New California declaring independence

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Is it the shit part or the slightly less shit part of California declaring independence?

I can’t tell. Looks like a blurry shithole.

Does it make any difference?

Sounds like it's all the rural counties, so the slightly less shit part.

It's the rural counties who are pushing this. Good on them. Most of the rural counties went heavily for Trump.


From their shitty website.

From looking at the map I think it is only a matter of time b4 all the yellow slides down into the ocean.
Problem solved.

That is good then. Leave the shitholes to the shit tier ppl.


Wouldn't a move like this kill California's 55 electoral votes?

They've been pushing this for a while haven't they?

You might be confusing this with some Californians' desire to secede from the Union entirely.

Top Fucking Kek.

So it is them trying to seperate from liberal cuckberg. Awesome.

No. I distinctly remember they wanted to cut California up into 6 states before. In such a way where it'd literally create a state of millionaires and one of the poorest states in the union.

They're gonna have a long, uphill battle for that; but God speed New Cali. God speed.

This needs to be checked

Yes. The Gommie half would be less than the current 55, and the new half would be 3 or more.

Assuming they do this, I'm curious how this would affect electoral college votes.

Every state is allocated a number of votes equal to the number of senators and representatives in its U.S. Congressional delegation—two votes for its senators in the U.S. Senate plus a number of votes equal to the number of its members in the U. S. House of Representatives, which is based on population.

Here's the population per county for california as of 2012:

California currently has 55 electoral votes. Based on population it looks like just taking san diego and orange out as a start would significantly change this. If I have time I'll run some better numbers on this.

Would be even better to reference what counties went red and by how much with population. I'm curious what the ideal configuration would be for republicans. Keep in mind that some people will change their political opinion in order to be part of the herd on the "winning" side.

Pretty much. It's based on population, so you'd have to do a lot of math to figure it out. But this is how California looked at the 2016 election.

The blue counties are where the red counties are. The yellow counties are the gommie ones.

As soon as they separate and the new state starts showing potential, all of the cancerous liberals will flock in and screw it up

Somewhat irony since commiefornia wants to secede and now republicans in California want to cut away from the democrats and let them rot in their last days of "Utopia".

Hi Hitler.
So the libshits are trying to split off with the Western most coastal areas?

I'm going to take a guess and say the red part is all farmers, aka where the "We need commifornia because they grow avocados, almond, spinach, etc.." comes from. And the blue part is out of touch javascript coders.

Don't let (((them))) take California away from you americans.
The (((left))) is going to push for it because "muh liberal utopia"
The (((right))) is going to push for it because "muh votes for based republicucks"
Don't let them Divide and conquer

Holy shit.
That means that if they split, not only does America keep it's fucking avocados but Javascript dies!

Which? The Talmud? Don't split, force the traitors out.

Fuck off, this is exactly like cutting off infected skin around a wound.
With any luck, the remaining bit of california falls into the ocean and we'll all be better of for it.
And hey, I'm a centrist too and don't buy a lot of the things the right pushes, but god fucking damnit, no sentient being can deny this shit needs to happen and fast no matter your political inclinations.


This is the best breakup of the counties that I have ever seen for one of these ideas. I support this 100%. We get all the rural areas and the Orange/SD Counties the only coastal areas in socal where all the conservative whites live (and qts). It's also where you find the most beautiful coastline.

Meanwhile the SF and LA area commies can wallow in their own shit.




San Diego's suburbia is in the red

California is trying to push high speed rail for a reason

Looks more like they're trying to push for it so they can go from the south to the north without entering commieformia proper.

The opposite. The more conservative want to split and leave the coastal areas to wallow in their own shit of their own making


Fuck commiefornia.
Give me one (1) reason why 3/4 of the state telling their commie rulers to fuck off is a bad thing.

So, quick question since I couldn't find it yet:
As any representative or official spokesman said the WHY of breaking up?
Do they give out a reason publically?
I don't really expect them to go "fuck those SF soyboys" but it would be pretty funny to hear something akin to that.

Found it (kinda):
"Well, it's been ungovernable for a long time. High taxes, education, you name it, and we're rated around 48th or 50th from a business climate and standpoint in California," said founder Robert Paul Preston.

The state of New California would incorporate most of the state's rural counties, leaving the urban coastal counties to the current state of California.

"There's something wrong when you have a rural county such as this one, and you go down to Orange County which is mostly urban, and it has the same set of problems, and it happens because of how the state is being governed and taxed," Preston said.

It's the formation of a new state, not the secession from the US. Both California and New California would be states in the US, so they'd all still keep their avocados. A state cannot refuse to trade with another state and interstate tariffs are against the commerce clause of the Constitution.

I hope they're able to do it. The way California treated their farmers during the last major drought was inexcusable.

Sure, but take a look at the map.
New California would surround Old California.
why does that matter?
If New California starts deporting spics, they'll have a very hard time reaching their sactuary city in Old Cali.
New Cali essentially becomes a Wall by itself depriving Old Cali of the easily-renewable source of cheap (and illegal) labour.

