Movies about plans backfiring?

Movies about plans backfiring?

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Dude what do you gain by doing this? Seriously, we don't get "triggered by it". It's not even annoying, you can pull this stuff on 4chan or reddit if you want, but here it's not gonna create an emotional effect

Every post by a trannie gets a thread now?

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I guess we'll have to outbreed them like we did last year. Remember to donate to Planned Parenthood when you have some extra shekels. They are doing our work for us all in the name of "equality".

The BLACKED posting might be more damaging if it didn't come in obvious waves. It's awfully (((coincidental))) when outbreaks of WHITEY BTFO threads happen simultaneously all over the imageboard space.

Looks like the kikes have decided convincing doesn't work, so they have to astroturf and demoralize through spam.

Reminder this is the white meetups shill whos also trying to get the mods replaced with lefty/pol/ moles.