better recruitment method then, because more than a few doesn't seem to be enough? You should also know that someone doing stupid giddy shit like turning comets, means everyone now has to work their way through being noticed again. user got egged on with the challenges, and needed some camouflage while sleeping. Everyone practice behaving while the spotlight is on.

What does that mean?
And why is more than a few not enough? Skyfall has just begun, results not yet in

It's probably the military blowing something up, maybe a pedo hotspot in michigan? The democrats REALLY want to turn it into a playground

It's the begining of Project Bluebeam

How do you properly channel, for lack of a better description, spiritual energy? I've been noticing some rather unusual indicators that kek and thoth have been trying to communicate with me. But when I notice it my brain kinda shuts down, my mind goes blank. How do I reach out to them?


was meant for

Although, help from any source is appreciated.

Checked. Directing feedback energy keeps someone awake for several days. It's very hard to then fall asleep. Camoflague is giving someone time to sleep, by taking on part of the attention. Passing around the hot potato until it cools off. More than a few is not enough when there are kikes doing this too.

time to write this post up - been mulling t over for quite some time. Copied from my Egyptian Book of the Dead.
If you fuckers haven't noticed yet Thoth/Osiris are being reassembled. This ragtag group of memetic wizards isn't the only one but between the Himmler's library thread and this one, it's one of the better groups to align with.
Things always get weird when these particular things are mentioned, hence the necessity for a quiet thread, a quiet board, and a quiet mind.

Chapter XLII
This chapter was also intended to enable the deceased to avoid the slaughter which took place in the Other World. It seems clear from the text that a great slaughter of the souls of the dead took place from time to time in Suten-henen, and the decease feared that violent hands might be laid on him, and that he might be dragged back by his arms. His only way of escaping any such treatment was to identify each member of his body with or transform it into the similar member of a god. The names of the gods are duly enumerated in a remarkable passage which is a modification of a text found in the Pyramid of Pepi I. (1. 565 ff). Thus we read:–
"My hair is [the hair of] Nu.
"My face is [the face of] Aten.
"My eyes are [the eyes of] Hathor," etc
In the older text the form is somewhat different, and we read:–
The head of Pepi is the [head of a] hawk (Horus); "he cometh forth and raiseth himself to heaven
The members and the gods of the Pyramid of Pepi I are as followed:–
Horus, headKhas bird, skullNu, [neck]Ap-uatu, faceGreat Ones of Annu, two eyesThoth, noseKhens, ur, mouththe maa beam of the Maat boat, tonueSouls of Annu, teeth..., lipsKhert-Khent-Sekhem, chinSma, backboneSet, shouldersBaabu, [breast]Baset, heartNut, bellyTwo companies of gods, [reins]Heqet, lower part of backThe boats of Semket and Mat, buttocksHapi, phallusNet and Serqet, thighsThe two Tcherti (?), legsThe double Maat boat, solesSouls of Annu, heel

The transformations of his members having been effected the deceased says, "there is no member of my body which is not the member of a god," or, as the text of Pepi I reads, "Pepi is a god, the son of a god." The text next identifies the deceased with Ra, Horus, and Osiris Un-nefer, and he becomes the "only one who proceedeth from an only One." The section of this chapter which provides for the deification of the members was a favorite one with the Egyptians, and, In a tabular form, it was copied on papyri down to the Ptolemaic and the Roman periods all the way through the sages of new.

Chapter CXIV
The city of Khemennu, i.e., the city of the Eight Gods, or Hermopolis, was the seat of the god Thoth, the head of the oldest company of Gods in Egypt. This company consisted of four gods and goddesses;
VIZ :–
Nu, NutHehu, HehutKekiu, KekiutKerh, Kerhet
These were forms of Thoth and were regarded as his Souls. By recital of this Chapter the deceased obtained the wisdom, and knowledge, and learning of Thoth and his Souls, and the power to use them to his advantage.

Shadilay, brothers.

