Nigger split on old white women. For no reason.

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there's that sound again.

There is a reason.
She willing gave up her people, land, and culture to invaders such as he is. Thus, he acknowledges and thanks her for this in the customary historical manner - as an invader does to those who have been conquered, with a spittle shower.

The sound of chimping, but they won't be chimping for long.

Kike D&C.


I highly doubt she woke up one morning and said "oh boy, I sure want a cubic shit ton of niggers to flood into my country, where do I sign up for that?" She did not betray her land, but her government betrayed her and now she stands powerless to do anything about it. Blaming her is absurd.

she might not have voted for this, but she did for this.
i still don't get why le pen didn't win

The reward of importing niggers.
But, yeah. A lot of people of today have to live with sins from the past.

The world as a whole needs a purge.

Why did the crypto-kike alt-right safety valve candidate not win? Hmm, perplexing question.
she wasn't meant to win, dummy

In WWII the French people were quite happy to have Germany enter and occupy France only communist jews didn't want it, if it wasn't for America and Britain France would be free today, instead Britain and America relegated France to the jewish tyranny it experiences today.>>11155659

what a get

No cuck, it's called "Reality". She cared more about being labelled a racist than preserving her race. This is sadly her reward, but hopefully it will change the direction others are heading.

They are reaping what they sowed.
Did the country elect Marine last year after we put in countless hours memeing to help? NO.
Did they have a 2nd French Revolution when their government cucked them out to invaders? NO.
America chose a different path, and is fighting every step of the way. As shitty as it makes me feel, I'm honest enough to admit - France unfortunately did not choose a better way - they chose this.
France, Sweden, etc will be an example in the years to come of what countries should NOT do.
If they have chosen to be in the wreckage it may help other countries to survive.

A) Le Pen - crypto kike safety valve
B) Macron - total freemason globalist kike NWO plant
So by your logic is B > A?
Like Trump is a step in the right direction, anyone could see Le Pen was a better direction than Macron.



Any source on that? I've never heard that.

Sad, but true.

Could you use that spit as DNA evidence for unsolved crimes that need solving?

I agree with most of that except the part where everyone thinks that a defenseless old lady asked for this to happen. she may have voted for le pen, but if the cucks came out in mass and voted the other way (which they did) its not her fault, she did her part. Just like I hate seeing boat loads of shit skins entering into my country, I campaigned and voted for Trump who is doing a great job trying to stop the migration problem, but it takes time to get anything done and it doesnt help everyone is fighting him along the way. So basically your proposing that I now need to take up arms and start blasting them back to their countries. As much as I would enjoy that, it wont work either.

This was made by a sandnigger in europoor. And France did vote in a kike sockpuppet user.

History says otherwise.
Currently I see civilization / society creating a mess, at some point along comes a person or people with a broom to sweep up that mess.
Who that will be, when, or how that future will happen we have no idea, but from millennia of history we can predict it will happen - like pottery.
You may see it happen, or it might be 10 generations from now when we're all long gone, but you can bet your bottom dollar it will happen eventually.

What Im trying to convey to you is just 1 person going full rambo is not going to do the trick, it would have to be at least 1/3 of the country to stand up and do something. 1 person can make a difference and change history in many situations, but unfortunately not this one. If you think just one person is going wake up one morning, eat breakfast, shit shower and shave, strapon some plate armor, sling their ak47 over their shoulder and make this nightmare go away, then congratulations, you just lost touch with reality.

Same with Russians, niggers, etc….

Someday, as it always happened previously someone will
then go on to change history. It may not be you, or in your lifetime, or your grandkids lifetime, but sure as pottery - it will come to pass, as the saying goes.

And there's the rub, whether you vote left or right you are really only ever voting for a zionist jew or a marxist jew. The result is the same, the Kalergi Coudenhove plan marches on. But we won't get fooled again, as the famous song from the early 80's goes. smh

America even with trump is still more cucked then any euro country. Stop deluding yourself.

USA is the literal source of all this and zion hq in the world.

Where do you think all the European Jews and Trotskyites in America came from? It definitely wasn't America. Also the heart of Zionism comes from Israel and London, America is just the guy with the gun.

Plus, America still has freedom of speech, freedom to own a gun and freedom to defend your home from an invader. How's Europe looking on any of those counts?

It's getting to the point where no poster left on here seems to know anything about National Socialism and its or our true history

Spot the difference competition:
France under German military occupation 1942

France after 70 years of Zionist occupation

France after 70 years of Zionist occupation

Please. It's commonly said that american democrats would be considered a right wing party in most of Europe. You have obscene nanny state policies and terrible tax burdens. American liberals basically worship Europe, and constantly berate America for being too conservative.

