Deprogramming a Western Girl?

I've mentioned this on other boards, the responses always seem like they're intentionally trying to dissuade, dishearten and demotivate me from my goal. It's always some combination of

Let me explain my situation. Details on my girlfriend for starters:

-White, half Irish half Italian
-Quite a bit younger than me
-Openly admits tumblr tainted her, is or was a part of every awful fandom there is, including sonic, mlp, fnaf, korra and stephen universe.
-When we met she'd had her name legally changed to a boy's. She was taking testosterone, but she didn't pass very well as she's very pretty and feminine. I encouraged those traits and complimented her on them. She grew her hair out, started wearing dresses and make up and asked me to pick a new female name for her.
-Because of her time as a "boy" and her preference for older men she had no sexual partners. She dated girls platonically but had no attraction to them.

A year later I've avoided politics with her, but every time it comes up we have a minor argument. I usually just let it go, but she buys into all the typical tumblr shit. She hates Trump, she blames white men for all the problems of the world, she supports BLM and feminist ideals.

-On the other hand she has a fetish for brainwashing, being submissive and hypnosis. She would actually like me to reshape her identity and who she is.

So what's the gentlest way to get her off her addiction to Disney products and marxism? How do I fix her?

Note: I'm looking for guides, videos, and books to read with her.

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Your penis.

Repeatedly, mercilessly, no condom. Impregnate her now.


Seems she knows she's flawed but has not come to the conclusion that only she is in control of her destiny. You need to build up her sense of self-worth. Take her out to a few nearby forest preserves and just walk for a couple hours. Keep phones in the car so to keep her off of hers. This way she has nothing to see or do but pure reality. This will be your best bet at making her a more honest person.

Sure thing there Depresselburg.


Nice blogpost but try reddit they'll appreciate your bullshit a little more.

Yes, you said give up the current shot at improving white birth rates and instead go back to the same dumpsterfire and hope to salvage yet another white girl. Rather than trying to improve her since she's not too far gone or corrupted, I should just abandon reproduction and let her be consumed by the left.

Now tell me, would anyone who actually gives a shit about his people suggest that?

(((It's))) afraid.

Are you the user who met this girl in an arcade?
Anyhow I've always found humor is the best way to get through to people. Most of the tumblr crown love feeling like their "in" on a joke and will take on view points for the purpose of acting like they "get it". It doesn't change their views right away, but it gets things through their various filters.

Wish you luck getting through to her user, you've clearly had a positive influence on her even if it feels like things are taking too long.

dude, she thought she was a man and was taking hormones nevermind she's a Tumblr.

Start with bettering your standards.

Get a better girlfriend, try amish, or any patriarchal society for that matter.
That's beyond the point of

fucking jews. She probably was barely on it any length of time to do any damage. Test doesn't affect women the same way estrogen affects men.

OP: I'm assuming she is white. If she was better off politically, would you be intending to marry her? And have children? Because her fetishes to me say she subconsciously is aware she is messed up, but social cohesion demands she go with what other women do. A firm but kind hand is the way to lead.

I bet you're from Rhode Island or Connecticut, right?

watch with her

Brawl in cell block 99


Triple 9

and look into operant conditioning

read the rational male

To everyone telling OP to find a better girl: where the fuck do you find these women? Every woman I've known has had at least one orange flag, usually multiple red flags. All the good women are taken, and I do sometimes ask if they're wearing the ring just so guys don't hit on them.

You find their fathers on right wing cultural events.
That's what I did.
alternatively you can look in a library or a bookstore.
If you're in a country with non pozzed churches, attend a mass.

Grind her down like a millstone. When people say "change comes from within," they mean that it is extraordinarily difficult to change people without their willingness in the process, but people are ultimately affected by their environment. Most people when directly confronted with opposition to their worldviews will double down as a psychological defense mechanism.

