'Communism like Christianity and Lenin is a SAINT' claims Putin in shocking interview

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has compared communism to Christianity and likened Bolshevik revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin to a “saint” in a revealing new interview.

PUBLISHED: 05:10, Mon, Jan 15, 2018 | UPDATED: 03:55, Tue, Jan 16, 2018
Putin claimed communist ideology has all the hallmarks of religion in that it is based on equality, brotherhood and it has its own “holy scripture”. Speaking in an interview for a documentary film called "Valaam”, a clip from which was broadcast by the Russia 1 TV channel, he said: "Faith has always accompanied us, it strengthened when our country, our people faced particularly difficult times.
"There were such severe years of militant atheism during the Soviet period when priests were killed, churches were destroyed. But at the same time a new religion was being created — communist ideology, which is very similar to Christianity, in fact.
“Freedom, equality, brotherhood, justice — all of this is enshrined in the Holy Scripture, it's all there. And what about the Code of the Builders of communism? This is a sublimation, it's really just a primitive excerpt from the Bible, nothing new was invented.”

He also compared leader of the Bolshevik Party and of the Russian revolutions, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - better known as Lenin - to Christian saints. When Lenin died in 1924, his body was embalmed and put on display in a mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow. Mr Putin added: “Look, Lenin was put in a mausoleum. How is this different from the relics of saints for Orthodox Christians and just for Christians?
“When they say that there’s no such tradition in Christianity, well, how come, go to Athos and take a look, there are relics of the saints there, and we have holy relics here.”


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Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov said: “I think these words of the president very effectively and reasonably smooth out the acute angles around the theme of the mausoleum.
“Communists and all the leftist patriotic forces in Russia understand that communism is close to Christianity as much as the form of capitalism that exists in our country and our economy today is far from Christianity.”
The cult of Lenin was part of Soviet ideology but there is public debate about the possibility of giving Lenin’s remains a proper burial, which began in the early days of Perestroika - a political movement for Soviet reformation in the 1980s. A recent poll by the Levada Centre showed the country is split down the middle in terms of support for Lenin’s burial.

The poll showed 41 per cent favoured a formal burial, 41 per cent opposed and 18 per cent could not make up their minds. Lenin himself was a humble person, living a self-imposed ascetic lifestyle and did not wish to be idealised during his lifetime. Head of the Russian Communist Party said Putin promised him that as long as he remains President then Lenin’s body will remain on display.

The communist chief quoted Putin as saying: “As long as I sit here, there will be no barbarism in Red Square.”
Mr Zyuganov said Putin dismissed allegations Lenin was not buried in accordance with Christian traditions. He quotes Putin as saying: “As far as the form of the burial is concerned, they used the one that is also used in Orthodox Christianity – he lies a meter and a half below the ground level. Sepultures and cave burials have been known for a long time.”

Lenin was the first leader of the Soviet Union when it formed in 1922 after a second revolution. The first Russian revolution of 1917 devised by Lenin saw the Bolsheviks overthrow the Tsarist regime. In the Second revolution, the Bolsheviks overthrew a liberal democracy, persecuted and liquidated their opponents - including communist rivals the Mensheviks - to set up a “dictatorship of the proletariat”. After Lenin's death, Joseph Stalin became the leader and ushered in the bloodiest period of Russia's history.

Homosexuality is close to heterosexuality because there is the feminine twink and the masculine bear.


The work of the "saints".

The Revolutionary France tried 10-day cycle. It didn't work. You can't uproot a nation completely at once. Not even with a revolution. The Russian customs were usurped and molded into the new religion of communism. Of course, communism itself borrowed from Christianity, but it was all made materialistic; so the equality (the value of the replaceable) moved from spiritual realm (between all men and God) to between every biological / social organism.

If anything, this is like saying that Catholicism is paganism.

I thought the Russians were ready to penetrate the shocking truth that Lenin was a Prussian agent sent there in a sealed wagon to lead a revolution in order to destroy Russia.
After all, Putin started threading on very antisemitic hatefacts regarding jewish involvement in Tsar's murder.
Guess not.

Seems like an apt analogy to me. Whats the point of this shit thread?


this but unironically

to bait people who only read the headline

Looks like they're too busy on other boards like /a/. Oh well. Queue /christian/ shills in 3…2…1…

Probably a counter to the anti-russia jews and /christian/ shills. Any redpilled poster on Holla Forums is wise to the true nature of abrahamic religions. To be fair, the OP style is kinda strange and /newsplus/-y. Related to this is the pinned thread which is almost assuredly a mod thread, pinned with only 2 posts. This thread will probably turn into a "it's a /christian/ kvetches like jews episode" thread soon.

He don goofed. w e w


The point of the thread is
Putin is a commie sympathizer and thinks Lenin is a saint!
when the interview is mostly saying communism purposefully replaced the church and created it's own saints, holy books and relics. It tried to fill that place in people's souls and failed miserably.

Ya may want to read more than just one article. I think I made a good point here . Being defensive =/= kvetching, or this site is just white kvetching, no?

I think it's more likely that Express paints it as such, but Putin merely stated that Communism behaved like a religion. I'll post the link again:

I would also like to remind you that Russia works in a similar fashion as Trump (or rather, Trump took it from them); Always push two opposing messages.

I'm still not gonna support war with Russia, kikestein


He is defending the jewish tyranny in Russia in the past century. Are you slow or just ignorant?

Fuck off Trump-hasbara, there are scores of information exposing Putin.

Putin's always been a gigantic faggot who only has Russias (not even slavic) interests in mind to re-establish the USSR after its fall and the gigantic loss of territory and power that happened. If reading Dugin has shown me anything it's not how we can be great allies with Russia in its current state, rather exposes the true ambitions of Putin Civic Nationalism.

The only half descent thing he's done is allow far-right nationalism to grow a little with his migrate criticisms. The only ones that really throw their weight behind "muh based russia" is the alternative/independent media crowd that's oblivious to them having a bigger alternative motive by feeding them pro-Russian narratives like he's "Fighting the NWO". Guys former KGB ffs. Reminds me of the shitlibs who use minorities never once thinking they have a brain in their head and can use them in return and will shake them off, like they're doing now, when their white allies are no longer useful.

