HuffPo: Are You A Gamer Who’s The Victim Of A Harassment Campaign?

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Will it be gaymergoy 2.0?

Can we just outright lie then claim (((it was real in our minds)))?

Isn't that what women do everyday?

That blonde in the stock photo is kind of a QT in an insomniac kind of way. I wonder if she's interested in a little internalized misogyny?


someone kill me in ultima online in 1997 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

bamp for keks

Here we go again.

He'll probably want to fuck whoever responds. I would have thought they learnt their lesson

this is a truly scary man tbh.


You know for the entirety of the 5 years they've been online. After invading spaces that were literally created by 80s and 90s social outcasts and shut-ins. After ruining said spaces with their specific brand of GRID.

You know how leftist sites like to make videos of whores and nogs walking down busy streets and then recording the "harassment", and then strategically editing it to show how terrible life is for them? …Some lonely user should really do the same with video-games. Get some footage of them pretending to be a woman on World of Warcraft or something, and edit it down to all the moments where they manage to get men to give them money, mounts, pets, help and other free-shit. Bonus points for footage of men white knighting the masquerader when 'she' was clearly in the wrong, and had purposefully said arsehole-ish statements just to show the hypocrisy. I've seen all this stuff many times on random game, but would be hilarious to have it all condensed into one video.

… The left wouldn't care though, it would mostly be for our entertainment so do not waste your time on it if you are better at doing other stuff. It might however wake up a few of the white-knight faggots who spend their whole lives playing games and watching youtube videos about those games.

I've been a victim of the continued harassment of video game companies that refuse to let me freely praise Adolf Hitler and name the Jew in their public chat channels.

I'm just so fucking sick of this bullshit. It's an endless fucking cycle they have us in, deliberately keeping us bickering amongst outselves about how stupid this all is, all while the world keeps turning and the West crumbles and those responsible for it are kept hidden from our view.

Look. We know CURRENT YEAR society is fucked. It's fucked. I'm sick of hearing about this shit and talking it.

Yeah I'm being harassed by kikes, SJWs and other assorted filth on a constant basis. Fuck off already.

Do they really want a rematch of #notyourshield ?

Where's Blaster?

Oh boy, I sure hope no one takes advantage of their "listen-and-believe" practices and hijacks their initiative.

Slav hotwheels?

These were supposed to be uploaded together.


1 minute and it* already sounds like a cuckservative, the channel as a whole looks KiA-tier.

Is that a he or a she?






Only online game that has real freedom to say anything is Black Desert Online. Gooks don’t care what you say as long as you give them money.


This one time when I was 14, I called someone a cunt on Graal Online, and he called me a cunt back, and I felt really hurt.

>I wish there were more girls in
Choking on your words now, aren't you thirstlords?

(((I only play because I like games :3)))

You know what to do, lads.

The faggot asks for some sort of identity verification, so have some old Twitter accounts ready, if you can.

Reverse Gamegate. They're probably going to try to ban anonymous imageboards due to (((harassment))).


Remember it's


Think of a thot kneeling in a puddle of spooge.

They still don't actually play the games.


It's active as long as Vivian James lives rent-free in their brains.

>so desperate to keep the (((progressive))) witch hunt going they're tapping into people who were called a faggot playing CS:GO
wew talk about a gift that keeps on giving. living rent fucking free in these kike's heads.

The collective gaming media harrassed gamers who were minding their own business and demanded ethical journalism, going so far as to intimidate and discriminate against people because they happened to be straight and white.

women are immense cowards, basically.

I just sent a masked email to [email protected] explaining to him that as a young white male gamer, I'm constantly subjected to a harassment campaign by progressive propaganda outlets like HuffPo. I recommend anons do the same.

How many of us have been harassed by Sarky and her hoard of goblins? That was a government orchestrated harassment campaign.

What does Obsidian have to do with Titan Quest faggot?

Talk about a fucking pay gap.

I fucking love it. Psychological wounds don't heal.

I was 13-14 at the time and just wanted to chat with people (we finally got broadband in 05) ended up with dozens of women asking me where i lived, said they would come over with their friends etc, some even tried to get me to take dick-pics.

