Saheli Roy Choudhury

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>Connected to bankers through her job as manager of commercial banking at (((Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank)))
What can we do?
What should we avoid doing?

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Published 9:15 AM ET Wed, 25 July 2012 Updated 2:58 AM ET Fri, 2 Oct 2015
Regional Headquarters
10 Anson Road, #06-01
International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Tel: 65-6323-0488
Fax: 65-6223-0020

Email: contactus@cnbcasia

[email protected]

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Her FUD has been totally disproved BTW.

Uhm, it was going to plummet at some point. Get realistic.

Why would contacting CNBC and trying to get her fired be an option? The media doesn't exist to tell you the truth and act as an unbiased arbiter and distributor of information. Has the userbase here really become this remedial?

Practically every article she puts out is FUDding about crypto.
She is obviously working to further someone's agenda. She was just throwing everything at the wall to see what stuck, if it wasn't her made up story about Korea it would've been some other BS she made up.

< buying on the dip

nypa cryptofag


Are you the banks personal army? Because by not responding appropriately to an attempt to shut down those operating outside of their structure you are doing the banks' bidding.

Lol new boss is the same as the old boss, right COMRADE?

That's not a technology adoption chart, retard.


why are indians always so flabby?

So she's using her position to enable insider dealing. Why not just add her to your notifications so you can get a part of the rebound profit?

If you bought btc you have been fucked by an Israeli operation to snatch up your currency and scrutinize all movement of your wealth through the blockcgain.

They never excercise and they usually have desk jobs.

>Oy vey goyim you can't trust anything that wasn't issued by a (((central bank)))
I've gotten a 16x return on my crypto investments. Meanwhile all the world's kike fiat keeps losing value, Sweden and Japan issue negative interest rates on savings accounts, and Cyprus just straight up stole 1/3 of everyone's saving a few years ago. I prefer my money Jew-free whenever possible.

hahah she is fat as fuck, dirty.

You think shitskins and their handlers give two fucks about lying? They have deliberately begun offshoring their video makers and sites to the fucking pajeets like there's no tomorrow because they have no integrity.
Look at all the pajeet "news" sites. The majority have all stolen logos and names from US networks to gain traction of brand recognition. This pajeet train is off the rails.

Oh, BTC is down to 11k. kek

India is (((israel's))) new service industry money printer.



I'd rather trade with carrots, potatoes, and bacon.


I thought they're all into yoga

A Cyber
A Cyber Jim Cramer Wannabee!

Why not report her to the SEC?

The irony would be to hire someone to kill her and pay with bitcoins.


I noticed a lot of hit pieces on crpyto currencies starting this monday.

Maybe some group wanted to bring the price down to buy some at a lower price?

Because a pajeet giving an "opinion" is actionable? They aren't responsible for their words anymore remember? They are "bloggers" "journos" etc. not the same standards of accountability. The kikes are offshoring their actors and studios for a reason.

Not enough freedomburgers

checked & kek'd

That would certainly prove bitcoins are more valuable than she is.

James Dalton Bell
Assassination Politics
Guy is a gommie tho.
Just one more.
Then, Utopia.

Eh not really, there are a fair number of Holla Forumsacks that have amassed wealth through crypto and are developing plans to use it to further our political aims.

*Citation needed.

Crypto is a sugar coated way to lead us into a one world digital currency. Just like how Facebook is used as a sugar coated identity and datamining program.

This, honestly in general, thinking of PR is always an invalid mode of thinking because PR is in the hands of the media.

All options are always on the table, including going FBI on someone. Whoever takes the initiative first is the only person and only thing that matters, and that person is actually getting stuff done. Everyone else is worrying about what people will think even if they're aware of media manipulation. Some people still haven't grown out of GG in that regard. If you ever wondered how user actually delivers, you need to become that user. Nothing just suddenly happens, someone took the initiative and everyone else just replied to the poster screencapping the result.

This kind of applies to life in general. If you're always worried about what people will think and how they will view you, you will never succeed. Some people will worry about what others will think by proxy for you, and then some people can't stand others succeeding and will want you to never exceed their level. PRfaggotry is cuckoldry for success.

back to r/bitcoin with you

This. I literally have a smiley Hitler on my bumper and front door. I'm quite open about my beliefs obviously. Still have family, still have friends, still get dates, still redpill people. There is a certain confidence that comes from not hiding my power level and people pick up on it. It's not for everyone but it works for me. I'd only recommend for those who have had OPSEC compromised and/or those with above average speaking and interpersonal skills.

Stay poor goy. Only we can have money, you are our slave!