Three fucking hours ago this happened and none of you faggots made a thread? Fuck’s sake.


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A kike free first post for you

I really wish Trump would use his mafia connections and kill that fucking faggot


Didn't deny it, I guess Trumps a racist, which is cause for impeachment according to Professor Stein


This is fucking beautiful
Three letters ever said so much
What a rude spic


any videos of this?

your first pic makes no sense
Trump said he wanted everyone to come to America?

every fucking time


why are you ignoring this?
he gave them exactly what they wanted
if someone said this on Holla Forums you'd call it cucking

jee boss i dunno

how was that deflecting?

Yeah no it does though
Deport spics and anchor babies using beaner trebuchets. Fuck yes we want white Norwegian immigrants IF ANY AR FUCKING ALL
that first pic clearly memes get them the fuck

he gave a neutral answer and didn't specify anything further than that

he gave an answer with no value

how was it neutral`?
how do you know that?

it was literally handwaving to the effect of 'yeah sure whatever'

are you soft in the head or something?

Kushner pays you too much.

then why didn't he just say OUT without answering at all?

Where is the clip OP? It's solid gold.
Trump calmy and authoritatively says "Out." and cuckosta complies.
It was like a stern Father giving a child their final warning.

…after cucking on question about immigration first

This was beautiful, and I'm impressed shills aren't running around going

but that's what he literally said
he wasn't serious? you can read minds?

It's a great play for Trump in terms of PR, but still would've liked he said Norway because of lower crime rates.

you wasted those trips


you wasted the last three years of your life supporting a zionist hand puppet

I need to see this.
water food shelter seeing this vid

Why waste resources on profligates like Jimmy? There are more important things to take care of right now.


You missed the first reply, faggot.

Vid related, circa 0:40.

"I want them to come from everywhere." is "cucking" on a question? Yes, I'm sure a better response would have been "No I only want Norwegians."
Translation of his actual response for you:
"Whatever Jim shut up."


lmao CNN cut out the alpha boss "Out".
That's the best part

Fucking beautiful.


If he wasn't before, he is now.

sorry i can't computer so I don't archive or bla bla but CNN clearly manipulated the audio. Just did a quick search on twitter for the orig clip and this was the first one I found on twitter for your enjoyment w unaltered audio at the end



That works. Thank you

By the end of 2018 CNN is just going to put distant ominous music in every clip of Trump they present.

What response do you expect to get from me on this subject?

Trump was basically asked, point blank, "Do you want more White people or more muds?" by a media Jew, and his response was to basically tell the media Jew to stop questioning him.

Let me share a little something with you all - these are the results of the 2016 Presidential election that put Trump in power:

_Men: 21.42% of Trump vote - 34% of Total Vote
_Women: 19.61% of Trump vote - 37% of Total Vote
TOTAL: 41.03% of Trump vote - 71% of Total Vote

_Men: 00.65% of Trump vote - 5% of Total Vote
_Women: 00.28% of Trump vote - 7% of Total Vote
TOTAL: 00.93% of Trump vote - 12% of Total Vote

_Men: 01.65% of Trump vote - 5% of Total Vote
_Women: 01.56% of Trump vote - 6% of Total Vote
TOTAL: 03.21% of Trump vote - 11% of Total Vote

_Both: 01.92% of Trump vote - 6% of Total Vote


Which one of these two groups should Trump be showing support for?
Given the circumstances, I am unimpressed by Trump's response to these questions, in that, if the media truly doesn't matter as much as people say it doesn't, this is a perfect opportunity to energize his White base and he chose to cuck out by refusing to answer what should be a very obvious question from his perspective, ala "Do you want more people who are extremely-unlikey to vote for you, or more people who are of the group that is solely responsible for your current position of power?".

Trump's actions throughout his life line up with his comments. He really does want people to come here from everywhere, especially to break up White solidarity to the benefit of jews and organized capital.

Yes, that is cucking.
A better response would have been, "I want more people who share my vision of America, as a Great nation. The electoral results show pretty plainly what sort of people those are, wouldn't you agree Jim?", coupled with a wry smile.




According to Kikebart, the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, isn't going to apologize for the shitholes thing. Best president ever.

The angle I saw this morn it shows the whole exchange and when Trump says "out" Jim turns and leaves w his tail firmly between his legs. It's really glorious.

I'll look more I guess.
I'll do it for free. God Bless America


best President tbh


and you're a huge faggot. telling people what they want to hear and then doing whatever you want is a great tactic.


CNN needs to have it's WH press credentials yanked. Acosta is disruptive and disrespectful at every fucking press conference. He's a shit journalist and can't be allowed to ruin every press meeting with his antics.


Here I finally found it. Witness this

this. pretty much like that sodomite that demanded first mike at all the nasa confs finally booted after the Columbia disaster

Wolf, your only job is crawling into a pizza oven and disintegrating into matzo dust.

Alpha as fuck.

Another difference is that people don't prefer their pizzas burnt

He didn't say "out" he said "yes."

But that would mean Trump is actually dignifying Acosta's shit-tier bait question with an answer.

When your ex-gf texts "I often think about the good times with you." the correct answer is always "I don't think about you at all."

He should have said "I want people from countries with 'good schools' if you know what I mean" while smiling and making air quotes.

Run for president faggot.


Nothing is good enough, if he were to goose step over Acosta’s face while shouting GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW they would still complain how it was bad for optics or he wasn’t extreme enough. It’s a double bind, classic master suppression in action.

The correct answer is either no answer or 'Oh'.

Politely stop posting unrelated to topic plz & ty

Thanks. I want ex-gf's from all countries.


Its a fair question, even if it is 'bait'… And why not take such 'bait'? Why not express support toward the ethnic clade that has supported you?

The correct answer would be not to answer at all user.
The incorrect answer would be to address it at all, because if you truly don't think of her, then there's no reason to do anything more than delete the text and go about your day.
The answer you offered demonstrates maliciousness, bitterness even, not the genuine dismissal you undoubtedly thought it demonstrated.

That said, if someone asks you "Would you prefer Whites or non-Whites coming into the US?", as a sitting US president who was put into power by a 90%+ White base, the answer should be quite obvious and simply telling the individual in question to stop asking you questions is no more the 'right' answer than your silly answer to your theoretical ex-gf above.

I intend to son, I intend to.
Of course, I'm not a billionaire… Yet.

It's fucking nauseating how these kikes jerk themselves off so hard over muh people of color and do everything they can to shit on white people. It's OK when Africa only wants niggers, or when Israel only wants Jews, but if white countries only want whites it's anudda shoah. What would it take to drive CNN into bankruptcy?

Trump should bitch slap him on air then piss on his crying body.