As far as I know, outside the cities or outside of the coasts are the main food production. If that would happen, not only will the coast counties run out of water, but also food.

I think Feinstein gave her husband the project license. How many dollars was for every 1 mile that he'll get? 5 million dollars.

Well, that doesn't matter all that much. Sure, it would change how immigration works, but it will make commerce more difficult. In the end, I think it would be good for California to split up; but like I said up there it's gonna be a long uphill battle.

New California will have to establish a legislative body in line with the US Constitution, Old California will have to agree to the split, and the US Congress will have to agree to the split. Any one of those things not happening and, poof, no New Cali.

Because they are only telling them to fuck off and not kicking them off our land. THEY GET NOTHING for being traitors to this nation.

Can confirm on the OC cuties only if they were born here. Too bad they all have masters degrees and shit too.

The immigrants are the gold diggers and they're starting to be taken to all the good local spots so it wont be long. Just make sure you hit on the ones with higher degrees otherwise get that pre-nupppppp

That's not how it works. New California would still have to ship goods into Old California. This is not New California becoming an independent nation. They would still be a state in the US.

Executive Summary

Clearly knows nothing of the problems in California. You can't just go up to the statehouse and kick people out.

You can't even afford this land anyhow?

Anyways Donald Braun owns the majority of Orange County (All new houses post 2008ish are on leased land MWAHAH Muslims BTFO) and is expanding towards the border. He's got us locked down so hard he requires both an EMT and Bachelors degree just to be a copo. So I'm pretty sure though the struggle will be slow people are starting to get this shit on lockdown…

Yeap sounds about right. if you want to live within an hour of your job you're gonna be looking at around $2k/mo.

If you're not looking at being hired by a top city employees here you're better off anywhere else in the world than in our slums. We can't even keep up with all the fucking flu patients and were fucking setting up tent cities to treat people with the flu.

New California will probably happen tbh.

Would Trump asking, maybe even pleading/begging, for them to not do this work better for them to actually do it?

Agreed. No matter how good the girl seems (they can act for over 10 years), set up a nevis or cook islands international trust and never commingle funds.

Depends of what sort of trade will New California have with the old one. Although yes, the main trade routes goes through the coasts. And the products of the state are being exported around the world. This however will be a problem.

That's one reason but another reason is cheaper land and housing, they're planning to start developing along the rail.

California is America's Israel

This is not being pushed by commies

It doesn't matter. All interstate trade is regulated by the federal government. States cannot impose tariffs on other states nor can they refuse to trade with another state. They can compete - like the long running competition between Florida oranges and Texas oranges - but New California cannot refuse or place tariffs on Old California.


I don't really care to be honest, but if that happened in my coutnry I'd rather die than see (((them))) take away my land.a
Besides what difference does it make? You'll have (((republican))) presidents if they succeed, we now that besides Trump, republicans are just like democrats.

So did the state of "Jefferson" fizzle out? Why did this one suddenly get steam where the other one(s) disappeared. All sothern commiefornia should be with the old, san diago is nothing but spic/nigger libruls yelling about aztlan

It would still be American clay, but it will stop the illegal aliens from fleeing a soon to be giga shithole and into the nice clean American streets.

Wow the Liberals are retarded, lets make this happen.

What's stopping the Californians from moving to the new one?


It's an interesting idea. I wonder if states are permitted to build a wall between them and another state.

Nothing. We have the right to travel freely among the various states.

so what's the whole point in this?

Well, there's still the opportunity to impose a "travel ban" to Old California. Have them taste the same medicine.
That way the coast can be cut off from the states in a way. Blocking their commies and spiks from ever getting any further from the coasts.

It would allow New California to make its own laws governing its citizens. It's about autonomy.

Ok, once again, this is about the forming of a new state. It's not about secession. A state cannot impose a "travel ban" on another state.

Jefferson will join. Clearly you have never been to oc and north sd county, riverside county, etc. Lots of people that have lived here for many generations will support this. The commies and immigrants are hated and will be easy to remove.

Northern California has been trying to secede for decades as the State of Jefferson. They've had successful county referendums in most of the northern counties.

It would split California's population into two groups, which would gut it as a shoo-in 55 electoral votes for Democrats.

Fuck California.

Didn't Californian officials impose a 'travel ban' on Texas government officials coming to their state?

Just the funding for official channels. You can't actually keep them, out. They just refuse to pay for your transportation.

Listen here you niggerfaggot:
We're talking about LA and SF.
They own it. All of it. It's already theirs.
If you were going to kill yourself over it, you'd have done that 80 years ago.
This is a group of people reclaiming part of their land. The important part (with the farms and industry).
This is precisely what Jews don't want: white people reclaiming their land for themselves.

I give 2 months before a wave of articles surface comparing this to Hitler stealing all the Jews in Germany to give back to the germans.
Mark my words.

