Antifa and their shiity attempts to initiate digital warfare

Meet Antifa's Secret Weapon Against Far-Right Extremists

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glad to see that site has progressed
and it lists by country so it is easy to use


holy shit these retards think they're living in the Matrix

she also has dead eyes. I never seen such a glassy eyed stare

well it's not secret anymore is it?

thats a dude

who has the dox?

it would be a terrible thing if somehow people where to access this and publicize every traitor

So what does she do? Look at twitter and go to their websites? And then send messages to the antifa twitter account?

Where is the Facebook Jew finder?

See Pic

dat fluoride stare

I'm hacking into her mainframe now. Just gotta force her password.
and I'm in. About to melt her cpu and steal all her RAM.

She shouldn't have messed with b1g_guy_squad alpha

The memes just right themselves these days.

filtered and reported for such a shitty LARP

get that autism checked out, user

Antifas moms.

Leftists have been using this term since forever. It's their way of saying that they condone violence without saying it. And sympathetic journalists don't call them out on it so it works.

She can't stop us.

muh database
cried the Antifa as they lost all relevance

You might want to actually try reading Mein Kampf. Hitler spoke about people who underestimated the opposition.

Are they brown?

Thanks for publicly stepping forward. Another name for the DB.


OH, what a travesty. Another way they docooment themselves.

Really? That sounds made up. Nationalists far and wide want niggers to go and stay go.

get that butthurt checked out faggot

i want em dead

Oh we're making a list
And we're checking it twice
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice…

Is this a fucking joke? Squire


Well, the article says to meet her.



huh… Their dead eyed stares.. Soulless expressions.. Nothing new.. but this picture made me realize something so fucking esoteric that Im not sure how to put it into words.. The sort of shit that would make the uninitiated blow their brains out. wew.

Oh boy I can not wait to read the articles about the mountain of pepes that are going to arrive in her mailbox.

She's got binders full of shitposters

that some humans are soulless zombies?

Somebody sell her ears for Monero, double escrow.

Can't wait till its poor detective work lead to the death of an innocent. Enjoy your database right up until that fatal swatting that gets you arrested.

user delivers
Megan Squire Conklin
Age 40s


(336) 229-4362


703 Brookfield Dr
Gibsonville NC 27249-3351

1115 Edgewood Ave
Burlington NC 27215-3638

Home come this cunt hasn't been given CTR shill treatment? Plastic frogs and spam.


I say we send her our regards

Pizza en route

Reminder that this cunt seems to think white genocide is okay and should have it… pounded into her head that we have a right to exist, and they are wiping us out. Bonus points if you save her making excuses for whites extermination.
IMO this cunt is a weak point just waiting to become disillusioned with the black bloc antifa nutballs. She says shes happy that they are angry violent people instead of peaceful opposition, well big surprise when we get angry and violent too, defending our existence. These people are the real scumbags, if they cant see that.


I'd settle for sterilized

Please hotpocket with a new dox dox
──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┬─┬─┬─┐│ NFO │_│▄│X│├──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┴─┴─┴─┤│ ││ ╓════════════════════════════════════╖ ││ │───────────+ Holla Forums BRINGS YOU +─────│ ││ │ >>> Another damn dox

╓──╧═╧──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╧═╧┬─╖║▓│ Megan Squire │▓║║▓│ Anti white │▓║║▓│ General Cuckoldrty │▓║║─┼───────────────────────────────────┬────────────────────────────────────────┼─║║▓│ LANGUAGE......: English │ 14/88 │▓║║▓│ d0xed BY....: Kipperkat │ Fight for salvation │▓║║▓│ RELEASE DATE..: 01/17/18 │ Don't rock my boat ▓│ │┼──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────│ ││ ╓────────┐ │ │┼───║> Vital │ │ ││ ╙────────┘ │ ││ Name.......:Megan Squire │ ││ Alias......: │ ││ Phone......:1-(336-229-4362 │ ││ Address....:1115 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, North Carolina │ ││ coordinates:36.0947728,-79.4534 │ ││ │ ││ ╓────────────────┐ │ │┼───║> Internet │ │ ││ ╙────────────────┘ │ ││ Email...:[email protected],[email protected] │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ [404] │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────│

││──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────│ ││ │ ││ ║> ADDITIONAL INFO: │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││ │ ││──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────│╓┴────────────────────────┐ │║▓│ REGARDS ▓▓▒▒▒░░ │──────────────────────────────────────────────────│╙─│───────────────────────┘ │ ││ ╓──────────────────────────────────────┐ │ ││ ║ Special thanks to all those who came│ │ ││ ║ before me, and those after me. │ │ ││ ╙──────────────────────────────────────┘ │ │ ││ ..: FUCK OFF :.. │ ││ │ │ ││ [ Holla Forums ] │ ││ [ ebaumsworld ] ..... [ 9gag ] │ ││ [ funnyjunk ] ..... [ 4chan ] │ ││ [ COMMUNIST ] │ ││ + │ ││ ..: ANYONE WHO GETS IN THE WAY OF THE ETHNOSTATE :.. │ ││ │ │└─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┬┘

Jokes aside, this article smells like bait. Reminder to watch your asses. Someone set us up the honeypot.


