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Also based.

Kek, fucking cuck.


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it is as if that is what they are for

Using the military to defend their borders?!? unheard of!

Did the leftist take a kid to a protest for a Photo OP? Why isn't there red liquid on the child?

Why is that Trump can send troops to Syria, posture against Russia and NK, but not send the navy to the Med or place troops on the border?


It's moments like this that make me swell up with pride

Or you know, you can just put soldiers on the border and let them shoot people. Being a soldier these days is so goddamn lame. They teach you to kill, never let you kill, and punish you under "rules of engagement" or the "geneva convention" if you don't kill without the strict regulations you're imposed with while your enemy is under no such guidelines.

Almost makes you want to turn a 180 and unfuck things at home.

Where did Bulgaria go wrong? They used to be so YES!


That last pic is fucking perfect. I hope that's accurate.


I can guarantee they're not having a shortage of people willing to shoot nigs on their borders

600 troops? Is that the entire Bulgarian military? There was a time not long ago when governments would deploy no less than an entire corps or army group to defend their borders. Pff, now you can't even expect more than a small, undermanned battalion. My, things have changed.

Bulgaria is essentially bracing for a civil war, with about half the country siding with the occupied government and it's recent acquisition of some powerless position in the EU hierarchy, and the other half being increasingly displeased nationalists. I'm actually surprised they get away with as much as they do considering they're about as bad off as any western country as far as ZOG goes. We may very well see things kick off there or Macedonia first as far as a far right party taking power through a military coupe.

FYROM anschluss into Bulgaria when?

they already tried that and failed

Guys, I realize this isn't the right thread, but what about Poland? (((KikeNews24))) claimed their new (((prez))) is trying to remove any anti-european politician in his junta, is this true?

Far right in Macedonia doesn't exist, the current far "right", VMRO are fucking faggots that sold our country to American/Albo terrorists, indebted the country billions of dollars which they pocketed all the while leaving the bill to the people. Fuck them, fuck any-political party, at this point I'd much rather have some braindead ULTRA's running the country.

Well then, time to update my map.

Shouldn't southern africa be red, too? Also, is Greenland really majority Inuit? I kind of figured it would be the last white holdout if we fail due to being a fucking glacier and largely ignored.

kill them all


Bulgaria joining the Axis of Dankness completes the megazord.

Romania is in a similar position. The difference between them and other eurocucktries is that while their governments are complete zog puppets their people are ready to remove bagel.

thats a kike and sand nigger enclave you dumbass
maybe after a massive cleansing

>(((honorary Aryans)))

Oh (((you))).


That's true about the lack of a party, but last time I passed through Skopje people were fucking pissed. Not in the angry letter writting kind of way either. The balkans are once again becoming a pressure cooker, and the kikes aren't throwing enough money at it to calm things down anymore, that's what gives me hope. The fruits are ripe for picking even if nobody is out in the fields, just yet.

Romania has the problem of being more tightly tied to the west than nearly all of their neighbours. The corruptions doesn't really help, but it's in no way unique to the region. The thing holding them back is that I see them as least likely to join an intermarium bloc, which is going to keep them isolated and possibly block them out entirely depending on what Hungary does and how it feels about it's territorial claims. And by that I mean, if their admittance is dependant on support of those claims, it can make things unreconcilable for Romania if they don't get in at around the same time.

That said, Romania has proven before that they're willing to hang tyrants and occupiers. Hopefully slavic brotherhood can overcome all. A Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria alliance, as unlikely as it might seem, would serve a powerful bloc in it's own right and would bring a lot to the table in talks of some kind of partnership with the v4.


That is Armenia, Azerbaijan is red.

It is accurate, very accurate.
There is a general consensus among most central european countries, that the rainbow belongs to the children and not to some mentally retarded sickos

V5 when?

Already happening with Austria…. although not at all.


V6 when?

Are we finally going to start seeing whites killing browns?

I go back and forth between what to label South Africa and Rhodesia. On one hand, they were part of the Anglo-sphere and it's white population deserves to be liberated. On the other hand, it's in Africa and I'd prefer that we have nothing to do with that continent beyond North Africa's Mediterranean countries.

