Feminists eating themselves again



Please leave Atwood alone until we get some rule 34 of Wandering Wenda lads.

So basically so professor (?) gets accused of rape by some hoe, the university makes him sign a contract so he can't defend himself, it turns out to be a lie, and some femenists with a brain see this is bs. Did I get that correct?

Kill yourself, porn addict.

Women are eager to find the new target that it's ok to direct their pettiness towards. If you want to know who have the least respect in a society just look at who the women are eager to torment.

Some women get power trips from ruining lives.

The most effective way to attack the left is to use their own playbook against them. Every fucking feminist at that university should be accused of rape.


That glass is patriarchal, it represent male (hard glass) constraining women (fluid) in a specific shape.
A literal glass ceiling.

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That glass is matriarchal, it represents the vagina and contains life, shitlord.

No they're not.
No feminist is skinny/flexible enough to pull that off; they're all whales.

Pretty much like this ?

I always thought the middle glass should say OPPORTUNIST, and Pepe should be peeing in it.

I'm always curious what types of psychopathy is required to have any of the varied shitty and edgy fetishes.

Very high risk for low return. Gee, kinda like hard drug use.

Phagophilia has been a jewish thrill for millennia.

Not my fetish, I just happen to browsing the page while reading this. Here some more, Japanese fetish are really really really strange.
Pics suits the title, I think>>11156780

Tune in later when I get home from work. I'll explain.

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The middle one is spirit cooking.

Alright, home. Fortunately, somebody else recently asked the same question and I typed up a brick for them. I can just crosslink you the posts. First post is the user asking, then mine, and the following conversation.

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interesting. I've had a bondage and foot fetish since I was a kid and eventually got a femdom fetish once I started masturbating. For femdom, thepower thing never turned me on, I just like sensually feeling girls legs and feet and femdom was the only source material out there for that. I accidentally obtained it I guess. For the bondage thing I guess I was given an enema by doctors with a rod after holding in my shit. I hated the sensation of pooping so they shoved a rod up my ass. Idk, that's just my go-to childhood trauma.

That's easier than you think. Fetishes are illogical reward loops in your brain that connect pleasure to things that don't make rational sense. I actually realized I was capable of enjoying vore years before I accepted it, because of the underlying common ground with it and what I was already into. You build your own roads by walking them repeatedly; the neurological pathway is strengthened every time it's used, and there's no known way to demolish them. Trauma is interesting because it's pain, yet can cause it too. Maybe due to some endorphin rush that your body perceives as pleasure. I once traumatized myself as a kid by accidentally tying my ankles so tight I couldn't escape and had to yell for help. I wonder if it was what initially did it to me.