Now that Putin is s comfirmed communist, I wonder if he will still be criticized as harshly by our media.

You aren't very good at D&C are you shill?

The future of Russia is Putin is going to merge the concept of the Soviet era with the rest of Russia's history communism and The Orthodoxy will be merged into the state ideology. Stalin has gained in popularity greatly and will be remembered as a tsar someday.

The dude had been indoctrinated into the (((KGB))). We should've never trusted him in the first place, but saying this angers the philosemite vodkaniggers who hail him as a god. If you want to see the deep kike influence in Russia, look up Avigdor Eskin and all the shit Dugin is connected to. Also (((Chabad)))


Been saying this for a while now, if you actually watch RT for like 10 minutes and have half a brain, its pretty obvious they are the farthest left news outlet on TV and pushing radical SJW/anti white shit that even CNN etc wont touch.




Wow, that never happens. Shitting on Lenin there would be like shitting on Lincoln in the US, you may criticize some particular action of his but shit on his whole character and say goodbye to politics. Don't forget until 1991 all soviet leaders were presented without reproach. Also by saint he probably means they replaced christian idols with atheist idols, not that he was perfect. Otherwise he'd piss off the christians and he isn't stupid.

I don't know if it's true, but I've seen someone mention RT is completely different inside and outside Russia. I can't read slavrunes though.


pls no bully

I said there are other materials in general, moron. The numerous sources for this incident are in the article. The number one source is the goddamn national tv of Russia. Don't post anymore, you seem to be genuinelly retarded.


Lenin is simply showing ignorance/over-enthusiasm. Lenin, and especially Stalin his protégé was an absolute enemy to Christians, pure AntiChrist, and created the greatest number of murdered Christian martyrs to date (though China is quickly gaining).


Did you even read the article, chaim?

kikes are getting so fucking desperate lol

Hi Lech, the questions is if he had been a Prussian agent, why did he live in Switzerland and why did he travel in a sealed compartment?
And most important…
(((Who))) paid for the train fare? We do know, the same people who pay you Lech

A very interesting and relevant article.



>Yeltsin was a drunk US puppet who allowed (((oligarchs))) to steal Russian natural resources
neocohens need to come up with better memes than this

They did this all while making anti semitism illegal

RIDF please.

You can say the jews deserved the holocaust, you just can't say it didn't happen.


RIDF will ignore this thread.

Also, inb4 being called a UIDF shill.

Same thing they are trying to do in the USA with the influential and wealthy goyim that don't cooperate. The jews whispering in putin's ear want communism as it is easier to control the cattle and russia's people are predisposed to that way of life having already lived though that crap and the western way of corruption doesn't fly.

There's no evidence of a holocaust in Germany. In any real holocaust there's ample evidence because it isn't possible to kill a million people and leave no trace of it. Besides, the method makes no sense, Germany had plenty of gas chambers built on train tracks (so disease wouldn't spread, yes other countries had the same thing), it'd make far more sense to gas jews right there than in bathrooms.

did you even read what you replied to, kike?



mediafire.com/file/z8qhdc2m3x7a2u6/CHRISTIAN BOOKS COLLECTION.zip?ssl=1

Keep earning those rubles.


keep losing in Syria and everywhere else, snipdick


do you even real politik?


Screw christianity

It was a simple logistics issue, goy.


Mods are faggots who made and sticked a thread because this one hurt their feelings


The mods got their jimmies rustled? Wow, what a fuckin' surprise. Hopefully, it doesn't prevent more traffic to this thread.

Makes that noggin joggin, huh? Russian Insider is not even state run. It's just some slavaboo running it.



1488% true.
They even have had "brainlet" memes, halos, to denote who is a smartie and who is just a dumb nazi brainlet.

They also read all the time and when you talk to them they always scoff and tell you to read more.

1488% just like leftists today.
But then again, it's a jewish thing.


I mean, look at the size of those noggins! And the halos, they are extra smart.

Of course the kike gets its special square one, because we have always lived in clown world.

forgot the kike

Also, note the position of the fingers, the hand signal.
Even that is like the kike sign (think Mr. Spock) watered down for goyim.

Yes, the Vulcan salute is an authentic imitation of the manner by which Cohanim spread their hands in most congregations when blessing the congregation to this day.

Cohanim are those people that today comprise about four to five percent of the Jewish population all of whom trace their paternal lineage back to Aaron, brother of Moses, who was also the first High Priest. The Cohanim performed the offerings in the Tabernacle and later in the Temple in Jerusalem. They are still afforded certain honors, and they still bless the congregation with exactly the same words with which Aaron blessed us over 3,300 years ago when we finally got the first Tabernacle up and standing.

We have a dedicated section on the priestly blessing here, but to make it short:

When the Cohanim bless the people, they stand at the front of the synagogue, face the congregation, cover their faces with their tallit (prayer shawl), and spread out their hands. They say the words of the blessing, one word at a time, following word by word the prompts of the cantor. In most congregations, they do this along with a melody, which differs according to the custom of the congregation.

The reason the Cohanim raise and spread out their hands is because that’s just what Aaron did when he blessed us: “And Aaron lifted up his hands towards the people and blessed them…”2

לחיות זמן רב ולשגשג?

They can control the situation, go with either option, diversion… Plenty of reasons.

Pretty much.


Didn't see it initially but, poetry, it rhymes.

He's not wrong, but his angle seems to be one of projecting both in a positive light, attempting to mitigate the conflict between two of the primary ideological forces in modern Russia.

The Express publishes articles expressing Hitler and National Socialism in at the very least a neutral, if not positive, light. Go jerk off to the Grauniad you fucking newfag.

Any link?

Duginists and "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" simpletons are the contemporary useful idiots. Sometimes our interests align (Syria) many times they won't (dreams of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, pan-Eurasian empire of mudpeople).

This isn't the_donald you disgusting newfag.

Putin's greatest challenge is syncretizing Communism and the Orthodox Church and that is precisely what these comments address.

Merely public relations, goyim :^).


Pretty much any -ism can work with the right white people in charge. Let Obama be owner of all property in Russia for a couple months though, and communism will seem like the worst system ever devised.

Putin said that for devout communists, Lenin was the equivalent of a saint for Christians.