I've wondered why this shit was so long in coming. Even ten years ago reporters didn't act like they do now. I've seen five year old children with more composure and respect than the screaming mass of hysterical lunatics that modern press briefings look like.

I guess if you actually are a salty beta you might consider sticking with it.

Fine, but only because you gave your request in the form of a polite hitlerpost.

Thanks torpedo. Acosta needs an ass beating.

The fanatical left loves it when their propaganda organizations disrespect Drumpf. CNN and MSNBC do this shit for ratings.

Physical Removal.

I wish.

Yeah I'm great with this. Removal tomorrow during the first annual fake news awards. Live streamed

I didn't really watch the jews or telmudvision in general much, so back during the Spicer threads it was a big jump from what I remember growing up. It really struck me how bad it looked, specifically that it sapped any legitimacy or dignity you'd usually expect out of a briefing from the head of state.

Really spells out that we're only one riot too many from all out civil war, even to those not waiting for the race war.

I want spontaneous analogies dissected from all shills. Out.

I'm salty and want all exes from everywhere. Out.

Thank you.




Too much attention.

Kikes crying about the term "everywhere." It can mean anything, it's a broad term, obviously he doesn't want muds from the banned countries he's been fighting over. If he said "I want immigrants from everywhere in Europe" shills would have been crying about the rapefugees and niggers there. Can't even have some fun these days without some faggot sperging.

The left has come out openly in support of Communism and White Genocide, and plenty of us wish they'd start it up so we can pop off until all our magazines are empty. The media is entirely in the tank for the left, and they recruit exclusively from people with those views. Ultimately it's the same problem we had in the 1850s and 1860s: the country is sharply divided to the point that I think most of us would agree, on either side, that we want a country of our own without having to deal with any of "them." I don't give a shit if these idiots want a 90% shitskin Jew-run Soviet state with mandatory Religion of Cuck™ and state-enforced homosexuality. If I can have my white ethnostate that bans entry to all non-Europeans and makes practice or promotion of Communism, Religion of Cuck™ and Judaism punishable by firing squad, I'm content to let them stew in their own filth like they want.

Just summed up why Holla Forums has been so shit lately


This is some hot autism.

You made the analogy son, and I utilized it in the same way you did.

You have levied no argumentation in response to my own, which leads me to believe you have no argumentation to offer to counter that which was offered.

Bottom line: Trump had a chance to show support for his 90% White voter base, and he chose not to. As usual.

I’m fairly positive it’s either an AI unleashed on the board or just one hyper-autist shitting up discussion in every thread out of pure autistic boredom.


Holla Forums has been so shit lately because a bunch of people who don't espoues any sort of backbone or ideals have come to this board and systematically turned it into a Trump fanboy club much akin to the Trump-themed reddit spaces.
The results, not surprisingly, have been a decline in quality of content.

I'm wondering if the White House is allowing Acosta to hang around in the interest of maintaining the appearance of actually caring what radical CNN tards think. Trump just lets them do what they can't help but do thus providing him with an ongoing example of bad press behavior everyone gets to see with their own two eyes.

I'd like to see Acosta dragged away and horsewhipped on the White House lawn for repeatedly failing to maintain his composure but I can see why he's tolerated, so far.


What a surprise, Trump coordinating stories with the media again. Not like he hasn't been in Hollywood and the media his entire life, portrayed in a positive light until it benefited him otherwise


The decline in content has nothing to with Trump, its been because anytime someone suggests making memes, doing something fun like raids or actually proposes an idea, 5 or 6 faggots with unbridled autism come out of the woodwork to screech at everyone and ruin every decent thread.

Yeah - But Trump has never been one to not do something hilarious and awesome just because it isn't convenient.

Lol, just like you would tell a misbehaving child to go outside when he is embarrassing you in front of your important guest.

Obviously you fags don't understand how important lying to the kike media is. If you actually think Trump wants 3rd world rapefugees here you're on another planET.

He looked like a massive bitch. Trump never ceases to give me a chuckle.

I want immigrants from all countries.

So did anyone else see the clip of Trump owning Acosta?
Here is the best version:

Would anyone care to discuss?

Lol so *NOW* they censor the word shit

Mein seids

He should have told them the Japs were welcome any time. Irish too.

Not an argument, merely an infalsifiable accusation aimed at discrediting your opposition.

Which he is, so, fuck that guy. I'm glad you agree with me.

Listen to the portion with Enoch.

I assume you guys are new so let me explain. It's neither an A.I. nor autists, it's companies like shareblue that pay shills to come here. Shills will relentlessly shittalk everything anons think positive about in a very repetitive manner targeting people like you who don't know what's going on. Simply call shills out and then filter them, never try to engage in a discussion with them because they're not here to discuss anything.

this is the best audio version, but the one you have is great because it shows Pres Trump pointing to Fagcosta, saying, "out," and then Fagcosta's facial expression.
I hope someone does a remix of this
I don't have the video editing skills

lel, gtfo faggot

KYS for being so obtuse and wasting those trips

there is literally nobody in american politics that is that much of an /ourguy/

Take your retarded faceberg tier shitty gifs and fuck off and die faggot

Totally, fellow 8skin brother. He needed to tell them to gas the kikes and race war now, amirite?

I give it until February.

I get what you're saying and I don't like that part any more than you do, but do really think he or anyone else would publicly go, "Out! And also 14/88, ethnostate by second term!"?

Trump is obviously a zogbot for not nuking israel within 2 nanoseconds, didn't you know? I wonder how long they'll keep trying

Because the faggot demanded confirmation and got rebuked in the next two sentances. Of he meant everyone he would have said yes even haiti like anyone else would have to save face. He just said fuck off to that mpre or less.

What if there are shills paid to call people shills when they aren't

To save image just press down on it, no need to screencap. Also ffs use a vpn.

Who then should they be supporting?

Obviously youre a kike shill Chaim. Waiting for 2 nanoseconds is fuckin Holla Forums kike talk!:^)

The same thing as Acosta has always been doing it.

He had it coming.


I think the real problems arise when anons post in a style that has been adopted by shills, so they get identified as shills, to which they then create a narrative where their legit concerns are being censored and everyone else is a shill, so then you end up with the only thing worse than a shill, an user who thinks his views are being targeted, which leads him to view shills as allies in his crusade against the "shills" who keep identifying him (his posting style) as a shill.


I'd ask which one is the bottom in this lovely couple but I'd imagine they hire out a large Sudanese nigger so they can equally debase themselves.

Funny how the CNN clip didnt have Trump saying Out on it. Kinda like they knew damn well people actually hearing it said would influence what they thought of the situation differently.

War is coming……

And there you have described the kike "shit it all up so its ineffective" technique. Its obvious 8/pol/ is pretty shit up right now, you could say its a fuckin SHITHOLE. Why? Because shills, newfags, newfags siding with shills, newfags not identifying shills, newfags being NPC like "shills", or tl;dr NEWFAGS.