It's really just demographics though. America has a ton of rural areas, and they have disproportionate political power. Pic related. Rural areas tend to be more conservative for whatever reason.

You are the least white and ur mentality is the most cucked. That map of people voting for neocon zio parties hardly disproves it u delusional faget.

I agree it's about demographics which is why 57% completely cucked by white guilt will fall long before 80%+ white nations in europe. Now go cry somewhere else u cuck. There is fucking videos of white american thots screaming how they love niggers. When they asked liberal scandi girls in another docu what they though of negroes, 75% were like:"ewww". You are the most cucked, embrace it and use it to fuel u.

We're the least white you say? The most cucked you say?

So free that the best you can do when fully awakened is campaign for free, for ZOG, all the while believing you were genuinely based and fashy and sticking it to ZOG.

Just like the CIA coerced you into doing with their aut-right psyop and embedded agents in almost every single so-called jew-wise org in the alt-media.

Images attached to compare and contrast between the two types of nationalist.
One of these three groups simply dances to ZOGs tune, the other two from different continents seem to understand what the real problem is without any of the confusion you see among Amerigoys.

To paraphrase Bill Hicks
"America, you are free, free to do whatever you government tells you to do"

good thing Holla Forums isn't Alt-right, why do you new-fags and shills keep acting like this is r/thedonaled? we never supported the alt-kike, Trump meme's were always just a means to an end. either way, the ride never ends.

Its Spabajrafag, all he does is bash Holla Forumsacks and never does anything constructive.

The alt-right was created to disrupt and derail the growing worldwide awakening to the jew, the aut-right categorically was the tool used by the state to trick the retard low IQ tier drone into believing that a jew fraud was in fact going to finally do something about the jews that are destroying the West.
The aut-right backed ZOG, and still to this day the majority of those involved in shilling for ZOG are still operating on their platforms, still shilling for ZOG, and still claiming they are fighting ZOG while backing every move Trump makes to shift the OyVeyTon window even further towards Tel Aviv

Then what's with the Trumpism still going on here, 2 years after it first came about and more than a year since it was demonstrated beyond all doubt that it was a massive jewish hoax against the goy?

As this cunt so ably demonstrates.

The only thing I've ever bashed here are lying kikes openly shilling for ZOG
The only people suffering under you kikes hijacking Holla Forums are the legit Holla Forumsaks who don't want to support ZOG as you insist they continue doing.

All you've ever done here is promote ZOG and disrupt any conversation that could lead to anything positive with regard to opposing jewry.

you're really not making yourself look very credible, at least produce some new content if you're going to prove a point. these memes your posting are practically covered in cobwebs

None of what u just posted disproves it. 57% is official statistics not kikebart headlines. 20 american grills>1 german girl

They are already clear examples of what NOT to do, but west european (((media))) does not sound the alarm. Instead, they continue to promote all forms of degeneracy, and self-hate in white citisens.

So you have nothing to say to justify your open shilling for ZOG on here

you haven't posted any examples, just stale meme. prove what you say is true the burden of proof is on you. for somebody that hates this place so much you're still here, and act like you know know everything about it. so you should have some proof to back up your claims. so go on and post something relevant to what you're saying. don't keep us in suspense now

Sweden is 83% white. France is 70% white. US is 57% white. Why are u deluding urself.

I hate you jews, endlessly shilling for ZOG on here.
This isn't your board despite your hijacking of the place, you are the interloper and unwanted it's still a board to counter you lying kikes despite the current ownership handing this board over to you kikes.

yawn, so once again all you have are baseless accusations and no proof. (which is something you would have if you were actually telling the truth).

shoe shoe you globalist jew. now that you've outed yourself, you have no power here.


Amazing video.
Godspeed frogs, you're gonna take your country back soon.

sage for shit thread

Everything I've said and is self-evident to any user who can freely browse the board.

I've posted relevant content in this thread pertinent to the subject matter that completely contradicts the jewish poison you and your friends have injected into this thread.

All you've done is attempted to harass me, with your limp wristed pre-written clipnotes,while addressing nothing already demonstrated by me and other anons,and yet you somehow feel you can take the high ground despite offering fuck all of note, other than pretending that supporting kikes is based, while you do the exact same shit as all the rest of the aut-kike do,which is continuing to shill for jewry while pretending you are one of us.
Which brings us back to the first comment you made on this thread, being a self-evident lie.