There are people that can be worn down and broken by continuous frontal oppression but it is by far easier to slip in from the sides. Almost all of the anons that have started lurking Holla Forums "ironically" ended up being changed and re-molded by continuous evidence that they could no longer deny after they changed step by step and looked inside of themselves and found that change.
What they hear all around them, who they hang out with, positive or negative responses to statements about their worldview or politics, all of these can influence the "change from within" that you are looking for. Do not pick large battles, pick small ones that can be continuously won. Try to encourage her to view alternative media that isn't filled up to the gills with Pozz, or you can incrementally lower the Pozz level of things that she is watching/listening to until she is ready to hear and accept the truth. Start from the outside in, not everything has to be an instantaneous 1488 injection. Maybe try older movies and tv shows that offer a different worldview, but not ones that are instantaneously alien country for her.

the loli pill

I've gotten her from "No kids ever" to being turned on by the thought of me impregnating her and agreeing to maybe one, depending on her mood.

Yeah, that's me. It's been pretty smooth sailing, but the little political disagreements are slowly becoming bigger. I had one huge victory early on, then small ones here and there. In a way I feel like this was her old identity lashing out at me, she apologized repeatedly after our last argument (I didn't think she was serious and thought we were just having a spirited debate, but she was actually getting really upset by the end of it. And it was over themes in modern children's films.)

Long-term that is definitely my goal. It's funny, I told her once "As soon as I feel I have enough money to give them a good life and am prepared for everything I wanna start having kids." and her immediate response was "My dad says 'if you wait to have kids until you think you can afford them, you never will." Her dad's had four kids so far.

No, actually.

I honestly don't know how to take that. Massive red flag, or having a brain. It's a tough call because it's a woman.
What are the odds she is actually a virgin though? (but it didn't count 'cause it was women and/or men who believe they are women).

That's exactly the tactic I've been taking with her. Showing her movies and shows I liked growing up that aren't pozzed and helped shape my worldview. I just tell them they're old favorites of mine and I want to share them with her.

I knew you were the guy from that shitty Holla Forums thread.

Are there any good ones?

It's strange how attached they get to surrogates in tv and movies. Girls love it because they can find an exact fictional scenario that justifies whatever bullshit du jour is being funneled into their heads at the time.
You're probably going to have to remind her of just how wrong she was before, leaning heavily on the emotional toil it took on her in that moment if she pulls that shit test again. Framing it as not being worth the frustration and stress it causes her to defend something that most likely has zero impact on her life might help.

Wish me luck, user!

Good luck!

How was she getting the test?
Doctor? Black market? Precursors?

Most jewish post of the year. Congratulations, Moishe.


Don't look into the Jewish origins of tinder!
Or "love" and dating culture origins with sodomites (^:

Don’t cry, Moishe, maybe one day you’ll have an argument.

Start arguing, anytime

Since she is Italian and Irish start explaining to her that ALL JEWS MUST DIE!! and everything is their fault and they are behind every white society killing degeneracy from porn to immigration to central banks all with their agenda pushed onto the white population by (((rat))) controlled msm.

Start slow leading to irrefutable evidence of the rodent infestation.Also any kids you may have should be indoctrinated early that kikes are a destructive parasite like tapeworms.GL


Post saved as "pol does not mince words.jpg"

I know I'm going to get a lot of shit on here but I'm going to give you an honest answer.

For her:
Introduce her to babby's first redpills on Youtube.
Sheonehead makes fun of feminists but is a bisexual liberal so it's still in the safe zone.

Blaire White:
Blaire White is a MTF tranny who is also anti-feminist and pro-trump.

Stefan Molyneux's videos on single motherhood, child abuse and any of his older stuff (before he got full race realist) is also good soft-entry redpills. Only show her these if she is the egghead type. Most women will be bored by Stefan's format.

These are the kind of voices and opinions you should be exposing your gf to right now. Think of them as a meat tenderizer hammer, you need to tenderize her brain and make her comfortable with admitting that she was wrong on some things before she can truly be receptive to real red pills. Those Youtube channels mentioned above are good starting points for a young dumb bitch like your girlfriend.