It's more of their passive-aggressive intellectual "we won't dignify his comment to be heard" crap like Joe tried with the murder comment when he had that kike cunt speak for him to hide the quiver in his voice. kek

It really seems to have been that way on large imageboards since at least 2011 though. I didn't even recognize the shit until they ramped it up for Gamergate, though. Then it all made sense.
It is really fucking bad right now though. I hope David Brock gets indicted soon. Shit is annoying as fuck.

Don't forget the genuine autists and their frequent misunderstandings and inability to understand why they are misunderstood.

Have you been taking notes over the last 2 years or no?


I wish I was checkin some 77 dubs on this post, because yes, you're correct.

I think were both correct. CNN is trying to save face while attacking. Its humorous to witness.

If you actually think hes going to push for an ethnostate you really dont belong here. His job is to STOP a civil war where whites would beat non-whites, and he does that by doing things that benefit whites and tamp down their rage. That benefits us, to some degree, but is counterproductive in other ways.

This guy looks like a robot. I knew nothing of him, until I googled his name just now. Upon one look at his kikepedia I have moved him up with Tim Wise on the oven list.

Youre probably right. I guess we can look at this administration as a stalling tactic. I say use it to train and improve.

They're completely used to having things both ways like they had for 8 years under Obama, it weakened what little rigidity they had left propping their grey matter up.

If Trump delivers on a wall and immigration I won't give a damn about what he does with the kikes, that has to be a long game anyways unless we want full out bloodshed with little gain, at least that's my assessment. We're probably heading there anyways, it's hard to tell but Geo-politically old lines are being drawn and it could get messy fast.

Kek is that just B Roll of the White House lawn and Acosta is in front of a green screen?


Fuck you Jim


Here's a couple Brock-related infographics I found. Guy is responsible for sending a lot of pests here.

If anyone can hold it together, I'm sure Trump can. Notice that businesses are suddenly pulling profits like at least 4 years of Obama never happened?

Could you faggots imagine being told by the most powerful leader in the word to get out?

If it was me i think it would be the worst feeling I would ever feel in terms of depression as I made a person like that have to kick me out on live television.

I welcome this.

Gas the old California once it's done.

Thats how Ive looked at it from the start really, this was never the solution, its just us buying time with a wall and a partial muslim ban etc.

Looks like the Clinton machine got to him somewhere along the line.

This administration was nothing more than a final call to arms. Trump was just the sort of guy to open up a tiny but needed buffer. Anyone who thinks its all good from here out is a retard. Its gonna get rough, and soon.

It has to get a lot worse before it can get better.

You do not know da way. Are you a proud shitholer?

Nigger, this is why you suck at public speaking.


We have 2 more years, at best 6 to make the most of what we have, hardware, food, blood and soil. Hit the books, the grind, the gym, the gun range and get a network around you. You want radios, a meeting place, a rough plan of what to do when shit goes belly up.

Literally had a conversation with my gf today about contacting my old friends in the local AN for protection in case this does happen, wouldn't cost me too much of my time and I would feel much better with a backup plan

Solve any one of the problems in pic related by yourself, without publishing plans anywhere. Hopefully, you'd inspire copycats.

If you cover your traces you wouldn't even need to be a martyr. Like, use a drone or something.

You're deluded. You've been riding a mile of bullshit. Stop acting like Trump is some Polk-tier folk-tier creature. Ain't done fuck all, except whinge around with the media. No Clintons in shackles, fucking nothing. Just some outiside players. Step it the fuck up or step out.

Not exactly this, but almost certainly this. At least for most of Holla Forums to get kicked in their surplus helmets.

It is coming to that. To dismiss this reality is to show ones own retardation.

Only through hell can we reach heaven, at this point.

Why are you use an apple product?

Immigrants that don't fucking lurk. It's time to kill when this sort of faggotry is just laying around un-bullied.


Was road posting and did not crop properly
God damn I suck.
I'll do y'all the favor





Back to Holla Forums you faggot.



Maybe because this isn't a Trump-news-blog and there doesn't need to be a thread every time he does minor shit.
Fuck off back to r/the_donald

You first, Schlomo.

*helpless screeching*
and ultimate despair.


Lol, I'm glad people here are starting to question Trump. I stopped frequenting here because the trump ass kissing was becoming unbearable. He's not a fucking covert white nationalist playing 1488D chess. That's not me condemning him either, we have a lot of shared interests but enough with the blind support of everything he sais or does.

He was obviously saying ironically. If you can't recognise satire/ironic posting you dont belong here.

Oh look, there's another (((1))).

this asian dude when it happens

I'm a jew because I don't like Trump saying he wants people coming in from everywhere ?

You're clearly a newfag if you don't recognize these fags.



Yup. Exactly that, Shekelstein.

so youre advocating for hillary and laws that screw over whites? i agree to an extent, if anything whites have become more angry. but if the immigration continues, there wont be enough whites for a civil war to even be productive. waking up the white population and limiting immigration is more important right now.

i think trump will pave the way for a real white nationalist. he has shown both parties that a """racist""" platform can be elected in this country. republicans now know that they cannot win with just another generic "conservative" candidate, and democrats havn't learned anything. trump has shifted the entire political platform to the right. before his views were seen as extremist, now theyre seen as populist. this is a turning point.

Yes please I want my country flooded with even more shitskins


The best part of this is that you don't even known how we know you're a shill.

instead of calling you a shill, just incase anyone else is reading your bullshit and agreeing with you, this is for them as well.
wanting trump to raise his power level is fucking destructive to white nationalist goals. david duke is smart and well spoken, do you know why he didnt get elected? do you know why the RNC wont even let him get nominated?

this isn't hard to figure out, which is why people are calling you a shill. do you need me to spell it out for you? or are you going to pretend to be so hardcore that you never hide your power level in real life. (pic related)


how did my post in anyway relate to PR?

I'm not a shill, I've browsed 8ch for years. I voted for Trump and I support him still in most aspects. Somewhere during the election though we got flooded with complete fucking retards. What is wrong with me not liking the we want people coming in from everywhere statement?

Can someone please fucking explain with a coherent argument of why that makes me shill? I cannot stand what's happened to this place. We used to actually be able to discuss things here. It's like the user base got swapped with a bunch of incoherent retards overnight and I'm one of the few people who stayed behind.

A non-committal 'Oh fuck off' was exactly what they wanted?

Like it or not, it directly contradicts his actions and Trump most probably said it to shoo Acosta away. Do you see him actually answering any questions at all from him? He just gave him his (You) and told him to get out afterwards. You mean to tell me you didn't understand this simple of a move? That's the ridiculous idea the others criticize you about.

