I don't know who this Brian Krassenstein is but apparently he's a pedophile and after one of his victims confessed what...

I don't know who this Brian Krassenstein is but apparently he's a pedophile and after one of his victims confessed what has happened to him in a thread, it's been removed from 4plebs. See "How do I get things removed?" from archive.4plebs.org/_/articles/faq/
Thread on the subject, apparently started by an acquaintance of that person:
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Bump, cuz the -stein- always matches the allegations. Fuckin kikes…

In any sane culture, this would make no sense. How can you rape someone who you're one with in the bond of matrimony? It would be like calling masturbation "self-rape."

When was Trump ever accused of raping his wife? Or are they making shit up again, as usual?

He's the brother of Ed Krassenstein, some jew that was using bots to always have the first top comment on Trump's tweets. Ed got blocked by Trump so now his brother Brian shills on Trump's tweets. If Twitter was not corrupt, Krassenstein's would be banned for using bots.

So, anyone with a spare account gonna tweet this at him and see what happens? The curiosity is killing me.

Also pic related. Gotta start capping posts not just archiving them. No doubt this faggot is going to try and get the archive removed as well.

Are these the same guys as him and his brother?

Business brothers own Lee home raided by Homeland Security
>We found the brothers are listed as co-founders of a company called 3Dprint, which is described as a news organization for 3D printing.

brian (((krassenstein)))
every fucking time

What does this guy think of pizzagate?




I think he's referring to the charges Ivana brought against Trump and later dropped, ages ago. I remember seeing an article about it on the cover of one of those supermarket rags.

Nevermind. It was some kike writer taking things out of context in an attempt to slander Trump.

Kek, I remember seeing Ivana in a Kikebart article a few months back. From what I can see, she still wants the D.

she was just on Good Morning Britain where she defended Trump, said he never abused her, and confirmed that he was a very stable genius. the female host kept trying to get her to talk badly about him, but Ivana refused.

Friendly reminder that if you're really serious about archiving shit, keep it locally as well. This is not the first time we were denied our archives, I still remember when (((somebody))) put a copyright claim on 8ch content stored on archive.is and as such all archives from 8ch became inaccessible. Very fortunately, it got reversed, but this must be a lesson for the future.

Why do they need so much confirmation that Trump is a stable genius? He already told everyone as much in those words.





Because CNN sounds like Beavis and Butthead these days.


What addresses?