Many are concerned about a big event in the next few days
There are stories going around the web which are spreading rightful concern over whether or not a massive false flag is going to be triggered on the U.S. mainland to prevent Trump from draining the swamp, now that it really is underway. Keep in mind that there have been many prediction dates in the past, but the big difference this time around is that there are indictments actually being issued for uranium one, indictments that are threatening to ravage the heart of the shadow state.
Anyone with three milliwatts or more of brain power ought to be able to add this situation up, and see a cause for concern. Yesterday a cryptic meme about various types of poisoning that would work against Trump circled the web, and gave specific details on how to make various poisons quite easily, with the encouragement to try to get it into Trump's food. It was worded in a way that made it a clear deep state threat and not just an idiot in a basement. It appeared to have been issued by the inner circle. I searched for it today and can't find it anywhere.
Obvious other concerns are out there, such as nuclear attacks on the mainland but no one has anything solid on any specific threat. I believe we narrowly avoided one recently in Hawaii - Keep an eye on Israel's subs for that, time alone will tell.

Be prepared.

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Hmm, let me guess - They were observing the "anomaly" the whistle blower (below) mentioned that they were already aware of from the day before, had systems locked, activated the anti missile defense system practically instantly, shot down the launched missiles within a minute, killed the sub, AND THEN, 38 minutes later, gave the all clear. How about that for a back story? Obviously it can't be confirmed, but it sure beats the "bumbling fool" on alert button ludicrosy.

Hawaii update-
The new line from the MSM is that the police knew it was a false alarm five minutes after the alert was given. I CALL BUNK, because if that was true, how on earth did the EAS take 33 additional minutes after that to give the all clear? Would they not be the first to know? The police should have gotten the all clear from the EAS. If they did not, who gave them the all clear? It's not like all the cops have a secret line to military command post X. I CALL BUNK, it is a cover story for something much bigger.

Remember a few years ago when there was a confirmed missile launch off the coast of California that was also subsequently scrubbed and white washed? It was proven that it was launched by a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, and it got scrubbed by the Pentagon and debunked by Snopes. Yet it was so freaking obvious what it was that no one, even hunch backed emma believed the Pentagon. What happened in California is a SOLID, ROCK SOLID PRECEDENT for there to have been a real missile launch and shoot down off of Hawaii, with subsequent media white wash. You can't trust a damn thing the media says, they are all a bunch of scamming traitors.
The real back story to the Chinese missile incident is that it was a warning shot to the U.S., to prove China could circumvent detection by the U.S. The missile was fired 30 miles off the coast, and sent on a trajectory that caused it to land 400 miles to the west, in the Pacific. The U.S. claims territorial waters 250 miles out, and China totally violated that but what could the Pentagon do? Encourage them to launch another missile the other way?

Fuck pissrael and their shit subs
I hope they all die painful deaths

"Confident" is the best I can do when it can't actually be proven. But the back channels of the internet have filled up with massive numbers of trolls that are onto this story like maggots on a rotting dog, trolls that are saying the most stupid things, like "I wonder what nation owned the sub, Paraguay? (as if they are serious) and other absolutely ridiculous crap.
FACT: There is only ONE nuclear nation that has submarines that fit the description that is not Russia or the U.S. and that is ISRAEL.
The banality of the trollage points ONE DIRECTION: ISRAEL.
Naked banal we have seen it everywhere countless times predictable stupid ISRAELI TROLLAGE.

"Now we have to scream "Nazi" sniff, and force Germany to cough us up another sub . . . . . sniff.
I was a little bit skeptical of this until I saw the nature of the trollage. Now I am like - "Oh my God!"
14 January 2018

Yesterday's nuclear launch on Hawaii real? Possibly.
The following is thus far urban myth, but people should be aware of it because it could be true, and is certainly plausible. If a submarine was destroyed, it is overwhelmingly probable for it to have been Israeli.

I have a way to know if this story is true. Israel should have THREE dolphin 2 submarines in 2018. If the years go on and they can only show two, one of them just bit the dust. The Dolphin 2 submarines have air independent propulsion, which gives them a range and endurance second only to a nuclear submarine. One of these could have made it to Hawaii, especially with clandestine surface support.

The possible submarines are: Dolphin, Leviathan, Tekumah, Tanin, Rahav and Dakar (not yet commissioned) with the last 3 having a very large air independent range. People ought to be able to confirm one missing by keeping an extended (years long) eye on Israeli naval bases.


Lol incompetent fucking heebs

To get from Israel to Hawaii, a sub would have to go through the Mediterranean, past the Strait of Gibraltar, into the open Atlantic sea, around South America into the Pacific.

You sure you've thought this through?

Why aren't you sourcing your posts? Do you want people to not know they are coming from Jim Stone Freelance [and whatever they might think about that] or are you trying to pass it off as your own "scoop"?

"The maximum unrefuelled range is 8,000 nautical miles (15,000 km; 9,200 mi) traveling on the surface at 8 knots (15 km/h; 9.2 mph) and over 400 nautical miles (740 km; 460 mi) at 8 knots (15 km/h; 9.2 mph) submerged; they are designed to remain unsupplied for up to 30 days on station."

Israel's Newest And Most Advanced Submarine Is Their Last Line Of Nuclear Deterrence

Fucking mongloid, those sirens are hooked up to everything and the controls are archaic. Kill yourself LARPer.

The straightest distance between Israel and Hawaii is 14,233 km. That's if you take a plane. A submarine with a 15k km range ain't gonna make it from Israel to Hawaii without refueling twice.

