Hollywood Women & The Media: Men Need (((Re-Learning)))

These Hollyjew cunts are totally out of control.

Also notice the beta cuck who immedietly says "Yea" when the lugenpresse whore says male (((re-learning))) shouldn't even be controversial.

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You could have posted this in the other thread on this subject. I'm not going to hyperlink it because I'm lazy and you should hve checked the catalog anyway.


Reminder these feminist shitstains and their kike handlers have big plans.

How are they even pretending like this is a giant problem?

Why contain it. Let them devour themselves.

Does anyone else feel a deep disgust for women talking seriously as if their opinions matter? I mean, it could be cute like children saying the "darnedest things" if it wasn't being backed by government force. (((Someone))) must pay.

Sounds like an accelerated Long March to me. These fucking cunts need to be purged before they gain any traction in the real world.

Here's a pic for future Pageposting.

No it doesn't. No one's ever had a girl go "nooooo…" while grinning widely at them? Body language speaks miles.


Ah, bu therein lies the rub… Because they don't care if it tears them apart - they've always been a rabble of dim-wits who do what they're told because the narrative says they ought to, so this? This will accomplish little.

What this really is, is an attempt to re-acquire control in the public consciousness, to reassert the liberal progressive moral hegemony in the mindset of the populace - and by all accounts, it appears to be working.

And wouldn't ya know it? The conversation has COMPLETELY moved away from the activity of high-level Jewish studio executives, and now we're focusing on nobodies… Nobodies that the people in power have zero issue with throwing under the bus.

Its funny how that works.
What was once a discussion about the massive reams of evidence of overt sexual advances of high-level Jewish studio executives in Hollyweird has (((somehow))) morphed into a campaign of women making baseless accusations against seemingly-random people as a mechanism to reassert feminism's place as a moral imperative in the public consciousness.

I wasn't asking you, and I don't want to see your tits. Just GTFO.

A lot more people recognize the threat this time, but that this Bolshevik shit is working at all anymore is concerning.

You going to be the one to teach me, lass?



It's understandable that there are bad feelings. Many good men have had their shit completely JUSTed by cunts who abuse the Soviet-style legal system. Enough to create instinctive distrust. We need to get the focus back on the top kikes, somehow.


And trads wonder why men are checking out of societies. The US is so very fucked!

Understandable to a certain degree, yes. I can empathise with why some would be distrustful.

The attitude displayed by this user however, isn't helpful. It's ridiculous. And the responses given by said user prove my hunch that it's purely to drive a wedge.

No idea what yo're on about however.

This is why women espousing on serious subjects is laughable (when their dumbass tendencies aren't being used as a weapon by the jews against western civilization). No comprehension of the context in which my original post was made, and no self awareness. You're too stupid to talk. Go be cute, and make babies.

You are right, for the most part. But you can still make it work for yourself. Hitler had some good words on the subject.

no, kikes needs burning

Yeah, I have that pic, and I agree. I fully acknowledge and praise women's essential place in the world.

What serious subjects are you referring to? Because all you've given in this thread is your opinion on women's opinions.

Oh? You mean when you wrote this?
>Does anyone else feel a deep disgust for women talking seriously as if their opinions matter? I mean, it could be cute like children saying the "darnedest things" if it wasn't being backed by government force. (((Someone))) must pay.
Please explain to my feeble brain what context it is that you say I've missed.

My guess is you'll keep laughing off what I post and also keep asserting I'm a woman. But you won't be able to refute my wedge claim. will you?

If you're not, then enjoy getting cucked. It's gonna be a tough learning process. We tried too warn you.

hahahahaha I fucking knew it.
You're very existence is a joke, man. Thanks for proving me right.


You talk like a faggot and stink of >>>/reddit/ Go white knight these shriveled up old cunts somewhere else faggot.

Way to counter.


You're right. I concede, my utter faggotry is unforgivable. I'll go to both cringe and reddit to amend my ways.
Who was I, to dare think that a women talking seriously about something is anything but disgusting and laughable.

Thank you for showing me the error in my ways. Through your mastery of persuasion, I am a changed man. The convincing points that have been made will stay with me for the rest of my decades.


That was pretty fucking stupid of you.

LOL @ them wearing maternity clothing no Mormon would feel is too showy.

They're so fake.

This. Women and soy fueled cucks eat this shit up.

I support their efforts. The reason is they will shit it all up faster, which is what is necessary for things to change. Normies need to see how retarded ALL feminism is.

This will be a smaller time The Last Jedi level leftist shitfest that will hurt their cause more than they planned.

In jew run institutions. Keep the pressure on. They can keep calling them (((powerful men))), and we can keep calling them kikes.

That's because you probably don't get laid.

