We need to get this bitch fired. This is literally victim blaming. Just watch it. She threatened to take the job of the girl who was raped.

She signaled she knows where the girl works. That's a very badly veiled threat to dox and take her job.


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doesn't she know women can revoke consent after the act?



also, if you ask and they say yes, but they "felt pressured" then its basically the same as prison rape

honest at least

Whats hollow is the ugliest nigger on the US Olympics Gymnastics team pretending anybody would want to abuse her.


We need a World War just so people can remember how comfy it was before the nuclear winter. How quickly will survivors go back to traditional gender roles when they are confronted with hunting for radioactive food.

Will trannies exist when humans don't have the basic necessities. We need a World War really bad, to cleanse the weak and the liberal.

Natural law above all law. Fuck the Talmud.

Woah, women are supposed to be BELIEVED.

this, it's been too long since we've had a major war where the population was affected. The U.S. hasn't seen a war where the general lemming population was touched since vietnam and the draft, and where there was any real threat to their lives or uncomfortableness in general since WWII.

Without war the people grow complacent and degenerate. They forget what really matters. The still have the human desire for conflict though, so they war with themselves through whatever means the society let's them without getting thrown in prison (or in the case of niggers that doesn't matter), and society destroys itself. Society will always need wars.

Why don't you start begging for treats while you're at it?

The absolute cognitive dissonance in the comments is great.

Source for the article?

Dis gun b gud.

Lots of jews have been defending the little shitskin. Not sure why. Anyway, fake feminists going after rape victims is lulzy as fuck. USE IT.

Not when its a shitskin

A fracture point appears! Time to drive this wedge between the shitskins and the white feminists.

Now this is liberalism in the current year, and really ever since it fell to communism and Marxism ever since the 60s, at the latest. You can do whatever horrible shit in private, so long as in public you follow lockstep with the consensus. No virtue, only (((ethics))).

Someone should start pushing the #whitescan'tberaped narrative again. This would be a great opportunity to start infighting.

I told all of you its about to get weird.
We haven't seen ANYTHING yet.
The rabbit hole has just begun…

Ho-Lee-Fuk. CNN dun lost their minds.

Is this about the pajeet who raped a white woman?

I can't wait for her story in 6 3 1 month one week, where she sugars it up with supposed past abuse.

I didn't know this story existed until 10mins ago. In that short time though its pretty obvious Aziz is being protected by MSM. All the articles are about "sexual misconduct" instead of Assault or Rape. And the comment sections are all flooded with people/bots cheering on Aziz or anyone bashing this woman.

I guess they think their Curry Sambo is a really valuable asset in the culture wars.

Holy shit, we Tumblr now. The poo honestly did nothing wrong, besides being a poo.

May be interesting to dig into his connections at this point. I only mostly recall the poo from old comedy podcasts before those all went SJW.

You're very bad at non-comedy too.

even if the poo did nothing wrong CNN is still threatening to dox and fire the women pressing the charges due to muh poor poo in the loo actor. Its not whether or not he did it that matters but CNN's reaction and how we can use it to show how much of hypocrites they are to the normalfags.

Oh its pretty obvious. He also won a Weinstein Golden Globe last year.

Aziz Ansari Shares His Brother's Top Religion of Cuck™ophobic Encounters

Lrn2Realpolitik faggot.

Holla Forums should be pushing the narrative about how feminism is antisemitic considering how many #metoos have been #hooknosed

$5 says Asleigh's experienced his claw and/or the "victim" is a former cow-orker.


Pic related.

Rape laws are racist.

That's because of his shitskin and his accessibility to the public as a shitskin talking figure. He is supposed to be a shining example of what a (((true muslim))) is and why we need at least 6 gorillion more imported into our all white racist privileged country. Him acting like the savage he and his ilk really are is antithetical to their desired goals, so they need to especially defend shitskins like him.

I spend a lot of time browsing imgur. It is highly regulated by SJW mods and anyone who calls out the creepy BBC fetish, holohoax, Religion of Cuck™, illegal immigration, or anyone of 'protected' status is silenced in moments. At the very least it is an excellent barometer of truth, as in the opposite of the forged narrative. That being said I hate that stupid open boob as much as any real nigger

I can't take credit, and I would rather not admit where I read it but I like the simplicity of "Real rape requires penetration + privilege"

kek, someone is confused as fuck.

I remember when he used to just be a weasel sounding cunt on comedy podcasts. Shit used to be off color and just fun up until about 2009 or so. 2007 was the drowning of video games. I stopped paying attention to film long before that.

Here we go, lads:

He probably has dirt on people.

This fellow died during those podcasts, because his GEEEHF was a scientologist. It's about when it all went shithouse in flames. 2015 seems late. I just know I bailed before it all went fucky.

Oh, so a yid, abusing narcotics, tore apart by a love of a scientologist girl. More drugs. Death by overdose. Still. I smell a bigger rat than the funny one.


This is why women should never have been given the right to vote.

The volunteer military was one of the nails in the coffin. It let those who had that "warrior's itch" for a fight to scratch that itch, while the soft-as-shit normies sat at home and dysgenically bred and smoked themselves stupid.


Bump because we’re going to kill you and your family.


boy it sure is progressive of them to assume his religious affiliation because of the color of his skin

Only white men are capable of rape, not based progressive Pajeets you manpigs.


Yeah, because it was the weak and the liberal that died by the millions in battle in the last world war…

…oh wait, no, it was the best stock of righteous white men.

You know about DNA damage, right? It won't matter who survives if they all end up mutated like dot Indians.

Don't even want to know.