What do think happened in /Florida/ during 70's and 80's? If they start developing along the high speed rial it will turn into swing state like Florida in a few decade

Ya, but the moment the new California becomes decent it would be destroyed by shit libs.

Well, that's true of pretty much anywhere. All New California has to do is make manbuns illegal.

Maybe we should mass move there. Make a Southern expansion to the Northwestern Front.

Sounds like as scheme to get the Dems two more votes in the senate.

Riverside is full of jews, spics, and asians.


you need over a million dollars for a cook island international trust.. if i had that much money i'd just have the bitch fucking killed

I got news for you.

I don't trust it. Are there really that many Republicans left in California at all? Aren't they all moving out of the state at record numbers?

4 million Californians voted for Trump in 2016. If they'd all moved out in the last year, it would have been noticed. It would be a Syrian level exodus.

If they split the state they split the senate too. Each part would get one senator.

No, every state gets 2 Senators. If New California becomes a state, it gets 2.

It's about $3K to set up and around $500 annually. But yeah I like that idea as well.

That pic enrages me on many levels
t. bald oldfag that embraces the crew cut like a man

And now there remains the best part, the electoral college. Since it matters the population of how many electorates a state will have, how many electorates will New California take away from the old one? Because the democrats heavily rely on California for the votes (55).

Tough to say for sure. Would have to tally up the population, county by county, for a side by side comparison of Old vs New.

Legion number 1, NCRfags go home

dont forget the tuff shed city in oakland

Woo, New California! Been waiting for years for this so that we stand a chance against the Bay(Gay) area and LA against the pet spic voters. Hopefully we'll get them all deported for aiding the enemy and mass conspiracy on top of the illegals


Looks like the part of CA that wants to go independent will have an economy consisting entirely of porn and pedowood. All the farming in the blue.

ok, had to look it very slowly with image as it depicts the supposed new state. The Old California with 15 counties that don't belong to the New California total population ~ 19,678,486 And the current population of California is 39,536,653
The New California will take away ~ 50.228% of population away. So far I think the US electorate college distribution works, New California will split the electorates of California into 23/22

I hope this goes through, so that South Virginia will be next.

Even Californians hate Californians.

Liberals will wallow in their filth for a bit, then move to greener and whiter pastures when their property values begin to tank. Then they will vote for the same policies for diversity and cheap labor that ruined their previous home. They ought to be killed as traitors now and save the trouble.

Los Angeles County 10,170,292
San Diego County 3,299,521
Orange County 3,169,776
Riverside County 2,361,026
San Bernardino County 2,128,133
Santa Clara County 1,918,044
Alameda County 1,638,215
Sacramento County 1,501,335
Contra Costa County 1,126,745
Fresno County 974,861
Kern County 882,176
San Francisco 864,816
Ventura County 850,536
San Mateo County 765,135
San Joaquin County 726,106
Stanislaus County 538,388
Sonoma County 502,146
Tulare County 459,863
Santa Barbara County 444,769
Solano County 436,092
Monterey County 433,898
Placer County 348,432
San Luis Obispo County 281,401
Santa Cruz County 274,146
Merced County 268,455
Marin County 261,221
Butte County 225,411
Yolo County 225,411
El Dorado County 184,452
Imperial County 180,191
Shasta County 179,533
Madera County 154,998
Kings County 150,965
Napa County 142,456
Humboldt County 135,727
Nevada County 98,877
Sutter County 96,463
Mendocino County 87,649
Yuba County 74,492
Lake County 64,591
Tehama County 63,308
San Benito County 58,792
Tuolumne County 53,709
Calaveras County 44,828
Siskiyou County 43,554
Amador County 37,001
Lassen County 31,345
Del Norte County 27,254
Colusa County 21,482
Plumas County 18,409
Inyo County 18,260
Mariposa County 17,531
Mono County 13,909
Trinity County 13,069
Modoc County 8,965
Sierra County 2,967
Alpine County 1,110

Double Dubs Warmly Witnessed
If this really does go through, NCR got memed into real life.

is this new california flag ?

Strangely enough, I looked at the total numbers of eligible voters that voted in 2016 presidential elections. Total votes is 14,181,595 Clinton got 8,753,788 and Trump got 4,483,810
From the 15 counties, Clinton has 5,031,005 and Trump has 1,710,745 votes. Divide that from the New California, in the new state it will have Clinton with 3,722,783 and Trump with 2,773,065 votes.

As far as it looks right now, I'd doubt right now if this new state will become a republican state. Though, I'd be interested of how much it differs from the house and senate election results.

This is the flag on their website.

It depends who the local leaders are. If these counties are already in red hands they could stay that way, in fact it could even cause a population transfer as commies flee to the coast and survivors of the pozz head for the hills.

If we could get the gay nigger marriage laws revoked that alone could force new cali into being red, as the all the degenerates would have to stay in their ghettos to get their gibs.

Checking those doppeln, mein Bruder. Fuck the whole thing in its totality.

I agree even though I have extended family in the less-shitty part of Gommiefornia.

That's not how it works. Each state gets two senators.

bonnie blue it sound like they want to make another texas.

