Niggers Turn Paris Rail Stations Into No-Go Zones
In other news,

Time to put the kibosh on the bridge to Africa?

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why is france so blacked? history lesson pls

But then, who would fuck the French women?

Right of emigration to the homeland from former colonies. Same reason the continental US is about to absorb 4 million Ricans after Hurricane Maria.


Once the culture capital of the world. Now a shithole.

Oh look, shithole people turn other places into shitholes.

But look how brown everything is! That means it's more cultured. CULTUREHOLED

genocide when?

To be fair, it's a French thing to just leave the garbage out in front and on the street like that. However, the French keep it in bags and boxes.

Why aren't the niggers in bags and boxes?



Italy closed 2 waiting rooms at train stations on the French border because too many nigs travelling to France or coming back after being rejected by the Gendarmerie:

What a fucking disgrace.



Because Germany.

France made it their prime objective to destroy Germany, because biggest neighbor.
Was relatively successful in that, allied with the Turks, while Germany saved Europe from becoming mudslime.

France exhausted them-self in their fight against it’s neighbors, Germany and Spain. Lois XVI inherited the economical problems due to the wars of his (grand-,grand-)grandfathers. French revolution came and liberation of jews.

One last time tried to fuck over his neighbors and destroy Germany. As a result Germany unites and shows who is boss (no more Turks helping the degenerates).

France panics, because of population loses due to endless warfare Franc was no longer the most populous country in Europe, it became after the French sponsored Thirty year war killed 30 percent of the Germans.

Now France welcomes each and everyone in France as “French”, obnoxious “French Republicanism” becomes even more toxic.

Even masses of nigger, arabs and chinks did not prevent French military defeat in first and second world war.

French decide to genocide the anexed Germans on the Rhine by replacing them with arabs. Happenings become a routine and part of annual celebrations (new years eve) or on special occasions like derailed trains.
Germany still at fault for Paris bad air and under performing economy.

Still more white than London by the look of it.

because they colonized north africa. after years of "colonial oppression" (read: infrastructure development and higher standard of living) the french felt bad, so they allowed them to immigrate freely into their country. this is why the french football team is almost entirely algerian and various other african ethnicities.

combine that with their open borders for the current "refugee" crisis, and you have a france which is something like 15% immigrants. might be more, i havent looked in years. it hurts to see one of my favorite european countries and cultures be bred out of existence.

It's EVERYWHERE in France!
Webm of today.

There's a metro stop in Paris that has 7-8 vans full of tactical squads on call 24/7

Stalingrad station is where the tac vans are. That area is full of shitskins, it's about the worst area I've ever seen. Marcadet-Poissonniers is full of niggers, same with Marx Dormoy. Tons of african niggers living in the nearby park Jardins d'Eole.

Gare du Nord and Gare de L'Est are both full of rapefugees. The niggers keep to themselves for the most part, the shitskins are the ones that cause the most trouble.

It wasn't that the french 'felt bad,' it was that they lost the war in Algeria. Imagine Vietnam, but after Vietnam all the Vietnamese moved to America and started raping.

It gets worse than that. If it's not human shit scattered across the sidewalks, it's dog. The amount of feces on the streets is absolutely fucking disgusting.

you spelled rape and murder wrong

Jesus Christ. How long until white saviour complex runs out and switches to "kill everything around us" mode. We're living in the most cucked time in recorded history. Rational people used to kill their invaders. Now they welcome them with open arms, their wallets, and their wives/daughters.

You could label those pics as "african cities" and noone would bats an eye. I wonder what would de Gaulle think if he would seen this. Did it really worth it?

That is wrong – but the explanation SJW and ignorant normies will give you.

“North Africa” was already France, not a colony but a “departement”. Roughly like a state in the USA.
Algerians were French citizen with all rights, including the right to move to France. Not very many did until the independence from France. Algerians didn’t wanted to be French and fought a blood war to get rid of their French nationality.

Only after the end of colonialisation, a colonialisation of France started by it’s former subjects/unwilling citizens. The same in England, with the end of the British empire suddenly the country was flooded with niggers and pakis.
Most of this colonialisation happened in the 1980’s.

That did happen though just without the raping.