For you
All you need to worry about is self-improvement and being the best man you can be. Women want strong men who lead. From what I have read, she seems like damaged goods and may be way more effort than she is worth. Stop putting pussy on a pedestal, she isn't the last woman on earth. Men have an uncanny advantage of becoming more desirable as they get older if they lay strong foundations. No matter how lonely you feel now, it will get better as you work on yourself and mature into a better man. With time you will be able to attract a more desirable woman who shares your moral compass.

Either she bends to you or she fucks off. No need in wasting your time on her when you could be putting that time and effort into yourself.

pic somewhat related

Someone should post that "how to tame a woman" guide for OP.

Strong firm grip on her forearm and slap on the cheek

aside the shitpost, a real man never explains things but gives solutions and gives answers through actions

Assuming "she" even exists, it is pretty clear that she has got you by the ego and you don't even know it.
Lamb to the slaughter (you).

The greatest lever in the female psyche is children. Evoke her love for children. Explain all your politics in terms of what is good for children. She will conform. If you can't explain everything in relation to the 14 words you need to educate yourself.

I know you're looking for answers user, but it seems to me like this girl is way too neurotic. You'll probably save yourself a lot of anguish and time if you found somebody else.

Basically this.
MGTOW's should be pushing for amassing resources and influence to change society. Begin our march through the institutions. Unfortunately a non-trivial amount of them don't have a higher calling other than complaining.

what the FUCK

You do understand she is more than likely sterile from taking the testosterone, right? Get a new girl, yours is broken.

Self affirmation is the final stage, and it takes a few years to get there. It might be faster if the vast majority of people didn’t respond to the with “man up beta faggot loser and by a martyr for the women and divorce lawyers.” It’s time for the MGTOW d&c to end. Men will get married again when the courts are de-kiked and marriage and rape laws restored to normal. We are fighting for the same cause, so all you tradcons stop being faggots and acknowledge the problem.

OP, on the one hand this sounds like a shitshow.
On the other hand, in spite of what I preach to everyone around me that these modern western women are burnt, and just to treat them like the spent whores they are, deep down I hold out hope that there are still good girls and there is a chance.
People can change, but they usually don't.
If you believe enough in your redemption narrative, and you have the power of true will within you, I encourage you to not give up. Even if only for the sake of experiment.
If she is truly a virgin, don't give up.
Don't lose your cool, just be the man and never capitulate to her old-life bullshit.
If you are successful in the long term, she will always look at you as her savior that pulled her out of the mire of kikedom.
One question- how old are the two of you, respectively?

I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm MGTOW for martyrdom related reasons as well. I'm merely saying there are some MGTOWs who are only interested in bitching, which is a fact. But none of the MGTOWs on this board bitch about women just to bitch about women. I'm sure we are all in it to gain power and influence so we can shape the world.

And you can't argue with tradcons because they see the white birth problem as a bigger threat than ZOG storming their homes and legalizing the murder of whites. In reality, tradcons are simply not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to save our race. They do not desire martyrdom but survival.

Do you love her?

I mean, really love her?

Because it sounds like you do to be willing to go through all that. Just make sure of it (and not just think that she is the only one you can get, that's gamma thinking) and make sure she knows.

My situation sounds similar (older, she's "different", will leave it at that) but I've never felt more comfortable with anyone. Demonstrate your devotion. In my case she has to just realize her "friends" are a bunch of users and d-bags. It's a matter of time, I know what I know.

Hang in there user. You shouldn't have to deprogram her, she should willingly follow you. Get her away from her degenerate friends if she has any still in her life.

If you know she's the one, the waiting is the hardest part.

So basically half potato-nigger, 1/8th Arab?

Much of MGTOW are divorced men with children, so some of us have already done what we needed to and fought to stay in our kids lives. But I’m sure as hell not going to work to take care of some ugly ungrateful whore who’s fucked 50+ guys just so the government doesn’t have to give them welfare. The tradcons make no distinction there though, and the women and their handler did it to themselves. They will either have to back down and give up power (which never happens), or order will be restored after a collapse.

get her pregnant and make her aware of the international cabal that wants her child dead


Damnit, hit the button early.

