Trump scores 30/30 on cognitive tests, has "great genes" according to 12 physicians

25th amendment fags eternally btfo
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One needs to have great genes to make Primarchs.

I bet he only has 20/20 vision too. Those genes aren't so good if they allowed for kike mongrel grandchildren.


What if trump had 20/5 vision?

Of course he has great genes, he's WHITE. Fuck all jew bots and nigger faggots.


War is coming

racist! positive heritable traits are anti equality!

There is going to be great suffering to those who oppose Don.

maybe they should get a mental evaluation

Be careful user. I'm pretty sure that's actually a Pajeet name.

… Better than 20/20 is insanely rare IIRC.

fuck off. the president needs to get jacked

Shills btfo'd.


He's 71 isn't he?

Redundant. You may just say he's a Saiyin (sp? sorry anime fags).

Wtf I knew he was fine but he's more than fine, he's the picture of health minus a couple pounds. My Dad is 10 years younger than him but Trump looks 20 years younger than my Dad.

Manlets eternally btfo for all time.

What stupid.degenerates do not understand:
Trump not only has whole America with him but Europe too. He has an army so great that will weep and cry.

Manlets were eternally BTFO the moment they exited puberty at < 6'.

Yeah, that's called great genes. 20/10.

Back the fuck off stil can

Compare it to sf right here.
You were.warned.

old people generally need more emphasis on muscles than their cardiovascular health. he can at least do some hindu squats or something. i know a guy who's in jiu jitsu that's 61 years old and does 500 hindu squats and a five minute of neck bridge every morning in addition to actual jiu jitsu rolling around and shit.
i really dont want him doing any faggy shit like obama; trump needs results and he doesnt need to put his physical body through the motions of a homosexual. he should probably also eat an onion a day since it boosts test and is a pretty good aromatase inhibitor

i strongly suspect that was with shoes on

I'll kill you before you even know I exist. I have a greater wingspan than everyone I've known. Shorter legs. Built for space.

To be fair those look like 10 pound weights King Nigger is using. He's a small guy. I wonder if he can bench the bar? who the fuck has trouble lifting 10lb weights?

I just wanted you to know, my dude, you're pretty fucking autistic, alright? Maybe tone down the high school edge, eh?

I see you're also ogrepilled.

It's never too late

Nah. F u

Ah shit, they've figured out the secret to Slavic Superiority, run braćo!

Come on, son, stop being an autist.

You don't ever,.. wreaking havoc. I'm with him 300%



Never understood the logic behind that, to be honest. Why not do 4 if you are already doing 1, 2 and 3 to remain as fit as possible?


I doubt the guy eats a lot of fast food, probably just took those pictures to bait the leftists into freaking out about him being unfit to be the president.


Didn't his aides say that he eats tons of junk food or was it just more lugenpresse at work? I kind of get the idea of grabbing a burger for quick carbs on a busy day, but you're a goddamn President, you can have well-balanced meals delivered to your table with a snap of your fingers.

It's like the doctor said, athlete genes are a real thing. People so blessed can treat themselves like shit and get away with vastly reduced medical consequences, or eat / train right and be in the top 1%. Also Trump used to be in chad-tier condition and the golf / tennis he still does must help.

Read it backwards :::::::^)

The left is going to melt down regarding that alone.

yeah if you're gonna use baby weight like that and do non-exercises you'll be better off just going for a walk at a brisk pace. if you're going to do something that involves weight or tension on your muscles you need to make sure it's actually an adequate stimulus, otherwise, again you'd be better off to stop pretending and just go for a walk.
trump would benefit immensely from something as simple as three sets of five on the bench press once or twice a week. add in a balanced amount of squats and pulling and a few other basic things and that's plenty for him and you'll have plenty of time left over for "aerobic" exercises too.

they better have him doing some fucking deadlifts too. here's a video at about 1:00 seconds in where the guy talks about how a "65 year old grandmother" should be able to pick up a granddaughter; if that's the case then the president of the united states should be able to lift some fucking iron. i might start a petition to see if they'll put a reverse hyper in the white house

Don has blessed you Burgers so much, but at the same time he has blessed us too!