Also, it would be detected going through the Strait of Gibraltar and it couldn't use the Panama Canal.

So, you haven't thought this through.

This is if the sub had used legit ports and seafaring routes. Your sub just wouldn't make it undetected. You're gonna have to find a different country to blame. Sorry.

the only false flag coming is the "korean nuke"

Do you have a source or not? Otherwise, this is Q-tier bullshit.

Is there something wrong with that line of reasoning? How often does the sub need refueling, where can they do it, how can they do it and how can Israel mask it as another vessel or hide its existence completely? These are the questions that need to be answered here to make or break this case. In this hypothetical, tracking its movements before, as it was going to Hawaii, and after the fail launch according to currently available information should prove almost impossible if you don't have the right connections, as its movements must have been masked very carefully and a dummy placed in records in its stead. If it was an entirely secret sub, one that only its owners knew about, it would be harder to hide it entirely, assuming control in areas traversed and in information about it is not directly in the hands of the owner, but only through subterfuge. However, if records were available for you to analyze, even the tiniest bit of discontinuous information could change your perspective or give you the entire answer, provided your analysis is detailed enough. It doesn't even have to be information directly relating to your analysis that will give you your answers. That's why it's worth looking into. This is how it always is with jews. If everything is a lie, you can be sure there will be cracks in the wall.

The only way a submarine with nuclear launch capability can get from Israel to Hawaii without being detected is if Aquaman were helping. It would literally have to be a magic submarine. We can track a single fish anywhere on the globe. We're not gonna miss an entire submarine.

Why the fuck are you all working on the assumption that israel keeps all their subs in harbor at all times? Do you really think that any country in the world with any sort of naval power just sits with it? Israel has access to any waters in the world that the US has access to, and can be guaranteed to have technology that is at least on par with the US.
The assumption that a sub would have to travel from tel aviv to Honolulu in a single shot completely undetected in order for this to be plausible is a complete strawman.

But source us, OP.

Which would lend credence to the pissrael sub scenario. Those sneaky heebs have never even disclosed the nuke capabilities they have and wouldn't let some of their subs be known. Also what if that sub had been lurking the pacific for years and years?
You're correct about the single fish tracking which makes me feel like this was a sanctioned launch and it was aborted at the last second. Automated warnings kicked off and such.

Every time I post this, threads get nuked. Was probably Booz Allen Hamilton running some exercise. OP is a fag and a shil.

I'm working on the assumption that we know exactly where every nuclear launch capable submarine in the world is, because we do know where every nuclear launch capable submarine in the world is. That means Israel would have to clandestinely send out a new sub from Israel.

I'll admit that the kikes are some sneaky mother fuckers, but they ain't magic. The only way they're even coming close to hitting us with a nuke is if we let them.

There is a reason (( (it's)) ) known as ZOG user
They knew. They wanted it to happen. They knew right where it was the whole time and it was remote launched on command. ZOG did it and I'm not fucking joking


I am amused by your naivety of thinking that the ZOG has no backdoors to hide cooperative Israeli activity from public eyes.

This wouldn't be the first time Israel tried shenanigans to pull us into a war. That alone makes this possible. The EAS doesn't just 'go off' for several islands and towns all at once. Anyone arguing that it was a simple mistake is a fucking retard, considering that cell phones recieved an automated message in addition to "archiac" sirens going off. The scale seen here isn't the result of a minor mistake, God bless those naval guys watching out for them.

False flags aren't really a winter thing. Sage and /r/ing ban for OP who sucks cocks

Nice try, Father of the Jews.

Hey Deep State

I would not do this if I were you.
harming Trump = open revolt
false flag for war = no one cares enough to support, our troops rebelling

It just shows you're on to something, shills/retards are out in full force. I'm still trying to figure out what all this is coming to. Hopefully nothing too catastrophic…

wanna know why I know you're full of shit?

BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.
KNOW your surroundings.

Coming this week:
MSM setting up "Consipracy" narrative.

We take their POWER when we get ahead of their LIES.

BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.
KNOW your surroundings.
Tactics shift to threats and hostages to obtain rogue_ops.
SILENCE [187] - no risk [no capture - dead on arrival].
SILENCE [LV witnesses]?


If you needed any more confirmation, it's a Qfag.

Thread should be anchored at this point.

I weep for the future of the White race if this is what you truly believe. Think for yourself, question everything (EVERYTHING), and learn to do simple research.

If it happens, I cut off my ankle monitor and we start an ss style paramilitary and go all out.

good call. so, what's the deal with all this Qfaggotry? le epin LARP, or psyop?


It's good that you made the thread to spread awareness, user. But relax: Trump and his allies know much more clearly than we do of the danger he is in.

Probably misinformation

"allies". He has no real allies in the govt. He apparently eats fast food because he's scared of his food being poisoned.

Where is the argument in your post

probably true tbh

Mfw israeli sub going trough the suez canal

I was wondering if maybe it is neither. Could q be trying to get people interested in order for others to drop info? like, has anyone attempted to correlate interest in Qfaggotry with some "unrelated" thread that drops legit info?

crackpot theory discarded

Isn't this that one ebin fanfic that ends with Trump being killed by Don Jr or some shit? You've posted this garbage like six times before.

When Israel gets subs as "gifts" do you think they magically materialise at Tel Aviv?

Exactly. They materialize 200 ish miles off the coast of Hawaii and launch fuck whatever they launched. Would've been the next 9/11 israel false flag

From germoney, they go trough gibraltar.
Not a fucking canal where egyptians make you pull a ticket.