DHS Prepping to Arrest Sanctuary City Mayors


Imagine seeing Rahm Emanuel or Jerry Brown lead away in cuffs. People would lose their minds.

From the Washington Times:

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I really doubt it. Almost no one in the country knows who those people are.

(per CBS News) DHS added that politicians should be held "personally accountable" for crimes committed by people living in the US illegally. "We've got to start charging some of these politicians with crimes."
CBS: archive.is/SlYVI

You get a bullet too.

Lets do this, no more imaginary bullshit laws.
Arrest these cuck faggots.

I think you're really overestimating the American people. Like half the country can't even speak any English whatsoever and never get any form of media that isn't beamed in from Bumfuckistan by satellite. Another huge swath of the country are invalids living in nursing homes. Then you have the people who don't know anything aside from whatever happened in the singing-reality-show-of-the-moment.

I really don't know what this huge pool of outraged masses is that you think exists. It's actually really shocking that the "right wing" bends over so much as it does instead of taking advantage of this moronic and disconnected public.

Rolling that some of those sealed indictments are for these faggots and top level police chiefs.

Just saw this on fox jews at work, this could be habbening lads

Look at that dude, look at his hair!

Epic and amazing if true

Are we going to soon see the incredibly rare nog winter chimpout?

If Rahm is arrested I'd work for Trump for free for 5 years no questions asked.

Okay, that's 175 million people to care. White odds of high IQ and moral compass are involuntary. You can't have that many without getting 10's of millions highly invested in everything.

It's literally either THIS or War with Norks. Too bad many of us won't see it. Most likely going to be culled before anything TRULY HAPPENS. youtu.be/qGcuCVn4rB0 only If she's right tho.

Its not enough to simply arrest the higher ups. You need to arrest those who vote for them. DHS authorizes rightist vigilante squads against leftist governments when?

He's going to be the first to go. You can't even get arrested for carjackings in chicago any more. It's a damn warzone.


They call him Moonman, right? He gave up his limo once because it was black.


Right idea, but there's a wide gulf of difference between talking and action. We are far, far past the stage where talking matters.

If ever there was an argument for genocide…
The fuck you think they are going to be doing once their fucking minds are fully fucking developed?
You want these motherfuckers building ICBM's n' shit?
"Yo, mothafuckah's time to jack wan do'es Nuke subs, n'shit. We be sum "Under Siege" mu'fukah's now!"

This could be exciting.

You're so obviously full of shit. Even if quite literally no one in America knew who they were the media would make sure that everyone knew their names within hours so they could rev up the manufactured outrage.

The First Kang of Wakanda will call both his handgun and his ICBMs a, "glock."


What a bunch of cucks. Just put a federal bounty on their heads


Cry more faggot.

This is the state of the "civilized" world. They no longer take their own code of conduct seriously. Just fucking doing it already and add the entire 9th circuit while you're at it.

Act first then ask for permission later. It's how we've got into every single conflict post-WW2. Conservatives are so fucking useless trying to play the righteous moral high ground stance.

Where are you getting that from? Read what it written, don't infer.

A very succesful bait post

it is not enough untill they're all dead but starting from the top feels very satisfying


Then that means the DHS can arrest the criminals quietly and without a fuss. Win/win.

I'm a little surprised by Nielsen. With a name like Kirstjen Nielsen, I was expecting Captain Sweden. Not threats to arrest sanctuary city mayors.


The US is even more of a joke than Europe.

At least in Europe there is a coherent jew approved regime.

In the US every city and state makes their own rules and then the feds assblast them if they can.

Makes us harder to cuck, go back to blowing your kike regimes.


some Brits are OK.

I'd love for Europe to be saved but we're fighting so much on our side of the pond to do much but encourage the few brothers we have over there.

In a perfect world we'd be over there in a flash with crates of AR-15s curb stomping camel jockeys with our white brothers.

They're hopelessly utterly completely faggot cucked in Europe. They're beyond hope. Fuck them forever. If you're in Europe, move to the US, or at least England, because it's going to go to shit, and I frankly don't care. They are literally to a man a whore to the kike government. So fuck them.

It's a war user, only by fighting is it determined whether there is a fight in you and you can even have a chance at a win. Win by your blood right or lose your blood.

Hopefully they'll get raped by homo spics while they rot in jail.

What is planning: the post

This shit has to be done by the book since there's going to be next-level shrieking outrage from shitlibs trying to "resist" it, both legally and otherwise.

Demoralising kike shills spotted. Eat shit, brainlets. We're saving all whites.

