App creates ‘legally binding contracts’ for one night stands to prove sex is consensual

>Ever thought casual sex would be a lot easier if there was a legally binding contract proving consent?

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Assault, at least.


This app will also allow for group sex.

Okay then, just checking. I'm off to have my doubleplusgood government-approved sexual encounter with a proud independent wymyn of cylyr, with full legal documentation of course. I'll select the "use condom" option, so I can't be forced to pay child support, right?

You must use the condom provided by this fine wymxn. If it has been tampered with, you will be liable for child support.

Completely unenforceable and nothing more than a false sense of security for the men gullible enough to believe they have any sort of protection.
this is why you can't have someone kill you to relieve your pain, whether or not you have signed a contract
The woman has ALL THE POWER to retroactively revoke consent, and a stupid app changes NOTHING.

Imagine being this degenerate that you can't help but fuck some roastie despite the risk of being reported for rape or getting infected.

Meanwhile in California, radio stations are using mental gymnastics to encourage people not to get married.

This. Also, no court will honor a contract that only requires you hit a button on your phone for obvious reasons.

Wouldn't be surprising that the app collects and sells the data off to third parties prior to processing it into the blockchain. I mean think of the value of tracking sexual activity of people. Even if they don't, more of these "sexual contract" apps will pop up as scams to capitalize on such data.

Seems like placebo to me. The woman would just claim she was intimidated/pressured/conned into the contract, or say she wouldn't have agreed if he hadn't gotten her drunk. Plus smartphones are not secure at all, there's reasonable doubt that it was even her "signing" the contract, so doesn't seem like it would have much legal weight at all.

The interesting ramification is, are they going to somehow aggregate and expose the entire sexual histories of people who use this shit? wew lad.

A lot of gays do HIV+ things, it's probably to cater to them. And to enable "you said you were negative wtf dude".

Yeah, good point also.

Legally this seems like a no go, so I'm assuming the real intent is to cash in on crypto hysteria by namedropping "blockchain".

So rape is cool, just steal their phone first. Yeah this app can't protect anyone from shit

There's no way this would save your from liberal "logic".
They'll find a way around it and charge you with rape, but only if you're white and male.

WTF is that image from?

But wouldn't that be forcing a wamxn of cvlvr to pay for something? That sounds like capitalist imperialism! Surely I must pay some reparation for this, right?

Obviously, you must reimburse her for any condoms used, as well as any other supplies consumed.

Even the strapon and vibrating nipple clamps? Those aren't consumable, and my McJob can barely pay for my $5,000/month studio apartment and daily Holocaust Remembrance Fee. Can I deduct those costs from the cost of my mandatory holocaust museum membership?

There already is a legally binding contract: It's called marriage. And you avoid many complications and the minefield of STDs with monogamy. Shocking concepts.

(((They've))) been pushing the idea of marital rape for some time now.

opt-out safe words and a couple of tape recorders. problem solved.

In many U.S. states, audio and video recordings taken without the express consent of the person you're recording are inadmissible as evidence. So you could have a video recording of her enthusiastically exclaiming how much she wants you to fuck her, and it would count for absolutely nothing.

Trump took that bullet for us back in 1992.

With the ability to spoof Mac addresses and phone ID’s do they not see the potential for abuse with this app?

Simply more datamining and more bullshit to divide white men and women. Absolutely disgusting. 50 bucks some kike is behind this app.

Stop thinking and just trust us goy-err man.

I'll take sentences that as a child you never thought you'd hear.

Quality post

What The Fuck Has This World Become

Open relationship propaganda. I don't remember specifics, unfortunately.

flirting with a girl at a bar now involves using a blockchain explorer to see where she's been.

What is illegal there?

Also - eutanasia is legal in lot of states.

Theoretically, what would take to fake these sexual agreements? Given that the app is probably developed by a socjus-leaning faggot in Javey, would it be possible to send fake info to it and convince it that an user had sexual contracts with a huge load of other partners?

I just installed this app and I can tell you it's so far from usable. It's missing multiple features that would be necessary for realistic functionality. For example there's no way to specify binding arbitration or legal venue jurisdiction in case of a dispute. There's no way to add a rider to the terms of engagement. You can't even specify that you get your money back for the drinks if she turns out to have a penis.

How long until the Futuruma suicide booths and related apps start popping up?

I think they've already broken the teeth of marriage as the legal contract it was supposed to be. The point of marriage as a legal construct was to specify that each partner henceforth gives explicit, irrevocable, lifelong consent to each other. Ultimately you have got to draw the line somewhere, and our ancestors understood that marriage was the most logical place to do so. Now that marriage has come undone we've ended up with this confusing bullshit where nobody can agree on where the legal boundary between consent and non-consent lies anymore. The situation is compounded by the reality that a woman ultimately wants a degree of sexual domination by the man, and the man instinctually wants to fulfill that role. That dynamic can only play out with any legal safety within the bounds of traditional marriage law. The kikes really did a number on us by trashing marriage like they did.

The correct solution is of course to exterminate the Jewish menace. Logic games trying to find loopholes in the law are not going to work, anyone still proposing that does not understand the problem.

i remember similar app appeared like 2 years ago and lawyres agreed that shit wasnt legaly binding
i gues its CURRENT YEAR + whatever


You know, it's really worse than this. Not only will the court not honor it, but it provides a forensic paper trail STRONGLY SUPPORTING a false accuser's claims of being raped.
Prosecution: 'the defendant's mobile device clearly documents his intent to have sex with my client, and to use a contract as a means of coercion.'