Hol' up. This doesn't seem right.

Check your targets anons.



703 Brookfield Dr
Gibsonville, NC 27249

Found in voter records (thank you State of North Carolina!) and confirmed by finding that "big white house" that wired mentioned.

If you're going to bite the bait, at least bite the correct one.

what kind of weeb trash makes shit videos like this

Here goys have some more info. Definitely a rabid cunt that needs hit hard.

I wonder what her office hours are?

I wonder if she might've had something to do with all those survey threads

It's very possible dubs man. I have a very nice blueprint into how an ANTIFA cell would work from the Minneapolis phone leaks. I wonder if this area has any parallels with MPLS? This would be a good a starting point as any.

Thread where we built the connections and I obtained the blueprint

I'm eager to test this.

If she married a white guy she's a racist by her own definition, and needs to silence herself.


kek'd. didn't think it was a real site tbh. double checked 4 (you)

Willingly passing information yo people who will use information to harm people……
This sounds illegal, why isn't she in jail?

Commie programming indeed.

Nice house in a white neighborhood.Also nice white paint. She needs more diversity.

nice. sauce of converting image to ascii like that pls?

We need something similar, for real. I don't know if the alt-tech project is still on, but it was a damn good idea. Hatreon, for example, was great.

whats up with redheads being race mixers, feminists, cypto's and general traitors? starting think the "gingers have no souls" meme might be true.

They're a very dangerous lot.

Haven't you seen the movies?

forgot me meme arrows

bump this is bait



What is it with these piece of shit yankee commie faggot traitors in my state? Fucking colleges, I swear. I miss when our economy was based on manufacturing cancer sticks.

If that melted cpu resembles a child's vagina you might be able to sell it to the Podestas. I'll buy that RAM from you, my existing RAM is choked to the gills with shills.

NC colleges are starting to close at quick rate bc of population not expanding as market predicted


This shit too.

How exactly does one gather such an extensive database and not get redpilled? sure jogs the nogs

namefagging on kikebook? At least they can act as a tripwire if these lefty dicksucks decide to go loud.
anons should also be making their own "boycott" lists. Not just for the highly visible shitlibs featured in articles like the above; the commies at your local university or social clubs should be itemized for any future "boycotts"

If you want to teach her a lesson, just go to Elon University if you live there and punch her. Sends a pretty good message that people will find her

Possibru. Im betting the stepkids are just unlucky SOBs being sold for mkultra and other rectum including games of the .

When you're talking about people who are the minority of a minority in a world where almost everyone with a voice is hard left from being out of touch elite, chances are they're going to be hard left.

So, someone doing somenthing? Expose this abroad (like cuckchan) and see what happens. Post here for laugh.

Family hates and ignores her so she goes into autism mode and updates a spreadsheet. Also, a closet furry who wants sex from a 20 year old, soy boy.

Note how the cunt makes a point to mention her dog is a 'rescue'? The virtue signalling has eaten the old cunts brain like statins.

"birdsat4" was one of her passes. Maybe from linkedin where she uses that edu.

I swear some kind of civil war is coming, even if its not full on army vs army division vs division with artillery and tanks and the works, I could easily see militia vs militia and riots and giant street fights with the whole west coast + leftist enclaves like Detroit NYC Boston etc succeeding and having to be reigned in by the national guard

Fuck this bitch, she needs to be executed when the great purge comes

And it is coming, beccause violence is coming because leftists refuse to quietly and peacefully give up and let us MAGA, they prefer to declare war on us and violently retake power, so I say lets give them the war they want
They will be crushed and then its purging time


I just check Squires FB profile and apparently she was in the cville crowd when the car attack happens. So she was marching with antifa. Screenshot she posted was all blurry though. I bet she is in some of the cville videos


someone lob a molotov cocktail into her window

here is one. Check out the 1000 yard stare

Hitler wasn't fighting pink haired faggots who can't even throw a punch.

