The kikes are really getting bold

Absolutely fucking disgusting.

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I'll take your word for it, cause I ain't clicking that shit.

Kikes are clever, I'll give them that.

Checked and doing the same.

What does this mean?

Goddamn lucky you didn't. absolute kikery if I've ever seen it.

I don't know many people who actually pay for GoT


Oil drilling will never catch on

Pure vile degeneracy, a poor man's LotR. Astounding and telling of how bad things have gotten that it made them a cent.


Why the fuck does everything have to be about race to liberals?





Conclusion: 2 Jews, and the one Jew's faggot Lebanese (probably Jew) butt buddy

Wew lads.

Reminder HBO stands for Home Box Office and is just another extension of the hollywood pedophile kikes. Reminder to actively warn people not to support that shit because its like funding a pedo ring.


Because race doesn't exist! But racism is a problem! Everyone is the same! Diversity is a strength!

It's not supposed to make sense, it's supposed to make you shut up and get cucked.

lol, this doesn't even have a plot, it's just a compilation of different scenes with multiracial characters.

Is Alan Ball a Jew? I don't see where you make that point, though I will accept a shabbos goy, and I'm not sure the Lebo is a Jew, never heard of such a thing tbh.


Have you seen Alan Ball?
Everything about this screams kike to me.

Now you have.

An user can only hope that the white guy poisons the food he's cooking. Now that would be comedy.

I thought OP was exagerating then
This trailer is pure cancer.

Well a broken clock is right sometimes.

>tfw (((Amazon))) have the rights to LotR TV series

In b4 nobody pays for HBO anymore…

Lol GoT, I watched the first episode and I was like strong independent women propaganda btfo

If that didn't trigger your disgust already then you're one step away from watching this crap here.

Just the usual. The white man is doing all the work, keeping the shitskins and niggers feed. They just cut out the middle-man/government aid, and get it straight from the white guy.

I rarely comment, but that line, "the future of America right here" really boiled my piss. These fucking hook-nosed bastards and their disgusting golem workers are destroying one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. The U.S. might have always been a kike controlled shithole, but at least it was a majority white. Saying that we, the people who founded, built up, protected, and enriched this sacred land aren't "the future" is a direct taunt. They laugh at our misery, as our country starts to turn towards Venezuela part 2. These dumb fucking niggers and spics are wild animals, and they'll vote in whatever system the Jew tells them to, i.e. golem socialism.

Although I think that this kind of stuff is actually much smaller than the kieks lead you to believe, the fact that this trailer is acceptable makes me want to nuke the entire world and start over.

I never even watched a single episode of GoT. Mostly because it looks very generic and average. Does it consist of CGI monsters and bland characters that talk about honor all the time?

Very little of the former, some of the latter. Its more about being a "realistic" fantasy, where the lords and ladies are scheming. It gained notoriety for its "everyone dies lol".

The honorable characters die sooner while the sneaky and back-stabbing characters get what they want. There is an almost extinct family of "aryans" that were actually capable rulers for a few hundred years who's legacy is the basis of the show's events. Sadly the last one is married off to a shitskin. She ends up controlling an army of shitskins and goes on a shitskin slave freeing crusade.
There is a dosing of "muh stronk and capable wymyn carry on while de dumb brave men get killed" and the main "bad guys" are a different family of "aryans" that are also capable and cunning but written to be so self obsessed that they fuck up eventually.
Also both aryan families end up mad due to incest, some cuck is portrayed as "a good rolemodel", and the protagonist is a bastard with a typical "we need to put aside our differences and fight the real enemy" complex.

If there was any more blatantly anti white propaganda crammed into this trailer they'd be forced to call it "Dear White People 2"

Yeah, just like I thought, TV still getting worse every year. Sigh.

We Weimar now. Soon.

I've seen maybe the first two seasons, and the Dwarf is the most engaging actor on the show.

The story is basically a medieval "walking Dead" zombie show with snuff & incest porn thrown in, as well as regular porn with a lot of penises dangling. It was clearly made to titillate perverts and Jews (same thing, really), and the writer catered to Jew propaganda in order to get where he is (if he's not a Jew, himself, don't know).

Stopped watching because the story (full of plot-holes & written at a Jr. high level) got boring as hell.

Again, the Dwarf carries the show, while most of the other regulars are just terrible.
Perfect for mass consumption by normies, golems, and cattle, however.

Thanks for the succinct summary user

Why? Because there are a few mild sex scenes?

user, do you even how babby is formed?


Pretty sure it has homosexual sex depicted in it. Last time I didn't check, ejaculating in another males rectum doesn't make a baby.
Homosexual sex did not use to be depicted in general entertainment because it isn't natural, the majority don't do it and therefore it would have been regarded as repulsive, and definitely not something marketable.
Ergo degeneracy.