Praise Kek


Fast food is almost drug like I guess. Packed full of shit to give you a little dopamine hit.

That's it.

That's it.

I'm calling a dermatologist tomorrow.

So, when can we expect the first stoner rock album created by a president of the United States?

It's a steroid, so be careful with that. Hormonal medicines are a wild card.

On the campaign trail you tend to eat whats available.
While high profile/extremely wealthy candidates can often afford to eat well. Most don't.

On Trumps part he might have been eating what was easy and available.
Or he might have thought it'd be wise to not drag around his personal chef and arrange kitchens and shit everywhere or go to very expensive restaurants due to the time and wasted effort involved. Or just to avoid looking out of touch with the common man.

some medical thing

Since I'm toasting in an epic bread:

Mad love to SoCal!

Only a brainlet could believe that Trump is unintelligent.

Don't fuckin touch that stuff.
It's good for one thing. Managing an enlarged prostate.
Otherwise it's useless.
Only in the USA will you find idiots who will prescribe it for preventing balding. Which is why Trump is taking it.
It increases your risk of some very nasty forms of pancreatic cancer among other shit. The Dons famous sort of orange skintone? Thats a side effect.

Just leave it.
If you're going bald then just accept it.

And you RAM boys. I want you to know you are not just an inspiration to.Ametica but to whole Europe

Thank you

Huh wouldn't that mean he has high cholesterol

No it's not. It doesn't sound like you know how visual acuity measures work. The whole thing is based on the average healthy human. The first number indicates how far you are from the chart (usually 20 ft), while the second number indicates how far away in feet the average person can read that line from. So if you have 20/20 vision, you can read at 20 feet, what the average human can read at 20 feet. If you have 20/13 vision, you can read at 20 feet, what the average human has to stand at 13 feet to resolve. 20/20 vision represents sitting on the peak of the bell curve, absolutely average. It's only at 20/13 and below that you're getting up into the right hand tail of the curve, and below 20/10 you're beginning to push against the physical limitations of the configuration of the human eye.

I'm working on reversing my myopia now and I can resolve 20/15 on a good day in ideal lighting with my push glasses, and 20/12 with my driving glasses which are still a half diopter below my full official prescription. There's a whole lot more going on with vision than most people think.

Protip: calling it "maaaahn-tree-all" really marks you as an outsider. It's Muhn-tree-all, rhymes with Monday. (And more-ree-all in pepsi.)


plz tell us more about how to improve vision

Visions a funny thing overall.
For instance I've got one eye thats slightly short sighted while the other is slightly long sighted.
Despite that they balance out and I don't need glasses.
Only downside is my eyes can get a bit tired easily and I'm at serious risk of being dazzled in low light conditions if a bright light comes out of nowhere. So I actually have sort of sunglasses to wear while driving at night.

Your awful post just solidified my commitment to this faggot


These people right here… I would go to.war with

Two times a week.

Why take medication you don't need?
Are you suffering a relevant pancreatic issue?
Are you even going bald?

I get that you yanks love hair and consider a man without it to be some kinda woman.
But for fucks sake taking drugs you don't need is a stupid idea.

Sometimes it is supportive care like wearing a brace to prevent tennis elbow. Helps take some of the work-load off the body.

Hahaha, what a good shitpost.

>__ fags eternally btfo
This is gettin' to be some cringy shit right here…

When the going gets tough… The tough gets going


The limp cry of the left. Faggots. Eternally put out by nature, family, most of their friends. End up lost in their own bunker of degeneracy and abuse of substance. If you don't want to look like (((cringe))) any longer, pull the trigger. Oh, that's right. You never lived anywhere with gun rights, or you could even throw down outside of school like gentleman. Fucking plebian children of this goddamn world.