I feel it, too, but I can't picture who is fighting on the communist side. Perhaps they'll be able to con enough FUDS to fight against "racism."

the only thing that would make any kind of sense is if a big portion of the military lead from the front. You cant have a civil war with just some goofball antifa knocking over trashcans. They would get destroyed in two seconds

exactly like old Holla Forums except different

This blueprint is starting to pan out. Antifa MPLS was almost entirely IWW members.

I used to have a photo with that kid photographed with Obama. He was marching under the IWW flags alongside some of other faces seen at the cville attack. I also check who commented or liked photos by this lady and one of them works for department of homeland security

I have a hypothesis: at least 95% of IWW members are also ANTIFA. If we compare member lists I bet a lot of it will match. Everywhere.

I believe it was a myth of Greek(?) origin, but they believed that the ginger had no soul and would rise as a vampire after death.
Incidentally, we know that vampires are a caricature of jews in the first place, so I wonder if there's a more intimate connection

Anecdotal maybe, but there seems to be a synthesis between the Jew and the Irish Shabbos. Look at all of the names of the bankers/bank owners, the "Mc"s around Jews, etc… Too many coincidences and it appears as a (((Cohencidence)))
Aside: When exactly did it become "okay" to be a fucking commie in the US? There are those Irish hicks living in the sticks on the opposite end of the 'Globalist' spectrum, that will go full redneck on some Commie ass when the right conditions exist

I feel it too, but I have no idea how it will happen. We'll either get a "clean" civil war where it's two sides duking it out (American and Spanish civil wars, I hope for the latter) or a Yugoslavia/Russia situation where it's just a clusterfuck. Before Trump one I theorized it would be left vs. right vs. government, and it might be the same way. I think it's something we should think about.

But here's the thing, I doubt the left is going to cause the war. Keep in mind, they're winning. They can just sit back and wait it out, continue pumping money to organizations, keep subverting things and infiltrating institutions, and they will win. They know they can win a war of attrition. If there is to be a civil war the right must be the ones to start it, but how is another question. (Side note, Jews are the left's ringleaders, but they have men on the right too which prevent any of us from taking direct action, of course this is common knowledge)

In Spain, the left won an election and were in power. There was street fighting like here in America but worse. They even executed the only real right wing figurehead José Antonio Primo de Rivera on trumped up charges. What happened was the conservatives in the army tried to launch a coup, failed, then started a rebellion. Soldiers began leaving their posts for the Nationalist army, and republican officers were unsure what to do. Of course, while most people tended to be leftist at the time, the Nationalists had:
1. Foreign support. Uncle Adolf and Benito have them troops and supplies
2. The whole fucking army. The army and navy typically went nationalist and kicked ass. Pussy leftist militias weren't enough.
3. The left COULD NOT STOP EATING EACH OTHER. They were always fighting amongst themselves, one-upping each other, they were heavily divided. Sound familiar? The American left is much of the same. Of course, the right is divided to a lesser extent (you have the Kosher nationalists and the white nationalists) but the right in Spain was divided too, Conservatives, Monarchists, Carlists, Falangists, etc. but they united against their enemy who were desecrating national artifacts, destroying churches, making a mockery of Spanish culture, and subverting the minds of the people. SOUND. FUCKING. FAMILIAR? If there is a civil war launched by right wingers in the army, it is likely we will win. Even if it's Kosher Nationalists, a rightist victory may mean the destruction of all leftist parties, deportation of illegals and other foreigners, and the exodus of lots of non-whites and leftists (the first because of the lack of gibs, the second because of political repression). With only right wing parties around, a NatSoc or Fascist party is more likely to win and create an ethnostate.
So my point is, it is unlikely the left will try to do anything other than displays of "power" like the bitch in the OP, assaulting old people who won't fight back (Antifa), winning elections (The dems are gearing up for 2018), and sitting back while America gets browner and browner, meaning more support for them. (Although, if Brazil and SA haven't had a civil war yet, I doubt we will) I'm not saying go bomb the FBI headquarters, but what I do ask is, how do you think the next civil war, or the DOTR, will go?

Sorry for the long post. I think a lot.

they know

The data mining and informational security "professional expert" has her data mined and her information unsecured.

Probably around the late 70s, early 80s I reckon

"Before Trump one"
"they're winning"
"José Antonio Primo de Rivera on trumped up charges"
"how do you think the next civil war, or the DOTR, will go? "
pic completely and utterly unrelated

Re requesting if anyone knows pls.
it is a non standard ascii conversion

Did someone say L A R P

Notice that return of slavery isn't in quotation marks.

