Putting the meaning back into Indo-European

Why are you still not dating a street shitter? Are we really going to let pakies usurp our genes? Ancient Aryans discussion thread BTW.

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Indo-european/aryan is a kike myth to convince people european don't have a true right on the land they are born in

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wew lots of race mixing threads made simultaneously here and on cuckchan. what exactly are you sliding and how badly does it hurt you chaim?

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That shit is such fucking kikery. It is European, thats it Proto-European. The linquistic connections to India are because after the 'exodus migration' a group of these Proto-Europeans eventually settled in northern india and established the Vedic civilization. They ones that went there WERE europeans, from europe, period.

they may have some white genes from way back in the year fucking 6000 bc but all the actual whites that were there eventually decided they should try to migrate back to europe because the street shitters and arab war parties were insufferable


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isn't there an ancient chinese painting of a red haired guy with a big nose?

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To OP, we LEFT India.
Do you also think we are the same as monkies and should breed with them?

Nah, it's because Aryans once ruled most of the earth. They didn't just leave for Europe when times got hard. They got overwhelmed with shitskins, and didn't have the heart to purge them, so over thousands of years they slowly got bred away. Euopre and her colonies are whites last stand, and that has been the case for much of (((recorded history))). Don't let let the history books deceive you, the whole of the earth is our domain, not just Europe.

Not really, that's pussy talk. The wet Saharan period ended which made living unbearable for Aryans who preferred a colder / temperate climate, so they came to Europe where other whites already lived, and where Christianity, a religion that best represented their empathy, was growing. Like Sarmatians who came to Germania, Poland, that was untouched by the Roman empire that would've tried to destroy them.

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The second pic is amusing, but just quickly, the idea that Old Europeans were matriarchal or worshiped a Goddess is the entirely baseless ramblings of a catlady archaeologist/linguist who did nothing but shit up the field with her fanfic tier stories about a peaceful people that dindu nuffn, for whose culture there is no evidence for beyond some fringe linguistic arguments.

She was comprehensively blown the fuck out in the late 60s in this paper:


Women should not be taught to read or write, because all they have ever done, especially the more cunning ones and with greater success, is abuse the ability to muddy the waters of knowledge.

Good PDF, thanks.

Do you actually believe the shit you spew?


We were never there

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No Aryans/Proto-Indo-Europeans originated from the Pontic–Caspian steppes and conquered Europe, Iran and Northern India with our superior will and the invention of chariots (which made horses viable for war).

Yup, and then we left India.
What's left is of little value.

We found an old European virgin, boys.

No faggot, the this guy gets it, and they did it way before Christianity was invented, the old Indo-European religion is the basis for all of the old European faiths as well as the old Vedic faith in India. You utter fucking retard