It had more fun and shitposting before, but that's because we haven't had a fun happening in a while. And that's about it. Now kill yourself.

your not a shill. i didn't approve of that comment either. let the kikes sperg; as our movement grows its all they have left haha


Well done, men.

Well thank you for atleast trying to explain shit to me instead of calling me a shill. Basically though what you're saying is that Trump is and should be PR fagging. And you're also assuming that he is actually a full on 1488 white nationalist who is just hiding his powerlevel. I disagree with both, PR fagging by saying shit like he did will only encourage civic nationalism. And I don't believe he's actually a white nationalist. I dont know why people think thats me trying to D&C or shill something.

No, we had more discussion. Both serious and not serious. When I say I've browsed here for years I don't mean I came here from Reddit during the election like you nigger.

This nigger has the right of it. Again, when you allow your OWN BLOOD to mix with kikes, you are playing a game out of modern times. A ridiculous, self-cucking. Now, as it was. A new chaos candidate.

So this is what a double digit IQ looks like ?

shouldnt anyone be thats trying to get elected or succeed in a public office and appease the normalfags, democrats, and conservatives in government? this is why people are calling you a shill.
i absolutely am not.

what trump has done so far has only been improvements (not cures) towards the goals of white nationalism. i dont care if he says things that are civic nationalist, civic nationalism in a majority white country is going to help the whites in that country when the biggest problem is immigration. racism is natural just like homophobia. civic nationalism is a return to order, which is the first step to reclaiming what we lost. trump isnt the savior, he's the turning point.

They fell for their own bullshit. Forgot where they are and have been. Today and tomorrow, as everyday, is what matters. Stuck on a dream. Foolish. What comes. What comes.


t. shareblue media matters oliver faggot shill

Back into your hole, you kikesucking yid loving pink-assed suckoff australian kike.



He has 3.5 years to deport 30,000,000 illegals. That’s ~8.5 million a year. We got a few thousand last year. Reconcile that with your mental illness, you cocksucking (literally, you’re sucking his cock) faggot.



how retarded can you possibly be?
there are literal ghost towns in this country and abandoned businesses of illegals since trump took office.

Reported. Thanks for admitting you’re here to spam reddit images and not actually discuss anything.

Reported for strawman.
To think that Trump would uphold his campaign promises? Gee, I dunno.
[citation needed]

wow are you really that stupid or are you paid to be?

Your rage tastes delicious

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Can you at least explain why the premise of expecting him to actually deport illegals is faulty? You obviously can’t reply to the numerical facts of the number deleted, but maybe you’re paid to engage on the broader concept.
lol no you can't

Even as they attempt to skinwalk as Holla Forums around other boards, it starts to make the investigative mind wonder. When one sees Holla Forums, they cannot only take one bite. Alive, not just in heads no more. Not a single untermensch will survive this. This is a board of peace, and think I fight on their terms.

that we fucking were able to count. your stat is based on legal immigrants and not self deportations OR illegals unless ICE happens to document and count them.

reddit meme
i actually live in this country, for one. just jewgle "mexican ghost towns" democrats are crying about the mexicans leaving in droves. you would know, and probably do. but heres a link to one i found in 5 seconds of searching jewgle.

Well, well, well…. I wonder WHO could be behind this post.

What I DECIDE to do, is what is. What ticks the tock ever further. They make but more enemies, every morning they wake. With me in their mind. Even when I am at rest. A STRIKING matter that bolts them to the bed,a matter that wakes me circling in might as I wake. There is no counteraction, the window has been opened.

Funny how you know what my stat is given that I said nothing about it and explicitly counted illegals only, huh.
Oh yeah, they’re really running scared.
Oy vey, goyim; only redditors use logical fallacies. Jews never do that. And they never do it here. No sir. Never happens.
So you have no evidence.
And there it is.
Wow, six thousand. So not only is it not a ghost town, it’s still “only a few thousand.” Thanks for the link that proved everything you said wrong and everything I said right. If you have, oh, similar links for A MINIMUM OF 1000 other towns, then we can talk about the numbers needed to be getting rid of them.

I know who’s behind yours, at least. Hint: Jews. Check my fucking ID, shlomo. Then come back and try to claim I support jews.

Post your foreskin or I don't believe you.

Don't think I don't know exactly where you are from. Nobody cares about your normalfag safe candidate.

It's like the alt-right fags who denounce Hitler and the Nazis. People who are red pilled know Hitler didn't do anything wrong. That's not a meme, people's view of the Nazis is based on a LIE and Jewish propaganda. If you denounce the truth in the name of PR you're allowing that lie to propagate. I do believe in wording things in a way so that it's more palatable sure, but when you begin compromising your views in the name on PR that's a problem.

And I agree which is why it pisses me off when people start posting Hillary memes and calling me a shill. Before he was elected we all pretty much agreed he wasn't Hitler. But he was a MASSIVE step in the right direction. Just because I criticize him doesn't mean I don't support him.

Yes trying to argue with retards is extremely aggravating.

I have less of a problem with what trump said or does than I do with your guys reaction tbh. Are we a civnat board now? Why is Trump above criticism exactly?

I'm tempted to ban every shill itt with "Out." as the ban message but I think everyone is having more fun just fucking with them.

Honestly, we need to pick that up. We’re already known for telling people to get >>>/out/ so it’s not like it’s a major shift for us. It’s simple and effective.

Have you ever read a book, did you ever listen to what he said? It only opened the window for me and mine.

Yeah keep them for the lulz

I was replying to both of you Oliver, as you are probably IP hopping or sitting in the next cubicle.
Nothing wrong with the premise, the problem with you shills is using the fact that you cant deport 30 mil people overnight as evidence that we should have voted Hillary.
This response is not so much for you, but for newfags that are lurking here, so this will be it as arguing with a shillblue is a wasye of time.
See you soon Olly.

Unless you have better data sources, 11 million seems to be the right number.

you know we have IDs here, right Chaim?

im not going to spoonfeed you, search for yourself. but why would you want to search for something that would counter your own claim in a search for truth? only a goyim would do that.
instead you should just stick to calling out your logical fallacies like slippery slopes and pointing at quotes you made used against you and calling them "strawman arguments".
keep at it chaim. youre arguing like a jew straight out of mein kampf

again, im not going to call you a shill, but youre wrong here. "i think he's a step in the right direction, but i wish he just publicly said hitler did nothing wrong" might as well say you wish hillary got elected instead. or you wish bernie sanders wife beats him in the next election, because if he listened to your advice, thats what our reality would be.


Acosta is burned they cut out "out!".
Editors followed their agenda to silence Trump so hard Acosta got the heat taken out of his burn, and salt poured in.

No amount of third reich stock photos will make you correct, you leech.