That's Armenia, not Azerbaijan. I would consider Azerbaigan or any other muzzie country even nominally white. And those South American countries have a significant enough white population for me to decide that they are nominally white.

The Jew fears the samurai.

Hey, if you're willing to reconquita on the dark continent, might as well go all the way. Personally, I'd rather take back the south and ignore the north, just because of it's agricultural value if nothing else.

That said, I'd just as soon build a wall on the banks of the Suez canal and cut the entire landmass off from the world.
I hope you're not implying those things are white. The area was at one time, but the vermin infesting it now aren't. There are some converts up in the caucuses, but nearly everything else has since been blacked, that is if it hasn't come from arabia directly.

How dare they enforce their borders?

I meant to say that I would NOT consider Azerbaigan or any other muzzie country nominally white.

People are definitely angry, that's what happens when you put Balkan peoples who are belligerent and nationalistic by default into a shitty economic situation while feeding them lies about the paradise that is EU and NATO, people see through that deception after a while. I just pray if it ever comes to conflict it isn't aimed against each other, but at the corrupt politicians and the Albos.

Good mow down the albanians with robots.

That sure is what it looks like. All the propoganda that the kikes use when it comes to immigration is always invovling minors. Not women, not the maimed, not gays, always children (or many times a 40 year old man described as 15)

Pic 3
What was I saying again?


If we ever take control over our nations again, I'd recommend killing every nigger, muslim, jew ect down to the last man, woman and child. If we leave them be in their homeland 70 years from now (((cucks))) could put us in the exact same position. Besides, Niggers stinkbeards, and kikes have been completely niggerizing and shitting on our homelands with the intention of genociding whites down to the last man woman and child.. Its simple justice for us to do the same back if we ever get the upper hand enough to do so.

Maybe there is a reason why in the current greendoor sphere the word kid is used for 5-30 year old.

Bulgaria is going to be cracked down on, then. Good thing too. I hope the EU alienates Austria, Bulgaria, and Poland alike.

Is there a large presence of leftists in Bulgaria?

The leftists are just spastics, was a pretty good move for our american friends to remove gadaffi.
The leftist mind, given on its structure operates on certain different morality clues which means it is very susceptible to influences that greatly offset it, also applies to the conservatives. Which is why the grapefruit Gs are so effective.

Most of the criminals in Bulgaria (which is a big percentage of the population) were involved heavily in trafficking refugees to Western Europe. We bulgarians are not cucked and almost all are racially aware but most of us have criminal tendencies and if there is money in something we do it no matter morals/consequences.

Also the gypsies (who are becoming a majority here) were involved too. They also had a profitable scheme of offering migrants to traffic them west and then take them to their ghettos kidnap them and blackmail their families back home to send money.

I pity you.

There's a damn fine reason why those people haven't been allowed to settle anywhere civilized

The smart way to go about it would be to take in the remaining whites, then leave the niggers completely to their own devices for a few decades. No aid, no trade, no Western medicine, nothing. Treat it like a nature reserve, where human intervention is considered unethical as it upsets the ecosystem.

Nature will soon take it's course. The last vestiges of colonial civilization will disappear and they will revert to type as they compete for resources. The overpopulation will rapidly take care of itself through starvation and inter-tribe wars. Most likely the Bantu niggers will genocide the others, then lose most of their own population to AIDS.

After a few decades, when the population is down to the natural level of pre-colonial times, we can walk in to clean up the dregs and reclaim the fertile land for civilisation.

Gypsies are in useful in that muslims have to compete with them as they inhabit the same ecosystem. By all means purge them after taking control, but as it stands now it really is a case of better the devil you know.

Not a bad way to handle it, really. I suppose it'd mean another race for africa, this time including the chinese once nature has run it's course.

Why is Greenland not a shithole? Every single Eskimo are living on gibs

yes they make up 90% of the population

Well, fuck. I guess that's why they're not as pozzed as Iceland, as sad as that sounds.