Thoth indirectly, through one of his eight aspects. Kek would be the obvious aspect. Do you live with someone that might be trusted to keep you from wandering? These is not a trivial channeling you're contemplating. I'd suggest automatic writing because ancient entities can't be expected to speak through you in any verbal language right from the get go. Ask Kek to use your hand. Hold a pencil loosely over a sheet of paper. Try to forget that you have a hand, pencil and paper. Focus on something else. There are other techniques you could research. You just need to have a bit of success with this, and it will start to make more sense.

since this x tier thread got bumped anyway i will drop a red pill that doesnt deserve a thread.

the USA government already has 'monsters' that it tried to control and failed loose in the USA. Perhaps it has some under control now. We will literally see monsters (maybe they are chimeras, maybe magical not sure) running around in ww3.

Post links/pics/proof Strelok.

Nooooo NOT MY Holla Forums

Jesus you fucking sissy

literally Jynx

The blue colour of a coma has nothing in common with the blueish flash of an exploding meteor, they are produced by different mechanisms. Comet tails are vaporized ices of all kinds that reflect and scatter sunlight, meteorites cause flashes by superheating the atmospheric air into luminescent plasma ans eventually breaking up into countless ablating/burning fragments. Besides, if any comet crashed in Michigan, you'd have millions of casualties at the very least. Pic related is some other comet (visited by the yuropoors with a drone) to scale. Imagine that moving at dozens of kilometers per second. It would make nukes look like firecrackers.

We Resistance: Fall of Man now

Except those are fake subtitles.

They're testing weapons on us

Remember Oregon?

It feels like /x/ is alive again. I love it

you seem hung up something. Blue was the order of the day. A blue comet was the first sign, , celestial movement jiggery pokery was the second, and then blue meteors on crowley user's head were the third.
I don't think dropping an actual comet on earth would be a sensible thing to do, in the name of shitposting.

Not a meteor. Space does not exist; no "space rocks" ever fell to earth. Looks like a weapons test.

and another. This time a lovely turquoise (as predicted in the comet user thread). next big one is pink.

problem with being 'visible' has been fixed (as of last friday). There's now a 24/7 guardian system in place to prevent backtracking and individual identification.
and following on from
(pic related)
turquoise. I got it wrong, it was this thread, not comet user thread. Pink is the third, due within the next 10 days. screencap for the sake of it.

Are some anons actually calling in rocks from the sky? Fucking wew lads don't bring in anything too big okay?

fringenigger please leave my board

le cryptic speak bullshit is not a legitimate topic of discussion, and no better than intentional forum sliding

predictions, results.
That's not fringe. That's data.

There are a lot of strange things in this world.
Would it be so bad to manifest destiny this way?

With the Michigan blue comet being highly visible and this North Queensland event being captured by people seemingly in the right spot at the right time; does this mean that these events must take place with observers?
Anons could have called dozens of comets and memetors but these were the two that noticed and fit in with things written. It's worthy of discussing.


And this is important and signficant how?
If no-one died it was little less than fireworks.

This looks like a meteor to me. Why believe any different?
It increases in luminosity as it penetrates lower levels of the atmosphere, until it reaches max Q and breaks apart from the heat and the shock. The different colors are due to the superheating of various elements in the meteor, causing varying emission wavelengths.

It exhibits all the characteristics of a meteor, as much as I would love to believe we're using detroit shithole cities to test directed energy weapons.


because user has demonstrated the ability to coordinate these events.
Memetic warfare IS manipulation of reality through the agency of the mind. Pushing memes into the general consciousness with the aim to guide the development of events.

True. It could all just be co-incidence and confirmation bias.
That's the whole point of it, yes. Observers are required in order to lift the events from chance into irrefutable.
but what is the point? Recruitment. Plain and simple. This is a recruitment drive, to bring more anons into the team so that so bigger moves can be made.

it is a weapons test. A Holla Forums weapon.

Irregular warfare techniques should still be practiced.

Credibility in announcing the pissing and moaning about not being able to do anything is over.

Synchronicity is one of a few things that can be readily manipulated, providing just the sort of personal confirmation needed. Observers contribute toward persuading those on the fence. They help establish the cause of effects.

It is beautiful to watch a seed take root and thrive. This is not an audacious project, because of its purity of intent. Sieg Heil.

No shit idiot