Christ alive, faggot.

Fucking reported.

Where to start…
1. You claimed my “number” was legal immigrants. You have now posted a quote to a post where that is proven explicitly wrong.
2. You claimed you know what my stat is. You have now posted a quote to a post where that is proven explicitly wrong. You still have no fucking clue where my stat comes from.
Thanks for admitting that you have absolutely no argument whatsoever, that everything I said is correct, and that only a few thousand illegals were deported last year instead of the 8.5 million that would have been necessary.
How about YOU search for something that SUBSTANTIATES yours, you filthy fucking yid?
Explains why you refuse to substantiate your own claim, then.
Which only you’ve made.
Which isn’t a logical fallacy.
lol faggot can’t read
And reported.
You sure cry out in pain as you strike me, right.

No one is above criticism, but no one gets them going like Trump. Holla Forumsacks dont get this assmad even when they are right. And they certainly dont hang around and reply like its their job.

Even with the elderly, they are wondering why they need SIX lawyers to protect themselves, as if they are a banker themselves. The PRESSING nature and acute nature of the mail they get now has turned them from democrat boomers into old soldiers. Remembering what. It was. My uncle at least knows well enough. In death, all they adopt is more estate usury. The final last fuck given, exploded, into a sea of, "Do what you do. This is a reckoning."

Where can I get this coin?

Are you going to cry, Oliver?

I don't want him to say any of that. He didn't have to say he wants people coming from everywhere. He could have said he wants people who don't bring crime or who make good workers and tax payers or people who will assimilate into our culture or something like that. That would have been a good redpill when people realise those kinds of people are mostly white people.

Thanks for playing, go back to reddit.

Has anyone ever told you, you look like a big fat mouse?

Don’t bother engaging with a paid shill.

Unfortunately, the lying and deceiving in regards to intentions is a part of successfully waging war. Shills abuse this to make us doubt him, and maybe we should, but that is no reason to consume the black pill.

Analyze and act accordingly.

Do you need a hankie?


Top kek. Can someone do a graphic of Ollie the fat shill with the tears streaming down and a shareblue hat?

I asked you for a source, it's not my fault you can't provide one.

Someone put the ipcam guys on the case.

Yes, I will. And I will bring the women with me. Did you think they were a trouble where they were? I am absolutely beaming. A man-shaped lighthouse, grew up with female cousins and have many female contacts. Deep, going on twenty years now. Along with their husbands, sons and daughters.

Oh, I will cry. Oh, they will know quite why.


He's not a paid shill, he's one of the few ppl here left willing to engage in discussion. Something we need more of.

Holy fucking christ, you yiddish piece of shit.

Uh… pay attention. He’s shutting down all discussion.

this is an incredibly powerful lesson that will be lost on most people unfortunately.

It's past discussion at this point. Time for fear, feet and blitz. They didn't respond like humans then, they certainly will not now.


Requesting this

i've posted more sources than you have. and i only posted 1 chaim. enjoy your ban. im not even going to read any more of your shillpost. you couldnt be any more obvious. please leave and never come back, this place isnt for subhumans.
lol, youre so mad, maybe you should choose a different profession? even the dnc is laughing at you

yea, he could have, but what he said has no consequence, and he's said what you wanted him to say many times before. him saying "i want everyone to come from everywhere" was just a dismissive way of saying something they cant possibly demonize him for, followed by cnn sperging and yelling "only whites RIGHT?"
he gave him nothing, they sperged out anyway, then kicked him out.
nobody, even democrats would be on CNNs side… however, if he went on about assimilation or other civic nationalist stuff, CNNs sperging would seem less crazy.

No, it's not.

Which the fake news media would have spun to mean a bunch of ebil white nazis. You really don't know how to play the game, do you kid? The words you chose were your actual beliefs and your innermost thoughts. You never let the enemy know what you're truly thinking. Otherwise you lose the upperhand. You also don't respond to shitty bait, like I just did.

It ties into the psychology they were breaking kids with in the 70's and 80's. That is when they began to push that bullying mindset and preping the weak to rise though changing the rules. The weak fucks were always allowed to talk shit and verbally bully while the strong were made to go against their natures. Now we have a couple of generations of adults behaving like bullying nerds and they don't understand why when they talk shit they get hit nor do they understand why all the rules are changing. A lot of them have no clue what life was like before the beta uprising and have yet to realize we're going back to the way things naturally flow.

there are actually people on Holla Forums that dont realize that racism and homophobia are natural.


there is no coming back from being btfo so hard


You posted zero sources. I posted five.
Good. Leave, kike.

I grew up during those times. You are a retard or from California. Kill yourself either way. You should not be allowed to breed and pollute the gene pool.

Who gives a flying fuck? Jews are going to say whatever they want about anything. Facts don’t fucking matter. SO HOW ABOUT THE PEOPLE ON OUR SIDE START SAYING THE FACTS ANYWAY?


You obviously didn't managed to avoid having your caved in like you should have kike.

You don't belong here.

Now for your "proof":


Do you seriously expect him to say "no only people from white nations kkk gas the kikes, race war now"?

learn how IDs work, chaim. youre embarassing yourself.


Drumpf didn't gas the kikes on inauguration day, so now I'm a hillshill cruz missile for Yeb!

We have been. Online, irl, at work, at home, with friends and family. Those that wish to see it will see it. Those that choose to remain blind will not see it. Their eyes will glass over as their brain shuts down to prevent the information from processing and destroying the world of make-believe they live in. But eventually we will win out. Reality will come crashing down on one and all. There will be no survivors.

Is an important qualifier.


Yep, reported. You have to go back. >>>/tumblr/

Thanks for outing yourself. You’ve admitted you have no refutation to what I’ve said.

Funny how I’m explicitly not talking about any of those things.

checked for kek
Acosta looks like he's about to cry in that picture.

i already have and you ignored it just like a jew out of mein kampf. why would i continue to argue with an obvious shill?
do you even remember what my argument was? or is Holla Forums literally 1 person to you at this point.

I expected him to not farm out his progeny to KIKES. This matter is over with. Time for a new chaos candidate. Theatricality only gets one so far.

This is the best shilling money can buy.

Then what are you talking about, nigger?
Where exactly do you think a revolution begins? It's not from the top down, hint hint. People are learning it's ok to question again. They were programmed to see and believe. But that programming is being broken down a little at a time through funny pictures on the internet, by youtube videos stating opposing views, by outliers information dumping on sites like this one. It's cool to be a wrong-thinker. My kids found stuff from Holla Forums on 9gag ffs, and saved them on their phone because they thought it was funny. We will win. But it starts by building up from within. Not shouting from without.

We can only MAGA if the people become great again. We're finally on that path again.

nice qualifier, i suppose that's the only way they can possibly "go back" according to you then? or are you going to call this a strawman as well.