Funny story: I ended up here lurking two years ago because I wanted to get my mind off her. Then I remembered she was always talking about Trump in a positive way. I'll bet she'll be floored to find out I helped shitpost his way to the White House on a lark. (We don't talk about polx, she's surrounded by DUDE WEED leftists.)

MGTOW i agree with in the transitory sense, rational self interest is necessary for survival. especially for a man, after he tastes the bitterness of defeat in this world, to recluse and repose, in order to rebuild and find himself again.

MGTOW as a destination I disagree with, it is a horrible place because as such it forces us to turn off our humanity, and exist without much of what makes the human experience worth it. additionally MGTOW is a soft population war if you believe the movement could be engineered for political ends.

You slay me, Chiam.

Polite sage since this is more or less a blog post, but the way to deprogram her is to take her to one of these shit hole countries and let her experience things first hand. Or, you can take her to Asia, like China or Vietnam, where all this Western bullshit doesn't exist and she can experience what actual hardships are like.

People like that are always spoiled, somewhat well off, and very sheltered. Liberalism makes a lot of sense if you are living in a Western bubble, surrounded by rich white people. But once you drag someone out of that, they can easily realize what's going on.

Social justice can only exist in a vacuum where there is no reality. Which is why it flourishes in places like the internet and on college campuses.

Mental illness

Once she has had a kid, she will enjoy the parenting thing, assuming that she has everything she needs to succeed at it. Most of the women I know who were "one and done" (and not old when they started) wanted more once they realized how fun kids are. Once she has a pretty white baby (or at least a cute one) start to introduce the concept of white genocide to her. She will see it as a direct threat to her and her lineage, and actively try to fight against it. Try to have at least 3 kids. She seems unstable enough to not be able to handle much more than that. It is truly a skill to raise a large brood and do so well.

Also, she seems to respect her father (by repeating his thoughts.) Try to say nice things about him in regards to the things you like. "Your father made a good point about…" would probably be a good modifier to add to your lexicon.

She seems to be the type that external environmental factors shape her significantly. Have her watch movies that promote your values. Surround her with things that confirm your beliefs. It seems like you are already doing that though, so keep it up. Try not to go too quickly, or she will shun it.

I second this.
Honestly, the fact that after meeting you she stopped taking T, started wearing skirts and makeup, came around to the possibility of a kid, AND LET YOU NAME HER are all very good signs that you're her leader.
Keep it up.
And stay ever on the alert to defend her fragile mind against subversion of your authority.


She's into Disney & older men? Needs Daddy to take care of her & give a few spankings. Reward her with paternal/spouse affection when she performs in the proper womanly manner.

Your next post should be 'I put a baby in her' or 'I couldn't put a baby in her because she rotted her womb out, but my new gf never took male hormones", user.

sage for blogpost


Kill yourself you're entire life is a joke and you'll always be a faggot


Find the cure for narcissism, you will find the cure for leftism.
Find the cure for autism, you will find the cure for rightism.
As we all know, there is no cure for autism, so lets focus on narcissism.

Seriously wise. Only an autist could notice something like that.

Sounds like your pokémon adventure is about to begin!
This is fairly normal, broadly speaking. A woman follows the lead of the man she thinks will take care of her.
Replace with anime and the Trumpian sense of winning.
At the risk of reading too much into specific words, don't read with her. You don't change a woman's mind through propaganda. Reading her Evola or whatever isn't going to do shit. The idea is that you've internalized all that yourself and she accepts it through osmosis as you continue doing things like not failing shit-tests.

Sage and FUCKING report.

OP, it's going to cost you more to repair your car than to simply discard it and buy a new one.

This is the girl that inspired him to tell us not to abandon all women.

Last post OP, you know what to do.