They are attention whores so don't give them your attention because the attention is like money to them.

You missed the reason I do. You're dull minded. Stop being so. Even if you're a feminist, stop it.

It seems it is to all women.

0:54 - 1:00 just turn off the audio and analyze those facial expressions.
If this is not a prime example of a case study for what modern colleges and university does to people, then i don't know what is.
You can be fully certain that this creature is absolutely unable to see how her opinions could be anything else then facts, and how anyone could dare to disagree with her.

Theyre NPC's. They are fully incapable to see the possibility that their programing is wrong. A true NPC goy.

Yea we don't do anything for them and women can't do anything better than men. If women don't want the men then let them do their things without the help. One day they will realise their errors but it is too late to mend so they will be hang by someone or themselves.

Let them hang. The ones who dont hang are the ones who are good earth to plant your seed within.

When USA collapse then we should not give the women rights to vote nor engage in the politic ever again.

I cringe whenever I hear these type of women speak. Maybe the muslims have it right. These women shouldn’t be allowed to voice their self-entitled opinion out in public like this. They’re so consumed with their emotions and only solution is a quick backhand to shut these bitches up.

You have some very broken English for someone throwing the word we around.

This is just retarded madam, as none of those things were actually opinions. They could all be lies, knowing modern women like you, in which case you should not go to work to lie about your boss, and instead stay home to actually cook dinner and have kids.
Also the Religion of Cuck™ has some good solutions to our problems, such as roof'ing faggots and exterminating Jews.

It's not my first language but do you see my point?

Your flaw in logic was believing a woman is capable of conversation on important subjects beyond "what's for dinner" and "how can I use my vagina to manipulate people today".

How can they not see the folly of their ways. Oh wait, they have the intellect of an 11 year old boy. Just like niggers.

If we do not take the helm and neutralize these subversive harpies, we are going to be in deep shit. Remember who fucked up the Garden of Eden.

I rather want all of these Hollywood "males" to undergo sex change operations and become trannies, openly suck dicks instead of doing it just for movies roles and contracts, enraging the females when they lose their privilege to traps and faggots.
If anything, my strategy for destroying Hollywood would be to use fake feminist twitter accounts to "advice" the Hollywood females, slowly but surely feed them pure hatred against (((misogynistic loser beta males))). Use their muh sogging knee paranoia, prejudices to push the line that Return of Kings or r/Incels is how these maggots actually sees things.
They are already very much poisoned against each other, it won´t take much make it even worst. -D


Wanna hear a joke? Jewish masculinity! -D

R9k detected!

Exactly! R9k is an enemy, don´t forget to report them.

Pretty sure that 1st language isn´t German or Italian…

Correct! They pretend they are of Pol but they want to turn the more naive into the male version of bitter feminist fatties.

Ok I am deaf but I am sick of people mocking me for my poor english skills so I stopped saying it's my first language. I sage my post because it's irrevelant to this thread.

What a (((coincidence))).

Wait, what sort of hand sign is that?

"Save us! Save us from our out-of-control females from fucking us over in turn, goyims! I promise you I will be of greatest ally if you do!"
-) Feels good, man.

Funny how (((white))) men and white men are A-OK, but as soon as some token Pajeet gets accused we see the defenders come out. I wonder why the double standards?

because feminists and the vast majority of Hollywood hookers are only interested in attacking/destroying white men and white males as a group. they don't care if Brown men are sex pests or rapists because women really aren't that concerned with rape, they just like to pretend that they are and use it as emotional leverage. women know that (white) men want to protect them, so they come up with all these narratives about how they're constantly in danger and under attack. (((women))) and the cucks that worship them have essentially made all men slaves through the exploitation of these biological behaviors.

my god, she's hideous! (and her mannerisms scream "dyke") was hollywood pajeet really trying to go after that? and then he still cucks out, just to protect a lame ass hashtag.

i noticed this too.

this, she should be stoned in the street.

These things wouldn't happen if everyone got married and nobody got divorced. There's a two-fault problem with relationships in todays society, both with men who is just after pussy and women who don't stay faithful. These two things correlates with eachother and makes sure that less and less white people are having kids.

Hollywood and the people in it however can all burn to the fucking ground. I hope they start eating eachother up.

It's our duty to make sure we never forget. This is like you say, a campaign to divert attention away from the prostitute-ring that is (((Hollywood))).

Just keep practicing my friend, you will get better.

Yea they had a good 70 years of fucking things up. They’ve proven they can’t handle their rights.

Then you stop, to teach her not to be coy.


The best thing to do is ignore these whores. They'll find it's not getting them the attention they crave and move on to some other pointless cause.