Keep crying, bitch nigger.

It's like pottery. Yeeees. well done. Are you new or terminally ill? Either way, I have an exit for you.

Fun fact: White people have reading comprehension skills. You should remember that for next time.

Gee, I wonder what this post was talking about. This specific post. Who could possibly have been responding in this scenario?

But gee, what would the media have cared about John Q. Public and what he was saying to his friends and family? It’s almost as though you already knew what we’re talking about here.

What is “our side”? Those who believe as we do. And if we (who are on our side; try to keep up) are already saying these things, as you yourself admit:

WHO ELSE, ON OUR SIDE (or ostensibly thereon) COULD POSSIBLY BE LEFT TO BE DISCUSSING HERE. Who else (and remember, you already admitted to knowing who), when talking about “the people on our side”, other than random faggots like us on the street, could POSSIBLY have been the topic here?

Fuck’s sake.

This is the best shilling money can buy.


obligatory shitpost user, forgibs me :^)


Theatricality has it's uses. While Trump is busy distracting them with his tap-dancing routine, we have been busy subverting more whites to our side by pointing out the lefts double-speak. Trump is not the end, but merely the beginning. He is here to allow us to build our numbers, to find our center, to know that what we do must be done for the continuance of our people and a future for white children. What comes is a horror few have known. You must steel yourself with resolve to see it through to the end, or all is lost. The time is fast approaching for the cleansing of the earth, purging the filth and unworthy. It will test the true mettle of our men. What will rise from the ashes will be a people united in one cause and one goal. Focus on this. Prepare yourself.


mexicans leave on their own out of fear, chaim.

Keep spazzing, Oliver. Or is it David?

I just realized you're woman. I had to go back and reread your posts, but it's there, plain as day. So, tits or get the fuck out.

Your evidence that roughly eight million left last year is what?

What a fucking cuck. How are you so stupid that you forgot we were talking about elected officials, shlomo?

Sandy vag. Everybody point and laugh.



Any thing except cuff and kill him is the wrong answer.

There must be something BIG behind it. Like how I have learned to hold my eyes. Into every good-for-nothing creature that is a centrist. They feel it more than reals, because the unspoken exhaustion, coupled with comradery and the fact I telegraph most news cycles. I wish everyone had someone like me, but lower caliber. I love you user, and I would attempt to not hurt you. Let us never part.

Not enough time for just that. Deportations on the grandest scale in human history are necessary at this point. It cannot be fixed by just hoping people pop out a kid on tax cuts. No deportations and this whole thing is over in 10 years max – and I think that's extremely generous. Later than you think.

Can you post a picture of yourself?
I need it…for something I'm working on




Not really. Hang on for the ride, otherwise it will pass you by.


I see a weightlifting accident in his future… just sayin

The man is so SAVAGE it's becoming hard to believe.
The sheer amount of victory and absolute lulz is becoming a mountain.
This early in the year. By next year, Everest will become 2nd highest
We have, indeed memed responsibly, gentlemen.

Ok moshe.


Trump Mountain / KEKEREST



It's like he's addressing a dog

There is no return from this. Acosta got noscoped

Is American history before CE 2005 inaccessible to you somehow? Because that's the dumbest thing I've heard yet in this thread.

It would be so much simpler if everyone stopped giving communist power over them with these conditioned reactions to meaningless buzzwords. Everyone is racist, racism is the natural state of being, preferring your own species is essential to the survival of it. STOP GIVING COMMIES POWER STOP BEING A SUBJUGATED LITTLE CUCKOLD

Vid related is how a man handles the cuckenpresse. Gives zero fucks.

Just in case you're a retard and not a shill, I'll have you know that Trump saying "I don't want non whites immigrating here" would be giving the kikes an excuse to impeach him. Seriously how new are you.

You feel like Holla Forums is shit because anons are calling you spastic /r/The_Zionald LAPRers out for your bullshit. You want to suck trumps cock nonstop and pollute the board with threads full of shit you read on Fox Jews? Then go do that on your faggity subreddit. If the 100 stickies were bad enough, actually threads with interesting and not main stream news covered topics are slid because of 10 threads about how trump said "OUT" or some tweet he's made a million times already. BASED!!! MAGAPEDE!!! No, just fuck off.

Don't know what he's up to, but Blitzer is truly sick in the head, and he's scheming.

You will hang first for wasting those trips faggot.

Oliver you look like a big, fat mouse.

You know nothing about impeachment.

Prove that they are leaving.



Hey , you were asking about double digit IQ's? Well, I think cffd36 is hovering in the mid 80's right here

I don't believe you. I just don't believe you at all. I'm not swallowing that garbage.

You're just salty that even the monkeys get the inappropriate use of the word. Keep the salt coming kikes.

Shitskins have massive countries with built out infrastructure [more than the memes like to pretend] with functioning state apparatuses that support and facilitate their colonization of White lands. Do not be delusional. Every Hindustani in America and Canada could be vaporized tomorrow and they would have millions more in reserve to start it up all over again.

Our countries are the ones being destroyed. They are in our place. They control it completely. You either break that control with their mass removal or you just continue to be subsumed.

Soooo are doing any of what you're preaching? Or are you just another LARPing homosexual? Where's your collection of nigger heads?

That's unfortunate. I'll go ahead and filter you. In the meantime, understand that telling people the truth is the exact opposite of demoralization. Telling people everything will be okay as long as you just keep going with the system and leaving everything in place is the real shilling.

Trump is such a genious.
Everyone needs to go OUT
Everyone needs to go BACK
And everyone needs to go whatever SHITHOLE they came from

You mean like where they build giant fucking hotels and buildings with no working sewer system so they have to haul their shit out in crap convoys day and night?
Or how about the giant fucking freeways in the middle of the desert so they can race their supercars around and don't really go anywhere?
Perhaps you meant all that wonderful sanitation?

Nope, user above was implying that the unquestioning Trump supporters on here LITERALLY suck his cock. The word does not have to be used to denote something of proven fact. The common usage you're describing is a technical misuse because it doesn't have the quality of drawing the hypothetical into the literal, it's just another way of saying "really". Nice selfie, btw.

So you're a LARPing homosexual who immediately pusses out when questioned about what you're doing to fix your black pill, which is not the truth and is 100% demoralization. Got it.

You can spin it any way you want. I don't like people who aren't White, either, so you don't need to put it on heavy for me. They are increasing in number always and everywhere. We are declining in number, always and everywhere. We do not exist within their lands, building and growing, earning and controlling. They exist within our lands, building and growing, earning and controlling. People have eyes. They take walks outside and such.

Blitzer seems to be considering the ramifications of CNN not being invited back into the White House. "Out", sayeth the President. Does that mean that CNN is out for good? Holy Jesus on High do I hope so.