HBO also has a gay show: Looking

Within the first five episodes there is: Race mixing sex in which you have to watch a white women get raped by a shitskin, incestuous sex, lesbian sex, and then watch the same white woman willingly fuck the shitskin. And those are just the ones I remember, because it was years ago that I tried watching it.

Season 2, the only straight woman in the show is a loud foul mouth who gets with a negro

Who else would moderate it?(>implying)

All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.


Showtime has a new series called SMILF about a White single mother with a niglet.

she checks her ex's instagram and he's white but the baby looks half black

Who dat? Mike Tyson?

The name is jewy, his face is jewy, his behavior is jewy and his words are jewy. If you would have lurked for 2 years like you are supposed to you would known that the more familiar you get with the workings of the world you start to develop a level of intuition that is so sharp that it seems like magic.

I've taken it upon myself to shitcheck every single thing that I know to be true/have been taught to make sure that it all has legs to stand on.

Speaking of which.. what exactly is oil? Dead dinosaurs? Or our ancestors?

If she was an 8yr old girl from Turkey he could've made an uplifting Modern Family type show.

How can he getaway with it!
How can he getaway with it!
How can he getaway with it!

take it to reddit or Holla Forums faggot

here we fucking go

That show is a bastardization of European storytelling, and the show is essentially porn.

Not good enough, and yes, the "teacher" with the airhorn is a mtf tranny.
Just as the race agenda was done by way of deception in its initial stages, so is the trans agenda now conducted.

Oh another thing, it's packed full with occult symbolism.
These caps are just a taster, the aware will also notice the proliferation of numerological references, including an abacus in multiple scenes.

I've noticed this for about 6-7 years. I stopped watching new movies because of it. Movies are not movies anymore they are for ads and propaganda, and most times its only silly liberal lefties that are the most hated ppl on earth because they buy into it

I know! GoT is so Terrible!

they use sister brother shit and the unsullied guy fucks the chick with the naphead. he doesn even have a dick.

exactly. but its a bunch of high level arguments with the richest people in america. shit doesnt even make sense to normal fags


Twice a day, actually. total propaganda. pointless. strange. perverted?

who came up with these ideas? kikes

GoT is mostly like:
(in british accent)
"You shall prepare the lord's throne before daylight."
"The lord's throne is still frozen from winter."

it's a never ending passive aggressive argument for power. im dont watching it since they didnt give the dragon ice freezing powers so the whitewalkers could wake over water and the dragon could easily freeze their enemies


I seriously had a nightmare about black trannies last night

hah! the definition of cuck!

plus they thru in the the drugscapade agenda ver breifly. dont know how many of my friends have been runined by all kinds of drugs.

>Why does everything have to be about race with Jews liberals?

Because they're at war. The field – and the prize – is the minds of Generation Z. You don't want your grandkids sold into Religion of Cuck™ic slavery for some halfling feminist? Or, more realistically, you don't want them to scratch in garbage after the mudbloods turn our lands into Haiti? Better dehumanize yourself and face to violence.

Welcome to Holla Forums, by the way. We have such sights to show you.

I think your reaching a little.

That is quite the image. Fukken' saved (disgusting as it is).

This occultism is a valid field of e-study to be sure, but it is also one frought with dangers, especially to those endowed with but a little knowledge, as the proverb goes.

Sorry, can't do webm on work computer but it's better than a fucking youtube link.

Their propaganda gets more and more bold and malignant by the day. Dear God, how does this type of malignantly ominous threat get aired? Not even kikes can possibly have that much authority to be so bold as to publicly dehumanize an entire race like this with zero consequences

Good thread , everyone hates GoT , everyone watched GoT , not me (no offense to you who got suckered, it’s happen to me before), GoT turns out to be everything I assumed it would be , When it started I just finished watching Spartacus on STARZ , pretty good save for all the LGBT propaganda and I would later regret that is was half porn, before this I watched Rome on HBO very good with minimum propaganda and that’s why I couldn’t bring myself to watch GoT , it ruined any prospective Historical Fiction set in ancient times or medieval times from being produced and I just wasn’t interested in having the Lord of the Rings fantasy feel ruined by what I assumed would be tribbing sorceresses and political propaganda

Man can you not post when you're all wired up

Look I need a drink or two to take the edge off after work, I’ve been on no fap for 45 days

Call it what you will, but it's not a poor man's LotR. Outside of both being in the fantasy genre, they have little in common. If anything, the Shannara series is a poor man's LotR.

Oy vey, history isn't worth looking at.


This is jewish. You'll get prostate disfunction and alcohol on top of that will give you cancer. It happened to me in my testies. Find a female of your race, and fuck her brains and have kids. And what the hell are Holla Forums anons of all people doing, using alcohol? Drink (at least 1 micron filtered) water.

forgot pic

I still want to split her in half.

Buggery, that's what.