Rape. As soon as the woman says "no" while your penis is still inside her, you're a rapist. If you do another reflex thrust before realizing she's withdrawn consent, you're a rapist. If she decides the day after that you having sex with her is embarrassing and claims you coerced her, you're a rapist.
The point isn't the crime you're actually committing, but the crime you're going to get accused of if she does any of these things. This app doesn't mitigate that crime and making a fake, unenforceable contract doesn't grant you even a mote of additional rights should she change her mind, which is the entire basis for using it.
All it actually does is provide evidence of premeditation and intention. If you hadn't used the app there would be less evidence that sex ever took place.

Don't do that then. Although holy shit, that video "consensual sex" was supposed to be mockery, not an instruction manual. Nothing destroys passion faster than lawyer culture.

I expect this has some form of evidence collection, video and/or voice. Heck, you don't even need an app and its associated tracking bullshit to do that.

Lawyers and pandering to weaklings was a mistake.

Buncha bugmen and sleazy 'entrepreneur' business-kikes, by the look of it.

Checked for this society is worse than the Weimar.
In 500 years, this period will be looked upon much akin to the end of the Roman Empire. It cannot last.

What will rise in its place?

This user is the first here to understand the reality of the legal system. The problem is that women are permitted to withdraw consent, more than not giving it in the first place.

Fucken hell, the future is now.
We made it lads.

Did you guys not realize that its one white girl and 2 niggers who agreed to sex in this image?

1. Have her sign the consent form.
2. Don't fuck her after all.
3. Call her out to all her friends for being a slut. You have the paperwork to prove it.

Welcome to the new normal girls. You brought it on yourselves.

Really make you think. Just what kind of (((cuck))) would make such an ad?

Consent in the form of action or words. Consent is there if she goes along with it. So no not explicit.

The only purpose of sex is to reproduce. It has been completely broken away from its real function by decades of kike porn, promotion of sex through films and tv, and sexualisation of everything that can't reproduce.
Every time you masturbate to this kike filth you are wiring your body to be attracted to this pleasure seeking illusion. >>>/nofap/


idea behind the app is probably that men and women will believe that it's somehow safer and more binding agreement or some such nonsense. if people believe something is valid then they'll act like it's valid. similar to how a female FBI investigator spoke at an MRA conference little while ago, she noticed that a lot of rape allegations were likely false when they would ask women to take polygraph tests, the vast majority of women (in this social experiment) refused to take polygraph tests and often dropped their rape allegations because they believed that they would be held liable for lying about rape, because the investigators heavily implied that making a false allegation would carry a serious penalty, (unlike what actually happens)

problem is there's no way to prove consent, especially enthusiastic consent. it's about as simple as her saying that you forgot to ask her if it was okay to keep having sex with her a minute after she said it was okay. there's no way to actually enforce "yes means yes" (((laws))) and all it does is make it harder for white men to trust women. although in the end maybe this is a positive paradigm shift. making
casual sex an extremely risky endeavor (from a legal standpoint, it's always risky from a health standpoint) might end hook-up/slut culture once and for all. if it gets bad enough we might end up returning to the days of arranged marriages.

It's dumb because they can always just say they revoked consent at any time and still claim it was "rape."

Glad I read that as "Awful Features" at the top.
What a great idea.

From an Aussie TV show called you can't ask that. This was from an episode about polygamy and asexual weirdos

Of fucking course it is… Our taxpayer dollars at work everyone.

Here's a template.

Is this normal for modern women?

I used to be really into libertarianism and Free State Project… this reminds me of something they'd come up with. Add this with a way to tip the hooker with bitcoin and it would be.

that's the whole point. they agree to the opt-out rules up front and to being recorded. if they don't agree, they can go fuck themselves.


It has become a world in which everything is a business transactions.
Because all business transactions are guided or governed by money.
And money is the true god of the Jew.

It's only assault if she says a clear "no." In court, though, you'd be screwed.
You have to tease her until she wants you to have sex with her. Premarital sex is degenerate, though.

sage for double post, but the other important aspect is the opt-out word can't be something overly simple like 'no.'

Your girlfriend is a fucking psychotic. Ditch and find a new one


Illustrator template:

it seem they want you to basically keep their lawyers on retainer probably give them power of attorney, too because they advertise one click lawsuits.
could see courts allowing it if you gave them power of attorney
keep in mind, people upload their photo id, passport, and bank accounts/statements to lose money on coinbase

kek this has potential

Yup marriage died when someone in the process of divorce was raped, which suddenly means legally you can somehow rape in a regular marriage too

I just feel slightly bad for all the morons who think this will offer them anything other than evidence that they did have sex, so he did definitely rape her.

This is the final stage of the human species, death by sexual ritual complexity.

This app contract is utterly useless. What is useful is a hidden camera recording everything.

This is what too much estrogen in the water looks like.

You could be charged with a felony for recording without consent.

Ehhh, It might be more like Battery.

This is something legitimately out of a dystopia novel. I'm not over exaggerating either.

They aren't even being subtle with this shit.

that depends entirely by the state, several states only need 1 party consent to record


an FSP app would be all about polyamory, since it's 95% guys.


the only way this would work is if the app made sure the people consenting took a video together smiling and laughing and saying they actually consent while appearing happy and then monitoring their heartbeats and other body signs for possible signs of fear or stress and cacluating that together with algorithms to determine if it seems genuine enough to form the contract, but then it becomes a mess of datamining

I'd laugh at how absurd the idea is, but I wouldn't put it past some jew lawyer to claim that the rise in heart rate his client experienced moments after signing the "contract" is clearly evidence that she was coerced, and that Chad is obviously a rapist.

My God, what have we come too.

Don't give her any attention whatsoever until she relents. You have to train women, give them clear boundaries. Otherwise, like the children they are, they'll just take and take and take and never give back




(((No! No no no! How can you even think about persecuting my people like that?!)))

*punches and cries out in pain*

If this ever became law - every single Nigger on Earth would be in jail.


Mgtow please leave


Libertarian paradise.