I made a thing

Sup, Holla Forums, I made a video hosting site to counter jewtube. I don't know if it's going to work, but I'm going to try it out anyway and hopefully some shit works or whatever.

This project has cost me a lot of time and shekels, but I did it 4u. I hope you can enjoy.
Feel free to criticize, it's very important to me to get feedback, but I haven't slept in a week and I apologize in advance if my borked out brain is incapable of responding to everything quicklyer enough.

Hard limit of 500MB on uploads, most media is supported; it all gets converted on site. Main concern is crashing the server or my bank account
If anyone is feeling generous here's muh btc address: 12Dfh6yaJGJKA9KkiX59mk3gcp8KSojgXa shameless shekel grubbing
If anyone has any logo ideas throw 'em on in, also we need icons for categories.
Have fun

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Kys faggot nobody cares about your shitty art project

It's not an "art project", I'm making a serious go at this fam.


Nigger there are already viable alternatives. Pewtube for example.

Yes. I put my time, effort, and money into making something with the hopes that people can enjoy it.

Sure, I've tried to keep viduploads as normalfag-friendly as possible though. It's designed to satisfy their egos and narcissism which should hopefully keep them on the site watching the content that youtube has been trying to censor.

Doesn't hurt to have other alternatives but i have to agree with the other anons here, it's better if we make one of the already established ones stay afloat with a regular influx of visitors and use the rest to mirror relevant content on them.

Should probably just kill yourself tbh. YouTube isn't "censoring" anything anyway, retards like you just act like you're being censored when your shit gets flagged for violating the ToS

That's some extreme Jewish shilling there.
Keep that up and I'll turn you into a lampshade over the internet with my Nazi super-powers.

OP, good work. And best of luck. I'll give it a go when I get home.
Remember to register it on one of those OpenDNS things so ICAAN icann't take it down.

How will you make a profit on it? Remember Vidme?

You are either a fool or a liar.

Good idea fam

That was my concern too. I plan on using a combination of member subscriptions (tldr; no ads for subscribers), CPM adverts, and donations

Why do you talk like you posted this on Imgur? Why does your site look like it's Imgur?

I like it. Looks like a mix of pornhub and imgur

I was trying to not come off like the asshole I am because it's very off-putting. Read a little once in a while. Also it's black and green, imgur is also black and green; maybe that's why?

Since you've got obvious kikes like have a bump OP.

Whatever helps you sleep at night cumskin.

You were wrong, it wasn't kikes.
It's just /intl and their regular dose of brain damage.


Best of luck OP. Ignore the cocksucker D&C shills snarking on you - if anything it’s proof you are doing good work.

OP, great job. I recommend using OpenNIC for DNS, it's the best alternative to anything as of yet. I'll use the site for a bit and come up with suggestions.

Thanks fams.

I have a few pr0n and spam sites

What's the general consensus on allowing uploads without requiring an acct?

You keep implying that the site was created for Holla Forums's benefit, but there are some problems with this claim:
Who the fuck are you trying to fool, kike?

Should I upload my vids of Terry jacking it?

Do you know where you are?

I'mma be honest here, I literally stole that from another site.

Pretty hilarious how you leak your strategy for leeching donations from Holla Forums by way of projection against normalfags.
Appealing to egos is exactly what you're doing here with all of your "I created it for you" shit.
Leave now, or this could turn very bad for you kike.

Go for it

literally any platform including OP

Sounds legit


You are running a goddamn video site on a single server? You must be shitposting.

I could care less about donations tbh it was an afterthought, I didn't even create that btc wallet until a few minutes ago.

I'm just trying to think of the legal repercussions, all it takes is one dickhead to screw it up for everybody.

Registrar means piss all if you're not connected directly to them and if you are then it doesn't matter anyway.
AWS I get though, I was expecting that flak. I'd go with someone else, but everyone I've found is shit and overpriced.

It's scalable.

You either meant to say that you have the ability to care even less about donations than you are currently caring or you're 15 years old on a Comp-Sci assignement and need to fellate an assault rifle with all the haste you can muster.

You go out and do better, then.

Bookmarked it fam.
Thanks for posting


Kill yourself now.

Do you know any good hosts I can use, user?

I do not. Paying shlomo is not an option.

alright, well I'll keep looking for datacenters,
Thought about purchasing my own servers and self-hosting, but that's a huge overhead to deal with. Thanks for your input user

Why the fuck do you think alternatives to youtube have been so rare?
You either end up on the Jews bankroll using their services or you pay a king's ransom to start a shitty service that might or might not pan out. Often, it doesn't.
I think it's comendable of you to go against a system so stacked against you, but if you're gonna half-ass it from the get go, remember this moment a few months from now when you close it down: this is when you failed.


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wait wrong thread

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Nice work, OP. Have a bump

I know how much work must have went into that, user, especially scalability unless your idea of scalability is "upgrade my VPS account", but I like to think it isn't

However, have you considered that there are some decentralized options floating around? It might be a better idea just to donate to projects that others are doing (especially open-source ones), in part because they've solved a bunch of problems already.

And if you don't have at least one major reason for people to join (like BitChute being p2p in the browser), then it's just competing against DailyMotion.