Literally get the fuck out and never come back

Answer this

Simple answer OP

Mock it in a playful but brutal way, make it seem dumb and uncool


Im not even meming here. Fuck her like an animal hard and often. Of course only after marrying her :^)


This is what you people don't get pushing this meme. You wan't guys to "act like black guys" and go around dicking whatever girl they can. Now you say "dick her to wed her but if it dont work out its ok just keep dicking" You see, your whole ideal makes the worst outcome on a good and stable society. People like you breed whores and also help used up whores get support from the men you trick. You also support cucking other men. You wan't to be the bull just like niggers do and if you screw over your "weak" fellow race while doing so well then he didn't need that girl anyways right? Your ideal is also to have as many kids with as many women as you can. So finding a broken one is not so bad for you since you can pump and dump and leave welfare to pick up the tab. You are the second part in what is degrading society and you pit your fellow men against each other over a used up resource that will never benefit them.
The truth is; Chads are niggers, niggers are fags, women are pedos and mgtows are older alphas that just named what they do as a movement. Shits not going to get fixed because you are part of the problem literally on top of the women you fuck.

Allow me to reiterate:


Them divine trips aint lying.


The dog's face in pic #4 always cracks me up.

Looks like she has some injun genetics.

Sage advice my dude


He needs to manipulate her. Cult mentality.

It seems like you don't have a dog in the fight so why don't you go out guns blazing?

Because MGTOW are cowards (and CUCKS). They wouldn't identify as MGTOW if they didn't give a shit about having wives, but they're a bunch of faggots who are afraid to take any risks for what they want most in life, so they settle with what they enjoyed when they were 12 + bitching about women like women.



I've noticed this too. I do actually sympathize with MGTOW faggots, as they see no other way "out". I'd rather die trying to have white kids to raise rather than give up and die forever. I'm 31, have had more girlfriends than I can remember all at once (it's way less cooler than it sounds), and I just want to get married and have kids. There is no way I'd give up now, and neither should some 20 something that can better himself and get a wife. Come on, faggot. I'm now in my 30s, literally in the best shape of my life, make 60k a year. Meanwhile some 21 year old is bitching about life being unfair, getting fat, playing vidya all day.
Sorry for the blog posting, but I was a degenerate loser for years. I got out of the military at 23, did lots of coke, blew money on a camero, booze, women, stupid shit yet the loser I was, I managed to get girlfriends that were white, blonde, and attractive. Too bad I was too retarded to keep them off birth control and have kids with them because I was a degenerate fuck. Just keep trying! You have to try harder. I know things are bad, I live it, but never give up. You have to have white children. YOU are saving the white race. Not someone else. Please keep trying. I will.


That's me now. Now that we won the culture war, its time to better ourselves and strike.

I don't see a problem with this if you gently guide her along the way by raising points about where these normiepill avatars are using incomplete logic.
Just enough for her to realise that she can like the message in general without having to agree $100%.

I'm further along, but you both are right. For men it isn't too late til you're dead, tbh. I have no excuse to not better myself, even at my ancient age. Its that simple. Where you are now, this second, take stock, then be more than that. Rinse, repeat.

I encourage making your best efforts to father your children before 35. The "men don't have an expiration date" meme only applies to the healthiest and most virile among us. I don't know your particular situation, but up beyond that mid-30s mark lies increased likelihood for your offspring having a bevy of genetic shortcomings such as autism or low testosterone for sons.

My wife was bluepilled as fuck when I met her. And now she knows more of esoterics than most of nu-Holla Forums

Its extremely possible, if you have the wisdom and strength to do it. Because anything is possible, if you can believe in something, and remove all doubt about it, then that is the reality that you will get.




THAT'S a sixteen year old? Jesus Christ.


Harlot. Put on a dress.






Future black dicksheaths, all of them. Where are their fathers to put a stop to this skankery.

that's because you are busy masturbating to 2d girls

Fixing western women, even beginning to make any process at all, is going to take probably a decade to start. The only way for them to recognize that there is a behavior that they need to change is for them to experience wholescale total personal outgrouping. Men need to learn to say "no" to them and stop socializing with them in any way shape or form and replace them with fuckbots. Without men to manipulate with their cunts, women will have to actually earn what they want in life. This will cause women to start working to get men's attention. In that, they will begin to change and adapt themselves to what men want because women are ultimately fundamentally social chameleons with no real principles or morals of their own. Which is why we are where we are with western society right now.


