Meaningless of Life

I can't help but try to take a step away from all the BS and look at what humanity has become. Our lives are becoming less and less meaningful in almost every aspect. The global political theater at every level is just a way to keep us busy fighting between ourselves. It's obvious that the world is controlled by a select few who are happy to let us run in circles. Every major event that dominates what we talk about for several days or weeks feels manufactured.

It's hard for me to find meaning beyond a close group of friends and family. I'm fazed by an overwhelming sense of hopelessness when I think about the state of our species. Is there any hope for us? Is there anything we can truly do to make the world better?

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take some down with you on your way out please.

Kikes haven't been this scared since the 1940s.
There is no need to be upset.
Very high chance that they will be purged en masse in our lifetimes.


I wish I was this optimist

We are simple creatures user. You do noto need to look to far to find realization. Drop pornography, casual relationships and other sinful habits you might have. Find an upright lass and start a devout familiy. Have children and bring them up straight. Be just and strong, and devout to truth and God.
You will have come more than most of the average man does today.

Some of us indeed are meant for greatness, but don't strive for something you do not have strenght for, lest you leave what is within your reach behind.

Your state of mind is merely a reflection of the brainwash you have experienced. And it is just a state of mind. Does life have meaning? Is it supposed to? In the past you imagine peoples lives had more meaning, but tell me when? In the wars fighting for or against the zog without even knowing it? Before then as an urchin in a fledging town as the industrial revolution took hold? Before then as a free man merely fulfilling the base instinct of survival, food and shelter? Was it more meaningful or have you been sold a dream? You could be a star, even the prez, just dream big. Reality is awfully mundane if you do swallow any of their life marketing ideas. You aren't in the club so you aren't going to win big on their stage. Get good at something (not vidya), something you may still do when you are older, an instrument for example, as you progress it can help with the whole what does it mean thing. And try to find a breeding partner.

It's called fighting for the white race OP.

The greater the threat, the greater our purpose. Embrace the challenge. Whether we are victorious or not, we are righteous, and our efforts will be glorious.

I'm not even an optimist.
There were kikes kvetching about memes in a house, man.
kikes kvetching about memes

Just too many niggers living off the dole is all.

make money, get a wife, have children. if you are not some piece of shit who thinks that he is some -ath, -ist or whatever, you will at least want to live for your children.

you don't have to change the world. you don't need to.

life is a struggle, don't make it a tragedy.

If you're looking for meaning, you have to create meaning. It is objective and subjective at the same time. It doesn't exist without your input. For most of Holla Forums, our virtue is family, health, and our race.

Please don't shit up Holla Forums with nothing threads, this could have gone in the QTDDTOT thread.

Do yourself a favor and read the Kybalion. Providing an Audiobook, and please stop eating blackpills you enormous faggot.


stop being blackpilled little faggot.
remember, you're here forever.

Make yourself into the man that you wish was here to fix all this. Read up about social matters, learn how to dress properly and how to speak better. Ask the questions on what you don't get. Assess every thing in your life and figure out if there are better alternatives. Start sleeping and waking early. Stop masturbating.
Never give up. Think of the little White girls out there who see this sick world and wish that someone would save them. Be one of those men. It's all on us.

I take it that you are new to Holla Forums? You must remember that Holla Forums is a Christian board, and that the Jews are not the end boss. Jews are the children of the devil, they are the synagogue of Satan, they are the minions of the adversary. The moslems are the sword of Jewry, the minions of a minion. And much of the modern Church is corrupted too, for as it says in the Bible even some of the elect shall be deceived.

We are the bulwark against the evil, a weapon against the error of Creation. The sons of God fighting against the dragon. About our waist is the belt of truth - for it is our knowledge of the truth that keeps us up-right and standing tall, where men brought up on lies soon find themselves bent over with confusion. Our breastplate is righteousness, for we are sure in our purpose - and are thus unshakeable, their constant cries of 'racist, sexist, anti-semite' are all useless against the man who knows he is right. Our faith is our shield, and though the attacks of our enemy may be great - we shall continue onwards undaunted, assured that we are doing the will of God we will never doubt ourselves, and thus we will never stop our advance. Their petty insults and weak fists will bounce off of us who are sure in our beliefs. Our feet are shod with the Good News, for it is this good news that drives us ever onward. Whilst there are more people out there who need to hear the truth, we shall keep going - our desire to spread our message keeps us on the march, never to tire and never to break. Our sword is the Spirit, it is the very word of God - a weapon that exposes these minions of evil for what they are, and which forces them to flee or else stand and face certain destruction. And upon our head is the helmet of salvation - for we know we have already won, we do the will of God, we please our ancestors in our struggle against an enemy that seeks to end our people – and so our minds are protected, immune to their deceitful whispers. We do not seek anything else, there is no way for them to bribe us. We are already saved - saved from a life on our knees, a life of supplication to scoundrels and savages. Even now our salvation is evident in our lives in a way that it is not for any other.


It almost verges on contrition to say it, but you might want to look into reading some Nietzsche. His life's work was primarily to answer this very question. What he termed the 'death of God,' that is to say our society's abandonment of a society-level religious/philosophical framework in favor of Muh Science and all that comes with it, is very likely the root of your malaise. Where in the past we had a clergy that we trusted, able to dictate what was meaningful and what path to take in life, now we have no direction. What is key today is to figure out what path you'd like to take, and exercise your will to manifest those goals into being in the real world; figure out what responsibilities are necessary for the live you'd like to live, and take them on. Nietzsche suggested that the death of God actually offered hope of a brighter future to some degree, in that it offers every man the opportunity of becoming his own master, and for every man to be an Übermensch if he so wills it. Go and do likewise.

Christianity is not the central value of Holla Forums, but rather our blood:
>What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility. (Vol. I, Chapter 8)
That is not to say Christianity is wholly rejected, by any means, but it is at best an accoutrement.



Kierkegaard talked about this all the way back in the 1800's. You''re not alone, user. embed related.

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Try posting in good faith sometimes, christcuck. It is clear to anyone who is a part of this community that we are not religiously homogeneous.

Religion of Cuck has no place here.

Yes modern life, for the majority of people, is absolutely meaningless and spiritually dead. This is because of the mass brainwashing the kikes have put us through. Imagine how much more meaning your life would have if instead of raised in the modern meaningless daycare/school/university system you were raised primarily by your parents that gave you unconditional love and kept you strongly rooted to your family and sense of self, by tutors that guided your passions, by elders in the community that gave you a sense of and attachment to local culture and by your faith that kept you humble before the almighty. It is too late for many of us to live such a life, but we can work to create a world where our progeny lives it and has a real chance at having a meaningful life.

“The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people.
And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight!
And never slacken!
And never tire!
And never lose courage!
And never despair! ”

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My gloriously autistic friends, I am well aware that not everyone on this board is Christian. Judging from recent trends I imagine the most common religion is currently that of Judaism; we really do need to do something about our shill problem. Nonetheless, the claim that "Holla Forums is a Christian board" comes from the earliest days of 8/pol/ where it was one of the few banners (we have many more now) that could be read at the top of the page. There was of course a hint of irony, although back then I would wager that the majority of the board was probably Christian as it was before the surge of new-blood from reddit. Regardless I used it here as an introduction to my point due to the fact that it has, as a phrase, such a great history here; as well as it being directly relevant to my expansion upon Ephesians 6.

Is this just cognitive dissonance or are you a christian and an attention whore?

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