Yes hence his taking aspirin and crespor.
But there's no real reason for him to take propecia and it doesn't even help protect against anything BUT further hair loss.
While also increasing your risk of some of most deadly forms of pancreatic cancer.


True. Appearing weak where he is strong. 4D.
If he's got money, he can afford tasty food, not fast food shite that tastes like shite.

Eating media up is just the same as junk food for the brain. Fucking nigger tier mentality.

What did user-kun mean by this?

What planet are you from, what year? Your bullshit isn't going to be served here.

On a theoretical level it's very complicated, lot of ins lot of outs lot of whathaveyous, but on a practical level it's pretty simple. There are only a couple key things you have to realize.

1. The eye, human, bovine or otherwise did not evolve to have its lens and ciliary muscle focusing at a single focal distance a couple inches to a couple feet from the surface of the cornea for hours at a time.
2. The human body uses repeated stimulus as signalling to adapt itself to be more functional in its environment. For example the musculature and skin quality of the hands of a surgeon or violinist will be markedly different from that of a logger or oilfield worker.
3. The eye is not special. It is subject to the same adaptive feedback loops every other organ in the human body is.

The body only does what it's told. When you spend 75% of your waking hours looking at a notebook, monitor, or cellphone screen 2ft from your face, whether you are aware of it or not, you're telling your eyes that the 1ft-5ft focal range is the most important one you use and to adapt for that over all else. If you keep that up your visual cortex and the physical structures of your eyes will accommodate your request. Before long your eyes become better and better adapted to officework/shitposting/sewing, but at the same time that's happening, you are finding it harder and harder to make out streetsigns a block or two down the street at night. You tell yourself something needs to be done about this, and so you go and choose the only option anyone in the modern world gives you. You go to the optometrist, get a script and buy some expensive glasses. You walk out the door, put them on and feel the rush of dopamine as you look at the treeline on the horizon and you can resolve every branch, leaf and needle. But you've put the first nail in the coffin for your eye health, because now statistically speaking with how the vast majority of optometrists run their businesses, you're mildly to severely over-prescribed. This means although you know you're looking at a street sign 100ft away, your focusing muscles are having to pull focus as if it's only 20ft away. The monitor on your desk that was a comfortable 5 feet from your face is now an effective 1ft with glasses on as far as the structures of your eyes are concerned. Before long you notice your eyes are getting tired all the time, especially after spending lots of time infront of monitors or inside the house. Within 2 years you're back at the optometrist telling him how you just don't see as well as you used to, you go through the exam and lo and behold your vision got worse somehow. Good thing he's a doctor and can just write you another script to take your problems away again :^).

You see where I'm going with this?

TL;DR - Stop abusing your eyes. Don't wear your full prescription glasses unless you absolutely need them. Dig out some old lower prescription pairs if you have them, or buy some new ones online in quarter to half diopter increments. Pay attention to what your vision is doing and how your eyes feel over time. Stop abusing your eyes. Accommodation works both ways, just so long as you make an effort to give your eyes and visual cortex strong signals to reaccommodate for distance vision. Spending time outdoors and just looking at things at the edge of your focal range is some of the best stimulation you can get, whether that means riding a bicycle, cruising the highways on your motorcycle, driving the backroads or just going for a jog, getting out of the workplace/house is good for more than just your vision. Oh and


ahhahahhHAAHHAHHAH LOL xD good one user 😂👌

The fast food is to keep him from being poisoned.

It's quite a holy war with many different opinions. The prevalent thought is that it generally cannot be improved without surgery. Bayes says it will improve on its own if you remove your bad habits.

Remove your bad habits

Etc. Etc. You can look for baye's book, or other books on it on the internet. It's not hard and you don't have to pay anybody.

I believe it is based on what some guy's assistant, who some doctor felt had good vision, can read at 20 feet, and not based on an average.

It's that arbitrary.

No form of medicine is an exact science.