They have Lauren Rose on their website.


I'm sorry but I fucking LIVE in the territory they want to declare "New" California
I never asked for this bullshit and this pisses me off to all hell
Thank fuck I'm leaving this dumpster fire. California isn't worth it anymore, play Grand Theft Auto V, you get the same experience


You do know it's not an automatic thing, right?

1] New California has to adopt and ratify a State Constitution.
2] New California must assemble a proper legislative body and court system.
3] New California must approve the formation of its new state.
4] New California must ratify the Constitution of the United States.
5] Old California's legislative body must approve the split of the state into two states.
6] The United States' Congress must approve the split of California into 2 states.

ALL of those things have to happen in order for New California to exist.

Aww, I was really hoping the commie zones were seceding. Remember, it's not a civil war if they declare independence :^)

As a Californian I support their efforts. As soon as they decide to publicly declare secession I will grab my gun and start putting down every single seditious traitor I find. Killing a traitor isn't murder, it's your duty.

What the fuck are you going on about? This is about a state splitting into two states. It's not about your civil war wet dream fantasies.

That's seditious faggot, a State cannot be carved out of a State.

Lauren Southern is a thot Lauren Rose is making moves and changing things.

Nuke commiefornia when?

in escaping marxist smothering you certainly can

new california is the blue part of the map, aka the more conservative counties, so no

Long-hair-metalhead-style fag here.
That is, beyond comprehension, so goddamned pathetic, a revocation of the man card is way overdue at that stage!

I have accepted the fate of loosing my locks eventually, and IF I have to, I will shave it off completly.
At least that will save me some dignity.

The eternal commiefornian everyone.

I don't want to sound blackpilled but number 5 is going to be really difficult. The leftists have all the control in California and they will not give up half of the state without bloodshed.

wouldn't be too bad of a design if they removed the text, changed the star to a flat color instead of what i'm guessing is supposed to be shiny gold, and picked better colors. The red, blue, and white work well enough, but I can't find a good shade for the star.

Less shit part

What a beautiful sight, California is literally trying to uncuck themselves.
What a fucking timeline

explain west virginia then

those are some autistic flags i like it.

Sure it can. Read the Constitution, dummy.

It's not like they're the flags of liberian counties

Change the name to Jefferson, user. No sense in shooting down an existing movement from the 1940's.

That is the most difficult part. New Cali would have to prove an absolute benefit to Old Cali for the split.

It's something that will take years - maybe even decades - to accomplish; but it can be done. Slowly, but surely, one step at a time. The problem with a lot of the people ITT, though, is that they believe this is something that's going to happen today and be carved in stone for all time.

The trouble with Jefferson is they want to also split Oregon. That makes it even tougher.

New California's entire economy relies on illegal alien labor on their farms. They would never deport them. This solution will only come from the Federal level. Conservative law enforcement in CA already works with INS.

New California would add 2 senate seats to the republicans with probably no more than four or five house seats swinging probbaby blue.
This depending on dividing lines in the stae which The democrats would try to gerrymander the lines as much as possible to kill conservative house seats.

I got rid of the star and wanted to see how it'd look with the upper canton bare white or with the bear from the cali flag in it

Can't really be guaranteed. A lot of "red" states have Democrat Senators.

This. The State of Jefferson movement has been around much longer and has some merit to it, and starting a completely new one that's called 'New California' isn't going to make things any easier. Perhaps the two could just merge together?
Also, New California is a stupid name for a separatist movement, you're trying to separate yourself from them, not replace them. Come up with a better name so you have a separate identity from them, It'll give you a bit more credence when you declare independence.


wait for the nogs to see the thin blue line on the new california flag.

Good riddance.

Do hipsterals unironically use this as an argument?
When the fuck did White people need some literally tasteless fruit that beaners used as dressing for their human hearts salads?

North American Union will solve that issue.

Practically this is the only way to really do it. Requires a con-con only after invading the leafs (which will take three days max).


Shave it or call Sy, sumofag.

Murdoch-chan is my waifu.

Nobody is going to declare war on the United States and Canada just to form an ethnostate. The dream will always just be a dream.

"There is a clear and present danger from Muslim terrorist currently organizing in Al-Berta."

The bots people use to post this shit are getting very poor quality. Overwork?

Too bad that over-amplification as a shilling technique thread was slid.

There are a few problems I see with the proposal. The first, and most obvious, is >>11156834's fifth point. Getting Commiefornia's legislature to essentially agree to lessen their preferred party's Electoral College headstart is a definite uphill battle. If the proposal gains any steam it may need to go to the Supreme Court and argue the logic of needing your state's permission to leave it.
The second problem is that OP's map leaves no landway to Old California without passing through New California. There would probably end up being a split somewhere along the San Mateo/Mono line.

As an aside, I know it's been discussed before, but looking at the map in makes me wonder if living by a large body of water makes people more liberal, or vice versa.

