What would you choose?

What would you choose?

Stupid whore

It isn't white peoples fault google cant tell a nigger from a gorilla, you should probably go chimp out at their offices or something

/r/hapas is back again I see. Feel free to quit projecting your crippling halfbreed insecurity anytime.

The day they develop virtual smell being captured and distributed with pictures is the day faggots like this stop posting pictures with niggers, even clothed.

The only positive trait these cucks bestow on their pet niggers is their purported "big cock". In other words, you've reduced the nigger to being worth nothing more than a dildo. At this point, why not just recommend a superior horse cock for the slut?

I choose the report feature



The absolute state of this raid.
You are a cuck jist begging to be told how worthless you are.
Hoping the mean Holla Forumsacks will denegrate you over and over.
The meme about black guys is a fucking ruse.
Even if it were true, which it most certainly isn't, it goes a long way to show everyone just how pathetic you are.
Congratulations your missing father gave you one thing: a dick.
everything about you and everyone you know is a fucking joke

None of the above.

Is this thread supposed to be natural and organic?

Women worth a damn care about more than genitals and base animal desires. Stupid people (niggers) care only about base needs (just listen to any "music" they make) and assume everyone else is as retarded as they must be for "MUH DIK" to be the most important thing to them.

Top 5 advantages of negroes
Source: Lefties

1. Penis
2. ???
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Jewish girls love black cock moshe/Eliot rodger, havent you heard? just look at all the jewish actresses lined up in your BBC films!

Coalburners are a fraction of a fraction of a minority and white people are continuing to breed, and you're here angrily shitposting while asian girls lust after whites and jewish girls lust after BBC.
Do something about it moshe/Mr rodgers.

A world without jews

I'd choose to hang the nigger, skin that white man alive and then pour hot liquid on him and then kill that woman in front of her parents.


Always choose whitey if you want actual performance in anything.

i like your style


Wax shells.



Only the white dick can produce human children.

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You got dox for being BBCTakeover on lookism

Crying like a bitch

What kind of a man would answer that question?
other than a faggot

Niggers have a very strong odour, to use the professional term, they smell "indolic". Indole compounds such as skatole are the most likely culprit.
Certain plant medicines can greatly enhance your ability to detect odours, in particular a light dose of magic mushrooms will intensify your perception of this noxious, alien miasma to sickening levels.
Another thing I have noticed, as the OP's question relates to the reproductive act: nigger babies, even if only 50% nigger, have a grating animalistic tibre to the sound of their cries. Even when said child is completely concealed for view in a pram or stroller and the mother is White, it is a simple matter to identify it as Black based only upon its sonic emanations.
Am I the only user who experiences a feeling of fear, dread, anger and disgust upon hearing the shrill cries of such a creature? It causes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and the urge to cause great violence to the woman quickly follows.

dem digits

my choice would be to kill them all, and stop the spread of virulent and antibiotic resistant disease.