I'm sure she can figure something out


Pharmacy fag here. Propecia, AKA finasteride is an effective hair loss treatment, for better than rogaine or that OTC bullshit. Some guys even grow back a little bit of lost hair as well. The problem is that shit is hormonal and roughly 10% of men will experience negative side effects on it that will force them to stop taking it, IE growing bitch tits. But basically it's actually a pretty good and effective medicine.

Good to see he tolerating the finasteride, Aspartame and Ace-K.
Nuclear codes were a mistake.

Wasn't he eating burgers with a fork? It just seems more likely to be an elaborate troll.


I think we had some anonymous source claiming that he drinks around 3 gallons of coke each day and many people still believe the media, even if they claim they don't for whatever reason.



Preemptive defence vs the heart attack or stroke possibility.

You forgot the parentheses in (((heart attack))) and (((stroke))).

Race is a social construct. So are genes.

There are no good genes or bad genes, only humyn genes. Get over yourselves, white supremacist scum.

good. time to bring the fucking pain, Trump

I jumped on a keto diet and lost 15 pounds in two weeks. Shit's amazing.

Do you think that was a subtle dog-whistle?

Why are you posting filthy frank while being retarded? Don't you know he gave up his career as a youtube shitposter to become the asian vanilla ice?

Get out. Leave this site, and never come back.

8/10 bait. Made me mad.

Drown Yourself In Semen

(((They're))) trying to off him.

Lugenpresse is truly unreal sometimes.

god that brit faggot claiming kang nigger was athletic made me yell at my screen during the presser look at this weak faggot

ohoho fatshaming are we cnn?

I am still waiting for the day that CNN has the latest updates on Bat Boy.


But can he bowl a perfect game like the Glorious Leader?

He's unfit for a second term. Kike grandchildren and hugging up with global trash. Unless the fucker pulls something out soon, there will be no four more and I'd slap down Bannon too. Fuck this shit. Throw me a real candidate or WWIII already.

Ant people are going to eat eachother alive. WWIII or not.

Just imagine how high Barron's IQ will be when he takes the presidency.

Maybe. Or, he just becomes another neocon. Look at most programmers, get wilded into femshit just because they want to keep working on what they'd working. I don't have an lot of faith. He'll probably be clean, though.

This isn't Trumps personal doctor either. Same White House doctor as Oboma, so the media can't screech about it.

what should I do if one of my eyes (whichever isn't the one I'm looking through) goes lazy when I take my contacts/glasses off?

Here's the assessment.
It's like something you'd give pugilists or nogball players with cte.

Shut the fuck up faggot my god

Eyepatch on the non lazy eye.


Reminder, if you don't eat KFC everyday and top it off with a cola you're a subhuman untermenschen unfit for modern life.
End my subhuman lineage.

I love this kid. Barron is boss

Question asked by soycuck reporter equally addicted to ZOGfood and HFCS juice.

Hitler wanting to create the Master Race for world conquest is a Jewish lie. Hitler wanted to create the master race so he could eat junk food all day long and still remain healthy.

You're not cutting me off, queer. I said my fucking peace about this whole fucked shit hole of a family. With jews you lose. Motherfucker ain't that bright.

the most American comment ever

I wonder how many deformities his grand children are going to inherit from the jew Jared Kushner

Looks like it's things that people with Alzheimer's would strugle with.

All jews will be killed in due time.


Not to mention a drinker, smoker and pole smoker.




You're right, fellow polchanner, he needs 14/88 vision! But he's obviously controlled by the Jews because he hasn't killed all of us yet!


What if I don't want to shit out my entire soul

I lost 5 kilos in a week, but the weight loss lowered after that. I assume the quick weight loss at the start is due to water or some sugar-induced bloating. As my diet is keto during the week and free during weekends, I gain weight super fast in 2 days and lose it all back in 3 days afterwards

I still am losing way more weight than any other diet I have tried, but something I can only attribute to losing weight way too fast occurred, sometimes when I try to shit, even though it's not much, nor too big, it just won't fucking come out. After minutes of literally blowing my ass off, it barely comes out, and when I relax the muscles, it gets sucked back in. I can only assume this crazy shit is some pressure issue, where removing the shit would depressurize my intestines, so it forms a vacuum that sucks the shit back inside

Is there any board to properly discuss keto diets? /fit/?