Your post is great until this part. Turning men into a bunch of masturbation connoisseurs is a dirty kike trick. Kill yourself, MGTOW faggot.

There will never be a collective effort to fix women, cuck.

Watch E;R on YouTube

I'm not saying it's ideal. But the only thing that will inspire the greater population of women to alter their behavior is freezing them out. Completely. Until their lips turn blue an icicles start forming on their tits. If you have a better suggestion, I'm all ears.


What is that ?

Woman's suffrage was probably our second worst mistake.

If only I had any idea what the fuck any of these people were saying.

Deep down he knows he fucked up.

Not possible.
Fix society, fix women.
Don't fix society, women are crap.


you have to go back

You know…
Having all these on file to whip out at a moment's notice…
Probably doesn't look so good for you to the GITD agencies.
What are you doing?

Speaking of deprogramming our female kins minds completely consumed by the jewish virus, what are we gonna do about these retards?


They're the same kind of retard, let them both die.

Alright, I'll bite.

Here's the deal: You won't fix her. If the damage is tolerable to you, see what you can make of it. Don't talk politics. Encourage good behaviour. Discourage bad behaviour.

The genes are all intact. Make white babies. Focus your energy on the next generation. Eyes on the prize: 14/88


She sounds like a lost cause OP. Sometimes knowing when to move on and cut your loses can be hard, but I recommend it in this case.

If you want to redpill a girl though, the ONLY way is to marry her and have kids. Women have a biological need to reproduce, be provided for, and protected (or at least have there kids protected and provided for). White men are increasingly not seen as wanting to do this, thus women have a biological advantage to "keep their options open". Find a girl who isn't completely posed/insane, have a family with a strong a' fuck prenup so she doesn't have a way out, and then dominate the fuck out of her and tell her what to think. That's how you redpill a girl.



OP should be looking for something younger and with an undamaged mind. But maybe he won't ever find it. So until he finds something better, he can keep this one.

A whole plethora of underage girl pictures.
The fact that everything on your devices is stored and accessible from the outside.
Right good case for blackmail or defamation should you ever do anything noteworthy for the cause in meatspace.

what the fuck are you doing mate? Cut that shit loose before you suffer a more serious blow. I dated a girl that I knew was "tainted". I ended up getting her pregnant and had an abortion. Due to many many factors- including her being fucked up on drugs and alcohol habitual during pregnancy. (unbeknownst to her) We both now have damaged souls. It is a consistent source of sorrow for myself.

You sound young. Please think about the compromises you are making, and how it is affecting your potential.

My own philosophy on women is that they have a biological imperative to be unscrupulous whores that is being enhanced by the tumblr /feminism movement. Women can indeed become damaged goods. They lack honor and serious mental restraint. I am currently somewhat a MGTOW at the moment. Focusing on myself and treating women as the whores they are. I refuse to compromise my potential on a slag. You trade your energy to appease some woman who likely won't be there when the chips are down. You make yourself a victim of circumstance. I refuse to be a victim. I am building my own companies, acquiring wealth and knowledge. I will find a traditional wife when I hold the power. I am prepared to find one abroad, and marry 10+ years younger.

they're legal

Stop right there, user. When going through (((the change))) patients are put on inhibitors that suppress their natural growth hormones. This disruption causes sterilization. You won't have any kids with this one, user. She's already lost top the white race.

It's time to purge all kikes from our society.

You don't have to be too easy on the red pills. Three years ago I went from a basic bitch anti-sjw libertarian to hard NS because one of the youtubers I was watching (TL;DR) casually mentioned TGSNT and I decided to watch it.

Get her some of that druid brew and meet mother earth together. Experiencing ego death humbles people.

Get out, you know only men need talk about politics. This is why your arguments fail, you are a hypocrite.