Sage because kike propaganda is not welcome here.

Why Do American Jews Idealize Soviet Communism?

Vladimir Lenin Was Part Jewish, Say Declassified KGB Files

This shit again

Communism is the religion, and Lenin it's messiah, just like Christianity was the religion, and Jesus it's messiah, Religion of Cuck™ and mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker, etc. He's making a comparison between an idea and it's proponents.

A thread died for this brainlet-tier shit. This is the MSM going "PUTIN SAYS COMMUNISM IS A RELIGION AND LENIN IS ACTUALLY A MESSIAH", and you're too stupid to realize the clickbait behind the article.

Use your fucking brain, this is Holla Forums not Reddit.

Wasted trips. It was the (((New Testament))) that completely neutered christianity.

This title is very misleading, it makes it sound like he supports it rather than just saying it has a similar system of creating a belief system. Communism is like a religion, its adherents believe in it like one and it is designed to cause that. But that's not saying its a good thing, it is an incredibly stupid and destructive religion like Religion of Cuck™.

Sorry, neutered what? Because what was before it was Judaism, which it did indeed neuter. Which is why they killed the guy.

The only thing that neutered Christianity is (((government-sponsored translations))) that focused on submission to state authority and a universalist morality, turning "the Jews aren't special anymore" into "everybody's equal."

I'm shocked. I never saw this one coming

Read, nigga. All he said was that communists see Lenin as a saint in almost literal terms.

Further neutering of the European spirit happened when peasants who had to live in a world of jewry, being the prime victim of jews who would run rough-shot over the country goy still do too, would have (((their))) luck run out and the peasants decide finally that it is not enough for the Monarch to tell (((them))) to leave if he or his replacement would bring (((them))) back in only a few years time. And so the peasant would try and throw the jew down the well but always the jew would have the Monarch's ear still does and knights to send against these dirty goyim, sometimes a knight would breakaway and fight against the jew dying just the same, usually worse though torture if captured.

> There is neither Jew nor Greek, for you are all one in Christ Jesus
Kikes deny Christ.
Just (((whose))) father is He talking about? Could it be that He's referring to kikes?

Even disregarding jews, what about blacks then? Some accept him in the U.S. We must care for our based brothers in Christ.
How in the world do you derive that from that scripture? The scripture quite literally states to put God > family. Therefore, it means doing (((god's))) (easily subverted) will over caring for your family. E.g. we must do the Lord's work. As opposed to taking care of our kin here, let us go to Africa and help out our brothers in Christ.


Yes, only a nonwhite black nigger would be stupid enough to only see jews using christianity in all centuries since its inception to undermine anything whites have made, that can't be right, based messiah jew wouldn't allow that since he needs the white race to exist.

Kek. They are kikes. Judaizers who larp as Christians are not Christians goes for Messianic kikes as well as (((evangelicals)))
The scripture is addressing kikes. It's telling the Apostles and other followers to abandon their kike families, who reject Christ.
< Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. -Tim 5:8
Stop buying into jewish lies. They hate Christ for a reason. Our ancestors who worshiped Christ defended their families and their homelands, and didn't just go help niggers in Africa.

They use the Fed and the media. America's been a hedonist country for decades now. If what you're saying was even remotely true, the jew wouldn't be working so hard to get rid of Christianity with gay cake victim stories and other bs.

hes not wrong at all. It has its own dogma, its own myth, its own version of paradise, and its adherents are zealots.

That is absolutely True. When marx was writing his books he did not do it alone, he met with a team of rabbis who guided his ideas so that they would wind up being copied and pasted from the torah.

Look at Antipope Benedict XIII who lived in the early 1400s one of the only Catholics I would consider to be based and of course he was excommunicated and his final resting spot disturbed by "marauders" it is Semitic tradition to disturb the burial of your enemy. So what did he do? He was the most Anti-Semetic Christian I can find in Medieval History and what happened to his decrees in the 1400s?

Etsi doctoribus gentium
So basically he said jews can't make objects with Christian worth and that only lasted five years, "oh so terrible, gentiles making their own crucifixes". A similar pattern can be seen with Philip Augustus in the 1180s and Kirchenkampf of the 1930s, among others. Whenever a goy seems to get a great idea to rid himself of jews but always he is just unable to rid his folk of the jewish menace and the jews come back ever more powerful because Christianity provides the perfect mechanism for jews to both get the goy riled and then use its sympathy a generation latter to install the jew back, there has never been an official decree to kill jews outright by christians, only to leave christian land. There was a reason Protestantism came about, coupling to the Catholic Church proved to much for Germanic peoples and yet Protestantism was still unable to resist the jews because it was deeper than just dictates from Rome. I have yet to find historical accounts of officially based Deus Vult knights running down jews, almost always its instead peasants fed up with jewry shit attacking some money-handlers and the knights defend the jews for their Monarch or instead go waste their lives for sand and then end up handing it over to the jews. Remember, it was jews who opened the gates of Constantinople. Christianity is the religion for the cattle and Jewish farmer. But perhaps I'm wrong to abandon it entirely and you the wiser to adhere to it, but your inability to see these conflicts makes me think the events I stated will just happen over again when the jews come to feast on you, the lamb, and their Shepard at the front, your messiah jew holding the knife.

based black christians are getting slaughtered by muslims in nigeria and all y'all can do is play keyboard kommando

Fucking disingenuous kike article. Putin isn't praising communism; he is pointing out that gommies were roped into the gommunist 'church', with its particular analogues of dogma, faith, priests & preachers, saints etc.; that the Communist 'religion' borrowed heavily from Christianity and other religious structures in the way it attracted and maintained its following. It's well known that Marx despised organised religion, calling it the "opium of the masses". Communism could never coexist in the same space with another religion, because it was intended, from the outset, to become the state's religion. Fucking kikes. Every last one of you gets the gas.

Here we go, I triggered the Christcucks and now this thread is going to become even more religion D&C, but fuck it whatever, I'm saging since its going offtopic

Or you know, neither and something more older than your Abrahamic/Judeo-Christian religion?
Yaweh/YHWH/God it's all the same just different names.
Obviously I agree with this, rather this is to illustrate another point on how Cuckianity is similar to communism.