Shall i call Huff post about this behaviour? Or should i stop complaining like a faggot and do what i did then, shut down the conversation because i didn't like it and move on with my life?

Buzzfeed did this last year

The point i'm trying to make is, this is getting ridiculous. Is the state the ones who is going to intervene in every argument or conflict you get in life? There's no personal responsibility and sense of doing what's right anymore? It's turning into a culture of terrified men who won't even look at women because they are afraid they might get fired or jailed for it.

Meanwhile young people are slutting it away on Tinder like relationships is like a shitty afternoon-snack.

Kek muh equality

Got a great story about an actual bunch of people (mostly women) "harassing" me (kinda, I let it happen to gather intelligence to fuck them over, but they think I fell for it) after identifying I was one of the quiet movers and shakers.

Thing is I have to wait until the asset seizures, firings and arrests happen before I can start talking about it. It's fucking epic, though.

-The dragon is slain.
-Your foe lies slain before you.
-Your sword' is in its chest.
-Your foe resurrects as a zombie life form.
-Your foe hands you back the sword.
Do you wish to slay enemy with sword again?
[NO] [YES]

those memes are already reality user.

Physically watching and besetting is criminal. It's more than "staring."

It could be worse though. It could be Twitter.

mfw they are still mad about gamergate

I sent them an email, lol.

"I've been a victim of a harassment mob. All these feminists, Marxists, Trotskyists(lol they are pretty pathetic), homosexuals, uppity negros, and followers of 21st century modern American liberalism have been on a witch-hunt for people like me, far-right wing white males. I am a gamer."

I love how they pretend they're against online harassment.


If half of what you say isn't a gay ass larp you better be here green texting that shit my man

Plausible deniability, goy.

I'm a victim of a harassment campaign; I've been told I don't matter, had the death of myself and my loved ones wished for by people I've never met, had people tell me that the women I care about deserve to be raped, I've seen my heroes taken from me, told they never belonged to me, and completely bastardized, complete strangers entered the areas I felt most comfortable in, saw fit to demand changes, and then insulted and berated me when I resisted, monuments to my family members have been desecrated. Members and of the media, academia, and the government have been complicit in these things the whole time and I won't forget.

The blitzkrieg was so massive, they'll never recover.



The least they could do is make a thank-you video.

what did it mean by this?

Women are a minority, we need to dispose of men to balance the numbers.

no they aren't. women are demographically a majority sex (51%)

You do math like a man, though.

You ruined my funny.

Oh shit, they released that game? Completely dropped off the radar. kek

This. We should gamerpissgate this up.
Get busy, storyfags. Submit your wildest kike tier stories to soros huffpost, of course with the usual memetic signalling.

Holla Forums


Loving that fashwave, user.

I sent him a story. I tried really hard to put myself into the mind of a no-fun faggot to write that, so I hope it makes the cut.

For the record, I wrote about a bunch of kids going into a furry DarkRP server killing everyone and screaming "racial epithets and homophobic slurs". I wasn't very creative with it, but it's something.

Sage for doublepost.


we may as well create a fake gangstalking event and present it to him and take the money and post rhe irc chats the next day



GG is the gift that keeps on giving

>there's no currency to manipulate

The (((Media))) might be trying to redirect the angst and energy behind the hollywood witch hunt in our direction since it has hit the left so hard. I made a thread related to this, to try and exploit this "sexual harassment fire" for our purposes.

why not fill their emails with many tales of being harrased by the Jew and their SJW pet

Perfect timing.

Good idea.

can you tell quax to stop PMing me with this retarded shit?

I care about fat ivanka trump no more than you care about touhous and cirno gets.

that needs to stop, I have shit to do and I only keep this retard around to see the final work. if this is #burgersandfries work stop harassing me. let me stay on r/bant like a good boy

Whatcha sliding?


channel still links here

gawkered when?

They're called "unisex bathrooms" and they've already existed for a very long time.
Anyone who uses "latinx" without the slightest hint of irony is a flaming turbofag of the highest order.

Yes. I was a gamer who was the victim of a harassment campaign along with others. SJW sluts and their male abusers fucked up all our games. We turned our attention to other matters, and now people are going to pay.

t. The boys at Holla Forums