Bannon interviewed by Mueller

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This thread is going to get absolutely swarmed.

Bannon hangs in the end regardless
Fuck traitors. Traitors hang before enemies.

gonna need some evidence for that.


I feel as if calling him God Emperor post the election cycle is more so t_D than Holla Forums. After all, it makes one believe he's infalliable.
Also, to those wondering what my post refers to, it was the original type of this thread.

Hopefully he's not completely shitfaced for this interview. Bannon should've even blink during this deposition without his lawyer's approval.


What the fuck why did mods edit the title?

Running his mouth to the (((lugenpresse))), officially starting with his interview in "The American Prospect" where he completely undermined the Trump admin's Nork policy.

who fucking knows what else he was saying off the record back then (or now)

He cucked. He apologized. He traited

bc the mods are niggers. what did the original title say?

this is white bishop to f6

This move - Bannon's whole ostensible ouster from grace - further distances SB's vituperative bents from DT's prime time show, where they sell the goods that make 'em feel good in Decatur; frees up Breitbart to go with Solov; and now there's the Guo Wengui funds to wield for end-game.

White is better here - but has been, in fact, for several moves, now.

you keep your head down over your pieces, brother


also polite sage to correct
white bishop to "d5", I meant
now bk to sente

I'm pretty sure he leaked everything already.

I personally can't offer evidence, maybe others can, but Bannon, at least, made it very clear through the fake book deal that he's a foolish weakling who can't keep his mouth shut at best, and an opportunistic political whore who is only in it for the shekels at worst. He's bad news either way and is counter productive to the President's plans.


chess reference. That guy from Abba (the one married to the brunette chick) wrote ONiB (ima abbreviate it now) to raise funds for a full production of "Chess", about a waigai thai chess tournament.

and not to labour the musical theater faggotry too hard - Murray Head, who sang that song and would have starred in the big show had it gotten made, began his career on Broadway playing Jesus - but ended it playing Judas in the same show.

kinda like our boy, Steve

Bannon wouldn't leak with a fork in his midsection

Care to explain how Bannon is anything but a traitor, if not an outright enemy? Talmudic interpretations of fake news about him reading Evola or secretly hating the kikes he dedicated his life to protecting don't count.

Sounds like Mueller should order a mental health exam before the interview.

Not to mention that Breitbart is direct from ZOG HQ. They really do a good job of throwing off that information, what with everyone thinking they’re nazis or something. Fucking shape-shifters.

Sounds like Fireandfuryberg needs to be put in charge of the investigation, because Mueller's too slow and obviously uninformed.

Breitbart used to post the fun ((stuff)) though. classic

Looks like more D&C stuff to me.

dezinformatsiya you say? Abort! Abort!

also: DIY D&C jk

Cruz/Trump dezinformatsiya like they did with Moore/Strange.

Trump and Bannon knew that their public fighting would get him a subpoena. Why else do it ?

10 years ago
Everyone: wow presidents are puppets.

Today: this fake election was a real election! They said it was real enough so now it is real! Even though I know its fake! But by being fake its real! Because confirmation bias!

Admitting you are wrong is tough. So is admitting you got caught. Let it all go and you will be free.

Uh, how about because the Drumpf administration is laden with infighting and treachery, and they were really at each other's throats?

That's what the MSM is saying, and since they've been right about literally Drumpf scandal before and since, their analysis holds the most water.

I look very much forward to Bannon winding up behind bars.

Here's a highly effective meme, ready for use:
It's pissing off the Commies:

FYI racheposter is literally a pizzagater
(previously also posted a spiraled face of maddow - literally pizzagate behavior):


Theyve been right about nothing so far other than proving liberal insanity. plus fuck you


I really like these Putin memes you boyim have been making for me. Please post them in my threads.

You white supremacist child abductors will be the FIRST to swing on the Day of the Hope. President Obama's coming back to power, and he'll purge the stain of your bigotry from America forever.

8/pol/ was not the same without your shitposting