There is no "white saviour mode", this is much more complex than that.

Daily life takes up energy
Economic chains
Etc. think a little broader.

it has been suggested that 20% of any population is extremely susceptible to hypnosis/ brainwashing, 20% are resistant to it, and the rest fall somewhere in the middle.
Mass media has been the latest-greatest tool for mass hypnosis and brainwashing, it is the new religion.
Just as in any religion you have a percentage of true believers, the mass of conformists who just go along to get along, and a percentage of heretics.
White people must be martyrs, debasing themselves in favor of any and all protected classes of people in this new religion.
In this religion the only god is "equality" but with some people pushed ahead of others if their cause is deemed (((deserving))).
In this religion, popular celebrities are angels and virtue signalers are saints.
The reason this has happened is white people's innate trusting and honest nature, which is extremely easy for predators from elsewhere to exploit.
This will never end until we have our ethno states once again and then remain forever on guard against foreign influence as we were in the past.
But in order to get there, things will have to get much, much worse to wake up a large enough segment of society.
And there is no escaping the reality of the situation:
There will be blood

I thought the entire country was a no-go zone.

Good news. I'm rooting for an embarrassing defeat for traitor Trump if he decides to take on North Korea or Iran with a full scale war.

Do you think Trump has put in enough effort to peacefully negotiate with NK? If not, what would you do?

First, if I was Trump I would stop sucking circumcised dick right away. Then I would demand Israel give reparations to Palestinians it muirdered. North Korea did not kill anybody unlike Israel. It's only crime is not having a central bank.

Stop talking like a yid you fucking faggot.

No preconditions for talks. Even better if the zionist US government doesn't get involved at all. In fact, that's the only way peace in Korea can be possible. The recent state department statements were very clear. They're afraid of NK having any sort of dialogue with SK.

NK is fully aware of all the hostile acts committed on a global scale by the ZOG army since the fall of the soviet union. Iran's experience with the nuclear deal also clearly demonstrated (once again) that it is impossible for kikes to negotiate in good faith. There will be no western military intervention in NK now or even during the second term of Trump.

I never want to hear another complaint about Joual or Chiac.

Then they wonder why the tourists are no longer coming.

Looks like the Africans are colonizing France

I can't wait for France to collapse completely after their tourist industry tanks.

And I can't wait for a real legitimate landmark to be blown the fuck up. I hope it's the Eiffel Tower. it's a symbol of modernity and the Enlightenment anyway, fuck it. I hope it isn't the Louvre, some things in there are of worth and it's an old old castle complex.

I have a feeling the people behind this mess are fond of the Louvre too.

White genocide is already taking place, user.

I didn't meant the triangle things outside. That shit always struck me as ugly. Talking about the castle, and especially the remains of the old wall.

Just part and parcel of living in a big city.

Looks like Trump was right.

Since the rapefugee (((crisis))) I have absolutely no intention of going to France now, their help to us Burgers in the past notwithstanding.

I'm still waiting for Macron to become Jupiter. The gods are not impressed.



The Nips have had a thing for Paris for a long time, but hate niggers. I imagine the Paris Tourism Board is going whole hog dumping lying adverts filled with care-free beautiful whites all over Japan media outlets.

in my opinion mosley was a faggot for not overthrowing the uk government but your right at this point its just a matter of time.
where do you faggots think the next hitler will take power?
im guessing hungary/poland.

very likely, dumpasses always think money can solve all there problems, but from what ive seen how much the german tourism has tanked france must have a serious income problem at this point that will spiral out of controll.
there economy wont last the decade at this point.

France, as prophesied by Nostradamus.

England and France were the big two European powers that the Japanese essentially took whole cloth their modern socitial ethos from. Just injected it right into their old traditions. Of course they would have a soft spot for the City of Lights.

I was last in Paris five years ago. I was shocked by the number of niggers in the subways. Every single one of them jumped the turnstile and didn't pay at any station I was at. Just disgusting. There were hardly any Frenchman anywhere and far too many chinks running around. It's a sad situation in every huwhite country these days. The question is when will the pendulum swing back?

Now you know why America dosen't have public transportation.

The niggers use it so no one else wants to.