You're being stupid. Have you forgotten that the only law of the universe is that might makes right? Women are not and will never be capable of becoming more powerful than men. They are not a threat, and that is determined by biology.

In this case, taking out a bunch of corrupt hollywood kikes is far more important than any imaginary "empowerment" for women. If we play our cards right, we can get more people to notice the (((ethnicity))) of the perpetrators.

If we allow the conversation to become about normal men, and not the corrupt kikes who abused these women - and it still is about them, that's all on us. Of course the kikes will try to shift the attention away from themselves. We shall not allow them to do so.

ffs kid, just gtfo

I've been meaning to ask, what's the kike's endgame with metoo? A Hollywood with no male actors at all? Distraction on the goy actors and directors? Creating complete division between men and women? Accelerating female leadership and control in order to burn the west down faster?

This is a great way in general to watch all media and see beyond the packaged.

It's a power grab by a special interest group. It's just like BLM. They're trying to steal power away from the white men who have it. Of course, we already know the destruction of civilization when shitskins and women are in charge. Why they think muslim rape gangs, sharia law, economic stagnation, police states, are so good, I don't know. I guess they are just so fanatical that any alternative to white men is something they want, even if it objectively sucks.

It means they have to assume direct control over the USA, and abandon all markets in Asia. They are panicking.

Your posts ITT betray that you've never actually spent any length of time with a woman, let alone been intimate or lived with one. No, your mom doesn't count.

Filtered. Go be a retarded faggot somewhere else.

This. There is really only one leftist agenda - being anti-white. If you understand this, all of the supposed 'cognitive dissonance' of the left goes up in smoke. The public rationale behind their positions can be self-contradictory, but the actual reasons why leftists hold the positions they do is -always- because these positions are anti-white in some way. Many leftist drones themselves don't even understand this and just repeat whatever goodthought they've been inoculated with, though most have some inkling.

Gulags soon?

Checked and this.

Nice work there user.

Ridicule everything that comes out of hollywood to the people around you. Keep bashing their movies and TV shows. Make those around you feel stupid for watching that hollywood sewer and brag how you dont have time for that trash. Find alternative, and more appealing pastimes that might encourage your friends and family to join you. Myself, I dumped the TV decades ago.

Saved. The part that's even more fucked up is they crave abuse. They crave a big strong man telling them to shut the fuck up, grabbing them by their hair, and violently throatfucking them until they puke and their eyeliner runs down their face. I wish it didn't have to be like this. I just wanted to be sweet. Stupid fucking cunts.

I never could find one that wanted to be treated with respect. Thus they never gave it either. Now I'm getting past my prime and working on me and taking care of what family I have left. Fuck it.

lrn2 James Thurber

This is important advice. I always mercilessly mock people for having/watching cable tv and going to/watching modern movies. Don't get in a debate about whether some tv is good or bad, make them feel stupid for even acting like tv or hollywood is relevant.
Whenever someone asks you if you watch some show or have seen some movie (even if you have) tell them with borderline disgust that you don't watch sports or tv or movies and can't imagine where people find the time to sit around and watch commercials all day. This is a great way to filter through the trash because NPCs have no life outside of consuming pop cult media and have nothing else to talk to you about (and they certainly don't want to hear about your life, since it will only reinforce their deep seeded feelings of inferiority).
Hiking is the best hobby to this end. Everywhere in the world has hiking trails and interesting natural sights to see. Trails range from easy to difficult with every gradation in between. It's a fun way to exercise and connect to the complex and beautiful natural world around you.

I know that feel. It sucks. The only normal women I can find are in their 50s at least. It really sucks, because I have the same kind of genes as Trump where I can eat trash all day and not exercise and still run around with an engine block like a football. Oh well, at least I'm not going to the sheol when I die. Enjoy the dark loneliness, fucking kikes.


Try Perineum.

unwillingly checked my dude #digitstoo

This is the best b8 I've seen today, tbh.

It is the play that always works.

I just like to imagine some SOCOM-hard motherfuckers stomping SJWs like that mystery meat cunt into a puddle. It is immensely satisfying to picture their mental world being broken (along with their face).

That's all I've ever gotten out of the enemy, really, from being so built up–only the desire to break them. They have nothing else, and there will be nothing there when you do.

That is where you cross the line, shill.

It's the same thing:

Take note of these shills, both are attempting to promote mud-slime bullshit as if White societies never put a woman in her place.

Well given that this only worked effectively 30+years ago, given the social dynamics, would be much better the ignore the cunts and show off value. There is a saying: women age like milk, men age like wine, to put it simple.

Working women should go on strike for 20 years

That depends on how much soy the men eat.