Slightly offtopic, but i just realized that while voter IDs would be extremely detrimental to democucks, the true nail in the coffin would be turning vote count from state level to county level as it would completely cancel out every exploit democucks rely on. You only need to look at pic related to see why.


Get the fuck back in your nest you termite

Ave true to Caesar


My search engine shills left-wing propaganda and this morning I saw an article entitled something like "California is very liberal, so why does it have the highest poverty rate in the country?"

Had a laugh.

It is a shithole, and I'm glad all the Mexicans go to that fertility crushing state.

avocado is a BERRY you faggot kike

Democrats will never be able to gain power again if this goes through. They will automatically lose about 30 electoral votes in each election.

Run away little faggot, can't clean up your own mess, but go the other way & don't stop till you're drowning.

Shut up blog post, & get a haircut.

4 real, fam? Kek.
Cold hardy avocados can be grown in WA, fuck spick food, nature is under the white mans providence.

I wish you'd move to Texas so I could kill you. Faggots like you are killing the state more than the millions of spics nesting in the South ever could.

Do Communist shitholes ever want to break away from the productive rural territories that they tax? Do the rural territories ever want to escape the communist metropolitan shitholes?

I support New California and hope that this becomes a reality. None whites can go and live in old California i.e Jewfornia!


Has this already been put in motion, or is it something that they're voting on?
If the former, interesting. Never thought I'd be alive to witness the birth of a new state. The inevitable shitshow should prove most entertaining.

We've not been memeing responsibly.

I hope it happens.


At the very least this is DOA. The state will never let it happen, and the Congress will never accept it either. The Boomers pushing this are begging from a buttbruising from the ATF.

Vexillology and proper aesthetics needs to be a school subject I swear. The movement is great, got family there, but that fabric just doesn't fly. I'm a back to the past kinda guy on these matters so here are some options. If they want to rally some enthusiasm they could hold a contest for the next New Californian state flag. That would drum up alot of thinking about what the new state was, is, and will be.

Don't you have some SEMEN to DROWN YOURSELF in?

At the very least you've clearly spent countless hours playing a game where the ultimate-mega-final boss is a strong African-American character that you've spent much of the main game and 4 DLCs chasing after just to (almost literally) cuck out and not kill him.

Stay assblasted Maddowfag.

All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.

Residents of New California would be called Newcs

dont use this term you racist white trust fund piece of shit it suggests european colonialism alters the true roots of the african and that he is no longer african when in fact he abides by his melanin and can never be separated from his birthright. melanin is the root of intelligence if you must refer to us call us "the descendants of pharaohs blessed by the melanin"

That flag color pattern is too similar to the Californian flag it needs to be something more unique.

Im a Californian nigger and I want to be free. From commies

Normally I'd be extremely skeptical of something like this, but even CBS is reporting on it. Makes me think.

someone with a twitter should ask trump what he thinks about it

Javascript has good parts user.

Supposedly "it's good for you" - I'd rather eat tons of spinach, broccoli and kale than avocados however, they taste like sadness.
Eat fish oil or something.

any new california old california memes i want to push california into a hate fest amongst themselves.

Berries are fruits. Are you merely pretending?

Were these made in fucking ms paint?


Here are some of my proposals

wtf avocado is a vegetable idiot


Mate, a testicle is very obviously meat.


testicles are only meat for faggots yet avocado remains a vegetable. you wouldnt put testicles in your salad.

It's probably an SVG rendition (e.g., by a Kikepedia user) of the shit flag the clothed savages drew with subsidized Crayola.

wew lad; so are we getting the NCR flag pack for this timeline now

also state of jefferson when?

ring-a-ding baby
this whole plan is platinum

NCR are a bunch of finks, dig?

Commemorative stamps prove otherwise


Oh my fucking god, the treasures of African ability never cease to amaze.

They can, to a point. They can stop their own government from doing any business ‘’’in’’’ another state and refuse business opportunities with another state.

But they cannot outright stop another state from doing business within their borders or impose tariffs and the like.


Good idea. But we have to attack Iran for Israel right now There's no time for this.

Maybe they downloaded the SVG for their own flag from WIkipedia to print those stamps, have you thought about that?


>Several (((media outlets))) start reporting on New California, giving it coverage while Jefferson remains virtually unknown to anyone outside of Northern California, and even in Northern California there are still people who don't know about it
Yeah, it's the "rural counties" are the ones pushing for (((New California))). I don't fucking trust them as far as I can throw them.

Does sound sketchy given the Jefferson movement and the desire to absorb spic counties.

Read the site. It disparages Jefferson by proxy at least once. They have disdain for the movement.

Look at these pictures I grabbed real quick. New California gets large swaths of what is essentially Mexico. Northern California, while definitely white, has a low population.
Look at this user's post

Look at how many of the Northern California counties are at the bottom of a list sorted by population. All those White, Northern Californias are being drowned out by Spics and Niggers, but not so many chinks. They stick to the coastal cities like San Fran. Plus, we have a land border with Mexico, while Old California does not. Old California doesn't have to deal with the unwashed masses pounding at the gates to get into their Ivory Towers anymore. This is a fucking scam by the kikes to keep their strongholds from reaching critical mass, while simultaneously shooting the Right wing Jefferson movement in the kneecap. Look at the link I posted in my first post. Maybe my Jewdare is faulty but I see at least three of the 'Chosen People' in leadership positions.