There's bantz, and then there's outright forsaking decent white men, women, and children for no good reason.
Plenty of Eastern Europeans have been building barriers along their borders and telling rapefugees to fuck off.

Bumpity bump bump. We're gonna need so much rope.


This user is right, lemmings don't give a shit unless it directly impacts their TV time or burger king.

Omae wa mou, shin deiru

So can we keep a talley going of who gets arrested? Assuming they don’t all just retract their sanctuary shit but keep doing it under the radar.

I remember seeing theories that this kind of thing would happen for the opposing side, that the government would deputize black/hispanic street gangs and have them disarm americans.
It would be the greatest happening of our time if the opposite became true and we were all given immunity to prosecution for removing taco and kebab.
I would probably be in tears of joy for the first thirty minutes or so after hearing it.

You're right. That just makes it more do-able.

How are cities even legally allowed to do this? In Australia our local governments control fuck all, like garbage collection, parks, maintenance of the city, some building regulations. They don't have the ability to override federal laws and jurisdiction. Surely there should be lawfags fighting this sanctuary city nonsense, or is this somehow legal in the US?

It’s not legal in the U.S.

The hell, did Trump manage to find the only sane Scandinavian woman on earth?

When she strikes inspire panic. Use your Mexican sockpuppet Twitter accounts to encourage mass exodus.

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Actions speak louder than words.

Stop talking about this shit and just go do it. Hang them from lamp posts, deport the fucking spics, and build the god damn wall, stop blowing hot air.

Agreed. Sick of the talk… get it the fuck done… they are standing in direct defiance of federal law and their oath of office. Get it done… NO MORE fucking talk.


its the best way to do it. Take out the ideologues, then all of the diehard faggots will chimp out and make removing them happen "by the books" and then the rest of them? We just keep bullying them and rubbing in how they have completely failed until they take care of themselves.

Man. At this point we could literally sit back and do nothing and still eek out a victory. So much shit is coming together.. This is a train wreck… Two trains are going at each other full speed, in between them is an entire orphanage of brown children, there is a tornado swarm in the area and the ice age just began.

Just as all this is going down there will be 2+ inches of snow in central Florida and snow will dust the state of Florida as far south as Palm beach, and it will be measured, and attested to, that the furthest flakes of snow fell right on the edge of Maralago but no snow had ever touched Trumps property.

It's all going to start coming together now, all the memetics.. All the shitposters who found the path to wizardy, the old gods return, and plans of revenge going back hundreds of years.

By the time this is all over we are going to need several new words to describe entirely new levels of smug satisfaction.

I don't remember that episode. Was that from the OVA?

It was from the Deja Vu movie.

Oh I haven't watched it since it came out so it makes sense why I didn't recognize it immediately. Not sure if it's worth trying to start and finish the 0 VN before it starts airing in April.

I can't really say, I just started playing the first vn today and am kinda bored 2 hours in tbh.

I'll believe that when I see it.

In the meantime, I'm not holding my breath.

At the best, we'd get some mass protests with some violence.

I prefer a total decisive victory with minimalized casualties. Even if victory is assured that doesn't mean you can't still lose something in the process. The less lost in the interim, the less to recover in the long run, and the more energy spent on growing.

Some updated news on the sanctuary cities. NYT link has pdf of letter sent to faggoty-ass mayors.

DOJ: Justice Department Demands Documents and Threatens to Subpoena 23 Jurisdictions As Part of 8 U.S.C. 1373 Compliance Review

WP: Justice Department threatens to subpoena records in escalating battle with ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions

NYT: Trump Officials Ask Sanctuary Cities to Prove Compliance With Immigration Law

Yeah, it's not like a huge pool of outraged masses elected Donald Trump or anything. Oh wait :^)

You're right. DHS should try to lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities without first seeing if they can actually do that. Your logic is perfect.

Reported you both for d&c. Suck zyklon.

Video about blacks carjacking, victim can't even speak English because he's an illegal…

I am starting to see the logic with sessions and weed. The kikes bought the bait, and made it out that sessions was going after weed like ahab and the white whale. Only he can now use drug enforcement as an excuse to go after sanctuary cities and deport illegals. If they find out you are illegal in a drug raid, no one can save you. They can send in ICE and the DEA and the cities can't do shit about it.

They can count the raid on illegals in the sanctuary cities as part of the war on drugs. They can openly claim that they are taking actions against the drug cartels and any potential operatives that they have in america. It is a nasty move. It puts the weed states and the sanctuary cities in a tough bind.