You do know that TONS of the fucking shit in both the Old and new testament has been stolen from religions and cultures that predated it right?
What is Yule
In mythology, Odin also was hung from a tree, died to receive knowledge. Same with Krishna, Marsyas, Dodonian, and Zeus and many more.
Wasn't even a fucking thing before the 7th century.

Also before you call bullshit, I will also state for the record that your fucking shit religion has been killing people based on retarded beliefs for a long time, this is even before the crusades.
Also I will remind you that while Hitler supported the christian religion when he was gaining power and while in power since the masses were mostly catholic, there were tons of plans to remove christianity if they won the war in addition to that, the work Himmler was doing in the background.

What is the point of this OP, if not to scandalize the Russians yet again?
Putin did not claim Lenin was a saint, he merely likened him to one in how he was venerated. Putin wishes to establish the communist era as part of a historical continuum leading naturally into his new order, which includes Orthodox Christianity. He wants to portray communism as an expression of Russian piety.

And he would be correct. Communism is a controlling ideology that demands you trust those in higher status positions to know what is best for you, you should listen and obey without question. Just like Christianity. Lenin was a hard-line "believer" and stuck with his "religion" even as it failed him. Much like Christians.

It's just another jewish plot for world-domination.

Jews were only expelled after the European populace forced the rulers to, and they didn’t bribe them enough. Still, most times they just moved to another Christian country that was happy to welcome them (which seems treasonous, considering their history in Egypt and elsewhere). The churches never called for the expulsion of jews, in fact, the popes, when not jews themselves (up to Alexander VII in the 15th century and possibly the current one), actively invited the jewish community into Italy and prevented their expulsion. The church, and instituted nobility, consented with giving jews privileges and monopolies, and even with the Rothschilds banking practices – the nobles were more than happy to have “court jews” and to rely on them for easy instant money and exploiting the peasants (they employed them as Tax Collectors and such, notably in Eastern Europe) – at later stages, they were even mixing with jews themselves, as is said on Mein Kampf – not to mention the banking ops they run in Rome today, which are Rothschild related.

The jews benefited greatly from having a framework of abrahamic religions across the world to exploit – you just need to look at things like “A real Case against the Jews” theendofzion.com/a-real-case-against-the-jews-marcus-eli-ravage/

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the 'agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between the political Zionists and the leaders of Religion of Cuck™ic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Religion of Cuck™ (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…"

"..We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

I believe I'll check & shadilay.

Putin: "I still really like the communist and socialist ideas"

> "I wasn't a party member through necessity. I can't say I was totally an ideological Communist but I did really treasure it (the card)," said Putin

https :// www.yahoo.com/news/putin-still-communist-party-card-likes-socialist-ideals-183734163.html

I wonder how Russian bots will spin it?


Holla Forums will judge by actions and results, as always. Russia and Putin have been ruining (((globalist))) plans for many years now, so as long as that continues, Holla Forums will keep giving its support.



Putin is a kgb guy who rules a extremely corrupt country with his fellow oligarchs, wich, despite the fake efforts on propaganda to apear somenthing that it is not, russia crumbles in degeneracy.

That country is probrably a experiment or safe spot if thinga turn out wrong forcthe jews. Like china.

The point here is that SJW hate poopoo right now. So, we can use his image to troll them, and ask them if they, like him, can prove they are a card-carrying Communist. see:

It's an intl thread.

wtf I want to die for israel now

you dropped this:

This is a good operation against kikes:

Pic very much related.

They won't listen they live in a world they choose to fabricate because they are emotionally and intellectually weak individuals who cling to hero figures they want to save them



No the law is on historical revisionism.
Basically you can't say that Germany didn't attack the soviet union unprovoked or were the "good guys", or that German recruits from soviet territory weren't largely criminal bands (and traitors) that kind of stuff (which is understandable because it's digging up national unity issues). It includes denying the lolocoaster.
But there are provisions in the law that while you can't say it in a general setting, historians can (as long as they have research to back it up…).

Which is the exact opposite of anti-revisionism laws in western Europe. Anti-semitism is a thought crime everywhere (in itself) denying the holocaust as an historian (and backing it up) is worse.>>11157333
Nobody has done more to re-chritianize his country since the fall of communist dictatorship than Putin. The Russian Orthodox Church has grown tremendously in power and influence to the point they have an actual weight on Russia political scene. They even managed to bring back the ROCOR (which are amongst the most hardline Christians in existence, bolshevik survivors and exile) after Metropolitan Laurus meet with Putin, he convinced him he was a believer and that there was a true orthodox ruler back in the Kremlin.

seems legit

This is called "subversion".
Also I bet Putin didn't tell Metropolitan Laurus that he still likes communist ideas at the time when they met.


Checked! :^)

I think it's funny that people think that Russia abolished Communism. They just adapted it like China did. They didn't abolish it.
What you have to understand is that late-stage totalitarianism often just becomes authoritarian. People who analzye these things place way too much emphasis on optics and "ideology".

Russia is not a right-wing authoritarian republic. It's still basically communist.

That is why I want every Holla Forumsack to be very aware of Russia. Sure, it's in their geopolitical interest to help nationalist movements in Europe, but it's not out of ideology.
They would never support our decision to expell all Muslims, but this has to take place, if Europe is to survive.

Porto ==Rheeeee==-koh!

Lip service for the commietards who are still a big minority in Russia, capable of wrecking shit?

I agree.
Nope. It's a weird mixture of aristocracy, mafias and oligarchy. State apparatus can't move millions of people arbitrarily, and private property exists, even if it isn't quite as respected as in the West.

user, but China is exactly that.
I know it's confusing to admit that ideologies and practice are one thing. Put is going to use communist aesthetics more and more to appease the masses.
It doesn't matter, if it's real communism. Communism always existed. Fuck, the old Greeks talked about how foolish it would be to let women vote, because they would vote for Universal Basic Income and other stuff.

Come on poooti, i just want some SVD imports. Stop acting like this

Only a total fucking moron would read it that way.

Pick up a fucking book you hate-filled moron.

I believe you dropped something. Ah, here it is:

I left Christianity recently. It feels like Jewish mind control. I recently took up meditation and started acutely observing my surroundings. What the fuck was I actually doing in those services? "Eat the flesh and drink the blood." That's basically ritual cannibalism. Pure Judaism. The more and more I studied the Jews, the more I started linking it to things in Christianity. I can't think of Jesus anymore without imagining him looking like a Rabbi.