You need to go OUT
You need to go BACK
You need to go to whichever SHITHOLE you came from

Protip for ya: Don't play dumb if you're already dumb. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia are all countries that have recently seen a massive spike in immigration to America over the past 8 years. See here. cis.org/Report/Immigrants-United-States
These are countries with fully functional governments, infrastructure, university systems, transnational lobbying groups, and more billionares than you can shake a stick at. All parts of this apparatus, for all of these countries, agree 100% that it is their prerogative to colonize western nations. Buying land, water and gas, shipping their students over here to supplant native whites in colleges, and taking most high-paying jobs. Whites are utterly defenseless to stop this ongoing dispossession for fear of being called racist. Because we have no lobbying groups, or advocacy groups, or politicians on our side. Now if this isn't a problem for you, then you're either non-white yourself, or a moron.

You first, shill.

No selfies, please.


What the fuck you want him to say? "Whites only! Gas the kikes! I don't want anymore niggers coming from shithole niggerlands!" Common sense user. POTUS has to be POTUS. He literally said the 14 words while in Poland last year.

imagine shilling this blatantly.

I wish that were me. I have this pent up feeling of wanting to stick it in the face of every single cuck on the planet. It would feel like an entire life's orgasms concentrated in one moment. I would be the smuggest I've ever been. It doesn't help that I'm practically a shut-in.

Shills be like
Shills also be like

Fake news btfo. Fuck I hate those CNN kike lungenpresse.

Jews can only be removed if you either A. outjew them or B. use physical and legal force. (((Their))) right to freedom of press does not allow them to enter a state or area if they are banned. As far as I’m aware, it is completely legal and constitutional to ban a company, organization or person from a state, private or local lands. So in short, (((they))) can only fuck you if you let them in your ass.

Someone make this a gif please. Need it for newfags and plebbit.

Ok ffs why is the God Emperor allowing himself to be Acosta'd by this man.




yea and wolf is shitting himself but he still feels the need to scold acosta



into the cuckshed with you

Into THE CUCKSHED you go

OUT of America
and into the SHITHOLE



allow me to chime in, and clarify that this guy is a shill, simply put. He is a bit more clever about it than all the pakis they have let loose before, because he has integrated a few aspects of pol culture into his posts, and masks them with ominous texts and prophecies, to make them interesting. I'm sure most of you already knew that, but wanted to have it stated anyway, just so we are all on the same page.

That's all, I'm OUT :^)

tip top kek trump is the greatest

i am sure grateful that i voted for him

Maybe I worded that wrong. No, I don't believe at all that he'd ever push for an ethnostate. The point that I was trying to make was that being surprised that he didn't say something super condemning of shithole people shouldn't be surprising.

Im sick of this disrespectful fuck



If only he had the courage to treat "bankers" the way he treats "reporters".


I can't stop laughing

This entire board has become nothing but a bunch of low-IQ shitposters. It feels like I'm surrounded by niggers.

Of America
And into the

Bad dogs that keep pissing on the rug go OUT.

This is.your home



The cuckiness is strong in you. Ready to deploy to Iran yet?


The correct answer is "no bitcoins for you, thot" then block her number.

Trump is one of us, in spirit if not actually here. You fundamentally misunderstand this place.

Learingchoad had his contract reupped and is Maddowposting, that alone tells me of our influence.

There are those too.

You might have to make a stop by North Korea to get some wins there first, patriot. And that's a great thing, right?

This here is an example of a demoralization shill, kids.




At some point you will need to learn how to think for yourself. Consider everything Trump has said and done up to this point. Now, take this new information and add it to what you already know. Trump wants the best people from everywhere. Now fire up a couple of those neurons and answer the following question: Who are the best people in South Africa?


Guisse listen to me pls
I have a very important message
OUT! of America COUNTRY


I'm too old to be drafted, soyboy. If shit gets that bad where they take me, I'll be in the back directing you soysucking fucks to your doom in a way most beneficial to the white man.

He's giving reasoning and explaining himself. He may disagree with me or you but we are having a discussion. Calling me a shill or spouting memes at me is what shutting down discussion looks like.

Fuck off and kill yourself faggot kike loving moron

Just like all rabbis and (((imams))).



The evidence of that is what?

No need to to reply twice zionald kike. save your IP for shilling another thread.

No, but maybe Asia. There are also alot of smart Jews.

That or he's way to young to be posting here.


into the cuckshed where you belong

One thing you can sleep soundly about is that just about every sector of the lugenpresse is hemorrhaging money, including most of their websites and especially newspapers.
CNN and other networks are going to completely crash once the boomers die off. Cable is doomed. Fewer and fewer people want it every year.
Of course, what really needs to happen is for the kikes to be removed entirely, but every one of us knows that, so it goes without saying.



This is actually an excellent point. MEXICO doesn't have a wide-open border and free shit for whatever aliens. They also built a border wall on their southern border to keep out Guatemalans (I think it was them).

The Oval Office in Jewmerica isn't Holla Forums, you dumb nigger. Now, fuck off.

Because it's not a law, you dumb nigger. Do you think kikes spelled out their plans to take over, too?

Eat a dick, faggot.

I want these shills blanket banned. Get the fuck out. WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL.

And a zero on his courage test.

I always click this image to see if it's animated. It may not be a jpg but for some reason I always want to see mein Furher move a bit in that image.

Is this guy a gay mud? Something about him comes off as not straight.

Jim Acosta

Ok a gay spic.

If USA goes into war with the persians:

a: The US debt will increase 10 fold.

b:There will be no end to the war. It will be perpetual forever. With a potentially shallow occupation of Iran.

c: The military complex will enjoy a golden age.

d: American civilian economy will crash and cause a depression that dwarfs the one in 2008, within one election cycle.

e: The arabs will gain complete control over the middle east that they gladly will share with their israeli lobby. The kurds will probably claim independence. The entire Ossetia region will cause several new countries due to russia withdrawing all control over the south. Russia suddenly invests in its siberian northern coast for a new costal oil route.

f: NK will be completely forgotten once again due to a new war in ME.

g: Israel will now easily secure Golan Heights. Syrian government will collapse due to lack of support from the Ayatollah.

h: a new wave of iranian immigration will bust european borders. Saudis will of course take zero immigrants.

i: Ameriacans will get increase of crimes, riots, and other destabilizing processes due to foreign wars. Tax will increase radically and the middle class will be obliterated once and for all.

A pretty terrible one at that.

He's in favor of merit-based, non lottery immigration. Do you realize what that means? How many 68 IQ Haitians are going to be coming in with these rules in force you fucking retard?

t. worried Iranian shill

Oh noes more imaginary jew debt!