If the new flag includes an animal, why not use the golden trout? It's native range is in New California, and stealing the state fish would be a nice FU to California.

There is zero probability the government of California will acquiesce to New California taking all of that land, all of those tax slaves, cutting of the border with slave labor land, and encircling their territory. Not without a war. This makes me believe it's a pied piper campaign.

Nigger bears eat fish, that's bad symbolism, Feinstein et. al. aren't gonna be shitting themselves at some fish flag. It needs to be a creature capable of killing bears. I recommend a loli operating a Panzer IV.


You mean the guy who has been involved in attempts to slander another state secession movement?
Gee, wonder why he's starting his own independence movement after the attempts to undermine and discredit the Jefferson movement have failed?

The only flag we need is the double cross.

So do burgers have extra gommunist California now? I'm a yuropoor, so I have no idea of what is going on.

No, they have only declared their intent to gain independence. And the movement itself is just Jewish trickery.

It would be like if the rest of Victoria broke away from Melbourne in Australia
But I can't think of an analogy, maybe the Midlands in the UK breaking from England but not the UK

Perhaps the flag should have something that eats bears.

Yeah that works.

The problem with this tactic is, what's stopping people from West Cally to move into East Cally to bolster the number of communists in the region, especially mid elections?

Living in a country too wealthy for its own good breed weak, liberal minded men. Look at Sweden and Norway and compare and contrast the two cultures.

don't get your dicks too hard
that's just from a fast glance. compare 2016 voting records with newcali/old cali and it isn't pretty. we're going to have 2 calis to worry about now

It won't happen. Western Australia tried it the legal way and yet the government refused to allow. Western Australia is supposed to be a nation long time ago.

Check the first image. It carves out 2 right-wing states with only 9 democrat counties between them. The 4 democrat counties in what would be the State of Jefferson actually have a lot of support for leaving California. The remaining 3 left-wing states can collapse for all I care.

I’m not a bot, cum guzzler. I used the image from the article and gave any relevant info. Kill yourself.

Ignore me, I read some posts. It's a new state movement.

The farmers won't depor the illegal migrants because they were relying on them so there have to be a way to encourage them to stop hiring without turning them to the democucks.

A group hoping to breakaway from California because of high taxes and their unhappiness with how the state is run has declared independence for ‘New California.’
The group’s leaders released a Declaration of Independence on Monday in the hopes that it will eventually lead to independence from the state capitol, Sacramento.

Unlike the Calexit movement, which is looking for independence from the United States for the entire state of California, the New California group wants to remain a part of the US but it no longer wants to be governed by the state of California.

“After years of over taxation, regulation, and mono party politics the State of California and many of it’s 58 Counties have become ungovernable,” the group said.

“The nature of the State becoming ungovernable has caused a decline in essential basic services such as education, law enforcement, fire protection, transportation, housing, health care, taxation, voter rights, banking, state pension systems, risons, state parks, water resource management, home ownership, infrastructure and many more.”

The proposed state would mostly consist of the state’s rural counties, while the urban areas along the Pacific coast would remain part of California.“We are going to split off like mitosis to form the 51st state to make a more perfect union,” founder Paul Preston explains in a video on the movement’s website.

Another member of the movement explained in a video that the group is concerned that the US “doesn’t do nearly enough to assimilate people from other countries and other cultures into the US and American culture.”

The group is insistent that it is following correct procedures in establishing the proposed new state under Article 4, Section 3 of the US Constitution.

So Kikes are getting isolated

Yes but what about the illegal migrants thought?

In the US red means conservative and blue means liberal.

Florida is a lost cause.

2nd pic should be flag imo

You dumb nigger, San Jose is not in New California. Look at the map. San Jose is in Santa Clara County. I swear these out of state faggots know nothing.

user's point seems to be that San Jose is, indeed, situated in New California, along with the other bits he mentioned.

Almost looks like the canton of Bern, Switzerland

My gut says no bear or star should be used. The bear is too reminiscent of the ussr and the star is some pentagram shit. We need something fresh and untainted by the synagogue or Satan.

Im thinking along the lines of something that evokes manifest destiny realized and the fact that this is golden fertile land on the edge of western civilization.

A redwood tree perhaps?

Truth. Praise kek!

That user pulled that map out of his green ass.

This is the official map. Santa Clara County is clearly in Old California. Good Fucking riddance. I have a severe hatred for that shithole. That whole area was stolen and flooded with vile spics, street shitters and gook zipper nips over the last 20 years. Now it is so bad it is at unredeemable levels.



user, whats the GDP of your new state?


Get a comb over.

How do the locals feel?

I like the way you think user.