The establishment still doesn't recognize how thin the ice is they are treading while they sperg out of control about Orange Hitler. Watching them pull out the same failed tactics again and again over the past few weeks has been quite informative. They still have hope all of this is just going to somehow go away and they can pretend Trump never happened.

Oh, and my modest portfolio has absolutely kicked fucking ass over the past year. Another record market close today too.

he's just go to israel then. they're not going to be arresting politicians, this is shit lawyers for both sides will be handling if it's real.

she's pro amnesty ackshually. note the wording of the actual statements. they don't actually say they'll do anything. this is just circuses to prove that we need to solve immigration with amnesty imo

Dunno, perhaps it was some kind of strategic device but I've always believed the feds have had the power to crush these states, counties and municipalities from day one. But since this has festered for so many years I'll give Jeff Nigger Hatin Sessions some slack in getting the ball rolling. It's a huge move and surely has taken months to plan out legally.

Exactly, you know the Democrats will have all their activist cuck judges and Jew lawyers spilling out of the woodwork filing motions to block and delay everything possible once this gets underway.

I hope this happens. I hope he puts them all in chains and deports every fucking spic from this country. If Trump cucks on DACA or trades it "for the wall" we are so fucked.

I predict a 99% chance of:

California is automatically registering all illegals to vote. Dreamers WILL have voting rights.

ZOG will never arrest ZOG. No one will execute traitors but us. No one will arrest traitors but us.

Do I have to ask you to post some of your poetry? Anything about schizophrenia? Helping you kill yourself in Alabama or wherever it was? How about mother dearest?

true, but not for long. Trump won't let that happen for long. I've heard talks of a national federal ID for voting (not the biometric shit )

I don't have enough popcorn for this.

Ill believe it when I SEE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

Nobody is moving through the legal system yet. I dont believe Q, I dont believe any of this fucking shit.

You afraid your handlers are going to be arrested? Can't get paid if your boss is in jail right?

I'm going to reply to my own post here & double down. They mention illinois again at the very bottom. They felt it was so important they mentioned chicago essentially 3 times.

No document anyway required to vote in


where do you think you are

I'd give my left nut to see the police go on strike and let the city sort itself. At least the growing trend of ccw self-defence a good start. Media here is trying their damnedest to paint anyone who has the nerve to protect themselves from their holy cows as natzes and of course the keeds here know the fields are forever ripe with limp wristed faggots, self-hating whites, naive tourists, illegals, and Ching Chong cash hoarders.
Any anons know if Collin put up a new channel yet or has he finally moved on to a different platform?

Whoopty dick.

Where do (you) think you are?

Hi Porky, you want some bacon? Are your shekels okay?

please promote your semitic cucked religion somewhere else

Huh. I guess glowniggers are feeding our other enemies' lines into their bots now.

Those aren't "American People" lol

Well, something needs to be done. Shitty little mayors are acting like it's the new trendy thing to flout federal laws. Governors are doing it as well. The entire situation stinks of (((them))) pushing to destabilize the distribution of powers between the federal government and the states. If it continues, the entire relationship between the states and the federal leadership will fall into chaos and maybe even war. States don't have the right to disobey federal immigration laws, nor do they have the power to shield illegal aliens from deportation. Yet they are already doing it. If the federal government doesn't get the states back in line, and clarify states rights and judicial powers, everything will collapse, just like the jews and marxists want it to.

Please let arrests of sanctuary city mayors come true…but start with Gov Jerry Brown…Please…

No. Ask for forgiveness later.


My thoughts exactly, but I hope we get what we want.

Big if true. I’m not tired of winning yet

Abraham Lincoln is the only Republican that liberals have ever liked - even if it's trendy right now for Democrats to pretend like they never liked him because raycis. He used Federal power to shut down newspapers critical of his administration and sent in the army to destroy the South when they tried to secede and form a new country. They liked all this because their version of the Civil War is myth about smart progressive abolitionists destroying evil racist slave-owning white Christian hicks to free black people. Federal power was good there, to them, because states having rights meant they were allowed to have slavery, so naturally the only way to be on the right side of history was to take those rights away.

Now we're in a narrative where Federal power is suddenly bad and evil because it's about to be used against dark people instead of whites. Suddenly the same people who have worked relentlessly to nullify the 10th Amendment as a way to get rid of the 1st and 2nd, now want the States to have total autonomy when it's about protecting dark people and making whites pay for it. Ultimately everything with these people comes back to White Man's Burden and original sin and I'm sick of being expected to foot the bill for their intellectual jerkoff sessions so they can feel pious.