Why are all the warm places filled with shitskins and are shitholes. I guess when you can walk in to the night, year round, and it's comfortable you don't feel like you have to struggle against the environment. It's probably also why they have so many kids. Women are more active when it's warm.

niggers didn't evolve bigger brains that can comfortably conceptualize abstract thoughts due to a lack of a harsh environment and an annual climate cycle. In Africa it was just get the food, run, fight and muh dik year round so there was no environmental pressure to kill off the chaff of our ancestors. same with altruism and empathy, to survive in colder climates like mongoloids and Caucasoid did, you need to be empathetic and altruistic so that every one could have a moral code and work together to survive. Not with niggers. Climate, does effect these things, but genetic bottle necks are much more nuanced user.

It's still under Danish rule so I hesitate to label them a full shithole but I can't in good faith call it white either. So non-white it is.

That doesn't explain civilizations like Italy, Spain, Egypt, Greece, or Carthage. Those all had warm climate types with variation in temperature but nothing really catastrophic and all of them were full on civilizations, not a bunch of spearchuckers living in mud huts. Hell, most of the Asiatic races are damn savages, even though they lived in the same climate type as Europe. I don't think the environment argument holds up, but then again it's not like I have any other explanations on why whites are so much better that don't involve aliens or divine intervention.

We are typically in the Gulf of Oman. Med is ussually EU types so that means naturally they are being told to pick up all of the (((refugees)))

Finally. Good on them. There are some pretty serious breakouts between the police and the invaders.

Stop this. Cigani are not conducive to a healthy society. They're like fucking rats.

what the fuck is happening in this video

last time I saw this someone mentioned that they were trying to steal garbage or something.
not sure if that's actually whats happening, but that's what I heard.

Ye this. Gypsies were kicked out of india and then sumer thousands of years ago and can't go further west anymore. They're fucking scum and like jews will never and want to never integrate in to society. In fact I believe while the gypsies were in exile is when they met the nomadic proto-jews and it's why jews were scum aside from being bankers in sumer.

pick one christ cuck faggot

you can survive in sub sarahan Africa without clothes.

you can't survive those environments year round without clothes.

bosnians arent white


go eat pork, muslim scum

The Ottomans used gypsies to squash uprising and settled the most troublemaking gypsies in rebellious territories. The bashi-bazouk in the balkans was mainly gypsies.

gee this whole thing sounds like tropico eastern europe edition or something out of civ v

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gypsy traps work much in the same way that modern rat traps do.

you have a box with only one entrance. there is bait inside. the rat comes in looking for shit to eat, and the door behind them shuts forever. then the entire trap is disposed of. no mess.

How, exactly? It's not a human right to move to another country, and it's not law either. In fact there are more laws about how you CAN'T just move to another country.

Don't forget about Siener van Rensburg, if you had faith in the white man, we'll see Namibia go back to South West Africa, Ian Smith reincarnate turn it back to Rhodesia, Portugal for Mozambique and the prophecy to bring back the tri-colour in the South.


Any county that actually wants to defend its borders could do so in an instant, this whole not being able to defend your borders thing is a modern construction by Jews. All it takes is some razor wire like they deployed initially, some cameras on poles - not even drones.. and a few rapid response teams. If too many of them start penetrating your moderate measures and start impacting demographics or the economy or anything in a quantifiable way, you deploy the automatic defense turrets that can kill people several miles away, all along the border. A couple people get toasted, and then everyone else gives up trying. Thats what happened when they shot one nigger trying to cross into eastern Europe, I think it may have actually been Bulgaria too who did that. A whole swarm was waiting at the fences, one guy dies and they all fucked off for the neighboring country instead.

Is AJ+ run by an undercover Holla Forumsack? They've constantly been posting top notch cringe.

Karakachanov is a confirmed ДС cuck, and the gubmint won't do jack shit to stop the flow of sandniggers if it can profit from them.

You don't need the same amount of manpower as you did before. 600 troops, as far as defending just the portion of land border they share with Turkey, might be enough.

This. Gypsies are almost as bad as the kikes. Almost.

500 years of Turkroach occupation will do that to a population.

I could be wrong but I think it was some kind of recycling/donation/storage container the thieving roach crawled into. Some user saw the fucker, locked the door behind it and filmed the ensuing hilarity.


rly maeks u think

holy shit lol I didn't realize gypsies aren't even human

Top Lel.