OC for the Western Ethnostate
10,000 hr in MS Paint

fuck you, (1)!


can confirm. eastern san diego county is absolutely full of actual americans. dont let the news jew you.

When I was hitchhiking the United State's, the most places infested with Mexicans was, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and a few States in the east. The most was the outskirts of the city.

Californians had tried this method many times and it failed. They need the permission from Californian government and federal lawmakers to approve a new state. Do they really believe this will happen during their lifetime?

You don't think Trump would approve this?
Because really all they need is the federal governments approval

And the state as well.

Not really.
I mean if the california legislature/government keeps whining about it and refusing then the federal government can just go "nope fuk u we recognise them as a state and are letting them in"

Leading to massive butthurt and arguments. But little the commiefornians can do.

They don't give a shit about the white people. That is not how it work.

you mean the ones that are held together by US agricultural subsidies? wake up, kid. Those ports bring in all the chinese-made good consumed throughout the US. As shitty as they are, they are still hugely productive - unlike a bunch of cocksuckers who hire illegals to labor on their US Gov't subsidized almond farms


and what is the square root of this new state?

have fun

Brazilification was more than just a meme. Holy favelas. Needs more leftism and immigration, that'll solve the problem.

That second image is fairly useless.
Of course highly populated states will spend more money on welfare, what matters is the per capita amount, not the total

What does it mean by "chartered counties?"
I'm in one of them.

Motherfucking Californians keep moving to my state, shitting up the roads and voting. If you come here for God's sake learn to drive in the snow and don't vote away what's left of gun rights

It's OK. We've been trying to get away from the federation for ages. They just ignore it every time we try. Canberra can get fucked.

Please don't vote to strip the gun rights away from the yanks and destroy the good cultures. Some cultures isn't strong enough to endure the leftist pains so please keep that in your mind.

t. concerned Aussie.

Oh look, its one of those flat fags. Fuck off kike.

Can someone do a 538 calculation on how the 2016 election will pan out if Jefferson/NewCali existed before the Trump election?

Does that seriously say YOLO?

tfw you live in a red district on the coast



There is something to be said about the "Coastal Elite" mindset being a problem.
On the other hand, Japan, and the Philippines, though though surrounded by water, have retained their Nationalism.
Maybe the problem is when the progressives forget that it's the 'flyover states' that provide them with their food.
Also, maritime and ocean-related activities, even surfing, are implicitly White.

In my opinion, from living in San Diego, yes it's better than SF or LA, but it's still not that great.
I started to hate Spics more than Nigs, and that's saying something.
Also, there are Gooks and Kikes everywhere in certain areas of the 'inland empire'.
I do recognise, though, that the presence of these groups means that the Whites will be more redpilled.

I have long hair.
While I recognise that it can sometimes be a sign of deviancy or degeneracy, I think it depends on the person.
My ancient Welsh forefathers likely had long hair.
Also, there is a need for Nationalists who are willing to infiltrate the opposition, and having a less stereotypical appearance could do a lot of good.

Flat central Cali is floodplains and meth, all the land outside of San Diego is blistering desert. Tahoe area is gorgeous but expensive and the foothills below it have meth. Way north up in redwood country is beautiful and ideal but along with meth and hippies you have the pot industry and everything that goes along with it. All affordable areas have drugs/drug crimes and spics tbh.

And thus, we'll have our first State-based Civil War, where they're not even trying to secede from the nation, just remove themselves from the tyranny of big city elites.

Shoot. Well, at least I'll be nearby to my family when I move. Hope it happens so I don't have to move too far away.

Do I have to tell you how fucking stupid that is?

Disgusting. I hope they get an artist.

I smell the unscrupulous doings of scoundrels and liars. Typical tricks, Schlomo!

Shitty rendition of New California's flag. Red, white, blue colors, white is supposed to be the peak of Mt. Whitney with sun rising over, red star ties it back to the California flag, no words or png stars.

There is a reason Whites discovered the Americas.

Good god no!

so has anything actually happened yet or

Don't let this get slid.
This needs to happen!
Spread this shit like a cali wildfire.

Judges can and will throw out prenups because apparently women are fragile and can't survive without a walking bank account.

Some of our greatest and earliest victories are naval. Name a great naval battle that didn't involve whites.


We should probably look into this. See if Preston has Soros connections pic related. Pointless to get our hopes up if this dude is a saboteur. Maybe re-energize the State of Jefferson movement.

was also replying to >11159004

I haven't looked into Hodges yet but I'm pretty damn sure that Preston is colluding with kikes.

Do these men and women look jewy to you?

I will move to New California if it decides to secede, however unlikely, and I will spend my life building up the water infrastructure to make sure the crops in New California are constantly watered. The water exists btw, but its tied up in bad infrastructure and politics.