Apologizing is what got us here.

And of course they also just love the images of evil hicks and governors being herded away at bayonet point so niggers could attend White schools.

I'm praying we get to see these fuckers experience the exact same treatment.

Don't even bother herding them away, KOS all cucks. I like the Rwandan genocide for it's style (not glorifying the machete niggers btw) in which the killings were mostly done on the spot. 1 million in 3 months is nothing to scoff at

Bounties? Has a nice ring to it.

Criminal politicians aside, imagine if every illegals had a dead or alive bounty on their heads. Could become a free for all slaughter of every spic in sight. It's wishful thinking, obviously. If we lived in a non-cucked country they'd be shot at the border whether they were armed or unarmed. The military would actually be defending the U.S. instead of advancing the interests of Israel.


why did trump say today tha tamnesty for daca will happen

Because he has said that for months. Pay attention to civic nationalists.

National id for voting will be a tough sell because they'll wheel out a bunch of people who haven't gone farther than the grocery store since the voting rights act.

Not really, no. It’s the same shtick the kikes always say about voting, and we can simply destroy their asses yet again.

Why did this get stickied? Don't see hotpocket edit, tl;dr pls.

Of course.

meant he said citizenship for them. that was a first, no?

while we fuck around on pol, illegal criminal shitskins stormed capitol hill and got some action


We wuz citizans


Once you stop overestimating people, your life gets a lot less stressful. Same goes for knowing where and when to actually apply one's innate altruism.

How to solve race problem?

EASY, We need to do what Jews do to us to them:

Use destructive power of niggers against Jews. All niggers already obsessed with they oppressed Olympic

religion. So all we have to do is point out how niggers been "oppressed" for years by Satan chosen race.

After this Jews will be begging to us to make white ethno states.


Reported for not deserving to be alive.

Always cut the head off an enemy force as soon as possible. It is of even greater benefit when the enemy troops are of low quality and directionless without their masters (i.e. right fucking now).

I don't even know why defeatist faggots would repeatedly find the motivation to post for a cause that was hopeless, unless of course you were kike shills about to get ovened. BTFO niggers.

Nothing these faggots have ever done has been legal from day one. They are all treasonous sons of whores, and every member of the regime that failed to remove kike will be charged with treason and convicted posthaste. THAT is why we get so many shills and so much censorship from the enemy.

They have to throw billions and billions of dollars on containing the intelligent few or they are toast, and they know it.

This is an English-language board, TORpedo. Maybe /hispachan/ would be more your speed.

Lol, I know which tribe you belong too..

The one capable of lurking two years before posting, you fucking ban evading redditor piece of shit.

Could this be what starts the civil war? I know the libfags in my sanctuary city would be outraged.

soon m'lad,
the fire rises

Best to get it going quickly while our guy has big nuke button

what about the various judges who deliberately obstructed. are they not traitorous cancer

I understand that sentiment but the truth is you only need 10% of the population to be outraged to change things. Like Dr. Pierce said the lemmings are just going to side with whoevers winning.

mass needs to get btfo with shitskins. otherwise, in a lot of lily white places like northern and western mass, its hard to see why socialism doesn't work. similar to thought process of lily white places like minnesota or sweden. socialism seems fine if everybody white and culturally homogenous/work ethic. when niggers, spics, etc. flood in…yeah, then you learn why you shouldnt elect ted kennedy.


I think at all times, whites have to prepared for war, but the main objective is for leverage. The reason leverage is needed is actual withdrawal brexit-style is called for. Demographics are so far out of bounds of what founders anticipated could function given the complex structure of our government that we have no future without secession and a new government using the original Constitution base document and bill of rights, plus equal protection thrown in, but everything would apply ONLY to citizens, and citizen must be defined under law as white european descent. An explicitly white-only nation by law, but otherwise mimicking our legal setup might work. Genuine change cannot come about due to demographics. War/secession will be the only way. Acceleration actions like arresting officials are good. This thing really needs to get going strong before they can oust Trump, because he has control of the nuke button, and that's critical in the event of mass unrest/split.

I think Q is bullshit myself and part of a psy op to calm the public. There are a few psy ops running right now to calm people but get the info out. Hard to say "your whole government is treasonous and/or blackmailed and sold nuclear weapons and classified intel to terrorists including 9/11 groups."

These people are definitely being chased, especially given the major significance of the Lambert indictment, but the actual consequences of taking thousands of powerful peopel down are totally unclear.