It means waves upon waves of Asiatics, who have been outpacing spics for years. It might even be over a decade now. All the anti-White sentiment, but none of the anti-zionist blowback. You can have your White genocide and materialism, too!

of America
And into the

People, I have an important message:

Everyone needs to go OUT
and back to their SHITHOLE

What's worse: he asked him that in front of the president of another country. In China, if a Chinese journalist tried to embarrass the Premier in front of a foreign leader, they would be shot.

Yes you!

The shithole beckons your name

The memetic of this is truely extraordinaire.

I think you have cucked China confused with based North Korea.

OUT of the Whitehouse
Into the cuckshed Jim

They're both communist states in East Asia

Better than sand niggers and actual niggers, but overall merit based means a dramatically smaller pool of immigrants from all nations. It also means many more white immigrants as an overall share.

Over time we can change the laws which let in non-whites but this is a huge step in the right direction. Remember, the Jews did in immigration one step at a time, feeling around for the sentiment of the day. Thinking a successful immigration reform can be done without a similar process is for retards.

Blackpilled faggot.

Holy shit.

He's right about the east side though.

Surveillance isn't watching Shariablue. Babby's first day on the job?

It's /pol pastiche. Interesting but not effective.

One of them is headed for a market correction resulting in regime change. Honor, integrity and other things not leading to profit are no longer valuable.

Kim Jong Un however is not going down without a fight Afrimerica will never forget.

Fuck off gook.

Because America's so scared of Kim's monkey model imported weapons.

Everyone take a close look. This is the cancer that is killing Holla Forums.

Whites are never going to immigrate to America again. They want to stay in Europe.

Nuke all major American cities. We need a reset.

You forgot the part where persians get wiped off the face of the earth.

You first kike.

You can't say that. It's wrong to say that. I guess you'll have to be banned now.


If you deny it you play their game.

Checked. Hopefully.

Nobody left as that White House chick was telling everybody to get out. The SS should have shoved all the (((media))) out of failing to follow her (and Trumps) directions to leave.





reported for wrong think

ty for the caps user. Not much you can really do with poor oliver. he actually typed MSM out in full in a tweet + believes msm is lockstep w. trump? obama the great leader bc of his drug induced black super powers? imagine how great bill would have been if he had inhaled! no one would give a damn about the country if the Left stopped caring?

thanks for caring Oliver…your great leader Obama blew out the budget by nearly $5trill in his first term, ended his 2nd with a 150bill donation to Iran. Wall cost $20bill max. Maybe facts don't matter in the obot universe, but HRC is a 'lurcher' and you will spend the next three years trying to find your super powers.

Trump quietly says, "Out." Share Blue in damage control, tying to support a cowering msm. Win, won, winning, with just one word.

I believe he'd said elsewhere that he wants a meritocracy in immigration, which the commies of course will claim is racist since such will, unless somehow subverted, favor whites I do believe. And yeah I saw the thing with kikekosta, THAT is how you treat a disobedient sycophant. Might be viewed as toxic (insert-marxist-bullshit-phrase/ deconstructive corrupted concept here) though by females or pansies.
To me it looked like a solid case of Trump not taking shit from the press, as he is known for.

I wonder though…what the hell IS the problem in the minds of most with the concept of a President being "racist" (an ever-moving goalpost), last one was a racist & they didn't mind then. I mean how, really, is it even relevant, a racist president isn't going to spend nights lynching nogs on the Whitehouse lawn, and congress and the courts wouldn't let him jim crow the place up any I'm sure….at this point it really IS a fucking crime to have an unapproved thought.

How does a president being racist in any way disqualify him or set grounds for impeachment as I've heard these blue haired little harpies masturbate about?

such control, true master of the language.

the exclamation mark is uncalled for: "Out" not "Out!"

you can tell he has a lot of experience with naughty children - understatement is so much more powerful. Acosta earns a place in BTFO history.







Way to go, kikey




jim you are not allowed in the main house!
into the doghouse with you!
very bad migrant

awaits you

this is your home



you license has been revoked


This is your home

5-stars. Would gas again.

That would be hilarious but could include a flood of Asians.

As long as they're Nips and not some shit tier azn race.

Misuse of "literally" is Newspeak. We can't think clearly if we don't have the words to express ourselves. What a (((coincidence))) that the word used to describe the opposite of "figurative" has had its meaning destroyed. Now "literal rape" could mean anything!

I have been away for a long while - seeking CBTS. Any help and finding thread?

kek that face is too good

If you look at the video carefully, he actually gives Jim a stern look and then makes eye contact with someone behind the camera (security or secret service) and says "Out."
So what we're actually seeing is Trump having Acosta removed from the room physically (were he to resist) for overstepping the boundaries set for this meeting and for being way out of line at a meeting with a foreign diplomat.
He so damn dishonest and disrespectful and I'm so glad to see the President do this.
Journalists have every right to subject questions to the government that seek in earnest to inform the greater populace. But they do not have the right to grandstand for personal gain, slander and accuse, and then expect to be continually allowed to break the rules without repercussion, hiding behind the defense of a noble cause that they do not serve.

Acosta looks like he's about to fucking cry, absolutely assblasted

Go the fuck back to reddit.

I can only think of two reasons for this.
1. a virtue signaling purity spiral. You have to show HOW OPPOSED you are to EVERYTHING he says, and de-platforming/being a general ass/acting like a child is seen as the appropriate and superior way to deal with someone whose opinion you disagree with in these circles so that behavior gets ratcheted up too because "I'm way more better at being virtuous than you!"

2. far less likely, but if I was employed in one of these types of areas I wouldn't risk losing my job by not being crazy enough, so instead I would go the other way and be super extra over the top. similar to #1 in the way reactions get ratcheted up, but I would literally stick out my tongue when he was answering and call him a poopy head when he finished, knowing it would get a standing ovation from the idiots at the network. "Finally someone has the balls to stand up to evil darth vader properly!" The problem is even if this is happening, it isn't everyone who is actually like this so it serves as a pseudo version of #1.


Top quality JFMSU, that one.

If only they were relevant questions…

Why doesn't Putin kill these meddling MSM faggots already?


I did not mean birth rates, that comes later. I meant awakening those amongst the ranks of the dying right wing. To collect all like-minded peoples from the ranks of the "independent party". To show all those disillusioned diaspora that there is hope, a future for people who want to see their kind flourish in the absence of filth and degeneracy. And we have been collecting them rapidly. Our ranks have swollen quite a lot since Trump opened the floodgates. Next comes the clean-up, which could take several decades. So I encourage all here to gather their cleaning supplies, we've got a lot of work to do.



Maybe people don't like Donald Trump cucking out on immigration













Because there are whites stuck in those shithole countries too, you know.

Nice admission and total lack of self-awareness, kike.


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