Fucking mod scum

Embed's analysis couldn't be more right. Women are engaging in a hysteria which is the fight against masculinity, and therefore fertility itself. The age-old wisdom that a woman doesn't know what she wants has finally sprouted political wings thanks to relentless jewish influence

You could try not being a bitch nigger. Hatechan has standards. If you cannot abide by the standards, fuck off back to half.

Not your personal army

Oh, I more than agree.

that bitch at .55 with the nosering "just because it happens all the time doesn't mean its okayehhhhhh" with that fuck ugly scowl on her face

How is that bait? He's saying women have no business leading men, and that jews are the real problem. How can reading comprehension be so terrible?

Fuckin A. I've ended friendships over this sick propensity to waste away one's life consuming subversive kikevision. I still get messages from numbers I no longer recognize telling me about some piece of trash movie that was "pretty good". I'm beyond not caring. These people are my enemies. Their development ended when they were 12, and it's all they want to recapture. Mock them with masculine authority.


When was the last time you met an American woman who worked on a "Farm field"? When was the last time you met a woman who wasn't Butchy Cunt-sniffer McGee or the very rare farmer's daughter type who worked manual labor?

They are talking about dirty mexicans.

Never do this out of hatred of the jew. Pic related.

No, you are their enemies. If you can't redpill them, leave them be and move on.


Kill yourself.

I have no idea how I managed to fuck up my original post. Here it is again with a sage.

Are you sure you aren't confusing good genes with youth? If you are under 30 then I wouldn't bet on getting away with eating like shit forever. It will catch up to you.

forgot pic

Stop projecting your idiocy.

What part of "I've ended friendships" equals "anonymous arena"? Someone's stupid here, and that person is going to continue this conversation.

My reply to you was the picture, newy.

There may not be consistent IDs but language, argument style, and shitty images are a sure-fire way to pick out and target shill posters such as yourself.

Pic related.

i dont think w=they plan things out, i think they are biologically incapable of thinking of the concequences of their actions or thinking of the future at all
all they can do is jew, they can not think
the most thoughtful a jew can appear is make lenghty observations, they however can not process the information into accurately prediciting the future, or reality

I think it's more likely they have bitten off more than they can chew. World domination is no small feat. This fantasy that a people who have subverted all the highest positions of power in the world can't plan ahead is dangerously stupid.

Is this who Aziz fucked? Her hair looks just like the lady in the blurred photo.


Not to be a grammar nazi kek, but that's not a grammatically correct phrase. It's like calling a sporting re-match a "re-playing", or a TV re-run a "re-watching". It's either a deliberate memetic softener to the true meaning, Re-education, or they're just fucking stupid and poor at English.


I freaking love this timeline. Why? Because it's like a mass extinction event for cucks. If in 10 years time, 80% of young-middle aged men have been re-educated into spineless cucks who will never reproduce, all the better for humanity, because only those with high independent, free-thinking and alpha tendencies will survive the brainwashing and remain a true man who will breed. I'm happy about this as I already see our civilization collapsing under the weight of dumb feminist leaders as a given. So we'll be in a post-security, post-law world with the soyboy 80% of men lying down and dying, leaving the 20% to happily shitpost irl and share in the massive surplus of qts.

Nature is always in perfect balance.

Quit sealioning, roasties. We're not interested in "relearning" according to your narrative.

>If we play our cards right, we can get more people to notice the (((ethnicity))) of the perpetrators.

You know what is working with normies?

Those Kars for Kikes ads. Can't tell you how many people I've heard go from complaining about how annoying they are to rage when I tell them the whole story.

Ever wonder why?


You tried.

You're wife's son called, he said you left this in his room.

Do deaf girls give better handjobs? Asking for a friend.

Guilt. There's a reason Harvey can't pay off his thots for silence anymore, pic related.

Remember years ago when (((Hillary Rosen))) worked for the RIAA instead of the DNC kvetching about Napster? That was an attempt at sowing guilt. This is another attempt. They figure if you feel sorry for de abused wimminz you might pay for their dreck again.

I don't know. They were too religious to tell me that they do the handjobs. They would be so shocked if I ask them that question. I would be asking to be beaten up by the religious guys for being lustful toward the deaf girls.

Do I answer your question?

The 18th Amendment sealed our fate. All we can do is protect each other and try to enjoy watching it all burn. Until we are ready to take up arms and force a cultural correction, there is little to be done. Meme away, but 51% of the voters will always win in the end and the fundamental premise (sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive) will not be infringed.

Lol 19th Amendment - apologies for the typo.

hahaha tat fucking podracing meme hhahaa

No, we do not let hollywood kikes and glow-in-the-dark D&C niggers dictate how i feel about women.

man, sounds like being deaf sucks.

and shitskins

At least the deaf community keep the gays and sluts away so that's something I can't complain.