Are Liberals Ashamed of Their Own Kind

Why doesn't msm mention that these people read and adore The Huffington Post and NY Times like they do whenever a criminal has a frog picture on his hard drive? This is the product of decades of bashing Christianity. I put this on Holla Forums to help them stand in solidarity with one of their fallen fellow leftists and the fags censored it. Why?

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Liberals are ashamed of themselves

What's the Liberal angle here? I saw the story, but it then vanished.

Don't waste your time on LeftyPol, unless you are trolling as a more radical version of themselves. More radical = superior, in their world. Remember, they are incapable of thought. They are 100% arrogant "muh feels" fools.

That's why we're gassing them second OP, duh..

I saw nothing in that story saying they were lefty commie trash. Point me in the direction where I can find that




Why do they feel the need to tell everyone their beliefs ? Especially the "I'm not going anywhere", are you sure ? You did get booted out of every single country you've even been in.


Would apreciate this too. No poibt bringing it up unless lefties do though. The politics of the couple that is.

Because "no enemies to the left" user. Same reason they bother to disavow the paedos and such on their side.

Where does it say they were liberals? Oh wait, no where. Sage.

I bet this would have zero coverage if the parents weren't white.

are you dense?

sage because you're a literal retard that sees "SJW" and "libtards" where ever you turn even with zero evidence.

When I read that story I immediately had red flags going up all over the place. They had 13 kids who no one knew about? How is that possible? People having clandestine home births is possible, but 13? With no complications? Were those kids all theirs? According to the articles they ran a private school out of their home, the private school had 6 students registered to it, but in order to be enrolled in a private school in California their are state registration requirements for each child, but "ithe private school had 6 registered students but we dont know who those students were because if it was the siblings they would have had to have been registered with the state"

That sounds very strange to me. They were changed up and tortured, but she had access to a phone? This whole time? And even though they were held in captivity so, presumably since birth, since no one knew they existed… and she knew how to not only use a phone but also what number to call?

A lot of red flags going up


You arent fooling anyone. You will be punished for your crimes.

That's the point. They are obviously far left but the story doesn't mention this. You can be sure their political affiliation would have been in the headline if they had a confederate flag in their love dungeon.

user, please don't stop taking your pills, your doctor prescribed those clozapines for a reason.

That shirt is so ridiculous I wouldn't be surprised is this woman was a troll. It's like playing a game of you rage you lose.

What is this timeline…

good goy

mk ultra eyes. she probably was a survivor who managed to go off grid. most are killed before 30-40

they are not supposed to bread and have children
just mkultra children (recruiting people in society)

Thinks for recognizing for what you are, mentally disabled.

At the very least you stormderps are finally coming down off of the whole spaghettiwindow ordeal, but regressing into muh m'kay lul tra isn't progress.

They hate their own people to the point where they work day and night to destroy them.


>Why doesn't msm mention that these people read and adore The Huffington Post and NY Times like they do whenever a criminal has a frog picture on his hard drive?


After decades of removing Christian values respecting human life and conceptions of love through Supreme Court decisions and decades of forcing acceptance of degeneracy through Hollywood, heinously depraved acts appear in the news constantly.

The connection is a non-sequitur to you because you're an idiot.

These are white values but they should be limited to one's race, not any others.

It sounds way more like a fault in christianity if that's all that takes.

That's the news' (((prerogative))).

It's idiotic to presume that whites are not inherently capable of creating and maintaining non-degenerate behavior and values. The idea that you need christianity to possess those is where you limit your ability to possess them. I can see why you and OP don't find that a non-sequitur if that's your first and last solution to this problem.




When various forms of Christianity existed, depravity was minimal and the U.S. was considered the greatest civilization. After Christians were turned into pariahs by the legal system and msm, the U.S. is considered a third world terrorist shithole with the largest prison system designed to contain graduates of a failing, increasingly dangerous school system. It's simple cause and effect. It's great that some other system kept peace on your island, but I'm focusing on events in the historically relevant U.S.

Still it is illegal to purchase such services. Ancap ball is not pleased by your post.

< Being literally Poopoo man's lapdog, a ROOSYAN AGENT!

Your know what to do.

Depravity grew to the highest extent it had been in the face of and in spite of christianity's influence, before christianity decreased in influence. Your cause & effect is invalid merely on that alone. If christianity was such a shield against degeneration then how could that shield not protect?

You still haven't explained how whites can be non-degenerate without christianity. If christianity was needed for whites to not be degenerate, that's already a condemnation for whites. Since christianity was created by jews, by that relation that's suggesting that jews, as opposed to whites, know the way to not be degenerate. Care to explain?

Literally everybody hates Liberals except for Liberals themselves. Socialists hate them, Fascists hate them, Cuckservatives hate them,
Capitali- Actually Capitalists love Liberals.