Feels like I just stepped out of a haze. And I'm tired, man. But maybe I'll find something more fulfilling. That's what I hope. Hope in greener pastures.

That's my read too. Oy to the vey, OP, you got found out.

Thing is everything in Russia is
There is brightly painted front with churches and gold clad priests (the one of reasons why Russian chose Byzantium Orthodoxy, it has pompous golden bling that fit perfectly Russian mental image of power) but behind this front there is no foundation, no people who follow Christian teaching. After 70 years of communists indoctrination Russians are hardcore double-thinking hypocrites in teh heart. They want to be "Christians" and live in the sin at the same time and don't even understand why it is wrong.

Communism attacked and nearly destroyed Christianity. Modern communists/marxists (EUSSR) also take up anti-Christian symbolism. Fucking retarded.

They fucking worship statues you absolute clueless nigger.

That's a bit disingenuous, not that I don't understand where you're coming from but such a statement can easily be brushed aside (they're icons, it's homage, respect). They worship Satan and there's plenty of evidence that they do just laying in plain sight.

It's good enough for Christians to pick up and claim how great and splendid Christianity made Europe, though.

Opportunism is jewish, too.

It's quite a bit less monolithic than that but the Catholics don't exactly have a rosy past to say the least.

t. - (((Hitler's Table Talks)))
This D&C religious shilling is SO stupid!
I know of ZERO Nationalist Christians who oppose Pagans, Wotanism, or other ancestral Aryan beliefs.
Most also recognise the major influence Plato and other Greek philosophers had on Christianity.
We NEED Christians to make progress in this movement.

My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter; it points to the Man who once in loneliness, surrounded by few followers, recognised these Jews for what they were, and summoned men to fight against them, and who, God's truth was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter, in boundless love as a Christian and as a man, I read through the passage that tells us how the Lord at last rose in his might and seized the scourge to drive out of the temple the brood of vipers and adders. Today, after 2000 years, with deepest emotion, I recognise more profoundly than ever before, the fact that it was for this that he had to shed his blood upon the cross.

Adolf Hitler, April 12, 1922

And the founder of Christianity made no secret indeed of his estimation of the Jewish people. When he found it necessary, he drove those enemies of the human race out of the temple, because then as always, they used religion as a means of advancing their commercial interests. At the time Christ was nailed to the cross for his attitude toward the Jews, whereas our modern Christians entered party politics, and when elections are being held, they debase themselves and beg for Jewish power, and Jewish votes. They even enter into political intrigues with the Atheistic Jewish parties against the interests of their own Christian nation.

- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Page 11

Makes enough sense.

Reported. Zero effort spam isn’t really tolerated.

I will just repost what I said on the other thread because you're shilling it here too.

And the speech you quoted, you did so out of context. Hitler was responding to a leader of political christianity who said that "his feelings as a Christian prevented him from being an anti-semite". And then, in the german text, Hitler said that, if one was a christian, his feelings should point at not being cheated, at opposing jews - and that german christians should not allow themselves to be cheated by Juden.

We need to redpill people, there is no place for "christian identity" shills, who put "denomination" above race and constantly berates our ancestors and go against the NatSoc because of their fanatical jewish worship. And, if you look at christian discussions even on imageboards, you'll see they are even closer to globalists than to our ideas…

And Hitler imprisoned and executed thousands of priests during Kirchenkampf, destroyed political christianity and it's institutions. And the symbolism of the reich was "pagan", and the party was filled with open pagans, and they planned to replace christianity after the war… And to claim the table talks are an adulteration, simply makes no sense because they were collected by Bormann who died in 1945 and had no reason to lie, besides they are also corroborated by other people like Speer and by the general actions of the Reich.

Uh huh, I said already that I don't want to make this into a religion D&C but others did so already and atleast I'm fucking saging it it.
Yes, we should not fight each other but the problem is the LARPing christians who want to start a fight because they aren't (((muh christianity))).

-Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler; Speech to top leaders of the SS, June 9, 1942 Berlin

-Martin Bormann

Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf

They both are semitic.

But here's (((your))) (you).
Sage for doublepost

Yawn. Complete and utter falsehood. Reported for intl.

Yep, reported for intl. Don’t care, kike.

Wow we need more people who say "my ego likes this system I just made up called Meapitaluismtianityslam, and it's the best system because this dude I just made up called god who is 247 king likes it so this is the new system because one person obviously know what 7 billion people need."

These people have helped out so much already, and we need them to help more!


seems only balkaniggers and I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss are the only ones shilling for putin these days

Stalin was better

Here's how your quote reads when put into context in the stalag translation:

- Mein Kampf (Stalag translation). p512-513.

This is from chapter 5, where he talks about the need for a strategy to "wipe out the Jewish State" in order to allow the creation of a volkisch one.
In the section you quoted, he's referencing the events from the 1st century AD, when Christianity was emerging and jewish persecution of Christians was rampant.
Otherwise he wouldn't call that phenomenon a "Jewish mode of thought" and then mention how "violence is broken only by violence and terrorism by terrorism" in the context of fighting and destroying the jewish system.
And before you say that Hitler considered Christianity to be jewish:
- Mein Kampf (Stalag translation). p342.

The holocaust never happened and the Kirchenkampf was a political initiative, not a religious one.

It makes perfect sense precisely because Bormann was known for his anti-Christian bias:
- Albert Speer in "Inside the Third Reich", page 95.

Both Genoud and Trevor-Roper were known for multiple cases of academic fraud from before they came up with the tabletalks.
If that wasn't enough, we have the fact that it contradicts every other source in the subject of Hitler and Christianity, and the fact that it can only be considered an apocryphal source.
The original scripts, on which the tabletalks are supposedly based, were never found.


Hitler on Himmler:
- Albert Speer in "Inside the Third Reich", page 94.

Speer on Bormann:
- Albert Speer in "Inside the Third Reich", page 95.

Hitler on Rosenberg:
- Albert Speer in "Inside the Third Reich", page 96.

And, like I said before, Hitler considered judaism to be completely alien to Christianity:
- Mein Kampf (Stalag translation). p342.