Hello OP,

Ex Don Juan, currently married and father here.

Just give up this trainwreck, it is not worth it.

When someone around you has got a few screws loose in their minds, wherever man or woman, you gonna have problems for the rest of your life.

Maybe you can grow a decent family out of this chick, maybe it is the best girl you will ever going to meet.

But consider how much effort you will have to put to just keep her in the right path.

Consider please, that some women were taught early on what is right and wrong and that they will go down the right path by themselves without you needing to push them too much.

I left my dissolute life for a woman like that and regarding our children growing up from such a mother, I couldn't be happier.

It is not fun either, it is hard to stand her bullshit every day, every hour. With modern women we will never be happy together. There is not one single grandma-style girl out there, but you can make do with a woman that just likes to be girly and feels comfortable being what she is.

Think about that, is this girl mother material? Don't consider yourself, or the relationship. Just finding a woman that has potential to be a good mom is the best we can do in this day and age. Just find a woman that would stick to her children in the face of Robert Pattison or Justin Bieber and you are good.

On a second thought OP,

This girl may have potential as first wife in a polyginous family.

I never tried that to tell you what to do for sure. But we are living degenerate times anyway, if she is into women a bit, maybe she can help you get another two or three females.

But you need a lot of money, one family is expensive, multiply that by the number of females you plan to get. I don't know, card jews, sell something, hack some bitcoin, you do what you can.

And don't fiddle around, impregnate the first girl as soon as she gets another one in your bed, and try to impregnate the second, third and fourth as fast as possible.

They depending financially on you is the only way to keep an harem around and as soon as the babies popped out, chastity belts on all of them.

One woman can screw you financially, but if you got several, either they stick together for fight among each other and leave you in peace. Monogamic relationships are only good if you got a rather decent woman, otherwise it is worse than be permavirgin foreveralone.

OP here, though my ID may be different. I typically post using palemoon, but captcha doesn't work on palemoon so I gotta open another browser to make threads, and for some reason my ID is different between them.

Thanks for the actually fairly helpful words of encouragement. I need to go through and write down every name listed here. I think slowly influencing her by having her watch redder and redder youtube comment and just letting her come to the right conclusions on her own and leading by example is a good idea.

As to questions about whether or not she's really a virgin (and part of why I'd put so much effort into her, considering how physically attractive she is) I'll spell it out again.

She dated one guy at 13. They kissed, but that was it. They were never alone. They broke up around when her parents divorced, he moved and she was getting really into tumblr garbage. All she got off to was gay erotica based on fandoms she liked. It's really insidious how the fags recruit. You have to wonder if it's calculated and planned that they go to fandoms they know children are into and then write stories involving their depraved fetishes. Makes me wonder if it might not be worthwhile to make some stories in their fan fiction communities that reflect our values. Fight fire with fire, at least give them the choice.

So that was when she decided she was a boy. She started wearing boy clothes and exclusively dated girls. The way she put it was "I found girls younger than me cute, but not sexually. The relationships were romantic but platonic." I've seen pictures of it. Lots of handholding, but it clearly all looks like it was done specifically for the pose. I think she just wanted to pretend she was into girls. I got this from seeing a journal entry she wrote at 13 describing not wanting to be a "boring basic bitch straight white girl" She had no attraction to girls her age, older men generally ignored her because she dressed like and identified as a boy. Honestly I think I was just in the right place at the right time. I appealed to her, I told her what deep down she knew to be true, and in spite of the testosterone she still has a very light voice and feminine figure. No body hair either. That was one of the tipping points as well I think she was living in constant fear she was going to start growing a mustache and the test was giving her acne.

So I believe she's sincere in being a virgin through lack of oppurtunity not to be. At the time she was dating girls she actually identified as asexual on all of her tumblr shit (despite reading a bunch of hardcore gay fan fiction.)

There is a norwegian documentary called brainwash (hjernvask if i am not wrong) that deals with topics such as feminism and race in a very soft guiding manner.