Reduce the communists to irrelevancy and bankruptcy; truth, honour, and freedom are worth dying for. This is the great age of Evil's final ass-kicking. We don't need to wait for the young to grow up to do it; we don't need to wait for a future age, or our children to do it: we can do it, now, in this age. We have the internet, we have the information; we have the memes: the age of truth is upon us! And what is behind truth, what is the greatest truth of all? Something, most definitely harmonious, laughing, and thriving; supping from the infinite font of mind and matter, create all manner of all forms, ceaselessly, and with great zeal. That is our future, that is the destiny of any who embrace truth, honour and freedom. The weak will die, the stupid will be rewarded with failure, and the natural order will reestablish itself over the land in a cleansing fire of beauty, honour, intelligence and strength, the likes of which is rarely seen in the entire Universe. This great event will lead to our emergence from the stellar pupae, as a strong race-trustworthy due to honourable and disciplined renown. A communist will sit on his ass, talking about seizing the means of production, instead of seizing his own body to create wealth, glory and beauty in the world. Those of us who emerge into the grand civilization, the intergalactic civilization, will be those whose will is developed; and they will be descended from those of us who developed and used our wills to breed a stronger man than now. Truth and endless learning; honourable renown, trustworthiness, self-control; and an endless quest for reducing the size of government and arming every man and woman to the teeth.

Can't create a new state. You can only add to an existing one.

It's not a secret, but few people are aware that the vast majority of the reason California has a drought is that there's a fish, known as the delta smelt, that is in danger of losing its habitat.

They dump water into its habitat to keep it alive. It actually affects the water tables west of the Rockies, and they import more water to continue this practice.

It's absurd.

You really don't belong here, do you, faggot?

Godspeed, oh ye of the hweate fields.
Have some cuck backfire taunts to make sure it actually happens.

I lived in California for 8 months
The memes are real. It's a fucking shithole.
unnecessarily expensive, full of latinos, chinese and SJWs. dry, dirty, full of pollen and no rain. The shithole is so expensive because people pay for the welfare of latinos who go to california for gibs.

grew up in socal and my taxes deducted from my paycheck went down after i moved out. i got sick of paying for infrastructure, medical, and education for these ungrateful illegal aliens and their dirty drug dealing anchor babies. kill them all

Rach is from commiefornia?

Kaliforniein edyucayshun, everyone

Big if true. This would be fucking fantastic for a number of reasons. For one, the inland and northern areas are mostly white and conservative, whereas all the urbanites, kikes, pooinloos, chinks, and spics live mainly on the coasts, but their much-higher population ruins it for the rest of everyone else.
Keep in mind that California is 40 million people, and there's actually a ton of conservative whites there who are just being drowned out by all the mud

But more importantly than that, California splitting up would be the first fracture in what could possibly be the future balkanization of America, which is basically what we want/need in order to achieve a white nation. Keep in mind that like 1/3rd of California wanted a "calexit" last year. Theoretically if all the spics and libshits were carved out as their own coastal state, what percentage of that would want to leave? I bet over 50%. That's the sort of thing we need to ignite the powder keg and get things moving along.

I doubt this current plan would go through, but it's still another step toward what we need, and just having serious planning for this to happen and having it on people's minds is important.

Huge part of the problem is that because interstate migration is borderless, Commiefornia's high taxes just incentivized millions of white people to flee the state and settle in other places like Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Virginia, NC, etc. CA hikes up the taxes, but the tax-payers leave, so they crank up the taxes even higher on the ones who stick around, etc etc etc.

Meanwhile many of the people leaving CA are self-unaware hippie libcucks who settle in red states but continue voting for the same bleeding heart bullshit that caused their previous home to turn into a shithole over the course of just 20 years. They're like a metastasizing cancer.

What's funny about this is that (((pop culture))) attributes the discovery of these lands to either the vikings or other civilizations entirely, or claims that it was just a pure miscalculation on the part of Columbus, when the truth is that while by the time of his discovery such new lands were already know, no one could predict exactly WHERE they were located and to what lengths they extended. Also, the Chinese did have pretty big navies and did voyage a lot, but the sheer extent Europeans have traveled dwarfs that. There's also the incident where one Chinese emperor wanted to get acquainted with the Arab world, with one of their ships being stranded in Africa and the sailors on it completely gave up on the thought of venturing further in the continent and just settled there and then.

‘Go to new cal, pinko faggot.’

Irl shitpost this to liberals when they bring any bullshit up. If this does become a place it should be lib heaven. Feed soyboy to Mexicans. Don’t let Michael (((Weiner))) Savage leave either. Let him hurt he’s deep level psyop.

I've always heard that it was a stylized gorget, the curved metal crescent that many troops would've worn during the American Revolution.

Pic related is George Washington wearing a gorget.

*old california.
New california is the more conservative inland segments.


So the jews are already ceding territory? Interesting. Too bad for them that we're taking all of America back.

take me home?

I always report your posts to the mods so the mods can see the posts they made again



If it manages to actually get split, I think the inland state should stay named California, since California has been historically red. The new coastal state should be named something catchy that the urbanites latch onto and better represents the demographics. Like New Hollywood, or Liberia.

Will this actually happen?

Good find, user


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