The opinions and ideas of these men regarding religion and Christianity were opposed to Hitler's and his movement.

*"Thus Hitler had little sympathy with Himmler in his mythologizing of the SS", not "the 88".

Inside the Third Reich is truly a goldmine on Hitler's personal views.

Too bad Speer donated all the money it made to Jewish causes. He was never really a Nazi anyways.


I had a faggot try to justify it as "it wasn't as systematic as what Hitler did" whenI explained to him that all borders were closed and nobody had any food, making whole country a big labour camp

Ah yes, this has nothing to do with the fact that Russia is full of idiots who still think "life was better under communism". No, he must truly believe what he says.

You can't deny though that Hitler saw the advent of Christianity as regretable and considered the ancient world much freer. It goes along with his caring for the common people, the set-up of christianity by some "shadowy elites" and it's subjugation of europe undeniably represented at setback to the people. I saw on the other thread how Hitler had written a play set in the time of the conversion of Bavaria to christianity and set up of instituted nobility. It reminded me how "Widukind", the Saxon who fought the Franks, was the most popular play on the Third Reich - and Hitler no doubt had a hand on this.

But in that quote he is saying how the jew is focused on the material world, with it's satanic laws and materialism, while christianity is more transcending. He is right in that regard.

But the executions, imprisonment and exile of cucked priests are well documented, unlike the holohoax, mostly because they were a small class. Here are some examples:


Honestly there were countless people, I will just drop categories so you get my point. This is a fucking statistic

So the set up of Positive Christianity, an op to prepare the masses for the coming replacement of christianity after the war, had no religious conotations. It's one thing to want to unify the churches under the Reich authority, but to change it's dogmas into something "positive" speaks a lot about their religious beliefs.

But what Bormann said is backed up by several other people like Otto Dietrich, it's not an easy thing to adulterate the comments when several people were present. Bormann was repeatedly praised by Hitler as his most loyal man (and that speaks a lot), Hitler honored him in his last will. He was collecting these remarks under express orders from Hitler and had 2 secretaries doing it. To assume he would be lying for no reason is just too far. Besides, the table talks could be as well irrelevant because of so much pointing to the same elsewhere in the Reich.

And it's funny that you would trust Speer, who betrayed Hitler and donated his funds to the Jews, expressing regret at the Reich and the NSDAP, but wouldn't trust Bormann, Hitler's closest man.

Yet Hitler put Himmler, a declared pagan, in charge of the SS, a large group of soldiers and who were to become an elite inside the Reich. Himmler also directed the Ahneberbe and historical research. Rosenberg, a declared pagan, was the minister of cultre. Bormann, a declared pagan, was his personal secretary and closest man. Why would he surround himself with such pagans then?

Hitler made several remarks against volkisch groups, but as advice that their esotericism and religious practices did not overstep into the politics - the NSDAP had clear pratical goals, that weren't to be interfered.

Thus, as you noted, these remarks about the church kept coming from Hitler… As for Rosenberg, his book has some recognizable flaws, even if you are a pagan.

That's a pretty far fetched proposition. All the signs point otherwise. The movement was pagan in inspiration, you just need to look at it's members, symbolism, processions and so on. The movement persecuted political christianity. I'm sorry here, but you're dishonest and is trying to push your own baseless "christian identity" agenda.

In case the SWASTIKA and the SS runes (not very christian symbols) didn't give it…

I mean to assume Speer, who betrayed the NSDAP to the jews would be telling the truth and not Bormann, who died with Hitler, is just blatant naiveness.

It makes no sense to claim Hitler condemned these open pagans, yet gave them huge positions of power and said the NSDAP was the political arm of the Volkisch movement.

You're extremely ignorant of german history and what happened in the 20th century and, as your Speer quote pointed, the anti-church remarks kept coming from Hitler, proving what Bormann said was true and that Hitler planned to replace christianity after the war.

And regardless, what Speer said do corroborate Bormann and even then you don't need these talks to reach the same conclusions…


But I pointed personal examples of priests executed in Kirchenkampf. You can do the research and reach the same conclusions. And, being a specialized class, there are factual records of the priests executed, several of them were made "martyrs" by the church.

Yes, kikepedia is a weak source, but it's common knowledge.

What really floors me is how mentally weak you have to be to be indoctrinated in the first place. I was in the military. I was redpilled about race before I left fucking boot camp.


Is it?

Yes I can.
Considering he was a Christian Catholic, he obviously saw the arrival of Christianity in itself as a very positive thing.
What he regretted is the fact that the jews carried out what he calls "spiritual terror" against Christianity when it was emerging.

That quote serves as proof that when Hitler talks about judaism or jewishness in general, Christianity is not alluded to. That's particularly useful when trying to read the isolated quote you posted earlier.

"cucked priests" being key here. They were all commies that infiltrated the religious organizations.
You only have to read about them and why they were treated like that to understand the political nature of the conflict.
To both NatSoc and Christian standards (not modern), they were modernists/communists subverting both the structure of the Church as a religious institution and the structure of the State as a political entity. Especially when you consider the geopolitical context at the time.
Many Christian organizations remained. And those were either strictly religious organizations, or they simply didn't go against state policy.

According to Hitler, that was a dumb idea:
- Albert Speer in "Inside the Third Reich", page 95.

There's no original document or script of any kind to prove what Hitler supposedly said in there.
The tabletalks are the result of the efforts of two unreliable men with a track record of academic frauds and an anti-Christian biased Bormann.

You didn't have a problem trusting him earlier >>11170054:
When put under scrutiny, Speer is shown to be wrong and refutable on some things about Hitler and the Third Reich and useful and reliable on others. In the case of the tabletalks, there's simply no original script.

Not for pagan reasons since none of them had any say in religious matters.

You're being disingenuous.
Speer is commenting on Bormann's anti-Christian bias and how he would write down anything Hitler had to say about the Church that "seemed to him" negative.
That doesn't mean that what Hitler actually said and believed was objectively negative. Only that Bormann, with his bias, would interpret it that way.

