Bulletproof Glass RACIST

Is bulletproof glass racist? youtu.be/fZadj_NVShY

Philly city council seems to think so. In typical weasel dem fashion they changed the bill from outright banning plexiglas in Deli’s, to requiring delis to install minimum 30 seats and public restrooms, or tear down their (lifesaving) shields.

(Black) Councilwoman Cindy Bass denies calling the usage of the glass racist, despite calling it “dehumanizing” while pointing out it was used predominantly by Asian-American business owners in Black communities.

(Asian) councilman David Oh says that if the barriers comedown, store owners will purchase guns to protect themselves.

Nice find. Reminds me of one liquor store that was demanded to take off their steel fence because it made the neighborhood look "ghetto". Got stolen twice within 3 days of getting rid of it.

They should protect self.
Dey should all get body armor
Get gun,

you wan chicken an lice
No tyrone you die now
you no have candy baaaauur

Let them fight. I am sick and tired of it only being whites having to put up with nigger filth.

I remember the first thread for and it made me livid. This is just even worse. I was an owner I would put the seats on the roof and get a pajeet to teach the nogs about designated shitting streets.

I have no problem with bulletproof glass, steel shields, or armed employees because I have no intention to take what is not mine. I go to businesses to buy things, and leave. Other than money, I give only courtesy, and other than what I have bought, I take only my leave. Anyone who opposes protective measures and self defense should be placed into a situation where both are of the utmost importance. This is why it is my fondest wish that each and everyone experience some terrible misfortune, that we might all have understanding and perspective.

Jesus what bullshit. She's just trying to enable robbing.
Now they're forced to come together and build the Great Plexiglass Wall of Chinatown.

I work at a chink restaurant and my boss told me today that his friend back in Philly killed some nigger with a butcher knife who was trying to rob his store years ago. Had a good laugh.

sage because we've had this thread before

Isn't that asking for organized crime to take over providing security?

and I should care because?
chinks confirmed retarded

That’s what I said. Will be like Wild West lol

Nice to be the observers for once tbh

Sorry I don’t know of every thread that’s ever been posted lol

It's like poetry.

She said it was dehumanizing to have people serve the food through the glass, not that it was dehumanizing on a race level. For the love of god, this is 4chan-tier.

Yes she did. She said it was racist because this only occurred in predominantly black neighborhoods.

Still retarded. Hasn't she seen those places where people bet on the races (or even some banks)?
When niggers be nigg'in and you got cash,
you gotta have
at least 5 inch thick glass.

I hope they ban the glass and then see all the shops flee the city

You clearly didn’t watch the video. Do you work for snopes? Or are you just a volunteer?

That's correct. Because Dem Chai-neez owes da black man an shiet.


I live in this shit hole unfortunately, and both niggers and chinks are in the wrong on this one. Cindy Bass is one of the dumbest sheboons in existence, and the bulletproof glass is necessary because the niggers around here are animals. However, the chinks are skirting state liquor laws by putting in the minimum number of seats at the counter to be considered a restaurant, even though the counter space isn't usable because there is bullet proof glass on it.

Chinks chinking an nigs nigging who would have thought?

This is bullshit. They should campaign for removal of security bars on windows because it reminds niggers of being in prison.

I saw the debate. The chinks needed a translator because they couldn't understand what the sheboon was trying to do. When he found out he got irate and shouted: IFFA YOU TAKE DA GRASS DOWN PEOPLE WILL DIE!!!". Then all the white cucks in the room gasped in outrage at the blatant racism they just witnessed.

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It's a good thing bulletproof glass doesn't exist, bullet-resistant glass however exist.

this. let em fight. even if we took their side gooks would throw us under the bus

Don't give them any ideas.

Yakuza vs Cripz / bloodz when?

Who would win?

It's pretty amazing to watch. Jews own the real estate. Chinks own the retail stores. Hispanics open up small bodegas. Every other race has something going on in a black ghetto except for the monkey's themselves. They then have the audacity to cry racism.

I want so badly for the chinks to leave but I know better. If those businesses leave then the niggers will just come to us. Either by shopping in our establishments or by their project housing physically being moved by the government into white towns. I don't know how else to end this madness besides with ovens and rope.

So Philly would turn into Detroit 2.0 in a decade after nearly all the whites flew away.

You've obviously never been to Los Angeles. Nips and gooks run cleaner operations so they would probably win

Philadelphia has actually been seeing some great gentrification in the passed decade. When young white millenials finally decide to leave is when it will turn into Detroit or Baltimore.

Philadelphia has giant chunks of nigger neighborhoods. Those are where the jews own the slum housing in exchange for government bucks and the chinks open up their wig shops. If whites get around to buying properties into these areas then we will see roaming niggers.

There was a thread about this the other week, asshole.

Spend less time on here maybe

And if you read the OP you'd know this is an update you dumb fuck.

you, sir are a genius.
That or miniature seats, for mice.

Dogs dindu nuffin.

The talking-monkeys have called literally everything racist.

I live in Philly and will be carrying a gun once I sort out a few things. It's rough here, yeah, (getting slightly better and being gentrified in some parts) but I can't stand the betacuck white flight mentality that one should relocate and give up their land. Such thinking never has nor ever will create or sustain an empire and is only destructive. Our ancestors would be absolutely disgusted. The Jews have the whites so cucked they think that they can just run away from their problems and it will all get better. They rather give up their land to Jamal than defend the city they built. When they flee to the suburb the cancer grows in the city and sucks more and more gibs form the state. Philly is resented by all of PA because of this, but if the whites would have kept the niggers out they wouldn't be in this mess. I stand my ground, as should all whites wherever they reside.

I was born and raised in West Philadelphia. When I was a teenager, a couple of neighborhood troublemakers were hassling me when I was just playing a little basketball. My mother overreacted and moved me to California to live with my uncle the judge. Once I even met the current president.


Should argue body armor is racist as well.


So are they trying to drive out business?


How well would a modern version of this function in the inner city?

With armed guards might work. Without armed guards would get robbed within the first month guaranteed.

I'm pretty sure we had a thread about this a while ago.
The OP was better done, too.

The idea is to put the shelves behind glass.

I'd rather be dehumanized than risk being shot by a nigger gangbanger

And like a typical nigger, she wasn't honest with herself and see the direct correlation. These people dont belong in western civilization.

Oh man, please tell me you have or know of a video of this happening.

Too bad so sad

Man gooks should just team up with chinks triad and assassinate the niggress.

there's a difference?


They would say anything only to be able to have an excuse to steal.