Q seems to be there to chill people out, essentially, when things aren't necessarily going to be ok. There's no telling what these very powerful fuckers–thousands of traitors and blackmailed fuckers–are capable of doing to avoid going down. Take Q with a grain of salt.

This is right

Either all the Sanctuary City faggots back down and bow to the law, or they get arrested and their political careers are destroyed and the next batch of faggots the DNC puts in their place will be even less bold and less willing to try and pull this impotent attempt at a power move.

Oh, wanna see this nigger doing the perp walk!


why can't we go after the DNC over DACA?

Throw 20 Democrat senators into jail.


Actually used this movie the other day to call my mom out on her bullshit view of the Civil War and how only blacks were slaves. That movie has some real red pill moments in it including how the Irish were treated worse than niggers. Surprised Hollywood let that slip.

National Socialism works. Others do not because you have an explicitly anti-natural environment caused by the elevation of either foreigners or women; or both.

Presumably, that's what all the memo stuff seems to be hinting at. We know quite well that the DNC rigged the primaries to let Hillary win. Tim Kaine literally handed over his position to one of Hillary's fuckbuddies so he could be VP. We also know they worked closely with the MSM to force and agenda and try to meme her into a 99% victory.

The DOJ and assorted other Alphabet agencies have apparently fashioned themselves into a makeshift illuminati, and they are currently fighting tooth and nail not to be exposed and have their little puppets taken down first.

Agree. It's time.

One thing to watch for is, say, CIA throwing a couple people or a couple agencies like just FBI etc. under bus and calling it a day.

This was a huge ring of thousands either directly involved in treason/cover up or blackmailed into silence when they had a duty to speak. Worst crime was selling nuclear material for a dirty bomb, including plutonium, along with highly classified info to literal Al Queda affiliated groups in Paki government, for example–same people who did 9/11. Deep state was involved directly in all of this and cover up and it's across board. Same thing with Congress. Pretty much everybody is a traitor.

Pretty crazy shit we're seeing.

Goddamnit. Meme responsibly, motherfucker.

Well the micks in question were all convicted criminals to be fair.

Despite being a earlobe spacing torpedo namefag who didn't lurk long enough, user makes a worthy point.

Weaponizing the niggers against the Kikes already is, and shall continue to be a valuable tactic in our playbook. The Kike race-agitators have given us immense amounts of material to work with. Every angry nigger sentiment they have directed against whites can be redirected back upon them. White privilege is Ashkenazi privilege. Slavery was mostly run by Jews. We just need to get the truth out about the Jewish role in history.

Let's be clear, National Socialism does elevate women. The difference is that it elevates and venerates them in their natural role as wives and mothers, not in the perverse ideal of trying to emulate men.

DOJ-kun, please come into town and smash gommie skulls when they try to fight back and fail.

t. King County, WA user

Good point, it was obvious there was something about the dude weed lmao crap. I assumed it was just a distraction, but this makes a lot more sense.

Excellent post.

moonbeam user, not fucking moonman

No it's about the legal precedent and states rights vs federal rights. The USA is a federation of states all technically sovereign but also swearing allegiance to the whole. This sets a precedent legally.
For example imagine Hillary wins in 2020 and uses this precedent to force law makers at state level to accept illegals.
That's why they're reluctant and why you should be cautious too. A country is like a big ship you gotta take it slow and think of the future.

blaxit is a cool idea, but it needs to pick on one specific country. By doing so, the country in question will be forced to respond, resulting in lulz and news.

That is, a specific target of immigration. eg Zambia.

Also, a #HelpBlacksLeave them would be useful. "black" profiles can beg for money to help them leave to Africa. "It's only right that whites should foot the bill for us to return to the nation from which we were snatched by them".


Archive isn't working. It directs me to some twitter account.

Minnesota here, that's wrong. I had to provide voter registration information when I went. It could probably be foiled with a bit of identity theft though, in fact before the vote I got a text from someone claiming to be with the Clinton campaign saying they had records of me voting Democrat in the past (and yet I had never voted before, or even registered).

My mayor might get arrested

Fuck yes. Get raped in prison, Jim Kenney you corrupt faggot.

If this does happen, it'll be hilarious to watch these spineless fucks suddenly start turning in beaners by the thousands.

Please Kek take Mitch Landrieu in the first round.

Good, but why stop here

Other Minnesotan here. It absolutely is true that you can vote here with no ID. At my polling place, you have to give your name and address verbally, then sign a paper declaring that it's really you. They have never checked ID.