It's no secret that he correctly believes in (white) genetic superiority / eugenics, here's a HuffPoz highlight reel of him repeatedly saying so. Pretty funny that he's now been proven right by an Obama-appointed doctor.


you get to eat bacon and buttery/salty shit on that diet. You'll shit out your soul but at least it will pass quickly with how lubed up your colon is from all the fat


Can you imagine how happy polaks would be if he wasn't completely in bed with jews?

Hes no true 8skin likes us, amirite?

Underrated post

Kikes would make their state of mind as kosher (((normal))). Oh ya, like it is today…..



So what left for libshits?
More uprisings? Assassination?

You're with zionist jews and somehow because someone doesn't like the nation wrecking kikes you shill for that automatically makes them want to be with marxist jews?

Logic seems to fail you kikes

According to your logic everyone just roll over and die.

endless crying and slow descent into insanity.


Nigger there's 70-year-old bodybuilders around. Granted, that's with roids and/or some luck, but for a person with so much access to good doctors that isn't a big deal.

I'd suggest fighting back against you jews not forging an alliance with you, but hey I'm just one user in a crowd of 100s of gaslighting kikes on here

Ally with whom? 'Wait for hitler line of thinking quickly leads down to endchan blackpill faggotry.
Yes Trump has kikes in his cabinet, but Trump is best we got right now.

To anti-trump shills: I have to ask what alternatives do you people have? Nothing?

Again the same recycled kike-lines as utilised by TRS/Anglin's CIA-kike hive and the rest of the jewish aut-right

Only you jews seem to have the same strange non-argument that if we don't want to ally with you foul kikes then the only alternative is to do nothing.

Doing nothing to change the course of our futures is simply going along with any fashy based lying neocon jew you tell us to.
The solution is to oppose and offer an actual alternative to simply votong for jews.

PS - telling the truth about you jews isn't black pilling, it's speaking the truth a completely alien concept to you kikes which is why you struggle to understand why non-jews put so much value into it,while it has literally no meaning to your souless being

Strong genetic traits tend to overwhelm weaker ones, hopefully they'll get away with just a tingling sensation in their hands in the presence of money

Nope. He really is 6'3". Just go back and look at his meet an greet with voters. He stands a good 6-8 inches over the average white female and only 4-6" over the average white male. Granted that's with shoes on, but so did the audience. He is that tall.

I agree with you about the weight training though. Cardio doesn't do much for people who are already physically active. But for a guy this big he really needs muscular support to prevent old-age ailments and possible falls.

Kek wills it






The libshits are a funny animal… Hysterical little manchildren. Soy and BPA should be banned around the world once some force of sanity takes power.


extremely well, Oliver.
Thanks for asking )


Not sure how any of this relates to Trump doing anything to reverse jewish power though

Don't forget to do some exercises(not cardio, but weight lifting) to not allow your metabolism to slow down.

Would you kindly shut the fuck up? You're not funny.

There is nothing remotely funny about gangs of jews openly shilling for ZOG on Holla Forums





So? just do your cardio before your workout, aerobic exercise shouldn't affect your gains.



You are not from here.
Leave immediately.

This is Holla Forums, yet you treat the place like it's Breibart

Well, the alternative would be to blow up a synagogue, but you faggots take any call to action as huurrrr CIA.

Even niggers think Trump is a rock star.

I warned you.
Now I will make you lose your mind.
You can't leave now.
Not untill you commit suicide.

what does blowing up a random synagogue accomplish, fellow anonymous?

still won't vote for him
get out of the social media bubble

Not quite sure how someone on Holla Forums openly shilling for ZOG seems to think they have the inside lane of what is and isn't acceptable on here

Trump kicked all the democrats ass's…. Lol

Dead kikes?

Go back to T_D, Plebbit scum.