I mean, there's nothing inherently wrong with being, that? but it's not really something you'd want to wave around like a trophy.

Pimps now have something to add to their pitch: you won't go to jail if you fuck for drug money. They can also go back to their pimp after getting picked up and assigned to appear in sex addict meetings managed by jews and funded by goyim.

You're too lost, buddy. There's nothing I can do for you. kys.

Back to intl with you.

>"I am a jewish, bisexual, disabled, American woman with a trans parent, an ashkenazi momma & a black immigrant god mom"
Yes there is.

I thought the tree of those cannibal outlaws had been cut down. Guess its fruit matches the roots.

We'll see about that bitch

Christ and his apostles were all ethnic Jews. There is no doubt about it. However, rabbi Yeshua Ben Yosef did something revolutionary that no Jew did before him. He opened up and preached his faith to the gentiles As so, Christianity is simply a more liberal sect of Judaism available to Jews and goys alike. No amount of mental gymnastics will magically turn Christianity into White only religion. Not with those demographics anyway. There are millions of Christians living in Apefrica, Spic America, Philippines, and other subhuman parts of the world. Even the most redpilled of Christians would never dare to support mass sterilizations, abortions or physical removal of undesirables. The only good parts of Christianity came from European folk religions that the clergy was forced to adapt to stay in power. Everything else is just Semitic crap.

Come on, that's a shitpost.

Yeah, If you define Christianity only as having water spilled on your head and going to church sometimes.

Is this your first day here?

That's exactly how most Christians I've met view it. Until some sort of reformation takes place Christianity is fucked and a major contributor to shitskin importation and jewish power. Nothing against Christians, I'm happy to stand by you in the coming race war. Just clean up your house, so to speak, before shilling it as some sort of haven of Whiteness.

In the eyes of God they are as good adherents as you or me. Clergy around the world certainly thinks so. Every branch of Christianity does everything that's in their power to feed those subhumans, clothe them and air lift them into Europe. The Old Continent was fully converted so the Church is looking for new adherents elsewhere. There is no racial component in Christianity. Everyone can be saved as long as they convert.

Fullchan's /christian/ is as redpilled as its gets, but still full of cucks throwing bible quotes at each other and virtue signaling how tolerant they are. Christians put their faith above the survival of the White race every time.

LWDS will destroy you just like Professor Dixon did to le car of peace man.

Nice job retard.

The worst thing you can do to her is ignore her. Hilarious how anti-labels these people claim to be while wearing literal labels.

Checked and agreed.

Kill yourself.

All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.

You're being too kind to /christian/. Follow this link and see what they think of Holla Forums, their commie pope, and how they rejected racism and Holla Forums thanks to jesus. Then view the catalog and see the threads specifically about Holla Forums. Note: search is capped at 100 no matter the query.

Fun fact. After getting BTFO'd on here for so long they have their own mini-Holla Forums cyclic thread to contain the discussion and reinforce their insanity.

the few articles I could find on jewgle don't mention any political affiliation at all
the family was most certainly sheeple-republicrat, non-voting, with normie-fakenews opinions

Fuck christianity for everything it stands forjewish hegemony in everything but stop derailing threads with autistic shitfits.

Kek, I can't read too much of that cancer. Sounds like standard Christians. For the record I don't have anything against Christians for their religion, except Baptists. They can all get gassed.

While I appreciate Kek holding us to a high standard of logic, reason, and explanation….

Is it me or does it look like she once used to be a QT in her supple young age?

And then she died.


To understand liberals, it's important to note that they value image over action and truth. They want to have the image of appearing good, happy, and peaceful, so in order to portray that image, they downplay their bad actions, deny responsibility for them (Antifa doesn't represent me), or portray their opposition as bad, angry, and violent.

If there's information that makes them appear bad, then they'll conceal and downplay it. Their first reaction to the #Memo that implicated them of criminal activity was to call it a Russian Hoax, next they claimed that it was a GOP hoax, then a Nunes hoax, and finally they don't want to release the document because they think that people would misunderstand it. (see vid related)

why? are you retarded?

75 years too late.


I'll bump it, just to piss you fedoras off

It's Kali Yuga, the age of madne- I mean mental disabilities.
I just realized that 300 probably pushed us to this timeline.


I think she needs a dose of the Jamal Sadiq mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker treatment ya know, raped to death

The MSM is naturally liberal because it's made to (((sell))) and not educate.

What I really hate is going into shops that liberals frequent. I get followed around like they think I'm going to steal their overpriced housewares. Jesus!

They always have "we prosecute all shoplifters" signs at dollar stores but never at high-end ones.

Funny that.

How are you dressed when you go to these stores?


Not wearing liberal clothing, which is to say various designers, and in patterns so hideous, as they are wont to do.