Why not Liberia? It was founded by Americans and the national language is English. They'd probably be glad to accept our niggers.

Liberia is actually the perfect representation of the failure of civic nationalism. Give the US Constitution to negroes and watch them turn their nation into any other African shithole.

Don't hold your breath. The swamp runs deep.

Call me when something happenED.

Welfare brought a lot more in than slavery. Unless Africa offers them a better deal to watch tv, kvetch and get high, I don't see them leaving.

This is actually an important point. Most politicians are just making a calculation about the net positive of being for the invaders. Shift that balance and the majority will flip overnight.

Their "Orange Hitler" narrative also makes it impossible for them to work with Trump on anything without their base shrieking at them for being complicit with the forces of evil. This is going to be a big problem for them as he goes forward with infrastructure spending, there are plenty of Dems in red states that need to win those projects to have something to show their constituents. Put that together with stuff like Trump's DACA trolling whipping up spic rage, and the dem's coalition could well splinter completely along both racial and ideological lines. I hope they're forced to shut down the government again, with (((Schumer))) knowing it's a terrible idea but having no choice because their pet illegal beaners are effectively in charge now.


We need to meme this until it actually happens.

10/10 post

It really showcases the difference between us and them. Their response to any political problem is to shout and cuss while we just make fun of it all.

It's going to be funky.

nah fuck paying for things

Not enough, the judges who helped need to be removed as well and stripped of their rights to preform as judges and all their cases re examined.

Absolutely. And exhibit A would be the various mayors boycotting his recent meeting regarding future infrastructure plans because they were butthurt over their illegal alien constituents. Total madness.

Arrest them all and deport the invaders.

Holy shit. Molymeme named the jew? When the fuck did this happen? I might have to listen to him more.

He has named them for years.

I've been memeing this since the inauguration.

Nice to see we're getting results.

I worked with a black guy who told me straight up that he has stolen a vehicle as a child to make his mothers curfew instead of taking the bus.

He didn't keep the car or anything, he just used it as if it was a public utility. Selfish primitive behavior. Really strange.

Impulsive too. I knew one who robbed a pet store on a whim with the sawed-off shotgun he carried around. At first, I thought he was bullshitting, but then I looked up crime records in the area he described, and the place really was robbed around that time.

It goes without saying he went to prison after I reported him and it took all of an hour for the cops to trick him into waiving his right to remain silent and make a confession. They actually wound up getting him to hand-write an "apology letter" to the store manager, which doubled as a borderline-illiterate confession.

Not worried about the nogs. They're unpredictable and dangerous when you're surrounded, but they'll never be anything but slaves.

it's funny because the progressive abolitionists were the ones who killed Lincoln

Aren't they doing this because they were illegally fining people cooperating with ICE?

it was possibly the push that moved the rock off the precipice. I hope it happens but experience has told me to not hold my breath.

God I hope it does though.
remember the 100+ sealed indictments that are still active, fingers crossed

The way your country works baffles me.

The two mains reason it works so weirdly are 1: because government agencies have a lot of, well, agency. They're mostly autonomous which is why the CIA was able to simply not show the federal government certain files surrounding 9/11 and 2: there are basically two governments, the local and the federal.
Each state has its own government separate from the federal government. ICE is an agency belonging to the federal government, so local government officials are able to block them. It's illegal to do so, but they still hold the power to do it.

I really hate these stickies. They divert attention away from everything else.Whatever happened to only stickying major happenings??

the election, popularization, media coverage, normalization. Not to mention sunshine, Jim, imkikey, the other mud mods and every other thing wrong with the administration of this board/site. You aren’t in Kansas any more Dorothy.

It's gotten to the point where I only read the sticky headlines and nothing else and almost never post anymore for years. I miss skewing polls and police scanner threads and whatnot.

Good shit.

Why won't the mayors just have their city police protect them from the feds?
They aren't going to be arrested.

I find it funny you'd think city police would try to stand up to feds.

I can picture a handful that maybe would have the balls for a non-violent standoff

Until the military comes in after a week and threatens to drone their position anyway

This thread was posted more than a week ago.

Did any get arrested?


Probably not.

We have to start the genocide now. The flood continues while we fuck around. The army of hostile spics must be killed. There is no other way. This problem is never going to be solved by any other means. We need to just get it done.

I don't think I want to put up with that.

this has been bothering me as well. it should be the other way around. although the post quality in general here has been fucking trash. I've mostly been just been reading the OPs to know what is going on. really miss the police scanner threads and raids in general

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