Trump's dick!!

It would at least be a first step to showing and demonstrating resistance to jewry, as opposed to allying with and serving jewish interests as you and all your fellow kikes in this thread seem to insist we do.


Trump Tower League.


Q is a Rock Star

I would like to inform you, that you have been cursed. Great suffering and tragedy lies in your future.
I want you to remember this post.
So you know the reason

I took an iq/memory assessment,you are there for 8 hours, they start you on simple questions then it gets progressively harder. Don't remember my short term memory score this was years ago but the doctor said it was above most subjects he also tested my iq was average an 105.

It goes without saying that one of the curses has already materialised, in that Holla Forums is playing host to teams of retarded kikes still shilling for ZOG even though the election finished over a year ago and all but the most retarded spastic has even realised it was a massive jewish hoax.

You had the chance to leave.

You have really fucked up. I want you to know that you brought this upon yourself

2 jews using different IDs posting the exact same gibberish in immediate succession to an user who doesn't want to go along with their shilling for jewry

Sound like a right pair of legit fashy based kikes


A-user, are you a bird? It's called arm span.

some jews are ok


Germany would have had nukes in world war 2 if they allowed some jews to stay


The Man just needs to golf a little more and all will be well in AMerica


Reported for not even TRYING.


He's no worse than all the kikes spamming pro-ZOG campaign posters here

Great, we've got a raid on our hands.

I post here everyday and what I'm saying is that yeah expel the jews, ban then, etc… segregate them… but there should be some exceptions.

i'm not pro jew at all but some of them are non-political and non-religious. A genius nuclear scientist that completes your atomic weapons program should stay, right?

All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.

The problem is that you fail to understand the quintessential nature of the stormderp mentality: No Jew is good, ever.

Now even though those ebul j00z gave - literally gave! - white supremacist manpigs such amazing technology as atomic weaponry, those white supremacist manpigs just turned around and used it to help fight other white supremacist manpigs. In the stormderps' view, this negates any ability the gifts of Jewish technology had to build bridges between communities, even da ebul j00z that created atomic weapons didnt really have a say in how they were used to begin with.

Make sense? Of course not. But that's how these Nazis think - hypocritically and without any consist logic or reason. Their only motivation is hatred of "the other," which though they pretend "the other" is always "non-whites/Aryans," they just as often attack their fellow whites in addition to actual outgroups. Not everyone can be as tolerant and open-minded as you or I.

Fuck off, Rach.

Ok FBI you first.


You should rather read Hitler every day. Hitler had no intention of throwing out useful Jews. That only happened when the kikes launched a world war against him and he had the remaining ones locked up for security reasons. Hitler didn't even want to expel Jews until Germany was powerful enough to make it happen world wide.

I have 20/10 in one eye, 20/15 in the other. Used to actually be better.

You'll kill yourself one day Berkay, and you really should livestream it when it happens.

Answer the question. What alternative do you have? Trump is the best thing US has right now.
And I call 'I tell the truff' line utter bullshit. That anti-trump shilling is motivated by D&C.
Post transcript is pointless here, dear JIDF we have spoilers here

You shouldn't play around with things you have no understanding of.
You were even given a warning.
What is coming-you have the sole responsibility of.


Get out cuckchan

Wow Barron has grown that much in just a year?

sorry shareblue/saltleft/. that evil cunt lost and she will never be the President. get over it.

Don is 6'3", Milania is 5'11". The kid is bound to be a giant.


I was into until the idiot began rapping like a fucking nigger.

Alcohol is worse than cannabis in this regard. Cannabis affects motivation.

For the past year, yeah.

Kid's fucking 12 and he's taller than his mom. Crazy genes on that Trump.


But medicine is racist, goy. Look at these poor blacks who are forced to take different heart medication than whites! Whitey just wants the good stuff for himself! And black mothers are forced to have their babies a week earlier than white mothers! That's why blacks can't get ahead; they're ripped from the womb before they're fully developed! It has NOTHING to do with blacks not being the same species!

