The Times of Israel: "Iran’s Khamenei Urges Israel’s Defeat, Accuses Saudis of Treason"


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Oy vey those fucking antisemites

Thanks, user.

He's not wrong about the (((Saudis)))

Oh and they put little girl in jail because a IDF soldier got PTSD after getting slapped.

What are these kids doing in Palestine?

Barbary slave trade.

Two guesses (besides the other user's slave trade): robbed genes (like how jews got the high IQ from mixing, e.g. Ash. vs. Seph.), or remnants from when Iran and such were true Indo-European (Persia and what not).

He's just trying to antagonize Trump like the mudshit he is.

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Some arabs are actually pretty white looking. Obviously not European but Semitic. But some of them will have blonder hair or blue eyes. Particularly in syria and around that region.

Assad has blue eyes.


Yeah. Except they are not Arabs.

I wish this dude would chill the fuck out and let Trump work his hands.

saudi kike dealings have nothing to do with Trump tho
been going on far longer than that

Treason? Saudis are jews.

not all semites are jews
they act like jews tho

I didn't know Khamenei had a twitter, plus bantz. Drumpf btfo I am now a /khomeni missle/ or should I make that IED?

is that really him?

Surprising lack of D&C kikery in this thread so far.. must be nighttime in pissrael

Checked. Wow. Nice Iran. Hopefully they nuke Israel soon.

Agreed. Liberalism failed. Get the fuck out of the holy land, jews.

Fuckin degenerates.

they are in the other threads spamming pictures of fat people with American flags

That screenshot is fucking real.

The chutzpah of those kikes.



>tfw Shia Religion of Cuckā„¢ist leader is more anti-kike and anti-zionist than every western (((leader))) combined
It's an abstract kind of feel when your country is also being ruined by Shitlam.


He can't raise his own son properly but has no shortage of guidance for everybody in Iran.

In ancient times both praised the same pantheon of deities and still do so (((they))) are a linked people against a common enemy. Whether (((they))) know it or not.