She didn't win because she didn't want to.
She is alright with her being just a safety valve. It's a shame really.
She would have been the first surprised to be elected, and frankly she would have given up really quick. That, and the major chimpout that would have happened for having a slightly center-right anti-Religion of Cuck™ president, would have driven the entire country into absolute chaos.
Accelerationists like this.

Fuck me you kikes are off to a slow start today, shouldn't you and a dozen others have joined in when your spotter [2ada47] started the routine harassment of the lone rogue non-jew user that seemed to slip your net?

Last known ID in this thread : ee7572
You know you're doing a bad job when even google provides your anti-signal. Sad !

What an interesting graphic you provide here on Holla Forums
Care to walk some of us anons what exactly it means to any of us non-jews reading this puzzled top see you spam the same graphic only jIDF would ever have?

Every single word in the graphic is one used by all anons when describing jews, yet the graphic seems to suggest that we must not ever dare criticise jews on Holla Forums.

Are you here to insist that no user may dare question a single aspect of jewish subversion, and the best way to spot them would be to look out for key words that identify them as antisemites?

Again, the subject is France, I have provided some interesting comments and presented historical evidence to confirm what I say is true.

All you and your jew buddies in this thread have done is insult France and insist that Holla Forums should continue shilling for kikes.

it was fun while it lasted Shlomo, but you
Tel Aviv folk always short-circuit before you ever make a point. (going to filter you now), run back to your little hugbox and tell (((everybody))) how you epically trolled us with your weak sauce attempts at consensus cracking.

Yes you're a paragon of the European. What with using coonposting like smh.

I'm glad it seems to be common knowledge now that trump is a shill but you are delusional if you think Holla Forums hasnt been a trump fan club since he first posted pepe. That was the red flag but every one, myself included fell for it. I voted for the first time in my life for trump.

No joke if i saw that I’d punch that mud filming right in the throat while he’s laughing, the laughing stopping then and being replaced by the sound of my fist smashing unto his face.

Better get tested for nigger aids & rabies.


57% what? US is at 75% white. And even our nonwhites are mostly white. Hispanics are majority European, and even our Blacks are about one third white.

Not that it really matters. Our minorities congregate in a few regions. There are vast areas of the country that are 90+% white.

I don't know what you are going on about women being blacked. It's a 4chan meme. Stats show most white women are repulsed by minorities pic related.

One day in May 1948, a 30-year-old man, well groomed and well dressed in the fashion of the time, had an experience that marked him for life. He was a university graduate, a science teacher by profession, who just that month had been accepted for retraining as a solicitor, although a passerby observing the ritual scars on his cheeks could deduce that he had been born in a rural area into a traditional African family.
While he was walking down a street in Johannesburg, a white man accosted him and SPAT IN HIS FACE.
The victim of this assault was OLIVER TAMBO, an activist in the African National Congress Youth League. Tambo recalled the event almost 40 YEARS LATER while he was talking to a group of South African businessmen in one of a series of meetings with key sectors of the white establishment at a time when the African National Congress was still illegal in South Africa. Tambo told them he still had the silk handkerchief with which he had wiped away the spit, a detail that suggests how deeply the incident disturbed him.
Oliver Tambo played a vital role during the 30 years of the ANC's exile.

It feels good to say things like that but if you ever find yourself feeling like getting into a physical conflict with a nigger on a train platform, you better be prepared to throw him on the tracks because thats the first thing hes going to try to do to you, Ive seen it before.

Thanks for dragging us into the first World War. Then poking the defeated for not paying all your owed in the treaty.

full house kek+satan=purge

Bitch made pussified niggers trying to act hard

Stupid ass punks

1 Check

Nope, that's what all the kikes hounding me around this thread has been about.
They're the one's pretending that Holla Forums hasn't been made to shill for Trump while they mass report, harass and get banned anyone who doesn't shill for ZOG and promote zionist Trump on Holla Forums

he do not no de wey

Yeah, I'm with her too friend!

That's too many bullets and too many guns for one man.

I guess that's really what they should call catch twenty jew.

This board is supposed to be for red-pilled anons, not retarded kike-trained idiots who desperately want to hang onto the jewish left/right paradigm

Not liking the new office in Jerusalem?

Nu-Holla Forums everybody

Kikes everyone.
You fucks tried that shit with the + in Athiesm + then moved onto the "Alt". It still isn't working.

"Nu" has been in use with music genres for decades, it's nothing new, kike.


She did not know dae wey.



TWO GUNS!!!!!!!


Last one is a plus