You haven't figured out that they work out of the same office yet, user? LOL


Jews are proud omega-males, and are homogenous under the ego of Yahweh into which they are forced during childhood. Jews are manchildren. Do not use the word "man" in reference to a jew.

Imkampfy your reaction jpegs are unironically more cancerous than normalfag slang.

Fuck outta here, manlet. Choke to death on your degeneracy porn.

The only cancer here is your double posting newfag ass.

Sorry, I'd like my RSS part of the client to be actually well designed and not just slapped on like a tattoo on a cheap whore.

Smells like WWIII with China.

It’s just temporary to show self control, 90 days they said resets the brain from addiction

Use qBitTorrent.

Shut the fuck up, porn addicted retard

Anyone else notice the changed the thumbnail from the nigger fucking to the guy on the bike?

I did notice. I thought the thread had been deleted or something for a long while until I ctrl+f'd.

use qbittorrent or deluge you mongoloid

They don't even listen to themselves.

>Show about a (((multi-racial))) family

Could this fucking be any more fucking kiked and disgusting? Is that even fucking possible?
How fucking blatant do you get?

Reminder that the worst TV is yet to come. From script writing to show production takes around 2-3 years. Imagine the insanity of leftists and the jew currently and for the last year or so. Think what TV shows they'll make under that mindset. That's the type of TV you can expect in the next five years.

holy shit am I glad I NEVER got into watching tv series outside of animes.
movies were a jew meme I took longer to break, admittedly

(((((((((((((Critically acclaimed)))))))))))))))
If only TVs were rooms containing all the people on screen. I could just gas every single person in these shows.

This. I would even say white men as a whole are much less likely to want to racemix then say. Like 3 years ago.

go to any Midwestern town with a lot of nogs and you'll see it. much more common than ever before.
it's called "swirling" now (like vanilla and chocolate ice cream swirled) and it's absolutely fucking disgusting and tragic
double points if the negress already has some black kids and the white cuck is helping pay for them



You kys faggot. At least I made the thread which apparently none of you fucks could be bothered to do.

remember when niggers started the "eat dat booty like groceries" trend and suddenly social media was full of cucks bragging about literally eating shit straight from the source?

nigger's favorite sex act, anal, looks especially like shitting given their shit brown dicks. Hell, any form of penetration to them looks scatological.
niggers get off on pretending to be feces sliding in and out of an ass, mouth or vagina.

He probably dumped her after she had some nigger's baby. They'll probably make it seem like he's a bad guy because he dumped his gf after she got pregnant by cheating on him with a nigger.

There is a word for this negro deformity. Academia wants everyone to forget about it because the word's very existence implies a difference between races.


All I wanted was to plain vanilla ice cream.

is he cooking with cyanide?

Anyone else catch that they were trying to make the gay asian/whatever mongrel magical/mystical with the double dubs on the clock (11:11) and the fire rising?

clever, but not smart

manlet here I only get off white womens fingering themselves

Gas yourself.

Its compressed carbon and water under extremely high heat from deep under the earth near the magma transition zone where the rock is nearly liquid itself. The slight movement allows constant cycling of elements and the pressure and heat allow the atoms to rebind into hydrocarbons. Deep fissures allow the material water to rise up with heat exchanges and are captured at hardened caps and voids were the pressure below is not enough to force or heat it to rise any further. Over an long enough timeframe the hydrocarbons will breakdown and become carbon and water again, or manage to break thru fissures up into the top of the crust and leak were we can find them as natural deposits. This process is slow, tho far faster than the formation of ancient seabed compression usually listed. Old wells do refill very slowly with time and many deep modern wells are far beyond anything approaching an place in which it was ever exposed to life. Old wells will not fill back up again at anything near an human lifetime from either abiotic processes or lateral flow, you are often talking only 3-4% over an decade or two for the most well known wells, most of which can be explained as leakage from adjacent fissures, most of the cavities where oil was once stored barely register as having increased in capacity in thirty years since being capped, often these are where there is another cap directly below the cavity at some depth, which hints that lateral flow of oil is an major component of how the oil ends up trapped. Abiotic processes will not allow unlimited consumption of oil production, most of what we have consumed already is likely to take several millennia to refill existing well pockets. So the process is moot either way if you are inquiring about it being an endless resource.

Shale oil and coal and most shallow wells are an entirely different beast and most sites do directly correlate to ancient seabeds from before the time of the dinosaurs. Most shallow oil wells drilled into areas where nearby shale was pressing out its oil content available for older tech since it was under pressure by the weight of the earth and the inflow of water. No known deposits of oil or coal are known to have come from any region where dinosaurs lived, tho their seafloors did sometimes become coal seams. Most oil seems to be formed from abiotic processes. And here is the kicker, none of this is accepted as 'scientific fact' and is considered pseudoscience. Despite the evidence.