It isn't.
From Mein Kampf to his public speeches and everything in between prove it to be true.
They persecuted political movements that went against NatSoc policies, Christian and non-Christian.
This whole argument revolves around the fact that Christianity as a religious institution wasn't targeted by the German government, only subversive political organizations. Christian flavored or not.
So it wouldn't make any sense to say that Hitler's National Socialist Germany was against or opposed to Christianity.

Nice rebuttal.
I refuted the quote you posted out of context and then you replied disingenuously. Playing dumb.
Then I refuted your claims about the Kirchenkampf being a religious campaign against Christianity and you replied with proof about the political nature of that initiative. (with some of the cases you linked being of espionage and assassination attempts)
When I backed the claim about Bormann being biased you replied like a hypocrite saying that Speer, as a source, wasn't trustworthy. When earlier you made use of it while trying to back up your claims about the tabletalks.
Finaly, you completely ignored the fact that the original manuscripts on which the tabletalks are supposedly based on don't even exist. And they can't be considered a genuine source. All explained in the article I posted and you, again, ignored.

That would mean something if the tabletalks wouldn't contradict every other source on the subject, had actually the original documents upon which they are supposedly based on in existence, and that the fact that Speer acted like a faggot doesn't matter if what he says holds to scrutiny.
Also, I don't think Hitler died in 1945.

Pic related.
And neither of them got anywhere close to influence the policies related to the Church.

That conclusion comes from nowhere. You have no sources backing up your claim except the absolute baseless and unreliable tabletalks.
Read the article I linked earlier in this post
And how Speer proves your twisted interpretation of what he himself wrote to be wrong:
- Albert Speer in "Inside the Third Reich", page 95.

Not really

I can't find any information on the "Wagnerian Guards", not even a trace of it.
Considering Neo-pagans of today are degenerate, I would not be surprised if the same shit was back then, which could've been jew backed/funded.
But still, the simple fact no information on that group is available makes me a bit skeptical on the legitimacy of the article written, not the paper itself.

I have pic related and this:

Nothing else to find out more about it.

Maybe you could try not spamming like a total faggot? It would be more convincing if you hadn't done that. Besides, they're a bunch of commies. I can't even understand why they would care.

It's too bad that a few good pagan posts are mired in a sea of absolutely illogical arguments and shills for extreme positions (i.e. the fags who think that analyzing whether Putin [who is not pro-white] is a communist is somehow agreeing to Democrat Rothschild puppet warfare or the muh Russia shilling on their end). I am tired of faggots trying to quell the truth around here and weaklings who cannot analyze problems with their own position.

What's the matter, is your ego needed stroked? You might try a place that isn't user if that is the case.

The mere existence of Yule, Odin, Thor, Frey, and many other concepts totally annihilates non-folkish religion. The problem we have today is too many weaklings who refuse to deal with reality and don't want to leave their comfort zone. I have no idea how they got here.

Top lel

I can't engrish today.

< why would they care
Because they don't like Poopoo - he's identified now as "Drumpf". But now Poopoo literally is a card-carrying Communist. :^)

Taxation is theft.
Theft is against the 10 commandments.
Yeshua was most likley an anracho capitalist

Source needed. Hitler as an Austrian/Bavarian would have been raised as a German catholic, but he never claimed to belong to any denomination, or was indeed seen inside a catholic church doing catholic things. He, at times, seemed to be more receptive to protestantism than to catholicism, especially ultramontanism and political catholicism, which he sharply criticized.

And when did I say that? He did allude to it, though, in passages associating christianity with jewish spiritual fanatism and in the Table Talks.

It was a dumb idea, to him, to reject concepts such as hierarchy and it's fanatism. Instead of reviving the old, he preferred to start something new.

Neither of Speer's, but he confirmed that Hitler said these things to Bormann to write. It's well documented that Hitler tasked Bormann to write these, to help him write his memoirs, and alloted two secretaries to help him. Bormann was Hitler's closest man, and as Hitler even said "To go against Bormann, is to go against the Reich". It can't get any more clearer and credible than that.

I don't trust him, or distrust. I analyzed what he said. I said he corroborated what other said.

The minister of Culture, and the head of the SS, responsible for it's organization and religious teaching - an elite unite of the best elements of the German people - had no say in religious matters? You're saying they did not organize rituals and processions? That they did not try to revive traditions?

And if Hitler was such a dedicated christian, why would these negatives things about the church come out of him anyway? Why would he not talk about the "glory of the church" and it's dogmas? Nobody reported him talking about that. Bormann had an interest in documenting Hitler's religious perspective, but to say he would making things up to deturp the image of a men whom he had absolute loyalty towards, dedicated his life to, and was praised as his most confident man. And as said, Hitler had a say and supervised his writtings.

All the religious parties, publications and organizations were shut. These executed people became "martyrs". The opposition to the third reich coming from these clergy class were widespread among such small class (if I recall, there were 17000 pastors in Germany) and it almost undistinguishable from the organizations themselves.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20_July_plot (done by catholics primarily, not even actual kikes)

The communists and other obvious infiltrators/homossexuals among the clergy ranks were executed by 1936 (and imagine how it would look to carry out such execution of such large numbers of priests), but these didn't stop there…

And again, I'm not trying to "paint" anything here, unlike you. We're not enemies, just people assessing evidence. What you're ignoring is my claim that the table talks are, ultimately, irrelevant to determine these views, because they are corroborated by many actions elsewhere - like the party's symbolism, inspiration, the rituals and processions they held, the pagan members and so on…

Really tells a lot. Hitler upheld "Positive Christianity" (itself an OP to control the churches and prepare the masses, because christianity would be worthless otherwise) for political considerations. Germany was a christian country. He is noted to have prevented prominent cabinet members, like Goebbels, from openly leaving the church, and people like Bormann from executing more priests - because it would create unnecessary strife and damage their political goals. Also, the army generals and prussians, who had shaky loyalty to begin with, wouldn't stay loyal to him if he did otherwise - else he risk making his army inoperational, like in Italy, due to treason inside the high command.

Rosenberg was behind positive christianity (which also speaks a lot)… Although there was a minister of church matters, a christian, who had to replace someone Hitler executed.