More proof of the superiority of the redheaded Scot

She'll tell her friends about the final boss.

workers of the world = bureaucrats of the world.
None of these faggots looks like they work outside of an office. These mother fuckers are delusional cultists. They totally remind me of the HORDES i saw at the trump rally here in Oregon before he got into office.

We have the powder keg all set, all that is necessary is the spark. It'll have to be a pretty damn big spark, though. The first one that might cut it is when a Dem wins back the WH in whatever year (particularly if they grab the Senate/House too) and start throwing their power at the ones who elected Drumpf. Depends on how radical the laws that will be passed get.

What Trump has to do at some point is go full enabling act like Hitler did, we have to guarantee that the leftists can never take power again, and taking us from a democracy to a dictatorship is the only way to be certain

Unless he does that, we run the risk of the leftists being able to subvert their way back into power

That must be Grady Jonathan Page, user
He's the son of Clarence Page; a journalist who works for the Chicago Tribune.

In case of Civil War in any country that already has media coverage all over the world[USA,Poland,Hungary,UK,Germany,
France,Russia,Jerusalem]-Geopolitics will get everybody fucked up Tom Clancy style.


noice thanks

It appears she owns 2 properties. The "release group" style dox contains one of the ones I listed, your image contains the other. I assume one may be a rental property, and that 703 is her physical location. Someone handy with social engineering might want to nose around with the other location, sometimes tenants will dish dirt on their landlords. There is also the possibility that the second property is used by her Antifag buddies as a flophouse or hideout.


Good point. It would be worth checking the property tax records on these properties, and comparing pics around facebook/antifa circles in the area to the houses we find on maps.

To be fair she could be operating in plain sight on purpose, similar to the butterfly war guy.

It sure would be a shame if we put in some complaints at "Elon University."
Wherever that is…

Property tax records for this cunt.

703 Brookfield Dr. -

1115 Edgewood Ave. -

1115 Edgewood appears to be a relatives address. I would focus on the 703 Brookfield Dr. Address, and slap the cocksucker who put that wrong address in the dox group release post.


Here you goys go. Some screencaps from a 4pol thread yesterday.

lurk moar.


So, Israel?

Google maps addresses is a bit less than perfect. When in doubt, check the house number in the images. It's correct.

So Antifa's secret weapon is Antifa's mom? Top Kek. I wonder if she got me and the other guys from the Great Faceberg Rabbi Raid. Not that it matters, Hitler is on my bumper so it's not like i'm hiding.

CSI enhanced. Noice.
tip: if you haven't already get your house removed from jewgle maps. jewgle maps is window shopping for Niggers De Home-vasion

It protects against niggers but not us. In some cases when you profile someone you are doxing, it can actually make them stand out like a sore thumb. I've actually found some "tech savvy" people because they blurred their house out on google.

Sometimes it's best to hide in plain sight.

We don't run from ourselves or show niggers where the trip alarm for the auto shotgun is either :^)
Kek. That reminds me of the time I helped get a Russian airstrike on ISIS by noticing a single frame they left in a video from a sloppy edit.

Man, what a flood of memories just hit me. Is that site around any more? YTMND

Bump. Dox antifa every day.

We need to be vigilant in the digital arena, it is our greatest advantage.

Perfectly illustrates how leftists control a population.

The kikes hate redheads most of all. Amalekites and all that. They've been stealing, enslaving, and raping redheaded women since before recorded (((history))). They have been trying to breed redheads out of existence with psychotic focus. You can even look to modern media for pre-emptive conditioning that redheads never existed and it was all just dye. On top of that the conditioning to prevent redheads from grouping together ever under any circumstances is incredibly strong right now. I could rant for a while but I know you all know how creepy television is.

They hate white people but they hate blondes and redheads the most specifically for weird religious zealotry reasons.

To elaborate (polite sage for double post) they blame redheads for sacking Canaan. If memory serves they are convinced that redheads are the decendants of Amalek, and must suffer the kikes revenge for destroying temples to tiny-m moloch the dead loser god. As such they focus layers of psyops on each individual redhead they can find, befriending them at school, walking up to them at work or common locations, always seeking a position of personal influence. These psyops go above and beyond and can incorporate multiple actors to achieve psychological damage. Due to having been stealing away women for so long, the kikes have a supply of inflitrators as well. They stand out like abominations to Scots and Irish but probably look like a normal ginger to others.


(((Family guy))) had this bitch in it afew years ago.. maybe (((they))) pre selectd a sacrifice for pol to slaughter