I don't think they will go the racist route. They are going to try and discredit the doctor who performed the evaluation. They will say the doctor is obviously insane because he doesn't realize that Trump is insane. Then they will try to get Trump to be evaluated by a (((doctor))) of their choosing.

Tumblr is already celebrating his upcoming heart attack

I thought Trump's personal doctor was a yid already. Maybe I'm misremembering.

Fixed that for you. I would normally add "unfortunately," but Trump's assassination or impeachment equals the start of the race war. If we ever get confirmation of it, we're going to start killing people.

It's very much possible that cianiggers have reduced trump into a puppet. So yeah, could be more Jewish tricks.


stop posting jews



Foolish heretics

I'm pretty sure he's way heavier than 239 lbs tbh

and racist against ants

To be honest, I don't see what the big deal is about hair loss. Unless you are seriously ugly and the hair loss accentuates it, embrace the baldness.

I think this user had it right.

Trump being a billionaire he's able to go in for very thorough physicals yearly, and have all sorts of cancer testing done. Can you afford that? I know I wouldn't be able to. Just start getting fit, eating right, getting good quality rest, drink lots of water, and take care of yourself. Your body will balance things out.

tl;dr Gey fit, faggot. And the rest will take care of itself.


I wanna have big muscles, Holla Forums. Will buying a weight and listing it 100+ times a day make me relatively strong over time?

자지 갈까!

Neither one are Jewish.

He's one of Trump's biggest real estate rivals. Hardly a "puppetmaster."

Basically a Jew in name only.

The rest I'll give you.





No, please, suck kike cock even more. That’ll really endear yourself to us.

target aquired
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2. once wider consensus is reached report OP for the second time and the first user bumping it after
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1. If you find the thread suspect with usual played out attack vectors sage, inspect and report it if your suspicion is confirmed
2. once wider consensus is reached report OP for the second time and the first user bumping it after
REASON: is always Shareblue
It doesn't matter which group it factually is, what matters is they are the most funded group paid to attack us
this is an
IS09001 certificate Holla Forums standard for disposing profesional hostile disruption
We have a great moderation team but we need to both lessen their work load and make it easier for them to do it.
Standardization ensures more efficient use of resources with minimalizing attack vector uptime.

You're out of job.

You expect the CIA to admit they did it?

Kill yourself.

Confirmation of his death in the first place.

Are you upset?
shareblues / ShillKILLER:

1. If you find the thread suspect with usual played out attack vectors sage, inspect and report it if your suspicion is confirmed

2. once wider consensus is reached report OP for the second time and the first user bumping it after
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It doesn't matter which group it factually is, what matters is they are the most funded group paid to attack us
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[Trump's cockette sucking intensifies]

Which PR firm do you work for? Are you Kushnerbot?


First two have some of the ugliest fucking editing i've ever seen.

Donald calls it Munch-Reeee-All.

they only make up 12% of the population and a good portion are too retarded/lazy to vote


Drink more water, faggot. Like, a litre. I swear some of you fuckig fags cant into basic bitch know how.

Impolite sage for dumb shitpost

it aint a steroid , bro
but it can make your dick not work. even people who take the hair loss dose can experience bad sexual side effects , but most aren't affected too badly. It does work for stopping hair loss but at a price..

what state?

sorry, technically speaking i suppose it is



alphas just eat meat, it does somthing to the spriti and logic,


I know it, you know it.

Your reason for bumping this was to post a paid shill fantasy, huh?


The primarchs match him, he's the God-Emperor after all.

He's still a dummy



Luckily, the programmers worth a damn work for companies like Raytheon, Northrup Gruman, Boeing, etc. The ones that work their way up there are all redpilled. They hate the poo's that are hired for diversity reasons and actively try to get them fired.

It's only the bitch-boys you hear about at XYZ Faggot, Inc that are complete fuck-ups.

King among men

Does anyone have any blank image templates with Trump and room for adding quotes?
Like this one, but blank? (pic #2)