Hitler again, did call out Volkisch circles, but only for political considerations. He considered people too imersed in cultural revival to be too idealistic counter-productive to political goals - he was not "condemning paganism", though, which he never did. What I said you're ignoring is the massive volkisch and germanic movement that had develloped in Germany before Hitler, the Volkisch party of Ludendorf was infused with the NSDAP in the 20's. The "Neo-Wagnerites" likely being one of many of these. Hitler did persecute some "neo-pagan" groups, but only those like "wiccans" and other new age shit what not, who wereinfused with semitic ideas and related to freemasonry in their organization. He did further persecute occultist groups after Hess flight in 1941.

And the Speer quote proves nothing - the "Myth of the Twentieth Century" is not a above any flaws - it remained a widely circulated book among party officials. The quote said the church would adopt the ideology of the powers of the time, he was not endorsing christianity by any means.

See here: youtube.com/watch?v=CcOf94gMs8k it's a good collection of material, although it has questionable conclusions.

Oh and the position stated there of reconciliation with the church was later abandoned in favor of more pagan elements. To the point that Hitler didn't even bother to replace Kerrl when died in 1941…

To sum up, there were 2 "religious factions" inside the Third Reich - the "pagan" one of Himmler, Rosenberg, Bormann, Darré, Hess, Goebbels and others, drawing support mainly from the Volkish groups and party elements - and the "Positive Christian" one, that drew their ranks from ministers like Kerrl and more outsider forces like Schacht, the army Generals and people formerly related to political christianity and foreign powers

Initially, while gaining power and seeking broad support, Hitler supported the pro-christian faction, because it was the obvious choice considering the population was christian and the party was called "pagan" by it's opponents so much it risked alienating people (allied propaganda exploited this), thus he eased Kirchenkampf by 1937 and preventing officials from leaving the church and what not. However, he later adopted a more pagan support after the war and when foreign relations weren't of concern, intensifying Kirchenkampf and persecuting christian clergy in the occupied territories.

The party and it's ideology was hardly christian, and you just need to look at the publications, writings and people surrounding Hitler to see them. And then, there was the long emnity between the church and the NSDAP, the clergy making constant personal attacks against Third Reich officials, the pope issuing "Mit Breneder Sorge" and the fact that when the NSDAP took power, they had to make a deal with the church in 1933, because off their disagreements.

According to Gerhard Engel, Hitler stated: "I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so."
This is from "Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography" by John Toland, page 507.
This is the most obvious quotation you can get afaik. Besides the fact he remained a member of the Church until the end.

You posted an isolated quote where you wanted everyone to believe that Hiter was speaking negatively about Christianity when he was in fact talking about judaism and Christian persecution at the hands of the jews.
And the tabletalks are a worthless work of fiction, so no one looking for primary or secondary sources cares about it.

No sources to back a claim which at the same time contradicts what I already posted and you still haven't refuted.

Do you plan on sourcing any of your claims?
Also, your point is irrelevant when you don't have access to the original documents from Heim, Picker, and Bormann. You could prove that they were trusted with that task, but you can't prove what were the results of their work because no one has ever had access to the original manuscripts. Not even those responsible for what is now known as the tabletalks.

You are being extremely disingenuous if you think the positions they occupied held any power or influence in the decision making process of the religious policies in Germany and their relationship with the Church. Which remained neutral until the end.

Feel free to quote and source me those "negative things" Speer supposedly heard Hitler mention about the Church.

- Albert Speer in "Inside the Third Reich", page 95.
Kinda weird to hear someone who, according to you, wanted to get rid of Christianity, actually talking about uniting and strengthening the Christian Churches instead of dividing/weaken them.
Also, vid related.

You referenced even more assassination attempts against Hitler and even more political movements openly opposing his government. What point are you even trying to make anymore?
None of what you posted and linked proves the Kirchenkampf to have been a religious campaign against Christianity.
Not only you link wikipedia articles that don't help you prove any religious connotations of the Kirchenkampf, you even link to wikipedia articles about the holocaust.

You seem fixated with the idea of an imaginary enemy trying to subvert everyone itt.

And deluded, since you haven't refuted anything I've posted nor sourced any of the claims you've made itt.

Israeli Justice Minister threatens Putin’s life

to be clear this appears to be fake news… an example of the disinfo being circulatec


>we will defend christianity from (((atheistic bolshevism)))

He, well Goebbels, even said, when christians repeatedly pointed out that they were pagans, that they were doing what the churches failed to do - protect the european people from such degeneracy.

So one confession to an avidly catholic general is proof of his beliefs, but the documented stuff for his own memoirs isn't proof of anything? There is still no source on Hitler taking part in any christian activities, not even communion in the Positive Christianity he created. He didn't openly leave the church, but why would he do that? Just to anger people? Have you tought that, maybe, he was trying to appease certain groups?

And I said then that Hitler alluded, in that quote, that christianity was related to jewish spiritual fanatism. He was not talking about persecution done by jews against christian, but by christians against the ancient world - and to even find it's remains, we have to go to ruined places like Pompei, that escaped the deliberate destruction inflicted by Christians and the "shadowy elites" behind it.

You can maintain your claims about the Table Talks, even if they were refuted and the claims it was fabricated, at this point, just sound like asshurt at their content, I've repeated several times now that they may as well be irrelevant, because what they contain is corroborated elsewhere.

What are you even talking about? This is an observation of his general attitude…

See here: youtube.com/watch?v=CcOf94gMs8k

The original documents may have been lost, but the secretaries themselves published the original german version after the war. Besides: "Between 1941 and 1944, the period in which the Table Talk was being transcribed, a number of Hitler's intimates cite him expressing negative views of Christianity, including Joseph Goebbels, Albert Speer, and Martin Bormann."

Despite Kirchenkampf? And the executions? And the closing of religious institutions? Great neutrality there, buddy… And even this degree of persecution was a reduced one, because of the treaties between the church and the Third Reich and the efforts with Positive christianity.

Even after 1942, when he began to sharply criticize it, as per others. To say the church was part of political life is accurate - Hitler had a lot of concern with not overtly alienating christians - he prevented Goebbels and others from openly leaving the church, and easened the executions of several priests not to cause unnecessary strife.

The dissolution of political christianity and set up of the "Positive Christianity" psy-op was not a campaign against christianity…

And again, the executions of priests were all well documented. Why would all these christian groups oppose the Reich, if it was a "pro-christian" regime?