Can somebody red-pill me on the communist beginnings in china and how Jewry may have been involved...

Can somebody red-pill me on the communist beginnings in china and how Jewry may have been involved? (other than the fact that communism is a jewish idea in the first place)

did any of the party founders etc. have jewish ties/friends etc. ?

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That jewess is a fucking evil cunt. Their "helping" was greasing the wheels of their machine to keep the chinks from fighting back.

fuck. thanks user.


Thats a good vector for propagandizing Chinese people. Point out their problems arent really because of America, but because of the same Jews from Israel who control America, who created communism and destroyed their history in the great leap forward etc.

Or whatever they called that thing where they destroyed thousands of years of their own history because communism couldnt exist when they had all that history and culture.

I heard recently someone said the Chinese government conducts their foreign policy "as if America is controller by Jews and Israel", or something to that effect. I find it pretty funny to see the most populous nation on earth still under the communist model running quite effectively compared with other communist nations of the past, although the economy doesn't seem to be very communist. Maybe its all just a charade at this point.

Its all smoke and mirrors, they are so effective because kikes made the US fund their economy. That work should be done in the US, and then whites wouldnt even be close to ant people.

Communism is 100% a kike 'creation'. And it is not something new. Manichaeism, they've been doing this shit since for fucking ever.

I know that, but a few chinks couldnt have just read marx one day and installed communism. I was just specifically looking for the jewish elements involved on the ground

China is owned by jews directly.
No idea why you're here if you don't already know somthing so essential.
Look up alibaba shareholders


Here's a great documentary on China from the cold war. It doesn't focus on the Jewish angle but it gives plenty of namedrops which you will find Jewish connections to.

chinks have been under communism for so long now that they are fully enslaved and hopeless. even if you told them this it would do nothing to help them. the ones who manage to escape can be redpilled but the ones living there we can only pray for them. their living conditions are nice enough now,but their culture and spirit are broken. this is what will happen to us if we continue to fail to resist communist tyranny in the west

exactly… after so many years under communism + loss of connection to previous ancient Chinese culture (great leap etc.), communism becomes culture, religion etc., similar to Putins recent remarks on communism in russia.


thanks user

it's a shitty wordpress style blog. It was the subject of a thread here a few months back but whatever I don't really care
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We know that, but that doesn't help us win arguments. We need actual facts, like names of people and proof of Jewish aid towards the Chinese communists specifically.

It's a matter of a 2 min search on YT or jewgle.
This is why >redpill me on x exists.
Combine it with plebbit spacing and you get a slide thread.

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